Mongoose Impasse Mens Mountain Bike, 29-Inch Wheels, Aluminum Frame, Twist Shifters, 21-Speed Rear Deraileur, Front and Rear Disc Brakes, Silver

  • 18-Inch/Medium Aluminum suspension frame maximizes comfort & performance
  • Element suspension fork smooths the bumps and increases control
  • 21 speed rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters changes gears easily
  • Alloy wheels with quick release front
  • Alloy front & rear disc brakes

How To Choose The Best Mountain Bikes

What Is The Purpose Of Mountain Bikes?

Mountain biking has become very popular among adults and children alike. There are many different types of bicycles available today with varying features. One type of bicycle that is gaining popularity is called "mountain bike". This particular kind of bicycle was designed specifically for riding trails and other rugged terrain. Mountain bikers enjoy these kinds of rides because they allow them to travel long distances while enjoying the scenery along the way.

Benefits Of Riding A Bike

There are several benefits associated with riding a bike. First, cycling is good exercise. Cycling burns calories and strengthens muscles throughout the body. Second, cycling is fun! People who ride bikes love being outside and exploring nature. Third, cycling is environmentally friendly. Many cyclists choose to ride their bikes rather than drive cars. This reduces traffic congestion and pollution caused by automobiles. Fourth, cycling is economical. If you live close enough to where you ride, you might be able to walk or take public transportation to work. However, if you must drive, you could purchase a car which costs more money each month than most people pay for gas. Finally, cycling is healthy. Studies show that regular bicycling improves cardiovascular health and lowers blood pressure. In addition, cycling increases muscle strength and endurance.

Types Of Mountain Biking

Cross-country mountain biking involves traveling across country roads and paths. Downhill mountain biking involves descending steep hills. Both forms of mountain biking require special skills and training. For example, downhill mountain biking requires balance, coordination, speed, agility, and stamina.

How To Ride A Bike

To learn how to ride a bike, follow these steps: 1. Find a safe location away from busy streets or sidewalks. 2. Practice balancing on the bike. 3. Learn how to control the brakes and gears. 4. Practice steering the bike. 5. Practice turning corners safely. 6. Practice stopping quickly. 7. Practice maintaining proper posture while pedaling. Practice shifting between gears. 9. Practice braking and accelerating. 10. Practice cornering. 11. Practice changing directions. 12. Practice climbing hills. 13. Practice jumping curbs and obstacles. 14. Practice negotiating rough terrain. 15. Practice avoiding collisions. 16. Practice learning emergency procedures. 17. Practice using lights and reflectors. Practice staying alert while driving. 19. Practice wearing appropriate clothing. 20. Practice following rules of the road. 21. Practice riding in groups. 22. Practice riding during daylight hours. 23. Practice riding in inclement weather conditions. 24. Practice riding at night. 25. Practice riding on uneven ground. 26. Practice riding uphill. 27. Practice riding down hill. Practice riding on slippery surfaces. 29. Practice riding around curves. 30. Practice riding on dirt. 31. Practice riding on grassy areas. 32. Practice riding on sand. 33. Practice riding on snow. 34. Practice riding on ice. 35. Practice riding on water. 36. Practice riding on unpaved roads. 37. Practice riding on paved roads. Practice riding on bridges. 39. Practice riding on ramps. 40. Practice riding on stairs. 41.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking has become increasingly popular throughout the years. There are many different types of bicycles available today, including road bikes, hybrid bikes, and mountain bikes. Each type of bicycle offers its own unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, road bikes are great for long distance riding while mountain bikes are best suited for short distances. Hybrid bikes combine both characteristics into one bike. Regardless of which kind of bicycle you choose, there are certain aspects of each model that must be considered before making a purchase.

