Malone SeaWing Saddle Style Universal Car Rack Kayak Carrier with Bow and Stern Lines

  • Low-profile kayak/cargo carrier with single saddle design
  • Easy-to-set-up mid-point mounting takes up minimal roof space
  • Flexes gently to cradle boat and improve gas mileage
  • Jawz mounting hardware fits round, square, and most factory oval cross rails
  • Measures 27 x 5 x 6 inches (W x H x D); supports up to 70 pounds

How To Choose The Best Kayak Roller Roof Rack

What Is The Purpose Of A Kayak Roller Roof Rack?

The kayak roller roof rack was designed with two goals in mind; safety and convenience. Safety comes into play because there is no way to attach the roof rack directly to the boat. If the car breaks down, you cannot drive away leaving the kayaks behind. Instead, the roof rack attaches to the vehicle using a set of straps. Then, once you reach your destination, you simply remove the roof rack and load the kayaks onto the roof rack. Once loaded, the roof rack locks into position so that nothing falls off during transit. Convenience comes into play because loading and unloading the kayaks is easy. Simply lift the kayaks onto the roof rack and lock them in place. No tools required!

Why Should You Buy a Kayak Roller Roof Rack?

There are many reasons why you might choose to purchase a kayak roof rack. First, you could be planning a trip where you plan to carry more than one person. In which case, carrying the kayaks by hand becomes difficult. Second, you could be going on a long journey and need to transport several kayaks. Third, you may already have a kayak and now you'd like to take along another kayak. Finally, you could be taking a family road trip and want to bring along multiple kayaks. Whatever your reason, the kayak roof rack makes transporting your kayaks easier and safer.

How Does It Work?

To begin, you must first determine whether you're going to use the roof rack inside or outside of the vehicle. For example, if you're driving a minivan, you will most likely install the roof rack inside of the van. However, if you're driving a pickup truck, you will probably mount the roof rack outside of the vehicle. Next, you must decide whether you want to go with a single-car roof rack or double-car roof rack. Single-car roof racks only hold one kayak while double-car roof racks hold two kayaks. Lastly, you must decide between a fixed roof rack and adjustable roof rack. Fixed roof racks allow you to adjust the height of the roof rack depending upon the size of the kayaks you wish to store. Adjustable roof racks give you complete control over the height of the roof rack.


One of the biggest benefits of the kayak roof rack is its ability to provide security for both the kayakers and the vehicles. Because the roof rack does not connect directly to the kayaks, there is no risk of breaking the connection and losing the kayaks. Also, since the roof rack connects to the vehicle via a strap, there is no danger of falling off the roof rack. Additionally, because the roof rack is attached to the vehicle, you never have to worry about damaging the roof rack itself.


Another benefit of the kayak roof rack is its ease of use. Loading and unloading the kayaks is simple. All you have to do is lift the kayaks onto the roof rack and secure them in place. There is no need to carry anything around with you. Just grab the kayaks and head out.

There are many different types of roof racks available today. Some are designed specifically for kayaks while others are intended for other boats. There are several factors to take into consideration before making a purchase. First, there are two main styles of roof racks; those with wheels and those without. If you plan on using your roof rack primarily for transporting your kayak, then you should probably choose a model with wheels. However, if you plan on carrying your boat by hand, then you should opt for a roof rack with no wheels. Next, there are three ways to attach your roof rack to your vehicle. One way is to bolt directly onto the car frame. Another method involves attaching the roof rack to the top of the car via brackets. Finally, there are roof racks that attach to the back of the car. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you're planning on driving long distances, then you might be interested in choosing a roof rack that attaches to the rear of the car. However, if you live close enough to your destination that you'd prefer to drive rather than carry your kayak, then you might want to go with a roof rack that bolts directly to the car frame. In addition, you must decide whether you want to install a roof rack permanently or temporarily. Permanent installations are more expensive because they require drilling holes in your car bodywork. Temporary installations are cheaper, however, they can only handle light loads. Lastly, you must determine which style of roof rack best suits your needs. Once you've decided these questions, you can begin shopping around for the perfect roof rack.

