Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer Kayak Transport Package with 4 Malone J-Pro2 Kayak Carriers

  • Easily transports 4 kayaks without having to lift them onto your vehicle's roof
  • Marine grade pre-galvanized steel frame, 78" wide x 164" long
  • Includes 4 Malone J-Pro2 Kayak Carriers, Five-year warranty
  • 78" coated steel cross rails (fits most attachments), 2" hitch
  • 197 lbs. (base trailer), 350 lb. capacity, Assembles in 2-3 hours, complete instructions

How To Choose The Best Kayak Trailer For Car

What Is The Purpose Of A Kayak Trailer For Car?

The best way to transport your kayak is with a kayak trailer. There are many different types of kayak trailers available today. Some are designed specifically for transporting small boats while others are meant to carry larger models. If you're planning on taking your boat camping, fishing, boating, or simply enjoying the outdoors, there are several options for you to choose from.

Benefits of Using a Kayak Trailer

There are numerous benefits associated with using a kayak trailer. First, these devices allow you to take your kayak anywhere you go. Whether you plan on going hiking, swimming, or fishing, you can bring along your kayak and enjoy the great outdoors. Second, kayak trailers provide easy access to your kayaks. With a kayak trailer, you no longer have to worry about carrying your kayak into your vehicle. Third, kayak trailers provide safety features. Many of these devices include brakes and locks so that you can safely secure your kayak during transportation. Finally, kayak trailers are lightweight and compact making them easier to store away when not in use.

Types of Kayak Trailers Available Today

Kayak trailers come in two main styles; folding and non-folding. Folding trailers fold down flat and require little storage space once folded. Non-folding trailers remain upright and require more room to store. Both styles of trailers are suitable for most kayakers. However, folding trailers are generally preferred by those who travel frequently because they are easier to pack and unpack.

How To Choose A Kayak Trailer

Choosing a kayak trailer is fairly simple. First, decide whether you prefer a folding or non-folding model. Next, determine the size of your kayak. Smaller kayaks typically fit inside smaller trailers while larger ones require larger trailers. Once you've determined which style and size works best for you, shop around online. Look for reviews and ask friends and family members for recommendations. Lastly, test drive each type of trailer before purchasing.

Where Can You Find Kayak Trailers Online?

Finding kayak trailers online has never been easier. Most websites sell both folding and non-folding trailers. In addition, you can find kayak trailers for sale at sporting goods stores and department stores. You can also visit local outdoor shops where you might be able to find a kayak trailer for rent.

Tips For Choosing A Kayak Trailer

Before choosing a kayak trailer, think about the places you intend to use it. All of these factors will affect the design and function of your chosen kayak trailer.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're planning on spending hours paddling on lakes, rivers, oceans, or creeks, a kayak trailer makes getting ready for adventure much simpler.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Kayak Trailer For Car

Kayaking has become very popular these days. People who love water sports enjoy spending time outdoors with friends and family while enjoying nature. If you're planning to take part in this sport, you must know that there are many different types of boats available in the market today. One type of boat which is gaining popularity among those who love outdoor activities is called kayaks. There are two main types of kayaks; namely, sit-on-top and stand-up models. Sit-on-top kayaks have seats attached to the top of the hull. Stand-up kayaks have no seat and its user stands upright during paddling. Both types of kayaks require a special kind of transport vehicle known as a kayak trailer. In fact, most manufacturers recommend using a kayak trailer whenever you plan to go boating because it makes transporting your kayak easier and safer.

Benefits of Using a Kayak Trailer

There are several benefits associated with owning a kayak trailer. First, it saves money since you only pay for the amount of storage space needed by your kayak. Second, it protects your kayak from being damaged due to rough roads. Third, it prevents your kayak from getting wet since it stays dry inside the trailer. Fourth, it gives you more room to store other accessories such as fishing rods, camping gear, etc. Fifth, it enables you to carry your kayak safely wherever you wish to go. Sixth, it increases safety since it reduces the chances of falling into deep waters. Seventh, it improves stability since it eliminates the risk of tipping over. Lastly, it enhances convenience since it frees you from carrying your kayak around.