Quality Bicycle Components

One of the most important components of a good-quality bicycle is the frame. Frames are constructed with steel tubing and aluminum alloy frames are more common these days. Steel frames are generally heavier and stronger than aluminum ones. However, aluminum frames are lighter and easier to maintain. Aluminum frames are typically preferred by beginners because they're easy to assemble and disassemble. If you plan on taking your bicycle camping or hiking, you might prefer a lightweight aluminum frame. In addition to the frame, other parts include brakes, tires, pedals, handlebars, seat posts, and gears. All of these parts must be carefully selected to ensure proper functioning of the bicycle.

Frame Size

Frames come in several sizes. Most mountain bikes fall between 50 inches and 60 inches in length. Larger frames provide greater stability and strength. Smaller frames are ideal for children and smaller adults. Some manufacturers offer larger frames for older riders who wish to ride longer distances.


There are two main categories of tires - clinchers and tubulars. Clincher tires are round and flat whereas tubular tires are oval shaped. Tubular tires are typically found on mountain bikes due to their superior traction and durability. Tubes are also cheaper than clinchers.


Brake systems vary depending on the manufacturer. Some models utilize cable brakes while others use caliper brakes. Cable brake systems require cables to be attached to the front wheel and rear wheel respectively. Caliper brakes attach directly to the rim of the wheels. Both systems function similarly; however, cable brakes are simpler and easier to operate.

Handlebar Height

Handlebars are adjustable so that riders can adjust the height according to personal preference. Handlebars with higher heights allow for increased leverage during pedaling. Handlebars with lower heights are easier to steer and control.

Seat Post Length

Seat post lengths differ based on the size of the rider. Seatposts measure anywhere from 30 inches to 40 inches. Longer seats provide added comfort and support for taller riders. Short seats are preferable for shorter riders.


Most mountain bikes come equipped with three speeds. Higher numbers indicate faster speed. Lower numbers mean slower speed. Gears are either internally geared or externally geared. Internally geared gear systems are located inside the hub of the wheel. External gearing consists of chain drive mechanisms.

Features To Look For When Buying A Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking has become very popular these days. There are many different types of mountain bikes available today. The most common type of bike is called hybrid bikes. Hybrid bikes combine characteristics of both road and mountain bikes. If you're interested in purchasing a mountain bike, there are several features that you must take into consideration before making your purchase.

Frame Size

The frame size refers to the width of the bicycle. Most mountain bikers prefer frames with larger diameters because they provide more stability while riding downhill. However, smaller diameter frames are easier to maneuver around tight turns and obstacles.


Most mountain bikes have tires ranging between 2-4 inches wide. Tires with wider treads allow you to ride on rougher terrain. Some models have knobby tires which give you greater traction on rough terrains.


Many mountain bikes have disc brakes. Disc brake systems are considered safer than traditional rim brakes. Rim brakes require constant maintenance and replacement. Brake discs last longer and are easy to maintain.


Handlebar height determines whether you will be comfortable sitting upright or lying down while riding. Handlebars that are too high restrict your ability to lie flat while riding. Handlebars that are too low cause discomfort during long rides.

Seat Post Height

This refers to the distance from the ground to the seat post. Seat posts vary in length depending on the model. Longer seats are generally preferred by taller riders. Short seats are preferable for shorter riders.


There are two main styles of pedals. Clipless pedals attach directly to the shoe and hold onto cleats on the bottom of the shoes. Non-clipped pedals attach to the shoe using straps. Both clipless pedals and non-clipless pedals are available.


Wheel size varies according to the intended application. Small wheels are ideal for urban cycling where speed is important. Large wheels are best suited for rugged trails.


These are protective covers designed to cover the front wheel. Fenders reduce water spray and debris from hitting the spokes of the rear tire.


Chainrings refer to the teeth on the chainwheel. Chainring sizes range from 11/32" to 1". Larger chainrings are recommended for climbing hills and sprinting. Smaller chainrings are suitable for city streets and dirt roads.


Crankarms connect the pedal spindle to the crankset. Cranksets differ based on the number of crankarm lengths. Single arm cranksets only have one set of arms. Double arm cranksets have two sets of arms. Triple arm cranksets have three sets of arms. Quad arm cranksets have four sets of arms.

