Blazer International C6423 Square Trailer Light Kit

  • Includes (2) stop/tail/turn lights, (2) side markers, 20' wire harness with 4-flat connector, rustproof license plate bracket and mounting hardware
  • Works with 12V systems
  • Stud mounts on industry standard 2" centers
  • ABS plastic housing and durable acrylic lens provide protection against corrosion
  • Requires bulb #168 and #1157 for replacement

How To Choose The Best Kayak Trailer Kit

What Is The Purpose Of A Kayak Trailer Kit?

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy nature while getting exercise and fresh air. However, transporting your kayak around isn't always easy. If you're planning on taking your kayak camping, boating, fishing, or anywhere else where there might be rough terrain, you'll definitely need a kayak trailer kit.

Why Do People Use Trailers For Their Canoes?

Trailers allow you to take your kayak with you wherever you go. With a trailer, you can transport your kayak across land or water. Most trailers are designed to carry only small boats, so you'll need to check the dimensions before purchasing one. Some trailers are built specifically for kayaks, while others are meant for other types of boats.

How Does A Trailer Help Me Transport My Boat?

The most common type of boat trailer is called a "carriage" style. Carriages are essentially large boxes that fit inside another box. This design makes it easier to load and unload your boat because you simply slide it into the carriage. Once loaded, you lock the two together by connecting the carriages' handles. Then you drive away!

Is There Any Other Way To Carry My Boat Around?

There are many different ways to carry your boat. One option is to tow your boat behind your vehicle using a standard trailer hitch. Another option is to strap your boat onto a roof rack. Still another option is to attach your boat to the back of a truck. All these options require special tools and skills.

Can I Just Put My Boat In The Back Of My Vehicle?

Yes, you can put your boat in the trunk of your car or SUV. But unless you've got a very big trunk, you probably won't be able to store more than one kayak. Also, putting your kayak in the trunk could cause problems with your engine.

How Much Weight Will My Boat Be Able To Hold?

Your boat will depend on its size and weight. Smaller boats typically weigh between 30-50 pounds. Larger boats can hold 100+ pounds.

Are There Different Types Of Trailers?

Carriage Style - This model is best suited for smaller boats. It's inexpensive and simple to operate.

Rack Style - Rack style trailers are generally larger and heavier than carriage style trailers. They provide greater stability and strength.

Towable - Towable trailers are ideal for carrying long distances. They are expensive and difficult to maneuver.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Kayak Trailer Kit

There are many different types of kayak trailers available today. Some are designed specifically for kayaking while others are meant for fishing. There are also those which are intended for both purposes. If you plan to take your kayak camping, there are several features you must be aware of before making a purchase.

Features To Consider Before Buying a Kayak Trailer

Before you decide to buy a particular type of kayak trailer, you must know its features so that you can choose wisely.

Inflatable Boats

These boats are typically very inexpensive and easy to set up. However, these boats lack stability and durability. In addition, they cannot carry more than 2-4 passengers. Therefore, they're best suited for recreational purposes only.

Rigid Hulled Boats

This type of boat has a solid frame and is built to withstand rough weather conditions. However, they are heavier and more expensive than inflatables.

Kayak Trailers vs Canoe Trailers

Trailers are designed to attach to either side of a kayak or canoe. Some models allow both sides to be attached while others require attachment to only one side. Most manufacturers recommend attaching the trailer to the back of the boat. This way, the weight of the trailer does not affect the balance of the boat.

Types of Kayak Trailers

The following list describes the three main types of kayak trailers currently being sold. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Single axle - Single axle trailers are the cheapest option and are ideal for small craft. They are light enough so that they do not cause excessive strain on the motor of the boat.

Double axle - Double axle trailers provide greater strength and stability. Because double axles are stronger, they are recommended for large craft.

How Do You Choose Which Type Is Right For You?

Choosing between single axle, double axle, and triple axle trailers depends on your needs. Generally speaking, the bigger the craft, the longer the wheelbase needed. So, if you plan on transporting multiple kayakers or paddlers, a double axle or triple axle trailer is probably the right choice.

Which One Will Be Best Suited For My Boat?

Before choosing a model, you must determine exactly what kind of boat you have. Once you know what type of boat you have, you can narrow down your choices based on the size of the boat.

Different Types of Kayak Trailer Kit

There are many different kinds of kayak trailers available today. The most common type of kayak trailer is called a "kayak trailer". There are two main parts to a kayak trailer; the frame and the decking. The frame holds the boat upright while the decking protects the hull of the boat. Most kayak trailers include wheels so you can pull the kayak behind you. Some trailers allow you to tow the kayak with a car. Others require you to drag the kayak by hand.

