Mountainsmith Approach 3.0 Backpack (Evergreen)

  • Organizational sleeve
  • Internal organizer pockets
  • Zippered side pockets with pass thru sleeves
  • 2 canted water bottle pockets that accommodate 32 oz water bottles
  • Fleece lined eyewear pocket

How To Choose The Best Mountainsmith Backpack

What Is The Purpose Of A Mountainsmith Backpack?

The MountainSmith has been designed with the needs of modern day travelers in mind. We wanted to create a bag that was comfortable enough to carry around town yet rugged enough to withstand the rigors of long distance hiking. Our goal was to design something that could be carried into the wilderness and still function well. The result is our most versatile pack ever!

How Does It Compare To Other Packs?

It’s easy to compare other packs to ours because we know exactly what features we put into each product. For example, we didn’t include a sleeping bag compartment so you wouldn’t have to worry about packing two bags together. We included plenty of pockets for organizing everything you might need while traveling. We added D-rings and webbing loops so you can attach anything you need to your pack. We also included a removable rain cover so you can take advantage of the weather no matter where you go.

Why Do People Use Them?

There are many reasons why people choose to use a mountainsmith backpack. Some hikers prefer to bring only one large bag that holds everything needed for a weeklong hike. Others enjoy bringing along several smaller bags that hold specific items. Still others like to take along a small tent and cook stove so they can camp out during their trip. Regardless of which type of backpack you decide to use, there are certain benefits to using a mountainsmith backpack.


Whether you're going camping, fishing, or sightseeing, you can customize the load to fit whatever adventure you have planned. All of your stuff is right at your fingertips.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Mountainsmith Backpack

Backpacking has become increasingly popular among travelers who enjoy exploring nature and experiencing different cultures. If you're planning to go hiking with friends or family members, you might be wondering which type of bag best suits your needs. There are many types of bags available today, including day packs, overnight backpacks, and weekenders. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, while a day pack is convenient, it doesn't provide enough room for long hikes. Overnight backpacks allow you to sleep comfortably, but they aren't very durable. Weekenders are great because they combine the features of both day packs and overnight backpacks. However, these bags are typically more expensive than other options. In order to ensure that you purchase the right backpack, here are several factors to take into consideration.

Size Matters

One of the most important considerations when choosing a backpack is size. Most hikers prefer to carry smaller loads so they can hike longer distances without becoming exhausted. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a backpack that fits well within your body frame. Also, remember that larger backpacks require more effort to lift and carry. As a result, you could end up injuring yourself by lifting heavy objects too frequently. To avoid injury, opt for a lightweight backpack that is comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver.


Another factor to consider when selecting a backpack is durability. While there are many brands of backpacks available today, only a few companies manufacture products that last a lifetime. Some manufacturers claim that their products are waterproof, water-resistant, and resistant to dust and dirt. Unfortunately, however, none of these claims stand up to scrutiny. Instead, consumers must rely on third party reviews to determine whether a particular brand of backpack is worth investing in. Before making a final decision, check online forums where backpack owners discuss their experiences using specific models. Ask fellow hikers if they've experienced problems with certain backpacks. If possible, visit local outdoor stores to see firsthand which brands are reliable and which ones are not. Finally, always read product descriptions carefully before making a purchase.


While comfort is subjective, it is still an essential aspect of selecting a backpack. Many hikers report that they experience discomfort during extended periods of walking. Because of this, it is advisable to select a model that is designed specifically for carrying large amounts of weight. Additionally, backpacks that fit snugly around your waist are easier to handle and control. Although it isn't necessary to purchase a special backpack solely based on comfort, it is wise to invest in a model that feels good throughout your entire journey.


Finally, price is another important factor to consider. Not all backpack manufacturers charge the same amount for their products. Others sell low-priced versions that lack the features required for serious hikers. Always shop around for the lowest prices. Remember, though, that cheaper models are likely to break down sooner than higher priced models. So, unless you plan to hike extensively, you shouldn't compromise quality for lower costs.

Features To Look For When Buying A Mountainsmith Backpack

The mountainsmith backpack is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The bag has been ergonomically designed so that it fits comfortably while providing maximum storage capacity. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable which makes carrying heavy loads easy. There are two main compartments inside the backpack; one compartment is large enough to fit most laptops and other small electronic devices. Another smaller compartment is ideal for storing documents, files, pens, pencils, etc. The zippers are sturdy and durable making sure that the contents stay safe. The materials used in manufacturing the backpack are strong and resistant to water, dust, dirt, and stains. The material is soft and comfortable to touch ensuring that there is no discomfort during long hours of usage. The backpack comes with a detachable rain cover which protects the contents from getting wet. The rain cover is removable and washable which ensures that the contents remain dry and protected. The pack is lightweight and compact which makes it easier to carry around. The backpack is available in different colors and designs depending upon your choice.