Types of Roof Racks

One of the most important decisions you'll face when selecting a roof rack is deciding between a roof rack with wheels and one without. Most manufacturers sell both models. Generally speaking, wheeled roof racks are easier to transport and store. However, non-wheeled roof racks provide greater stability. Because they lack wheels, they are able to withstand heavier loads. Also, since they are attached to the roof of the car, they allow you to load your kayak higher. As a result, you can fit larger kayaks inside your trunk. Non-wheeled roof racks are generally more expensive than wheeled ones. So, if you plan on traveling frequently, then you should definitely invest in a non-wheeled roof rack. Otherwise, if you plan on spending most of your time near your home base, then you should opt for a wheeled roof rack.

How To Choose A Good Kayak Roof Rack

Once you know what kind of roof rack you want, you'll need to select a brand name. Choosing the right manufacturer isn't always easy. Many companies claim to manufacture high quality products, yet few actually deliver. Fortunately, there are a number of websites where you can research brands online. Before doing so, though, you should read reviews written by previous customers. Reviews give you insight into the company's reputation and customer service record. You should also check out the website's return policy. If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, you shouldn't risk losing money by sending the product back.

Features To Look For When Buying A Kayak Roller Roof Rack

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a kayak roof rack is that there is no "one size fits all" solution. There are many different types of roof racks available so finding the right fit for your needs can be difficult. The following features are key factors to take into consideration when choosing a roof rack for your kayaks.

Adjustable Length

Most roof racks are designed with adjustable length options allowing you to choose between short, medium, and long lengths. If you plan to carry more than two kayaks, you might want to go with the longer option. However, if you only intend to transport one kayak at a time, the shorter version will probably suffice.

Tie Down Options

Some roof racks include tie down hooks while others require you to purchase separate accessories. Some roof racks allow you to attach ropes directly to the roof rack itself while others require additional hardware. Make sure to check these details before making your final decision.

Storage Space

Roof racks typically provide storage space for paddles, oars, and other gear. Depending on the type of roof rack you select, you may be able to store anything from small items like sunglasses to large objects like surfboards. Check the specifications carefully to ensure that the roof rack has adequate room for whatever you decide to put inside.

Weight Capacity

Many roof racks weigh anywhere from 10-20 pounds depending on the model. While this weight isn't significant enough to cause problems during normal transportation, it could become problematic if you're trying to lift something heavy onto the roof rack. Be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations regarding maximum load capacity before purchasing.


While roof racks are generally fairly durable, they aren't indestructible. Most manufacturers recommend using a quality roof rack which includes safety straps and/or brackets to secure your kayaks in case of accidents. Also, make sure to inspect the roof rack thoroughly prior to transporting your kayaks. Any cracks or holes should be repaired immediately.

Ease of Use

It's easy to forget that roof racks are meant to be used by humans. Many roof racks are designed to be operated manually. Others require you to operate levers or buttons to raise or lower the roof rack. Ease of operation is another factor to consider when selecting a roof rack.


There are several ways to compare prices among roof racks. One way is to simply search online retailers' websites for information. Another method is to visit local stores where you can talk to salespeople who know the products well. Finally, you can ask friends and family members who already own roof racks for advice. Price shouldn't be the deciding factor when shopping for a roof rack; however, it does play a role in determining whether you can afford to invest in a particular product.

Different Types of Kayak Roller Roof Rack

There are many different styles of kayak roof racks available today. Some are designed specifically for kayaks while others are intended for other types of boats. There are two main categories of kayak roof racks; those with wheels and those without. The wheeled type has no moving parts and simply rolls along behind the boat. The non-wheeled type has several moving parts which allow the user to adjust the height of the roof rack. Both types provide easy access to the top deck of the kayak. However, there are differences between these two types of roof racks.