Kayak Trailers vs Canoe Trailers

The main difference between a kayak trailer and a canoe trailer is that a kayak trailer has a wheeled base while a canoe trailer does not. In addition, a kayak trailer is designed to hold only one kayak whereas a canoe trailer can carry multiple boats. Another important difference is that a kayak trailer must be towed behind a vehicle while a canoe trailer can be pulled along side a vehicle.

How To Choose A Good Kayak Trailer For Yourself

Choosing a good kayak trailer for yourself can be difficult because there are so many options available. Before purchasing a kayak trailer, you should know exactly what kind of kayaking experience you plan to pursue. If you're planning on spending more time paddling around lakes and rivers, then you might choose a kayak trailer with a larger capacity. However, if you plan on using your kayak trailer mostly for fishing trips, then you might prefer a smaller model.

Types of Kayak Trailers Available Today

Today, there are several different styles of kayak trailers available. The most popular style is the folding kayak trailer. Folding kayak trailers fold into themselves when not being used. This makes storage easy and convenient. Other models include those which attach directly to the back of a truck bed or SUV. Still other models are built specifically for small cars.

Foldable Kayak Trailers

Most folding kayak trailers are very simple to operate. All you have to do is open the door and load the kayak inside. Once loaded, close the door and lock it securely. Then simply drive away! Many folding kayak trailers are equipped with locking mechanisms so that no one else can steal your kayak.

Canvas-Style Kayak Trailers

Some canvas-style kayak trailers are designed to fit onto the roof of a pickup truck. They provide excellent stability and security for transporting large amounts of gear. Some of these trailers are also equipped with racks to store additional supplies.

Rack Style Kayak Trailers

Another option is a rack-style kayak trailer. Rack-style kayak trailers are designed to sit on top of a car or truck. They are great for carrying multiple kayaks or canoes. Some of these trailers are also equipped with shelves to store camping gear.

Other Options

There are many other options available for kayak trailers. One example is the kayak cart. These carts are designed to transport a single kayak.


Fulton HDPB330101 Fold-Away Bolt-On Hinge Kit for 3" x 3" Trailer Beam - 5,000 lb. Weight Capacity

  • Converts standard trailer tongues into fold-away configures while preserving the existing coupler
  • Delivers strength at the pivot point with precisely machined heavy duty hinges made from die cast steel
  • Trailer tongues to be 3 inch x 3 inch outside dimensions with a material thickness between .188 inch and .120 inch
  • Mount Fold-Away products to trailer tongues made only of steel
  • Easy to install bolt-on application with complete instruction manual and includes all mounting hardware

Malone MicroSport Trailer Retractable Tongue Kit

  • Kit allows you to quickly retract an eight-foot tongue back into your MicroSport Trailer frame for easy storage
  • Galvanized steel frame, natural rubber bumpers, stainless steel hardware; single hitch pin unlocks the tongue from the trailer base
  • Two-position tongue receiver to better match the tow vehicle; Quick connect wiring harness for easy detachment; galvanized 11-gauge steel
  • Measures 6.5-by-2.75-by-17.5 inches (W x H x D); can be easily retrofitted to any Malone trailer; installs in only 30 minutes

Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit - 610-Lb. Load Capacity

  • Rolls on 12in. tires
  • Roomy bed size is 77 1/4in.L x 40 1/4in.W
  • Overall size is 126 3/4in.L x 52 1/2in.W
  • White powder-coat finish adds durability
  • Includes lights, protective fenders and 1 7/8in. coupler

Ironton 4ft. x 8ft. Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit - 1170-Lb. Load Capacity

  • Overall assembled length is 135in. and overall width is 62 1/4in.
  • Payload capacity is 1,170 lbs. with a 1,400-lb. max. GVWR
  • Includes two 4.80-12in. tires, light kit with flat 4-wire harness and connector, safety chain with S-hook, and 1 7/8in. coupler

Rockwell American 3,500 lb Idler Trailer Axle Running Gear (Idler Axle W/Hubs, Bearings, Lugs & Nuts, Springs, U-Bolt Kit, Hanger kit. (73" Hubface, 58" Spring Center)

