Attwood 11828-1 Emergency 20-inch to 42-inch Telescoping Paddle for Boating, Orange

  • It's 20 3/4" collapsed, telescopes out to 42"
  • Has a corrosion-resistant aluminum shaft and high-impact plastic blade
  • Weighs just 1 lb., 5 ozs

How To Choose The Best Kayak Hand Paddles

What Is The Purpose Of Kayak Hand Paddles?

Kayaks are great fun and provide many benefits. However, there are times when you might be required to perform certain tasks while using a kayak. For instance, if you're going fishing, you might need to carry fish with you. In order to accomplish this task, you will require a pair of kayak hand paddles.

How Do Hand Paddle Kayaks Work?

Hand paddling involves holding onto a handle attached to the front of the boat. As you paddle forward, you push water backwards. If you pull back on the handle, you create more pressure behind you which pushes the kayak forwards. Because you're pushing water backwards, you're actually moving the kayak forwards.

Are There Any Downsides To Using Hand Paddles?

There aren't really any downsides to using hand paddles other than the fact that they take longer to learn how to operate. Once you've mastered the art of operating these devices, however, you'll wonder why you didn't start doing so sooner!

Benefits Of Using Hand Paddles

The main benefit of using hand paddles is that they allow you to control the speed of your kayak. With a regular paddle, you must exert force by pulling back on the blade. While this works well enough for most situations, sometimes you might wish to go faster. With a hand paddle, you simply hold down on the handle and let the momentum of the kayak propel itself forward.

Where Can You Find Them?

Most kayakers prefer to purchase their hand paddles online because they are easier to transport and store. Some companies sell kayak hand paddles directly to consumers, while others only sell them to retailers who then pass along the product to customers.

Is It Worth Buying One?

It depends entirely upon your needs. If you plan on spending lots of time kayaking, then you probably shouldn't wait too long before purchasing a set of hand paddles. Otherwise, you could end up wasting money on something you never use.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Kayak Hand Paddles

Kayaking has become very popular these days. Many people enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family while enjoying the fresh air and water. If you're planning on taking part in this activity, there are many different types of kayaks available today. Some of the most common ones include sit-on-top kayaks, folding kayaks, touring kayaks, inflatable kayaks, and standup paddleboards. However, before you purchase a particular type of kayak, you must ensure that you know exactly which features you require. For instance, if you plan on using your kayak for fishing purposes, you might want to invest in a kayak that comes equipped with a rod holder. In addition, if you plan on going camping, you might want to invest in a kayak that comes with storage compartments so that you can store food and other supplies inside.

Types of Kayaks Available Today

There are two main types of kayaks that you can choose from. One is called a sit-on-top kayak, and the other is known as a folding kayak. Sit-on-top kayaks are generally more stable than folding kayaks because they have a higher center of gravity. As a result, they are easier to control during high winds and rough waters. Folding kayaks are typically lighter weight and cheaper than sit-on-top kayaks. Because of this, they are perfect for beginners who wish to learn how to kayak. Both types of kayaks provide excellent stability and maneuverability. However, each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Sit-On-Top vs Foldable Kayaks

Both types of kayaks provide excellent stability and maneuverability. However, sit-on-top kayaks are heavier and bulkier than foldable kayaks. Therefore, they are ideal for experienced kayakers who prefer to travel long distances. On the other hand, foldable kayaks are smaller and lightweight, making them great for beginners who want to practice their skills.

Paddle Types

Another important factor to take into consideration when choosing a kayak is the type of paddle that you intend to use. There are three primary types of paddles that you can choose from. First, there are single blades. Second, there are double blade paddles. Third, there are tandem paddles. Single blades are good for beginners since they allow you to steer the boat by moving your body rather than relying solely on the paddle. Double blades are best suited for intermediate level paddlers. Tandem paddles are designed specifically for advanced paddling enthusiasts.