Types of Kayak Roof Racks

The most common style of kayak roof rack is the wheeled type. Most manufacturers include a set of four large tires attached to the back end of the roof rack. The front end of the roof rack includes a pair of smaller wheels so that the entire unit can be rolled along behind the kayak. In addition to being able to roll the roof rack along behind the kayak, the larger rear wheels enable the user to pull the roof rack into position by lifting the front end of the roof rack. Once the roof rack is positioned properly, the user locks the roof rack in place using either a locking pin or a key lock.

Benefits of Using a Wheeled Type of Kayak Roof Rack

One advantage of using a wheeled type of roof rack is that it makes loading and unloading the kayak easier. Since the roof rack does not require the user to lift the kayak onto the roof rack, the process takes only seconds rather than minutes. Another benefit of using a wheeled type of roof rack is that it prevents the kayak from tipping forward during transport. If the kayak tips too far forward, the weight of the kayak could cause the kayaker to fall overboard. With a roof rack mounted on the back of the kayak, the kayaker can safely lean the kayak backwards to avoid falling overboard.

Advantages of Non-Wheeled Type of Kayak Roof Rack

Another popular choice among kayakers is the non-wheeled type of roof rack. Unlike the wheeled type, the non-wheeled type of roof rack does not include a set of large rear wheels. Instead, the user must manually raise and lower the roof rack by hand. To load the kayak onto the roof rack, the user lifts the front end of the roof rack upward and slides the kayak underneath. After positioning the kayak correctly, the user lowers the front end of the roof rack down and secures it in place using either a locking pin or a key lock. Because the roof rack does not include a set of large rear wheels, the user cannot push the roof rack around behind the kayak. Therefore, the user must carry the roof rack wherever he goes.

How Do You Choose Which Style of Kayak Roof Rack Is Right For You?

Choosing the right kind of kayak roof rack depends largely upon the size of the kayak and where you plan to store the kayak.


Malone SeaWing/Stinger Combo Saddle Style Universal Car Rack Kayak Carrier with Load Assist Module

  • Combo kayak carrier with sliding, padded V-block frame
  • Extends 22 inches behind carrier then slides forward for easy loading
  • Cam-style load straps and buckle protectors secure kayak in place
  • Universal-fit Jawz mounting hardware fits round, square, and most oval crossbars
  • Supports up to 70 pounds; measures 27.5 x 4.5 x 6 inches (W x H x D)

Seattle Sports Sherpak Universal Kayak foam Block Carrier with Non-SKID and Anti Slip bottom for Car Roof Top. Made in U.S.A. (Pair, 14 inch)- Gray

  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Use to Create Your Own Custom Kayak Cradle for Roof Racks, Carriers and Mounts
  • SAVE MONEY - Quicker, Less Expensive Method of Transporting a Kayak on Top of a Vehicle in Place of Kayak Carriers
  • QUICK, EASY, LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE - Fast On and Off, Lightweight and Stowable When Not In Use
  • DIMENSIONS - 4" H x 4" D x 16" W

Malone Stax Pro2 Universal Car Rack Folding Kayak Carrier (2 Boat Carrier)

  • Two-boat capacity, stacking kayak carrier system for use on round, square, and most factory oval cross bars
  • Octagonal aluminum posts and injection molded nylon platforms for maximum stability
  • Proprietary stacker blocks stabilize boats during tie down and cushion boats during transport
  • System folds down when not in use for low clearance and fuel economy
  • Universal Fit JAWZ Mounting Hardware; tool-free assembly; lifetime warranty

Malone J-Pro 2 J-Style Universal Car Rack Kayak Carrier with Bow and Stern Lines

  • E-coated, corrosion-resistant steel construction holds up to years of abuse
  • Universal JAWZ mounting hardware fits round, square, and factory oval cross rails
  • Set comes with bow and stern safety tie-downs, two 12-foot cam buckle straps, and both 60mm and 70mm pre-coated mounting bolts
  • Includes limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty

TMS 800 LB Adjustable Fit 2 Bars Utility Ladder Truck Pick up Rack Kayak Contractor Lumber Utility (US Patent NO.D722,007)