  • Rockwell American 3,500 lb Idler Axle - Running Gear Set - Made in the USA
  • This Axle Kit Includes: (1) 3,500 lb Idler Axle w/ Hubs, Bearings, Lugs & Nuts (2 Year MFG Warranty), (2) Leaf Springs, (1) U-Bolt Kit, (1) Hanger Kit, (1) 32 oz Johnson Trailer Parts Insulated Mug
  • This Axle Comes with a Superior Powder Coated Finish and Posi-Lube Spindles that Provide Continuous Bearing Protection
  • 5 Lug on 4.5 Bolt Pattern (other bolt patterns available - Contact Johnson Trailer Parts)
  • Replaces Dexter, Al-Ko & TK Trailer Axles. This Axle Kit is Available in the Sizes Shown in the 3rd Picture, Search "Rockwell American or Johnson Trailer Parts" in Amazon Search Bar for more Trailer Parts

Ultra-Tow 4ft. x 8ft. Folding Aluminum Utility Trailer Kit - 1170-Lb. Load Capacity

  • Rustproof aluminum frame
  • Folds to 72 5/8in.L for convenient storage
  • Large 4ft. x 8ft. bed
  • 1,170-lb. payload capacity
  • 1,400-lb. max. GVWR

Detail K2 MMT5X7G-DUG 5 ft. x 7 ft. Multi Purpose Utility Trailer Kits with Drive Up Gate (Galvanized)

  • Solid square tube cambered axle, v shape tongue for added strength, GVWR: 2090lbs
  • Trailer fully pre-wired with plug and play 4 in., flat connectors to reduce time of assembly
  • Note: slight color variations may occur from images shown
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Trailer jack sold separately – DTLNTJ750

Partsam Led Submersible Trailer Tail Lights Kit, Waterproof 12V Square LED Trailer Lights Halo Glow with Wiring Harness Combination Brake Stop Turn Running License Lights for RV Marine Boat Trailer

  • WONDERFUL DESIGN: This Halo Glow Square Trailer Tail Light kit is visually distinctive from most normal square tail lights on market. The light gives your truck or trailer a distinctive look and it is completely street legal. Our Halo glow tail light has a unique solid light pattern when lit, so your lights stand out from the rest, adding both style and value to your truck or trailer.
  • FUNCTIONS & LED: This Submersible Waterproof trailer tail light kit serves 7 functions: brake, tail, turn, side marker, side reflector, rear reflector, and license plate light; 32 Diodes ( 20 Red+8 Red+4 Red ) LED Combination stop turn tail light-Curb side; 38 Diodes ( 20 Red++8 Red+4 Red+6 White ) LED Combination stop turn tail light-Street side with license illuminator
  • SEALED WATERPROOF TRAILER LIGHT & APPLICATIONS: The waterproof construction of this light makes it ideal for use on trailers that may be submerged, like a boat trailer. The circuit board is sealed, which means that water will not damage the diodes or circuit board; Compliant with DOT standards, perfect replacement trailer lights for under 80 Inch width towing vechile, like boat trailer, RV, tractors, canoes,truck, trailer, bus, Lorry, Van, caravan, snowmobile etc.
  • 3-WIRE PIGTAIL: This 12v led trailer light kit includes 2 combination tail and turn signal lights,25-ft wiring harness,license plate bracket and mounting hardware bag and has a 3-wire pigtail as pictured above. The pigtail hardwires into your trailer's wiring. The white wire is for the ground, the gary is for your tail lights, and the red is for your brake light and turn signal. This is a surface-mount light, so it will extend out from your trailer. The mounting studs are 2" apart on center.
  • SURFACE MOUNT: These square tail lights are surface mount and protect the LEDs from shock and vibration better than through-hole technology because the diodes are soldered directly to the surface of a printed circuit board instead of attached with wires that run through holes in the board. The result is a circuit board that is smaller yet provides more routing area and that offers superior performance, reliability, and durability.

Sturdy Built Tandem Axle Galvanized U Bolt Kit for mounting Boat Trailer Leaf Springs for 2x3 axle - 6 1/4" Long

  • All Hot-Dipped Galvanized Parts, Perfect for Fresh Water or Saltwater Boat Trailers, or Utility/Land Trailers in Icy or Coastal locations.
  • Complete Tandem Axle Kit: Includes All of the Galvanized Hardware and Parts Pictured. Enough U Bolts and Plates to mount 2 Axles to Your Tandem Axle Trailer.
  • Fits a 2x3 Square Axles. The included U Bolts and Plates are designed to fit around a 2 inch by 3 inch Square Boat Trailer Axle.
  • Square U Bolt Size: 1/2 inch Diameter x 2 inch Inside Width x 6 1/4 inch Inside Length