How Does It Compare With Other Brands?

There are many brands of backpacks in the market today. Some of these bags are expensive while others are affordable. However, the mountainsmith backpack is priced reasonably and offers excellent features. If you're planning to purchase a backpack, then you must compare prices before finalizing your decision. The price of the backpack depends on its size, color, design, brand name, and more. The mountainsmith backpack is available in different colors and styles. Each style carries a unique set of features. Therefore, you must choose wisely based on your needs and preferences.

Pros & Cons

The mountainsmith backpack is suitable for both men and women. It is light weight and portable which makes it convenient to carry around. The backpack is versatile and can be carried by hand or attached to your belt. The backpack has multiple pockets which allow you to store important documents, files, and accessories safely. The backpack is spacious and holds everything you need for traveling. The backpack is very well-designed and constructed using high quality materials. The backpack is highly recommended because of its durability, versatility, and affordability.

Where Can You Find One?

The mountainsmith backpack is widely available online and offline stores. You can order the backpack directly from the manufacturer's website. Alternatively, you can visit local retailers who sell the backpack. The backpack is sold in different sizes and models. Choose carefully according to your requirements and budget.

Different Types of Mountainsmith Backpack

Backpacking is a great way to explore nature and see different places around the world. However, there are many factors to take into consideration before heading out on your next adventure. One of these important considerations is choosing the right type of backpack. There are several different types of mountain packs available today. Each has its pros and cons so it’s best to know which ones fit your needs.

The Mountain Bag

This type of pack is ideal for day hikes and short trips where you only carry light loads. The bag itself is lightweight and durable with plenty of pockets for storing food, water bottles, maps, etc. Some models include hip belts and waist straps making carrying heavy loads easier. If you plan on hiking long distances, the Mountain Bag might be too small for you. Also, if you're planning on spending more than two days in the wilderness, you might want to invest in something bigger.

The Day Pack

Day Packs are designed specifically for shorter excursions. They are smaller than most other bags and are perfect for packing snacks, lunch, and drinks. Most day packs are equipped with compression straps and shoulder straps allowing you to adjust the size depending on your height and weight. Many day packs also include hydration bladders and storage compartments for organizing your belongings. While they aren't as large as full-size backpacks, they still provide enough room for everything you need while traveling.

The Expedition/Laptop Backpack

These larger backpacks are typically designed for longer treks and expeditions. They are built strong and sturdy to withstand rugged conditions. Larger expedition packs are generally heavier than day packs because they contain additional features such as sleeping bags, tents, cooking supplies, and other necessities. For those who plan on doing extensive research, exploring remote areas, or camping overnight, the Expedition/laptop backpack is the best choice.

The Ultralight Backpack

Ultralight backpacks are lighter than traditional backpacks by using thinner materials and fewer components. Because of this, ultralight backpacks are extremely portable and easy to store. They are also very affordable and suitable for beginners. Although ultralight backpacks are cheaper than traditional backpacks, they lack durability and strength. As a result, they are not recommended for extended treks or climbing.

The Tote Bag

Totes are another option for travelers wanting to bring along multiple items. Like day packs, totes are compact and versatile. They allow you to carry everything you need for a few hours including clothing, toiletries, and personal hygiene products. Unlike day packs, totes are meant to hold bulky items such as jackets, coats, blankets, and sleeping bags. They are also useful for transporting groceries and shopping.

Other Considerations

There are numerous other options besides the five listed above. Depending on your preferences, you could choose between a messenger style bag, a rucksack, a duffel bag, or a rolling suitcase. Whatever kind of backpack you decide on, remember that comfort and convenience go hand in hand. Make sure you pick a model that fits your lifestyle and budget.