Different Types of Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking has become very popular these days. There are many different kinds of mountain bike available today. The most common type of mountain bike is called cross-country. Cross country mountain bikers ride trails with lots of ups and downs. Another kind of mountain bike is known as downhill. Downhill mountain bikers race down hills while riding on two wheels. Both of these types of mountain bikes require special skills. If you're interested in learning more about mountain biking, there are several places where you can learn more about it. For example, you could visit a local bicycle shop and ask questions about mountain biking. Or, you might go online and search for information about mountain biking.

Types of Mountain Bike

There are three main categories of mountain bikes. Each category is designed for a specific activity. In general, each category includes both road and trail models. Road bikes are typically used by commuters who travel long distances on paved roads. Trail bikes are generally used by recreational riders who enjoy exploring natural areas. Hybrid bikes combine aspects of road and trail bikes.

Road Bicycles

The typical road bike is built for speed and comfort. Most road bicycles have drop handlebars, which allow the rider to lean forward slightly during acceleration. Road bikes are intended primarily for commuting and touring. However, road bikes are also suitable for racing because they provide stability and control. Road bikes are typically equipped with disc brakes, which provide excellent braking power. Some road bikes include suspension forks, which absorb bumps and vibrations so that the rider feels comfortable. Other features found on road bikes include wide tires, quick shifting gears, and lightweight frames.

Trail Bicycles

Trail bikes are ideal for those who prefer to explore nature rather than commute. Trail bikes are generally lighter than road bikes, making them easier to pedal uphill. Trail bikes are also designed to be versatile. Many trail bikes are capable of being ridden on pavement, dirt paths, gravel, grass, sand, snow, mud, and other terrain. Trail bikes are commonly equipped with front suspension forks, which cushion the shock of rough terrain. Suspension forks also improve traction on slippery surfaces. Because of their versatility, trail bikes are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists.

Hybrid Bicycles

Hybrid bikes combine elements of road and trail bikes. Like road bikes, hybrid bikes are typically equipped with disc brakes. Unlike road bikes, however, hybrid bikes are equipped with rear suspension forks. Rear suspension forks provide added support for the back wheel. As a result, hybrid bikes are able to traverse rugged terrain with ease.

Bike Accessories

One important accessory for mountain biking is a helmet. To ensure safety, helmets must fit properly and be constructed of durable materials. Helmet straps must be adjustable and easy to fasten. Additionally, helmets must be tested before sale to verify compliance with CPSC regulations.

Other Useful Accessories

In addition to a helmet, another essential piece of gear for mountain biking is gloves.


Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheels, 4-Inch Wide Knobby Tires, 7-Speed, Steel Frame, Front and Rear Brakes, Navy Blue

  • Conquer any off-road trail with ease with this steel-framed mountain bike with supersized all-terrain knobby tires
  • The threadless headset is adjustable for riders of different heights; For added speed and performance, the strong, lightweight alloy rims keep the weight down
  • Ride comfortably with beach cruiser pedals and ensure safety with front and rear disc brakes
  • Rear derailleur with seven speeds makes hills easier to climb, while twist shifters make it smooth and easy to change gears while riding
  • This bike ships ready to be assembled. Sized for adult riders 5' 6" to 6' tall, and has a limited lifetime warranty

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mens and Womens Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed Shifters, Aluminum Frame, Front Suspension, Black/Red

  • Aluminum MTB frame with hydroformed tubing and a powerful front suspension fork is strong and reliable; 26-inch wheels fit riders 64 to 74 inches tall
  • 21-speed shifters make for smooth gear changes on every ride
  • Front and rear V-brakes ensure quick stops out on the trail
  • Light, durable alloy rims and 26x2.125" (diameter x width) tires roll over anything
  • Riser handlebar with colored end plugs completes the MTB look

Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike, Front Suspension, 24-Speed, 29-Inch Wheels, 17-Inch Aluminum Frame, Matte Black/Red

  • The Bonafide Mountain Bike features an aluminum mountain frame and a powerful suspension fork that soaks up bumps and thumps to provide you with a fun, durable riding experience
  • 24-speed trigger shifters and front and rear derailleurs make gear changes easy and smooth
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide crisp all condition stopping out on the trail; Durable alloy cranks provide steady gearing and less pesky maintenance
  • High profile double wall alloy rims are light and strong for added durability; 2. 25 inch wide knobby mountain tires are ready for bumpy terrain
  • This bike ships ready to be assembled, and the wheels measure 29 inches

MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals, Ultra Strong Colorful CNC Machined 9/16" Cycling Sealed 3 Bearing Pedals(Black 3 Bearings)

  • 1.Smooth:Lubricated sealed bearing platform pedals 3 Bearing
  • 2.Anti-skid pins : Anti-slip cleats design, strong grasps, no longer skid, better for riding or racing
  • 3.Weight & Size: 0.45lb, 4.1in x 3.58in x 1.0in (105mm x 91mm x 26mm) each
  • 4.Good pedals grips:Aluminum ANTI-SKID nails for efficiency pedaling.Easy installation: L for left pedal; R for right pedal.
  • 5.Durable:High Strength Aluminum Alloy possess durable flat pedals fit for mountain bike pedals , road bike pedals, bmx pedals , exercise bike pedals , fixie bike pedals,folding bike pedals

OBK S7 Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed Bicycle 27.5 inches Mens MTB Disc Brakes Orange (3 Spoke mag Wheels)

  • The price is affordable. You can compare bicycles with similar configurations. Our bicycles have a high cost performance ratio.
  • Upgrade the frame Suspension to make your ride more comfortable
  • Durable and high quality after-sales service, so that you do not worry about the future
  • Shimano 21 speed Shifters easy to use
  • Daul Disc Brakes and 3 spoke Mag alloy wheels

Hiland Aluminum Mountain Bike,Shimano 24 Speeds,26 inch Wheels, with Disc Brake,3 Sizes for Men Mens Bikes

  • 【High tech Frame】Hiland H300 has Light Aluminum frame is packed with features that make your ride better. Good performance suspension fork make it playful enough for new riders and experienced shredders riding from packed single track to the loose stuff.
  • 【Shimano drive train】SHIMANO Shifter and Derailleur with 24 Speeds, a wide range of gears gives you more control for climbing,for room to get low on descents, corners and jumps.Double wall aluminum wheel rim handle pavement, gravel and dirt with ease;
  • 【Fit for every rider】Hiland H300 cares about most of the riders as much as possible.Its 26X1.95 Aluminum tyres, a wide-range 24 Speeds drivetrain and suspension fork make it an ideal choice for new trail riders or anyone looking for a comfortable, stable commuter with the ruggedness of a real mountain bike.
  • 【Assembly Guide】85% pre-assembled,easy to assemble,free pedals,required assembly tools included.If you have any questions about the bike, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please don’t assemble the fork BACKWARDS.
  • 【Size Guide】Size S ideal for riders between 5' & 5'8", Size M ideal for riders between 5'4" & 6'1",Size L ideal for riders between 5.8' & 6'5" ,PLEASE CHECK THE SIZE.