Sunway Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger & Maintainer 12Volt 8W Solar Panel Power Charger kit Portable Waterproof for Automotive RV Marine Boat Truck Motorcycle Trailer Tractor Powersports Snowmobile

  • [Solar Panel Power Up To 8.5W]--Keep your 12V batteries topped off with this solar battery charger ,which helps to manage battery drain in all seasons. Designed to compensate for small, steady battery drains from the vehicle's clock or alarm system.This battery charger will generate solar power to trickle charge battery as long as there is sufficient sunlight available.
  • [Pug And Play,Simple And Very Easy to Use]--This solar charger will NOT overcharge your battery! The solar charger panel mounts easily to the windshield or dash and conveniently plugs into your car's 12 volt cigarette lighter! If you need a Quick Connect And Disconnect Extension Cable For this solar charger,Please search the ASIN:B073158Q24.
  • [Stronger and Durable]--This solar powered battery charger is Covered with ultra clear PV glass which is more efficient and also with Durable ABS plastic housing which makes this solar panels charger more stronger. Low Maintenance!
  • [Charger & Maintainer For Any Rechargeable 12 Volt Battery]--This solar battery charger is the eco-friendly way to maintain and safely charges Wet, Gel, SLA,AGM and Deep Cycle batteries. It can maintain the charge of any cars, trucks, marines, motorcycles , tractors, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats and personal water crafts or RV 12 volt battery!
  • [Reverse Charging Protection]--With BUILT-IN DIODE for prevents reverse charging from batteries. With a 12volt LED charge indicator. The indicator lights up when it is charging. The solar charger maintainer also Includes cigarette lighter adapter and alligator battery terminal clamps. We offer 12-Month warranty and good customer service.

Ironton 40in. x 48in. Steel Utility Trailer Kit - 1060-Lb. Load Capacity

  • Sturdy steel frame for long life
  • 1,200 lb. GVWR with a maximum load capacity of 1060 lbs. to handle a variety of cargo
  • Includes wheel fenders to prevent rocks and debris from damaging cargo
  • 1 7/8in. coupler assembly with safety chains so your trailer stays secure
  • Tail lights, turn signals and side running lights keep you visible on the road

LED Trailer Light Kit w/Amber Marker Lights [DOT FMVSS 108] [SAE S2T2IA/APC] [TBT & License Plate Light & Wiring Harness] [IP67 Submersible Waterproof] Motorcycle Boat Trailer Tail Brake Light Kit

  • SUPERIOR VISIBILITY - When it comes to visibility and safety, more is better. With a total of 36 powerful LEDs, an internal chrome reflector to maximize light output, and high visibility reflective lenses, these trailer lights don't settle for less.
  • WATERPROOF & DOT APPROVED - Built with epoxy encased electronics and a sonically sealed body to prevent water intrusion, our lights have earned their DOT certification and IP67 rating.
  • ONE AND DONE - Combining turn signals, brake lights, tail lights, a license plate light, and front and rear side marker lights and reflectors, this kit meets all of the light requirements of DOT FMVSS-108 for trailers less than 80" wide.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Looking for wiring to finish your install? It's included. How about a license plate bracket? Also included. Wiring clips, terminals? Yup, included. A trailer to put the lights on? OK, so we included almost everything you need.
  • MORE THAN YOU ASKED FOR - We also included a few features to make your life a bit easier. Like a wishbone style harness with a separate running light wire for each side of the trailer, a 2-year warranty, and amazing customer service.

Heavy Duty Hood Loop Straps and Hood Trunk Straps with Lashing Tie Down Straps and PP Ropes Ultimate Solution kit for Trailing The Kayak/Canoe/SUP/Surfboard/Ski Board/Snow Board 8 pcs/Set Black

  • Ultimate Tie Down Anchor Strap kits for Hauling cars on top. 2 pcs of Hood Loop Straps, 2 pcs of Hood Trunk tie down straps, 2 pcs Tie down Straps, 2 pcs 16.4 FT long polypropylene heavy duty ropes, help to solve all the problems that you need to securing your gears on roof top. One stop solution for all your needs
  • 2 pcs of 9.8" Hood loop tie down straps with Dia 0.4" grommet hole and 2 pcs of Hood Trunk tie down straps , help to create anchor point under your hood and back side of your trunk or tailgate , no more bend over or crawl underneath to find a solid locations. Tuck in the hoods, when not using them,No more hood scratch from straps and buckles
  • 2 pcs 15ft long 1" wide Tie down strap with metal clamp and anti scratch pads, 1200 lbs breaking strength. Extra wide straps help to Securing goods when driving on road,Multi usage for tie down all your gear on rooftop, trucks, Travel trailers,SUP,Laddes, Furnitures,motorcycle, ATVS, Boat etc
  • 2 pcs 16.4 ft long polypropylene heavy duty ropes, help to securing the front and end of your gears on rooftop. This can be use for tarp, tent or clothing thread for outdoor camping
  • Tips on How to reduce the Humming Noise from car top Tie Down straps.Twist one half of the straps to make an aerodynamic shape to avoid the vibration of car top tie down straps. Not over twisted and Not flat, this is the tricky to avoid Humming noise.