Mountainsmith Women's Lily Backpack (Celeste Blue)

  • Removable pivoting waist belt that tucks away
  • Easy access haul handle
  • Zippered vertical front pocket with elastic rigging
  • Fleece lined eyewear pocket
  • 2 canted water bottle pockets that accommodate 32 oz water bottles

Mountainsmith Women's Laurel Backpack,Currant Red,Short Torso

  • Zippered vertical front pocket with elastic rigging
  • Internal organizer pockets
  • Zippered side pockets with pass thru sleeves
  • Single ice axe loop
  • 2 water bottle pockets that accommodate 32 oz water bottles

Mountainsmith Circuit 3.0 Recycled Backpack, Aztec Red

  • Independently adjustable dual density shoulder straps. Molded foam back panel.
  • Elastic sternum strap and bite valve catch. Hydration compatible with dual exit port(s).
  • For adjusters for effective load dispersion, compression straps with quick-release hardware
  • Trekking pole mounts. Ice axe loops. Sleeping bag compression straps. Two water bottle pockets fit 32oz water bottles.
  • Fleece-lined eyewear pocket. Vertical front pocket with elastic rigging. Internal organizer pocket. Collared storm shield with draw cord closure.

Mountainsmith Lily Recycled Backpack, Blue Frost

  • Shoulder harness and waist belt are ergonomically fit specifically for women.
  • Independently adjustable dual density shoulder straps. Molded foam back panel.
  • Elastic sternum strap and bite valve catch. Hydration compatible with dual exit ports.
  • Trekking pole mounts. Ice axe loops. Sleeping bag compression straps. Two water bottle pockets fit 32oz water bottles.
  • Internal organizer pocket. Fleece-lined eyewear pocket. Sternum strap safety whistle.

Mountainsmith Rain Cover, Black, Medium

  • Hook and loop closure
  • Integrated stuff sack
  • Angled cord attachment point
  • Full circumference draw cord
  • Fits packs size 40-60 liters
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Integrated stuff sack
  • Angled cord attachment point
  • Full circumference draw cord

Mountainsmith Quantum Camera Backpack, Black

  • Rubber molded haul handle. Mesh side pockets.
  • Adjustable sternum strap. Comfortable contoured shoulder straps.
  • Tuck-away side compression straps for tripod attachments.
  • Water resistant zippered top access port to removable SLR case (included)
  • Back panel access. Removable storm cover.

Mountainsmith Mayhem 35 Recycled All Terrain Backpack, Large, Lotus Blue

  • Adjustable Floating Toplid
  • Front panel snowboard/snowshoe carry
  • Diagonal ski carry.

Mountainsmith Lariat 65 Recycled Internal Frame Backpack

  • Detachable summit pack with back panel hydration sleeve.
  • U-shaped zippered accesss into main compartment
  • Front panel snowboard carry
  • Top panel attachment points

Mountainsmith Falcon 55 Recycled All Terrain Backpack, Pinon Green

  • SlingShot detachable top lid converts into a lumbar pack or shoulder sling.
  • Separage sleeping bag compartment with internal divider.
  • Diagonal ski carry. Front panel snowboard carry.
  • Vertical zippered fast access to main compartment.
  • Top panel attachment points.

Mountainsmith Lumbar-Recycled Series Dart TLS R Backpack (Asphalt Grey)

  • Made from 100 percent recycled PET fabric
  • Removable shoulder strap and air mesh foam back panel; tuck-away waistbelt; two water bottle pockets and elastic rigging
  • Zippered main compartment, interior zippered hanging pocket, zippered front panel with key clip
  • Bright yellow lining promotes visibility and 3M reflective highlights
  • Zippered front panel with key clip.

Mountainsmith Grand Tour Backpack, Anvil Grey

  • Side access laptop compartment (Fits most 15.4" screens)
  • Front panel vertical zippered accessory pocket with expansion gusset
  • Dual side mesh accessory pockets
  • Zippered main compartment with internal organization pockets
  • Interior hanging pocket and sunglass holder
  • Sport type: Snow Skiing
  • Strap type: Waist Strap

Mountainsmith World Cup Backpack, Anvil Grey, One Size

  • Side access laptop compartment (Fits most 15.4" screens)
  • Dual side mesh bottle pockets with bungee closure
  • Front panel expansion pocket with interior organization
  • Top opening zippered main compartment with interior organization panel
  • Top lid fleece lined zippered pocket
  • Sport type: Multi-Sport
  • Strap type: Waist Strap

Mountainsmith Hiking Backpack, Asphalt, 40 Liters

  • Material: 600D Polester
  • 75D Circle Mesh
  • PE/PU Foam
  • 210 Nylon
  • Volume: 60L
  • Support/Suspension:padded back panel
  • Shoulder straps:foam,adjustable, sternum strap
  • Waist belt: foam, adjustable
  • Strap type: Waist Strap