Types of Kayak Trailers Available

Today, there are numerous kinds of kayak trailers available in the market. However, before making a purchase, you should be aware of the features offered by each model.

Tandem - Tandems are designed so that both users share the same load capacity. Therefore, tandem kayak trailers allow you to tow multiple kayaks simultaneously.

Single - Single kayak trailers are designed so that they can accommodate single kayaks. Single kayak trailers are ideal for individuals who prefer to paddle alone.

How To Choose the Best Type of Kayak Trailer

Choosing the right type of kayak trailer depends on whether you intend to travel long distances or short ones. Long distance trips involve traveling great lengths of land. Short distance trips refer to traveling small areas. Choosing the best type of kayak trailer depends on where you plan to go. For example, if you plan to travel far away from civilization, you should choose a double kayak trailer. Otherwise, if you plan to stay close to shore, you should opt for a single kayak trailer.

Features To Look For When Buying A Kayak Trailer For Car

The best way to choose a kayak trailer is by considering its features. The most important thing to remember is that the more features you require, the higher price tag you'll pay. If you're planning on using your kayak trailer only occasionally, then there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to afford a simple model with few features. However, if you plan on taking long trips regularly, then you might want to invest in a high-quality model with lots of bells and whistles. Here are some features to look for when choosing a kayak trailer for car.

Adjustable Length

One of the biggest advantages of a kayak trailer is that it makes transporting your kayak easier. Most models allow you to adjust the length of the trailer so that you can fit it into tight spaces. Some models even include adjustable wheels which enable you to transport the trailer easily. Adjusting the length of the trailer is easy and takes seconds. Just loosen the bolts holding the frame together and slide the trailer where you'd like it to go. Once you've done this, tighten the bolts back down again.

Tire Size

Another great advantage of a kayak trailer is that it enables you to tow your kayak safely. Many models include tires that are large enough to support the weight of your kayak. While smaller tire sizes are fine for short distances, larger ones are ideal for longer journeys. Larger tires provide greater stability and traction while reducing the risk of skidding.


Some models include wheels attached directly to the frame. Others include small wheels that attach to the frame via metal brackets. Wheels are useful because they give you additional control over the direction of travel. Without wheels, you could end up driving straight into something. With wheels, you can steer around obstacles and avoid accidents altogether.

Storage Compartments

Most models include storage compartments for storing gear and other accessories. Storage compartments are handy because they reduce the amount of room needed to store your belongings. In addition, many models include lockers that ensure your possessions remain safe during transit.

Lockable Lockers

Many models include lockable lockers that secure valuables inside. Lockable lockers are convenient because they eliminate the need to carry bulky keys everywhere you go. Instead, you simply unlock the locker whenever you need access to your belongings.

Locking Mechanism

There are two main locking mechanisms available. One type uses a keyed mechanism that locks the entire unit shut. Another type includes a combination lock that lets you open the unit once you know the correct code. Combination locks are more difficult to pick since they require a different sequence each time. Keyed locks are simpler to operate and therefore cheaper to manufacture.

Weight Capacity

Kayak trailers vary greatly in terms of size and capacity. Some models weigh hundreds of pounds while others weigh little more than a suitcase. The maximum weight capacity of a kayak trailer depends on several factors including the design of the vehicle itself.

Different Types of Kayak Trailer For Car

Kayaks are great fun and easy to learn to paddle. However, transporting them around town can be difficult because most cars cannot accommodate large boats. If you're planning on taking your boat camping, there are several different ways to transport your kayak. The best way to choose which type of trailer is right for you depends on where you plan to take your kayak. Here are three options to consider.