HH HILAND Mountain Bike,Shimano 21 Speeds Drivetrain,Aluminum Frame 26 Inch Wheels, with Disc-Brake 3/6-Spokes for Men Women Men's MTB Bicycle

  • 【Best for Beginner】Hiland H200 will be the best friend for new riders. Aluminum rims and magnesium wheels are light in weight. The special spoke design help you break the wind resistance and handle pavement, gravel and dirt with ease.
  • 【High tech Frame】Hiland H200 mountain bike has Light Aluminum frame is packed with features that make your ride better. Good performance suspension fork make it playful enough for new riders and experienced shredders riding from packed single track to the loose stuff.
  • 【Professional drive train】Shimano 21 Speed drive train , a wide range of gears gives you more control for climbing,for room to get low on descents, corners and jumps.
  • 【Assembly Guide】85% pre-assembled,easy to assemble,free pedals,required assembly tools included.If you have any questions about the bike, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please don’t assemble the fork BACKWARDS.
  • 【Size Guide & Warranty】17'' frame size is ideal for riders between 5' & 6'. Like every Hiland, it's backed by a limited lifetime warranty. So if you have any question about bike, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Eurobike G7 Folding Mountain Bike 21 Speed 27.5 Inches 3-Spoke Wheel Dual Suspension Folding Bike Dual Disc Brake MTB Bicycle Black Orange

  • The folding bike designed specifically for the urban outdoor sports, if you want to save storage space, choose a folding bicycle.
  • Dual Suspension Fodling Mountain bike with front and rear shock absorbers, the frame is firm and strong and the riding is more comfortable.
  • The wide and multi-tooth tires of mountain bikes can provide good grip, and there are shock absorbers to absorb shocks.
  • Folding bicycles generally have a variety of adjustable speeds, allowing you to easily climb gentle slopes.
  • Folding bicycle is a portable bicycle specially built for urban life. You can ride a folding bicycle to go shopping in the city center, or you can ride to the supermarket or library!

Hiland Full-Suspension 26 Inch Mountain Bike for Men Women Teenagers, Shimano 21 Speeds, Disc Brakes Black MTB Trail Bicycle

  • 【Stable & Comfort】As a professional mountain bike, this Hiland bike is designed to ride among wide knobby mountains with outstanding stability and comfortability. Dual disc brakes provides precise stopping power than v-brakes.
  • 【High Tech】A high-quality carbon steel frame offers stability, durability, and strength. All Shimano 21-speed drivetrain allows you to find the most efficient speed with a wide range of variability.
  • 【Full Suspension】Full suspension bike can soak up bumps and thumps efficiently, which offers a more stable peaking experience than hardtail bikes.
  • 【Fit All】The 18-inch frame fits teenagers, men, and women riders from 5’5’’ to 6’1'' tall. Give all age riders a fun and durable riding experience.
  • 【Assembly Guide & Warranty】Like every Hiland, it is 85% pre-assembled, easy to assemble, assembly tools included. It's backed by a limited lifetime warranty. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hiland 24 Inch Mountain Bike Shimano 7-Speed for Youth/Teen Bike Multiple Colors

  • 【Frame& Suspension】Hiland Classic style High-carbon steel frame is lower so it's easier for kids to stand over and hop on and off. The suspension fork provides awesome impact resistance when riding over rocky and bumpy terrain.
  • 【Shimano Drive Train】SHIMANO 7 speeds with grip-type shifter make kids easy to use gears. So they can stay in full control with kids' mountain bikes.
  • 【Reliable Brake&Tires 】V-brake is easy to provide phenomenal stopping power when needed. Sturdy 24X1.95 wide tires protect kids against flats to keep them riding all day.
  • 【Fit for Beginner】V-brake is easy to provide phenomenal stopping power when needed. This bike is the perfect choice for young riders who want to transition from a little kid bike to a big kid bike.
  • 【Assembly& Size Guide】85% pre-assembled, assembly tools included, easy to assemble within 25 minutes. We have an assembly video on the product page. The 24-inch bike suits kids aged 7-12, between 51''-59'' inches tall.