Buying Tips

Before you decide whether to go ahead and purchase a specific type of kayak, here are some tips that could prove useful. Firstly, you should always check the size of the cockpit. Make sure that it fits comfortably within your shoulders and hips. Next, you should determine whether you'd like to be able to carry additional gear. Lastly, you should think about where you plan on storing your kayak once you've finished using it.

Features To Look For When Buying A Kayak Hand Paddles

Kayaks are great fun to play with, whether you're fishing or simply enjoying the water. However, there are many different types of kayaks available, each designed for specific purposes. The most popular type of kayak is the sit-on-top kayak. Sit-on-tops are easy to learn and maneuver, making them ideal for beginners. In addition, they provide excellent stability while allowing you to see where you're going. Another common form of kayaking is whitewater kayaking. Whitewater kayakers enjoy challenging themselves by racing down rivers and rapids. If you're interested in whitewater kayaking, you'll probably be using a double-bladed paddle. Double bladed paddles allow you to steer more efficiently and control your boat more effectively.

Hand Paddle

The best way to choose a kayak hand paddles is to think about what kind of activities you plan to engage in. There are several features to look for when choosing a kayak hand paddles. First, check to ensure that the handle has been ergonomically shaped so that it fits comfortably into your hands. Next, look for a grip that feels secure in your hands. Finally, pay attention to the size of the blade. Make sure that the blades are long enough to reach across the width of your shoulders.

Blade Size

There are two main categories of kayak hand paddles. One category consists of single-blade paddles. Single-blade paddles are typically shorter than double-blade paddles. Because of this, single-blade paddles are easier to store and transport. Double-blade paddles are longer and wider, which makes them more stable and comfortable to hold. Most manufacturers recommend that you purchase a double-blade paddle if you intend to take part in competitive events.

Handle Shape

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a kayak hand paddles is the shape of the handle. Some handles are curved, while others are straight. Curved handles are generally preferred because they fit naturally between your fingers. Straight handles require more effort to grasp. Also, curved handles are more forgiving when you accidentally hit something underwater.


Finally, durability is another consideration when selecting a kayak hand paddles. While you might expect that a kayak hand paddles would last forever, you'd be surprised at how quickly these products break down. Therefore, it's wise to select a product that offers good quality materials and construction.

Different Types of Kayak Hand Paddles

Kayaking has become very popular these days. People who love water sports enjoy kayaking because it gives them more freedom and independence. There are different kinds of kayaks available today. Some of them are designed with two seats while others are single seat models. The type of kayak you choose depends on your preference and needs. If you're planning to go on a long trip, you might want to invest in a double-seat kayak. However, if you only plan to take short trips around lakes and rivers, you could opt for a single-seater model.

Types of Kayak Hand Paddle

There are many types of kayak hand paddles available today. Each type comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Single Seat Kayak Hand Paddle - Single seat kayaks are perfect for beginners. They are easy to maneuver and control. Also, there are fewer parts involved compared to other types of kayaks. Therefore, it is easier to maintain and repair.

Double Seat Kayak Hand Paddle - Double seat kayaks provide greater stability and comfort. In addition, they are safer since they allow both passengers to hold onto each other during rough weather conditions.

How To Choose One?

Choosing the right kind of kayak hand paddle is important. Before making a purchase, be sure to know which features matter most to you. For example, if you plan to use your kayak for fishing purposes, you must ensure that the paddle offers good balance and strength. Likewise, if you intend to use your kayak for recreational activities, you need something light enough so that you can carry it comfortably.

Tips For Choosing One

Be careful when using the paddle. Make sure that you practice proper technique before going on longer journeys.


Backwater Paddles Assault Hand Paddle - Orange

  • Features. Can be used with one hand. Slim profile and lightweight design.
  • Hook feature to grab your line or dock, serrated edge can be used to launch yourself off solid surfaces. Made of strong, fade resistant plastic. Portable size and weight.
  • Model No. 06-0014. Made in USA.

Synergy Hand Paddles for Swim Training (Yellow, Medium)

  • SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS - Comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY EQUALS SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Broad-blade design for optimal water contact and building upper body strength.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FUNCTIONALITY - Holes allow water to channel through the paddles so the fluidity of each stroke is unimpeded.
  • CUSTOM-FIT - Wide-area wrist and finger straps are adjustable for a secure fit.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - 30-Day Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied within 30-days, send it back for a full refund.