This option works well if you live near water and plan on paddling your kayak frequently. Simply load your kayak into the back seat of your vehicle and drive away! There are many advantages to using this method. First, it's quick and easy. Second, it doesn't require special tools or knowledge. Third, it's inexpensive. Fourth, it's safe. Fifth, it's convenient. Sixth, it's environmentally friendly. Seventh, it's portable. Eighth, it's versatile. Ninth, it's durable. Tenth, it's comfortable. Finally, it's affordable.


The second option involves loading your kayak onto a trailer. Most trailers are designed specifically for kayaks. Some trailers have wheels so that you can pull them behind your vehicle. Others have tracks that allow you to tow them with your truck. Still others have ramps that let you step into the trailer. All these features make it easier to load and unload your kayak. In addition to being more efficient, this method has other benefits. First, it's safer. Second, it's cheaper. Third, it's more stable. Fourth, it's more secure. Fifth, it's stronger. Sixth, it's lighter. Seventh, it's more flexible. Eighth, it's more reliable. Ninth, it's quieter. Lastly, it's eco-friendly.


Finally, you can attach your kayak directly to another trailer. This is the most expensive option. Because you must purchase two separate trailers, you'll pay more money upfront. But, once you've purchased both trailers, you can travel anywhere with your kayak. Since you only need one person to operate each trailer, you'll save money by doing it alone. Also, since you don't need to rent a storage facility, you'll save money on monthly fees. Another advantage of this option is that you can store your kayak inside your house while you go on vacation. Once you return, simply unhook your kayak from its trailer and put it in your garage or shed.

Tips To Choose The Best Type Of Kayak Trailers

Before purchasing a kayak trailer, think about whether you plan on traveling regularly with your kayak. If you do, you might want to invest in a car-to-trailer. Otherwise, you could opt for a trailer-to-trailer. Either way, remember that you'll need to decide between stability and portability. Stability makes it easier to maneuver your kayak in tight spaces. Portability lets you carry your kayak wherever you wish.


Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer Storage Trunk , Black, 6 Cubic Feet

  • Simple to use "Lift Out" design for loading and unloading.
  • Dimensions: 38 x 18 x 14-Inch, Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer 6 Cu. Ft. Frame Mounted Removable Storage Trunk
  • Tough UV resistant construction.
  • Integrated wheels for easy transport.
  • Padlock tabs for added security.

Malone Auto Racks EcoLight Sport Trailer

  • Marine grade galvanized frame - DOT approved submersible incandescent lighting - Flat four wire harness
  • 58" coated steel load bars - 2pc extended tongue - 2" receiver
  • Five 8" lug high-speed powder coated wheel, rated to 70 MPH - Injection molded fenders
  • Galvanized heavy duty axle - Leaf spring suspension - Tongue skid plate
  • Five Year Limited Warranty - Made in the USA

Malone MicroSport XT Trailer

  • Upgraded version of Malone's popular MicroSport Base Trailer includes three top-selling accessories at reduced bundle price
  • Custom 12-inch aluminum spoke wheels and diamond plate aluminum fenders; removable and retractable tongue for easy storage
  • DOT-approved lighting and bearings, pre-tested electrical system, pre-fitted chassis components, and 65-inch coated steel load bars; assembles in less than three hours
  • Measures 65-by-159 inches (W x D; 102.5 inches long retracted); 800-pound capacity; standard two-inch hitch coupler
  • Includes limited five-year manufacturer's warranty

Aosom Foldable Bike Cargo Trailer Bicycle Cart Wagon Trailer w/Hitch, 16'' Wheels, 88 lbs Max Load - Black

  • HEAVY DUTY CAPACITY: At 88lbs., the Aosom Wanderer has the highest carrying capacity in its class, allowing it to handle most any load.
  • DETACHABLE FRONT AND BACK: The front and back detaches easily allowing for more space and for larger items to be placed onto the trailer.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made of sturdy steel frame and a strengthened PE bottom provide sturdy construction. In addition to the front and back, the side walls fold down making it easy to transport large objects.
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: This trailer is assembly requires, easy to set up and fold down which is easy to transport and stroage can save your space.
  • BICYCLE HITCH INCLUDED: Includes a simple to use universal hitch that fastens onto your back wheel to allow for quick and easy attaching and removing.