Mountainsmith Scream 25L Backpack, Stone Grey, One Size

  • Lightweight trail and travel bag, stuffs into reversible top lid pocket
  • Breathable shoulder straps
  • Front panel zippered sleeve pocket
  • Front panel daisy chain loops
  • Fixed top lid with zippered stash pocket

Mountainsmith Scream 20L Backpack, Stone Grey, One Size

  • Durable, lightweight stuff sack doubles as backcountry daypack
  • Tuck away shoulder straps
  • Two way zippered front panel for quick access into interior
  • Roll-top closure with reinforced Hypalon seal
  • Back panel sleeve can be used for hydration bladder

Mountainsmith Scream 55L Backpack, Stone Grey, One Size

  • Roll-top closure with reinforced Hypalon seal
  • Front panel J zipper for quick interior access
  • Free Flow ridged EVA back panel padding
  • Double barrel front panel storage pockets
  • Multiple clip in points for gear attachment

Mountainsmith Camera Sling Backpack, Heritage Black, Regular

  • Sling pack with left shoulder strap carry
  • Front accessory organization pocket
  • Clamshell access to main camera carrying compartment
  • Color coded accessory media pockets under the lid
  • Secondary chest strap for additional security

Mountainsmith Spectrum 12L Camera Backpack, Heritage Black

  • Spectrum-Heritage Black
  • Mountainsmith
  • Spectrum
  • Closure type: Zipper
  • Strap type: Shoulder Strap

Mountainsmith Day Backpack, Glacier Blue, One Size

  • Zippered main compartment
  • Zippered front panel accessory pocket with internal organization pockets
  • Interior backpanel sleeve pocket
  • EVA padded shoulder straps
  • Front panel leather patch detail

Mountainsmith Hiking Daypack's Apex Backpack, 60L, Anvil Grey

  • Front panel stretch mesh expansion pocket
  • Aluminum hoop-frame suspension with dynamic hipbelt integration for increased load transfer
  • Hex-ridged EVA backpanel padding for omni-directional airflow
  • Dual density EVA/PU shoulder straps with adjustable height load lifters
  • Increased lumbar pad thickness for load transfer into lower back

Mountainsmith Hydration Backpack, Anvil Grey, 20L

  • Dual panel loader with interior organization panels
  • Front panel expansion pocket with elastic gusset
  • Dual density EVA/PU contoured shoulder straps
  • Dual trekking pole carry with elastic pole tip loops
  • Removable 25mm waistbelt
  • Sport type: Multi-Sport

Mountainsmith Amble Backpack - Basil 14L

  • For days that start with work and end with play (or visa versa) youâll need a pack that can do it all with you.Â
  • The Amble is there to hold everything you need for the days adventure without holding you back.
  • A place for your laptop, sunglasses, change of clothes, notebook, lunch, and all the knick-knacks you canât do without, this bag will take you on whatever journey today brings.Â
  • All Mountainsmith products come with the Forged for Life Guarantee, the official Mountainsmith lifetime warranty.
  • Heavy duty 25mm tubular webbing on shoulder straps creates accessible lash-down points

Mountainsmith Divide Daypack Backpack, 16L, Blackout

  • DAILY ESSENTIAL: Room for all your office, school, gym, trail hiking, biking, day trips, and other essential gear needs. 16 Liter capacity, 1lb 12oz empty weight, 18" x 11" x 5.5".
  • STORAGE: Large front zippered pocket with document sleeve and internal zippered mesh organization pocket and pen slots. Layflat expanding side pockets. Rear dedicated zippered and padded compartment fits up to 15” laptop or a hydration reservoir. Top zippered quick-stash pocket lined with micro-fleece is a perfect spot to put a phone or sunglasses. Internal zippered mesh stash pocket inside main compartment.
  • FUNCTIONAL: Heavy duty 25mm tubular webbing grab handle hidden in pleat on front panel. Heavy duty 25mm tubular webbing daisy chain on bottom panel.
  • COMFORT: Wide shoulder straps with multiple webbing lash points offer a more comfortable and versatile carry. Large heavy duty 38mm webbing layflat grab handle. Breathable air-mesh backpanel and shoulder straps.
  • FORGED FOR LIFE: All Mountainsmith packs and gear are known for their quality and are built to last. A constant reminder that there’s more to life than the workweek, the Divide Pack is there with you at the office and along for the adventure on the weekend.
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