Contour Swim Paddles Hand, Swim Training Hand Paddles with Adjustable Straps, Swimming Hand Paddles for Women and Men

  • Premium Quality: The swim hand paddles are made of PC Material, they are light weight, does not impose an additional burden on swimming. They are durable and not easy to bend, feel smooth.
  • Ergonomic Design:Hand paddles with convex design, provides increased traction with the water. Hand paddles have many drainage holes and water channels, low-impact will allow you to build muscle safely.
  • Adjustable Straps: Straps are made of silicone material, they won't hinder the blood flow in palm. The length of the shoulder strap adjusts the palm to the most comfortable state.
  • Various Uses: Help you practice your swimming, like freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Suitable for swimming beginners to improve swimming skills and enhance arm strength.
  • SantTop Customers Services : If there is any dissatisfaction about the product, we promise full refund or a new replacement. Your satisfaction is the greatest affirmation to us!

GASHER Contoured Swim Hand Paddles Swimming Training Paddles with Adjustable Straps Swimming Fins Blue

  • High Quality: The swim hand paddles are made of PC Material, they are light weight, does not impose an additional burden on swimming. They are durable and not easy to bend, feel smooth.
  • Ergonomic Design:Hand paddles with convex design, provides increased traction with the water. Hand paddles have many drainage holes and water channels, low-impact will allow you to build muscle safely.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Ergonomic holes in the paddle reduces shoulder strain and fatigue and allow better feel of the water.
  • Easy To Use: Hydrodynamic shape and adjustable silicone straps promote an early catch for all four strokes
  • Adjustable Straps: Straps are made of silicone material, they won't hinder the blood flow in palm.

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Premium sup Accessories & Backpack, Non-Slip Deck, Waterproof Bag, Leash, Paddle and Hand Pump. (Charcoal)

  • Roc's premium inflatable paddle board is made of the highest quality military grade material. We provide the most durable lightweight boards on the market using the same materials as boards costing twice as much. All boards come complete with Premium accessories Including a Kayak Paddle that makes Roc the best board on the water by far. Please see our star rating.
  • Our extra wide design creates an incredible all-around board for riders of all skill levels. These kits can be used in the ocean, freshwater lakes, and rivers. Our board is an industry-leading weight of only 17.5 pounds—that’s 20% lighter than competitors’. Board dimensions are 10’ long by 33” wide and 6” thick with a weight limit of 350 pounds. Pets love them too
  • Our premium paddle board package has everything you need to enjoy your day on the water including: your board, collapsible aluminum paddle, removable fin, coil safety leash, hand pump, waterproof bag for essentials such as cell phone and keys, and an upgraded backpack to hold everything
  • We stand by the quality of our board and are glad to provide a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost. Supported by the best USA Based Customer Service in the industry, you can trust Roc as the leader in quality and fun.

Pelican Poseidon Paddle 89 in - Aluminum Shaft with Reinforced Fiberglass Blades - Lightweight, Adjustable Kayaks Paddles - Perfect for Kayaking Boating & Kayak Fishing (Blue, 2020 Model)

  • Two sturdy pieces of aluminum construction. Impact resistant fiberglass reinforced polypropylene feathered blade design for great durability
  • Adjustable drip rings to help keep hands dry for a better grip
  • Enforced push-button connection with 0 or 65˚ angle adjustment
  • The perfect fit! Our 89 inch (226cm) long paddle is not too short and not too long. Perfect for your trips on the water!
  • Ovalization: The shaft goes from a rounded shape to a slightly oval shape (called indexing) which serves as a reference to where you should be placing your right hand

UJEFF Halkey-Roberts (HR) Air Valve Adapter H-R Hose Adapter Paddle Board Air Pump Adapter HR Valve Adapter for Inflatables Foot Pump Kayak Air Valve Adapter