MaxxHaul 70225 Trailer Dolly with 12" Pneumatic Tires - 600 Lb. Maximum Capacity

  • Quickly move boat, utility, jet-ski trailers and more weighing up to 600 pounds tongue weight
  • 12 inch pneumatic tires
  • Heavy duty steel construction provides maintenance-free performance for years
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Easy assembly

Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit - 610-Lb. Load Capacity

  • Rolls on 12in. tires
  • Roomy bed size is 77 1/4in.L x 40 1/4in.W
  • Overall size is 126 3/4in.L x 52 1/2in.W
  • White powder-coat finish adds durability
  • Includes lights, protective fenders and 1 7/8in. coupler

Ironton 4ft. x 8ft. Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit - 1170-Lb. Load Capacity

  • Overall assembled length is 135in. and overall width is 62 1/4in.
  • Payload capacity is 1,170 lbs. with a 1,400-lb. max. GVWR
  • Includes two 4.80-12in. tires, light kit with flat 4-wire harness and connector, safety chain with S-hook, and 1 7/8in. coupler

Polar Trailer 10738 Utility Trailer, Black/Yellow

  • Welded one-piece bed, removable tailgate and side rails
  • Original tilt and swivel frame, quick-release foot controlled tipper latch
  • All-steel frame with powder coat finish for durability, larger Tubing versus competitive models
  • Sealed ball bearings-no grease needed
  • Overall Dimensions: 92" x 51" x 36", Body Dimensions: 60" x 32" x 21", Weight: 165lbs

QuietKat 20QKCTSW Rear Cargo Trailer, Single Track FatTire Off Road, 14x 24 Storage

  • Storage - 14”x 24” of carrying space for packing in extra gear (coolers, bows, camping gear, hunting equipment, firewood) or packing out large items like your caught game meat.
  • Narrow design - the cargo Trailer is just as wide as your quiet Kat attire bike so it moves with you and can fit into tight and cramped spaces. 20”X 4” wheel.
  • Compatible - with all threaded and certain thru-axle bikes. All Quiet Kat bikes have threaded axels where the bobbin will thread on. For standard through-axles, you will need a Bob axle from Robert axle project in your specific frame size.
  • Single tire design - More stable and easy to maneuver than two-wheeled trailers which have tendencies to flip over on rougher terrain.
  • Easy set up - the quick-attach system can be attached in seconds to your rear post with screws on rear axel.
  • Rear suspension - for smoother ride on rougher terrain off-trail in the backcountry while hunting, fishing and exploring.

MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Heavy Duty Utility Cart Cargo Trailer 1500lb Capacity 15 cu. ft.

  • LOAD CAPACITY: 1,500lb; 15 cu. ft. of hauling capacity; Max Speed 10 mph (not road compatible)
  • DURABILITY: Solid steel floor and frame with removable steel side rails and tailgate
  • EASE OF USE: Foot dump, quick release latch & tilt trailer bed for easy loading and dumping
  • TIRES: 18" x 8" 4-ply pneumatic tires; pass-through 1" axle provides 11" of ground clearance
  • DIMENSIONS: 85" (L) X 48" (W) X 30" (H) [Bed: 54" (L) x 28" (W) x 15" (D)]

Ironton 40in. x 48in. Steel Utility Trailer Kit - 1060-Lb. Load Capacity

  • Sturdy steel frame for long life
  • 1,200 lb. GVWR with a maximum load capacity of 1060 lbs. to handle a variety of cargo
  • Includes wheel fenders to prevent rocks and debris from damaging cargo
  • 1 7/8in. coupler assembly with safety chains so your trailer stays secure
  • Tail lights, turn signals and side running lights keep you visible on the road

ECOTRIC Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier with Mobility Ramp for Wheelchair Scooter Lawn Mower Snow Blower Hauler 500lb Capacity Basket-Style