Sirdar S-700 Mountain Bike for Adult and Youth, 27 Speed 26 inch Lightweight Mountain Bikes Dual Disc Brakes Suspension Fork with 2 Replaceable Saddle for Outdoor Outroad

  • 【27 Speed Derailleur】Finger-type shifter 3 rears front derailleur and 9 rears derailleur, easier to pedal for speed and acceleration. More effortless handling of uphill and downhill slopes, providing faster speeds on smooth roads.
  • 【Durable & Lightweight Bike】Aluminum alloy body (much lighter than steel) with rust-proof high carbon steel parts provides more rolling momentum. 37.47lb is light enough for an adult to carry with one hand on his shoulder.
  • 【Excellent Performance】26” tire can handle hilly terrains and the gear change is awesome and smooth. Perfect for mountain, wasteland ,also effective on the road, trail, city, beach or the snow etc. Front and rear double disc brakes perfectly increase safety and controllability for bikers.
  • 【Easy for Assemble】 95% of the bike have been assembled, "Install Video" is in the related Video at the bottom of the page, you needn’t to pay extra to go to a bike shop to assemble it.
  • 【Best Customer Service】SIRDAR has professional customer service. We provide after-sales service for 1 year, during this period, we will give corresponding solutions to your problems and help you solve them.

SIRDAR S-900 27 Speed 27.5 inch Mountain Bike Aluminum Alloy and High Carbon Steel with 2 Replaceable Seat, Full Suspension Disc Brake Outdoor Bikes for Men Women

  • 【Full Aluminum Alloy Frame】Aluminum alloy body with high carbon steel parts, such as handle bar, chain. Sturdy materials can prevent bikes from damage, also on rainy days, strong enough to withstand any harsh environment
  • 【27 Speed Professional Mountain Bike】3 gears front derailleur and 9 gears derailleur deliver 27 speeds of ultra smooth shifting, finger-type shifter. The front and rear double disc brakes provide powerful braking and it's not easy to accumulate dust in the brakes
  • 【Excellent Shock Absorbers】27.5x1.95in wide tires with premium aluminum suspension fork to help you smooth over gravel. With 2 replaceable saddle, 1x mountain cross-country saddle, 1x wide soft saddle, suitable for mountain roads and highways.
  • 【95% Assembled】95% of the bike have been assembled, all you need to do is install the front wheels, handlebars, pedal and saddle. Then you can complete a 27.5inch SIRDAR mountain bike and enjoy the ride (Including assembly tools)
  • 【Best Customer Service】SIRDAR has professional customer service. We provide after-sales service for 1 year, during this period, we will give corresponding solutions to your problems and help you solve them

Hiland Aluminum Womens Mountain Bike,with Lock-Out Suspension Fork, 24 Speeds, 26/27.5 Inch for Women Ladys Bike,Mens Bicycle

  • 【High Tech Frame】Hiland GAMILLE 300 has a durable,ultralight and preservative aluminum frame which is perfect for exploring mountain trails in safety and comfort. This design for lower standover height allows shorter riders to straddle their bike more easily.
  • 【Brake&Shifter】Dual mechanical disc brakes provide you better durability and stopping power.21 Speed- 3*8 drivetrain provides precise and quick shifting.A wide range of gears gives you more control for climbing,descents and corners to enjoy riding.
  • 【Lock-Out Fork】The Front suspension fork absorbs any bumps and dips encountered on your path for a smoother-feeling ride. Locked suspension means your fork remains inactive, increasing pedaling efficiency. It saves your energy for riding on smooth roads.
  • 【Tire&Saddle】26 inch suits riders between 5'1" & 5'6";27.5 inch suits riders between 5'5" &6'1". The tires are made of non-slip and explosion-proof materials.It has strong grip and puncture resistance. Wide bike seats for women comfort is adjustable,breath and no-slip.
  • 【Assembly Guide】85% pre-assembled,assembly tools included, NO KICK STAND easy to assemble with in 25 minutes. We have assembly video on the product page.If you have questions about bicycles, please contact us and we will give you answers & solutions.