Mountainpeak Enclosed Trailer Roof Ladder Rack Fit for Enclosed or Open Trailer - Aluminum

  • Trailer Ladder Rack are designed to mount to the rain gutters of almost any enclosed or open trailer, can be used on flat or round roofs.
  • Enclosed Trailer roof rack put 2" x 4" lumber (not included) into the brackets to act as crossbars for a customized ladder rack of any width trailer (4' to 8-1/2' wide).
  • Material: This Cargo Roof Ladder Rack Bracket Kit is made from extruded aluminum and comes with stainless steel hardware.
  • Load-bearing: Maximum load capacity is 100 lbs per crossbar. Improved weld adds strength and durability.
  • Installation: Easy to install, 4 aluminum brackets mount to each corner of your trailer's roof.

Riwful Adjustable Aluminum Roof Ladder Rack Bracket Kit Fit for Enclosed Trailers Cargo Vans

  • Aluminum roof ladder rack bracket kit fit for most enclosed trailers cargo vans whatever flat or round roofs.
  • Ladder rack bracket is customed fit with your 2" x 4" lumber (4" up to 8.5" wide).The Lumber is not included.
  • The 4 aluminum brackets can be mounted to any corner of trailer's roof by your needs.
  • Ladder rack bracket is made of heavy duty extruded aluminum which is more durable.
  • Easy to install,package includes 4 aluminum brackets and handware.

Nilight 2PCS Square LED Trailer Light Kit Low Profile Submersible IP68 LED Stop Turn Tail Side Marker License Light for 12V Utility Trailer Boat Camper RV Trucks Marine Snowmobile,2 Years Warranty

  • 7 Full Functions: Combined functions of stop, turn tail light, side marker, side reflector, rear reflector, license plate light. Perfect for 12V DC vehicles with max width of 80 inches. Fit most trailers, boats, trucks, RV, Marine, Pickups, camper, tractors, etc. bus, lorry, van, caravan, snowmobile utility trailers
  • Brighter and Safe: Employ quality led to draw less amperage but outputs optimal brightness, improving great visibility and extend longer lifetime than the incandescent lamp. 100% DOT Compliance to ensure your safety
  • IP68 Entirely Submersible: Inside LEDs and circuit board is fully waterproof sealed to work under water perfectly without electric short risk. The light housing also features water drainage for added protection
  • All-in-one Kit: Comes with everything for your straightforward installation, include square lights, amber clearance light, license plate bracket, 25ft length trailer wiring harness, the reflector and the different types of stainless steel mounting hardware. (For hardware instruction, please picture 8)
  • Easy Installation: Light mounting: stud-mounted on the surface design, light with license light on the left, the other on right. Wiring connection: color coded wire, just color to color white to the ground (vehicle frame) and then follow picture 6 for wire routing instruction

RVMATE 7 Way 8 Feet Trailer Cord Kit, Include 12V Breakaway Switch and Plug Holder, Trailer Connector Cable Wiring Harness with Waterproof Junction Box

  • PRACTICAL TRAILER CORD SET: This set includes a 7-way trailer cord with junction box- 8 feet for your trailer wiring, a 12v breakaway switch for safer towing by connecting your vehicle to your trailer's breakaway battery and trailer brakes, and a plastic trailer plug holder that keeps the plug from dragging on the ground
  • CONVENIENT TRAILER WIRING: 7-way molded plug and pre-wired junction box makes it much easier for wire connections as well as keeping all your wires organized and protected, eliminates troublesome splicing, and simplify installation
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: 100% copper wire ensures great conductivity, soft and rugged PVC material jacket providing flexibility in use. Weatherproof, moisture, abrasion, and corrosion-resistant
  • GOOD SEALING PERFORMANCE: ABS housing junction box coupled with rubber grommets providing superb protection against rough weather condition
  • WIRING INSTRUCTIONS: The color of the wiring may not match the color of your trailer, please compare the wiring diagram in the picture or manual