  • -Product Dimension: 31-3/4” (W) × 44-3/4” (L) × 6”(H). Inside Bed Dimensions: 29-3/4" (W) x 43-3/4" (L) x 5" (H). Ramp Dimensions: 29-3/4" (W) x 42-1/2" (L)
  • -Heavy-duty steel construction with Pull locks. Durable black powder coated finish.
  • -Has a 3" safety rail. 2" hitch Receiver, hitch class III or IV. 2-position carrier (Open L-shape & open flat)
  • -Weight Capacity of Ramp: 500 lbs. Total weight: 73 Lbs
  • -Handle on the ramp for easy folding and unfolding. 11 Tie-down points

Alfa Gear Universal Extra Long Lightweight Anti-Vibration Roof Rack pad for SUP/Snow Board/Ski Board with Hood Loop and Truck Straps Products Size 37.8"X4.5"X3.1" 2 pcs/Set Black

  • Folding Size Easy to Carry and Storage . Length is 37.8", Suitable for large size Cars SUV, Pick up trucks or MinivansUltimate Tie Down Anchor Strap kits for Hauling cars on top. 2 pcs of Hood Loop Straps, 2 pcs of Hood Trunk tie down straps, 2 pcs Tie down Straps, 2 pcs 16.4 FT long polypropylene heavy duty ropes, help to solve all the problems that you need to securing your gears on roof top. One stop solution for all your needs
  • 2 pcs of 9.8" Hood loop tie down straps with Dia 0.4" grommet hole and 2 pcs of Hood Trunk tie down straps , help to create anchor point under your hood and back side of your trunk or tailgate , no more bend over or crawl underneath to find a solid locations. Tuck in the hoods, when not using them,No more hood scratch from straps and buckles
  • 2 pcs 15ft long 1" wide Tie down strap with metal clamp and anti scratch pads, 1200 lbs breaking strength. Extra wide straps help to Securing goods when driving on road,Multi usage for tie down all your gear on rooftop, trucks, Travel trailers,SUP,Laddes, Furnitures,motorcycle, ATVS, Boat etc
  • 2 pcs 16.4 ft long polypropylene heavy duty ropes, help to securing the front and end of your gears on rooftop. This can be use for tarp, tent or clothing thread for outdoor camping
  • Warning:Do not try to tie down Kayak through the Soft roof rack pad Loops,this loop is designed for Lightweight Gear like SKI board/Snow Board/Skate Board。 Here is the correct way to secure tie down heavy stuff like Kayak/Canoe/SUP through the car window, put them inside of cars Tips: Drive under the Speed Limit on the Highway.
  • Tips on How to reduce the Humming Noise from car top Tie Down straps.Twist one half of the straps to make an aerodynamic shape to avoid the vibration of car top tie down straps. Not over twisted and Not flat, this is the tricky to avoid Humming noise.

Hitch Mount Steel Cargo Carrier Basket with 49'' Folding Wheelchair Ramp, Fits 2'' Trailer Mounted Hitches

  • 【Durable Construction】This trailer hitch cargo carrier is constructed of high strength and lightweight design steel, It is rated for 500 lbs Max.loading capacity.
  • 【Enhanced Safety】The cargo rack basket dimensions is 50'' x 28.3'', 5.1'' high sides rails of the cargo basket and upgraded with the addition of a adjustable limit-switch on the hitch tube to enhance the stability and provide extra security.
  • 【Rising Shank Desgin】the AA Cargo hitch carrier is equipped with a folding angled shank. It allows the cargo carrier to be folded up when not in use. .
  • 【Versatile】Features 49.2''x 26.4'' Ramp to roll up your small wheeled equipment easily. Ideal for transport Lawn, wheelchairs, Scooters, bikes, gears and anything else.Ramp does Not fold down.
  • 【Easy to Assembly】The basket cargo carrier features a strong bolt-together design make installation quick and easy, Fits for 2'' hitch receiver.
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