  • Set of 2 heavy duty steel adjustable truck ladder rack. This multi-functional rack is designed to haul bigger and longer items that the average pick-up truck bed cannot fit. It is perfect for ladders, lumber, pipes, pool equipment and much more.
  • Very sturdy frame offers a weight capacity of 800 lbs. Very easy to install. Width is adjustable from 5 feet to 7 feet to cater to a variety of truck bed sizes. Attaching longer items to a rack securely is much more convenient, and ensures the safety of your property without the worry of it falling out of your truck bed.
  • Max Height: 30 inch plus the height of your truck's bed. Width: Adjustable for most pickup trucks (Adjustable width of 5 feet minimum to 7 feet maximum where rack attaches to track bed).
  • Width: Adjustable for most pickup trucks (Adjustable width of 5 feet minimum to 7 feet maximum where rack attaches to track bed).

Rhino Rack Nautic Series 570 Side Loading Canoe and Kayak Carrier, Small, Black

  • Universal fitment - fits most popular brands of roof rack crossbars
  • Front/rear pads engineered to fit a variety of hull shapes
  • 180 degree rotation to allow loading from the side
  • Large 2. 95" x 7. 87" contact surface area per cradle
  • 5 Year Warranty

Rhino Rack Rear Loading Canoe/Kayak Carrier, Nautic Series (581)

  • EXPERIENCE the very latest in kayak carrying technology with the Nautic 581 Rear Loading Kayak Carrier. Rhino-Rack's Nautic 580 is designed by US engineers with first-hand kayaking experience and features the next generation in design and technology.
  • EASY & SECURE - The Nautic 581 comes complete with 4 rubber pads designed to cushion your kayak for rear mounting ease. For added security and theft deterrence, we've made the cover plate both hidden and lockable, securing cradles to crossbars.
  • COMPATIBLE - Compatible with most current roof rack systems that feature a bar channel, these stylish, low profile cradles are simple to use and the perfect loading accessory for your kayak and canoes for every occasion.
  • INCLUDED - The Nautic 581 comes with all the necessary accessories to get you started including: cradles, tie down straps, keys and fitting instructions.
  • PADS - Pivoting large 3" x 8" flexible cradle pads provide both extra stability, padding and grip to ensure your kayak, canoe or paddle board travels safely to and from your destination, avoiding scratches or abrasions.
  • LOAD SECURITY - The kit includes large soft pivoting pads, two included load straps with cam buckles, and two bow and stern tie down anchors securing the watercraft to the roof, hood and rear of your vehicle.
  • STRONG & DURABLE - Made from glass reinforced nylon and stainless-steel hardware, the Nautic 580 Kayak Carrier is UV resistant and waterproof. Engineered durability and longevity is what sets Rhino-Rack apart from others.
  • MORE FEATURES - Built in security hardware is theft deterrent. The leg bolts require a special tool (included) to loosen. Rhino-Rack Master Key compatible.
  • FITS - Fits Rhino Rack Vortex Bars, Heavy Duty Bars, Pioneer Platform, Pioneer Elevation, Thule Professional, Thule Aero, Rola Sport. Some bar fitments may need fit kits, sold separate (for Rola Prorack & Rhino Rack HD bars). Requires min 23-9/16" spread.
  • ADVENTURE - At Rhino-Rack, we believe there’s an adventurer in all of us. It’s what drives us to create world-ready outdoor gear, born and proven in Australia. We believe life is better when we Make Space for Adventure.