Rhino USA Wheel Chock Tie Down Kit (1,986lb Break Strength) Ultimate Heavy Duty Trailer Tire Straps System for ATV, UTV, Lawn Mower & More - Ratchet Tie Downs Accessories with E Track for Four Wheeler

  • ✅ REAL LIFETIME WARRANTY - Whether your Strap Rips, Tears, or Frays we will Replace it at no cost
  • THE ALL-INCLUSIVE SET - Skip the Hassle, we Include ALL Hardware Required for Mounting your kit
  • SIMPLE & EASY TO INSTALL - Simply roll your Vehicle into Place & bolt down your Chocks on Trailer
  • CONFIDENCE & PEACE OF MIND - Knowing your ATV, UTV, Mower, Etc... is Secure when Transporting!
  • GUARANTEED 5-STAR EXPERIENCE - If you aren't 100% Satisfied for any Reason, well Refund your Money

Bright Way 2382 Complete Trailer Breakaway Kit Side Load with LED Charge Indicator 12V5AH Battery Emergency Trailer Brake Switch

  • Complete side load trailer breakaway kit. Check the charge, charge the battery while connected and bring your trailer to a safe stop if it separates from your vehicle.
  • Side Load: easy access from the side. Mount in any position. LED function indicates battery status: Green = fully charged, Yellow = charging, Red = recharge needed.
  • Breakaway system activates your trailer's electric brakes if the trailer disconnects from the tow vehicle (Brakes receive signal to activate when cable detaches from switch). 30 second activation after pin is pulled. Meets DOT requirements.
  • Built-in charger automatically charges 12V 5Ah rechargeable battery while connected to tow vehicle. Durable, heavy duty polymer plastic case protects the battery from the elements and rubber O-ring seal keeps out moisture. Use wire loom to neatly contain and protect wires. Convenient wiring diagram is printed on box.
  • Kit includes: breakaway switch, built in charger, 5-amp-hour battery, battery box and wiring (*Hardware not included for drilling). Breakaway cable length: 4' Rechargeable Battery: 12V 5Ah Outer Box Dimensions: 7.12" L x 5.25" W x 4.25" H

PENSUN 2 IN 1 Design Foldable Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender Extension Rack Canoe Boat Kayak Lumber

  • Intimate Function: Expand your vehicle's loading length another 6 FEET. Rated for 800lbs of distributed weight.As long as there's a 2"" square hitch receiver, it will be suitable for any short-bed truck, van, SUV, or other vehicle capable of hauling large loads.
  • Adjustability Durable: . Adjustable Width: 27.56" - 45.28" Adjustable Height: 18.13" - 27.17"This hitch extender is a good helper for a long-distance loading.Adjustable length and width for different applications like moving ladders, racks, canoes, kayaks, long pipes, lumber.
  • High Quality Materials: For maximum stability and durability, made of high-quality material for standardized production. Features two welded loops on the cross bar (one on each side).
  • Caution: With instruction. Easy installation, professional installation is recommended!Fold the extender when not in use for space saving storage.
  • Guarantee:We are committed to providing consumers with the absolute best price and value on our entire line of products. Our warehouse in the United States promises to deliver all products to you within seven days.

VICEMOB 10 Watt 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger & Maintainer Kits, Waterproof Portable ETFE Monocrystalline Solar Panel Trickle Chargers for Car Boat Camper RV Trailer Snowmobile Automotive

  • More Efficient ETFE Technology - ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) is a new technology with a light transmittance of up to 95%. There are regularly arranged bumps on one side, a beam of light can be propagated and refracted many times, and the higher efficiency can be converted into electrical energy.
  • Safe and Practical - Built-in blocking diodes can prevent reverse charging and safely charge and maintain 12V batteries. A set of 3 cables included with the product will fit most 12V batteries.
  • Different From Traditional - Compared with the traditional PET solar panel charger, it is lighter, thinner, and has a longer service life. And it has the better waterproof and self-cleaning ability.
  • Satisfy the Use of Various Scenarios - Equipped with carabiner and suction cups; you can use it in various scenarios. The support pole behind the solar charger allows you to adjust different positions and angles in each scene to get more sunlight.
  • We devote ourselves to providing the best customer service and bringing the best shopping experience to every customer. If you are not satisfied with our product to have any quality or function problems, please feel free to contact us; we will reply within 24 hours and guarantee to provide you with a satisfactory solution.
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