Road Cheetah 27.5 Inch Mountain Bike - 21-Speed Bike for Men - Lightweight Aluminum Mountain Bicycle for Men - Disc Brakes Suspension Fork - Black

  • ✔️GREAT FOR OUTDOORS: These mountain bikes have 27.5 x 2 which are perfect for mountain trails or even a neighborhood cruise. This adult bike fits people over 5 feet 6 inches in height.
  • ✔️HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR ROUGH TERRAIN: This 21 speed adult bicycle includes a front suspension, large knobby tires, more durable wheels, which will make off roading a breeze for the Road Cheetah 27.5 inch men's mountain bike.
  • ✔️ ULTRA LIGHT ALUMINUM FRAME: This men’s bike frame is made out of aluminum which is much lighter than a steel frame. The lighter you are, the more small reductions in bike weight will benefit performance.
  • ✔️EASY ASSEMBLY: Road Cheetah bikes for adults are 95% assembled in the box. Our mens bikes come with easy to read step-by-step instructions which make initial setup a breeze.
  • ✔️ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All Road Cheetah bikes for men, bicycle accessories and equipment come with a full money back guarantee. Don’t like it? No problem! Return it for a full refund.

OBK X1 27.5 Wheels Mountain Bike Daul Disc Brakes 21 Speed Mens Bicycle Front Suspension MTB (Yellow Mag Wheels)

  • Great Braking System: The front and rear disc brakes and help keep the cyclist safe even in high speeds and down sloppy terrains. You will also have more control on when and where to stop.
  • 3*7 shifter,front derallieurans rear deralieur make the gearshift sensitive.
  • Suspension fork smoothes the bumps and easy to control.n fork smoothes the bumps and easy to control.
  • magnesium wheels
  • Easy assembly Required includes all the tools you need for building and maintaining your own bicycle.

Cycle-Labs (US Based Business) 27.5 Inch Mountain Bike 21 Speed for Men Women Adult Hard Trail Front Suspension Disc Brakes Aluminum Steel Frame - Black & White

  • ★ HEAVY DUTY FRAME: Made from high-carbon steel and aluminum frame these bikes are durably made to long last offering you excellent service life. Enjoy a quick ride to your work space, neighbourhood rides, or trails on this cool Cycle Labs bike.
  • ★ 21 SPEED TRAIL BIKE: Features a wide gear range with 3 front derailleur and 7 rear derailleur which makes changing gears very smooth so you can easily handle uphill or downhill slopes. The front suspension shock-absorbers helps you to move easily on rough and bumpy tracks.
  • ★ VERSATILE BIKES: Cycle Labs offers sizes from 24” to 29” and hence are suitable for individuals who are 4’5” and 6’6”. To add more value to this purchase we have included two interchangeable seats making this bike perfect for men, women, and teens.
  • ★ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: We have designed these bikes with your comfort in mind. Be it your exercise routine or performance rides, these bikes help you maintain a good posture and also alleviate the pressure on your lower back and shoulders. Delight your friends with this modern and sleek bike in your next trail.
  • ★ ENHANCED SAFETY: The front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide perfect braking and steady speed control on descents. The 2.125” wide knobby tires wrapped along strong and light alloy rims makes our bike reliable and dependable in wet and dry conditions. Go ahead and click “ADD TO CART” now and get this amazing mountain bike!

AVASTA Adult Mountain Bike 21-Speeds 26-Inch Wheels for Men and Wowen, Aluminum Frame Disc Brakes Mountain Bicycle, Front Suspension,Mint Green

  • 【Aluminum Frame】 The AVASTA mountain bike features a sturdy yet light aluminum frame with a performance suspension fork that soaks up bumps and thumps to provide you with a fun, durable riding experience.
  • 【21 Speed Professional Mountain Bike】Trigger shifters combines with the rear derailleurs to deliver gear changes easy and smooth, for uphill Climbing, downhill riding, or pure acceleration, to keep you pushing through any terrain in your path. 3 gears front derailleur and 7 gears derailleur deliver 21 speeds of ultra smooth shifting.
  • 【Sports Tires】26 "X 1.95" CST tires handle pavement, gravel and dirt with ease; The wheels feature double wall aluminum rim for lightweight strength and strong for added durability, all terrain tires for a durable riding
  • 【Dual Disk Brake】Durable stainless steel mechanical front and rear mechanical disc brake giving you the stable and strong braking force and help you stop confidently in all conditions
  • 【Easy To Assemble】This bicycle arrives with 85% assembled. You just need to install the front wheel, handlebar, pedals, seat and air up the tires. Then you can complete a 26inch mountain bike and enjoy the ride (Including assembly tools). It was very easy to assemble it in 20-30 minutes. Includes all the tools you need for building and maintaining your own bicycle. Any problem pls feel free to contact us