MaxxHaul 70231 Hitch Mount Pick Up Truck Bed Extender For Ladder, Rack, Canoe, Kayak, Long Pipes and Lumber) , Black , 37 x 19 x 3 inches

  • Extends your truck bed for carrying longer payloads, designed to fit 2-Inch hitch receivers
  • Adjustable length and width gives versatility for use in many different applications
  • Features 4 quick release clevis pins for quick assembly and disassembly
  • Reflective tape on front and sides for visibility and safety
  • Side arms can be folded down creating the supports for a portable work area

Yakima - HandRoll Rooftop Mounted Kayak Rack for Vehicles, One Set of Mounts

  • Complete the kit: Includes 1 set of mounts (2 are needed to carry gear); To complete the set, pair with DeckHand or an additional HandRoll (sold separately)
  • Fits most crossbars: Universal mounting hardware fits most roof racks (round, square, factory and aerodynamic bars); Minimum crossbar spread of 24"
  • Built-in load assist: Durable rubber rollers help guide your boat into place; Rollers also pivot to adjust to the shape of your boat for a secure hold
  • Includes straps: Includes all the necessary hardware and straps (Heavy-Duty Straps and Bow/Stern Tie-Downs) to secure your gear
  • Easy install: Tool-free installation that's quick and easy; Compatible with SKS (Same Key System) Lock Cores (sold separately); Refer to Yakima Fit My Car Tool to ensure compatibility

AA-Racks Model X35 Truck Rack with 8 Non-Drilling C-Clamps and 2 Sets Kayak J-Racks with Ratchet Lashing Straps & Ratchet Bow and Stern Tie Down Straps

  • Non-Drilling X35 Truck Rack with 8 C-Clamps included, NOT COMPATIBLE with trucks with Utility Track Systems
  • Easy Installation - Fast setup and take down when not in use
  • Heavy Duty Extended bolts added for extra security
  • Heavy Duty Securing Ratchet Straps tight on your kayak, Canoe, 16 Ft long (4 Pack), 2200 Lbs Tested, easy and safe for your transport. Ratchet Kayak and Canoe Bow and Stern Tie Down Straps Adjustable Rope Hanger (1/4" x 10', 4 pcs, 300 LBS/Pair)
  • 2 Pair of Kayak J-Racks (4 racks for 2 kayaks)

Best Marine Kayak Roof Roller - SUV & Hatchback Load Lift Assist for Kayaks, Canoes, SUP Paddle Boards, and Surfboards - Load On Cars with Crossbars, Roof Racks, or Pads - Kayaking Loader Accessories

  • The Safe Way to Load Your Kayak: With the Best Marine lift-assist roof roller, you finally have a safe way to load your kayak onto your vehicle rooftop. We designed our roller to attach to your vehicle with straps, which is a much safer alternative to suction cup rollers that tend to fall off mid-load. The falling weight of a kayak can easily scratch your vehicle or damage your kayak. The straps hook onto the top and bottom of your trunk so they don't fall off.
  • Easy to Assemble and Install: Made of a powder-coated aluminum frame and foam padding, our roof roller is light, but sturdy. The instructions are easy to follow. Simply connect the straps to the frame, connect the sections of framing together, insert the locking pins, place the unit against the rear of your vehicle, attach the two top straps to the top of your hatchback/trunk, attach the bottom strap to the bottom of your trunk, tighten the straps, and load.
  • Take Off In a Matter of Minutes: Once you've attached the roof roller to your car, which only takes a minute or two, lift the front end of your kayak onto the roller, lift the rear end, and then roll your kayak onto your crossbars, roof racks, or roof pads. At no point are you bearing all the weight of your watercraft, which means it doesn't require you to stress and strain your shoulders or have extra people around to manage the weight.
  • Also Designed For SUVs or Vehicles with Hatchbacks: Have a tall vehicle? Don't have extra hands to help you load your watercraft? No problem. Our load-assist roller is designed to work with SUVs or vehicles with hatchbacks. It requires a hatchback to secure the top straps. It's compatible with kayak roof racks, roof pads, or just plain old crossbars. When you've loaded up your watercraft, easily unhook the roller. It folds up flat for convenient storage.
  • Perfect For a Solo Journey: Trying to lift a heavy kayak by yourself can feel next to impossible. Not only do you risk hurting yourself, but you also risk damaging your vehicle. Thanks to the Best Marine roof roller, you can easily load and unload your kayak, canoe, SUP paddleboard, or surfboard all by yourself. No more waiting at home for someone to come help you. Allow our roller to assist you in quickly and easily transporting your watercraft.
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