  • H-R connector adapt inflatable boat foot pump or electric pump hoses to fit Halkey-Roberts valve. Ideal for use with electric pumps, hand pump or foot pump. It's easy to inflate and to deflate.
  • The pump hose valve adapter is made of Eco-friendly solid thick plastic, With high flexibility and high strength, Replaceable and useful. Great replacement accessories for various kayaking. Switch the part washer with your dinghy/pontoon/SUP/board/kayak/boat/pontoon valve cap washer for an air tight fit.
  • It's 3/4 inch in diameter on the valve side and 13/16 inch diameter on the hose side. End to end length= 1 15/16", Hose End Diameter= 13/16", Halkey-Roberts End Diameter= 13/16".
  • Fits H3 valves for connection to electric pump compressors, Fits Naru valves on Wahoo and Wakooda iSUP. For use the H3 or Halkey Roberts Valves.
  • In order to use a regular electrical mattress inflator on inflatable paddleboard , ten toes board, inflatable water trampoline, inflatable giant slide, inflatable gymnastic mat, air track.

Full Finger Black Rowing Gloves with Non-Slip Grip Ideal for Paddling, Sailing, Fishing, Kayaking, Boating and More (XL (Fits 8-9))

  • ☀️SUPER GRIP - The palm side of our glove is made of durable silicone and is anti-slip. Don't let your paddle slip in the water or lose your grip when rowing on your rowing machine or sailing on your boat.
  • ☀️PROTECT YOUR HANDS from painful blisters and developing calluses. These gloves are unisex and won't limit your dexterity. The fabric of the backside of the glove is fast drying, lightweight and flexible.
  • ☀️MULTI-PURPOSE- Our full finger training gloves can be used for different sports and activities including indoor rowing, fishing, sailing, sculling, kayaking, paddleboarding, OC, dragon boating, paddlesports, gym training, weight lifting, beach volleyball and more.
  • ☀️EASY FIT AND CONVENIENT- Convenient velcro adjustment and fits easily in paddle bags or Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)s
  • ☀️100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Hornet Watersports gloves are backed by our 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back.

HotMax Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 10'633"6" with Premium sup Accessories & Backpack, Non-Slip Deck, Waterproof Bag, Leash,Three Fins, Waterproof Phone Bag,Paddle and Hand Pump.

  • 2021 New SUP Board:Ultra-light inflatable vertical paddle board, we have upgraded the width of the SUP paddle board compared to other products on the market, which makes our inflatable vertical paddle board provide a more stable and flexible experience when standing. Want to go fishing, travel, snorkeling and leisure paddling in the river, lake or ocean? Now take our SUP board and go to any lake to enjoy your weekend!
  • Get all your need:Comes with free high-quality SUP accessories: 1×inflatable paddle board, 1×adjustable paddle, 3×fins, 1×suction pump, 1×backpack, 1×waterproof mobile phone bag, 1×belt. You don’t need to buy anything else. Bring the HOtMax inflatable SUP paddle board and spend a pleasant beach holiday with your family!
  • Materials and Parameters:HOtMax inflatable paddle board is constructed with additional PVC laminate guide rails, luxurious customized EVA foot pads, and a non-slip soft top is added to the board to reduce accidents or injuries when falling! Therefore, it has extreme softness and provides a gentle touch, which enhances the durability of the board.6 inches thick, 33 inches wide and 10.6 feet long, The maximum load capacity is up to 350 pounds.
  • Portable and easy to set up:Don’t worry if your trunk can’t hold a travel paddle board! After folding and storing, it is more compact and portable! We make the inflatable standing board lighter. In addition, the unique FAST IINFLATING, coupled with an air pump and valve, allows the kayak paddle board to be easily inflated and deflated within 3 minutes. The SUP paddle board is easy to carry when driving, hiking or adventuring.
  • Excellent maneuverability:Triple floor fins help improve overall speed and balance. All three fins are detachable, making it easier to handle and manipulate, and easier to use by children, adolescents and adults. In addition, we provide a warranty for your order, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
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