hosote Mountain Bike for Tall Men and Women, 29 inch Wheels, 21 Speeds Shimano, Carbon Steel Frame, Dual Dsic Brake, Multiple Colors

  • Note: If you encounter any unsolvable problems in the process of assembly or use,please email us, we will help you solve them within 24 hours. Please watch the assembly video in the link carefully before assembly to avoid unnecessary trouble.
  • Shimano Derailleur: The 21-speed shifters with derailleurs are perfect for a wide gear range and smooth shifts
  • Dual Dsic Brakes: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide crisp stopping and steady speed control on descents and extra wide double wall alloy rims wrap around 1.95 inch wide knobby mountain tires.
  • 29 inch mountain bike more suitable for tall men and women and it's easy to assemble with free pedals, assembly and debugging tools include in packages. 85% of the parts have been pre-assembled.
  • Bicycle are the overweight products, if there are any defective/damages caused during the shipping, CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR ASSISTANCE. Life is good on a mountain bike.

Shlia Mountain Bike Outdoor Sports, Exercise Fitness, 21 Variable Speed 26 Inches Cycling Sports Mountain Bikes Suitable for Men and Women Cycling Enthusiasts, Black&Blue

  • High-quality and reliable quality: The bicycle is made of high-carbon body and high-strength alloy steel frame, using electrostatic paint, three sprays and four baking, so that the body life is longer and more durable.
  • Safe and easy to operate: 21 Speed Allow you to switch through the gears very quickly with your finger tips, so you can quickly select a gear for every terrain. Enjoy different speed cycling experience, like a wind chaser.
  • More comfortable: The front disc brake can be locked and adjusted for excellent shock absorption brings you good riding experience. It is suitable for cycling in mountain, wasteland, also effective on the road, trail, city, beach or the snow etc.
  • Free travel, low-carbon life: High-strength high-carbon steel frame, 26 inch /27.5 inch suitable for people with a height of 150cm-180cm/165cm-190cm, the fashion rims is special and easy to drive. Bike weight: 37/45 lbs.
  • After- s service: One year included for your peace of mind. Delivered 85 percent pre-assembled, you just attach the front wheel, handlebars and seat post. Recommended for ages 12+. Shipped from CA warehouse.
  • Wheel size: 26.0 inches

hosote 26 Inch Folding Full Suspension Mountain Bike, 21 Speed High-Tensile Carbon Steel Frame MTB, Dual Disc Brake Bicycle for Men and Women

  • 【Folding mountain bike】 It is equipped with a quick release clip, which helps to quickly fold the bicycle, can be easily folded and stored in the corner of the apartment or in the trunk of your car, and can be carried with you.
  • 【Full Suspension & Soft Seat】High-density foam match with double powerful shock absorbers can challenge mountain, wasteland, also effective on the road, trail, city, beach or the snow etc.
  • 【Durable & High Quality】The sturdy solid Frame, the combination of high carbon steel material folding mountain bike frame and excellent welding technology, make it a sturdy and durable cruise bike, bring you a safe and stable riding experience.
  • 【Easy To Assemble】This bicycle arrives with 85% assembled. You just need to install the front wheel, handlebar, pedals, seat and air up the tires. It was very easy to assemble it in 20-30 minutes.
  • 【After-sales service】Mountain bikes are easy to install. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.
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