Avid Speed Dial 7 Bicycle Brake Lever (Color May Vary)

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How To Choose The Best Mtb Brake Levers

What Is The Purpose Of Brake Levers For Mountain Bikes?

Brake levers are essential components of mountain bikes. Without brakes, there would be no way to stop your bicycle. If you ride a mountain bike with front and rear brakes, you must have two sets of brake levers. One set controls the front brakes and the other controls the back brakes.

How Do Brakes Work?

The most common type of brakes found on bicycles today are caliper brakes. Calipers are small metal cylinders attached to either side of the wheel rim. Inside each cylinder is a piston which moves up and down when pressure is applied to the lever. As the pistons rise, friction causes the wheels to slow down. When the pistons drop, the friction disappears and the wheels speed up again.

Why Are There Two Sets Of Brake Lever Controls?

There are many reasons why mountain bikers require more than one pair of brake levers. First, because there are different types of braking systems on mountain bikes. Some mountain bikes have only disk brakes while others have both disk and cable-actuated brakes. Second, because mountain biking involves riding downhill. In order to control the brakes properly, you must apply force evenly across the entire width of the tire.

Are Brake Levers Necessary?

Yes, brake levers are necessary for mountain biking. However, you shouldn't rely solely upon them to maintain proper braking power. Make sure you practice good technique so that you can master the art of controlling your brakes. Practice stopping before going fast, especially during training rides.

Where To Find Them?

Most mountain bikes sold today include brake levers mounted directly onto the handlebars. However, you can purchase separate brake levers for your mountain bike. Most manufacturers sell these parts separately.

Tips For Using Brake Levers Properly

To ensure maximum braking efficiency, mount the brake levers where they're easy to reach. Mounting them too high above the bars makes it difficult to operate them. Also, position the brake levers close together so that you can apply equal amounts of force to both sides of the tires. Finally, remember to always pull the brake levers straight back toward you. Pulling them forward increases resistance and decreases braking effectiveness.

Benefits Of Braking With Brake Levers

Using brake levers offers several benefits. First, brake levers allow you to apply greater forces to the brakes. Because you can exert more force by pulling harder on the brake levers, you can achieve faster stops. Second, brake levers provide a safer method of braking. Instead of relying on hand strength alone to activate the brakes, brake levers give you a mechanical advantage. Third, brake levers increase your confidence level when riding. Knowing that you can stop safely gives you peace of mind and lets you concentrate on enjoying your ride.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality MTB Brake Levers

There are many different types of brakes available for mountain bikes. Some brakes are designed specifically for downhill racing while others are meant for trail riding.

Regardless of which type of braking system you choose, there are two main components involved: the lever and the cable. If these parts aren’t properly installed, you could end up with poor performance or worse yet, injury.

How Do Brakes Work?

Braking systems consist of three major components: the brake caliper, the brake cables, and the brake levers. Each component has its own function. For example, the brake calipers hold the brake pads in position so that they contact the wheel rim during braking. The brake cables connect the brake levers to the calipers. Finally, the brake levers control the movement of the brake cables.

Cable Types

There are several different types of brake cables depending on whether you ride road, cross country, or mountain biking. Mountain bikers generally prefer using a single-pull brake because it offers more leverage and power. Road riders typically prefer dual-pull brakes because they provide greater stopping power. Cross country riders often use triple-pull brakes because they allow for easier modulation of the force applied by the rider.


Depending on the style of brake you're using, there are four common styles of brake levers. There are no right or wrong choices; however, each style has advantages and disadvantages.

Bar End - Bar end brake levers attach directly to the handlebars. Because bar end levers are attached to the bars, they are very easy to adjust and maintain. However, bar end levers require a lot of clearance around the bars.

Dropbar - Dropbar brake levers are mounted below the dropouts of the frame. This design makes them ideal for those who prefer a low center of gravity. In addition, dropbar levers are relatively inexpensive compared to other designs.

Installation Tips

Be careful when adjusting the brake cables. Make sure the adjustment doesn't cause the brake cables to rub against the frame.

Features To Look For When Buying A MTB Brake Lever

The best way to choose a good set of brakes is by knowing exactly what features you're looking for. If you know what type of riding you plan on doing, you can narrow down your search to only those models which fit your needs. There are many different types of brake lever systems available today, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to find something that fits your style and budget. Here are some important factors to take into consideration before making your purchase.


One of the most common complaints with bicycle braking systems is that they break too quickly. The problem lies in the fact that these parts are exposed to constant friction and heat. In order to ensure that your brakes last longer, you must select a model that has been designed specifically for durability. Some manufacturers claim that their products are more durable because they've incorporated special materials or manufacturing processes. However, this isn't always true. Many companies simply put together a product based on price rather than quality. Make sure that the manufacturer offers a warranty on its products, especially if you intend on using them frequently. Most reputable brands will provide a lifetime guarantee on their components.


Another factor to consider when choosing a brake lever is comfort. While you might think that the design of the handlebar itself doesn't matter, it actually does play a role in determining whether or not your hands will become sore while operating the brakes. As long as you're comfortable holding onto the bars, you won't experience discomfort. One thing to remember is that the closer the hand position is to the centerline of the bar, the easier it is to control the brakes. Therefore, if you prefer a slightly higher hand position, you should opt for a brake lever that places your fingers further away from the centerline of the bar. Also, if you ride regularly, you should consider purchasing a pair of grips that match the color scheme of your frame. This will give you a more secure grip and reduce fatigue.


Finally, you should pay attention to the overall appearance of the brake levers. Although aesthetics aren't everything, they certainly count for something. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available today. From sleek designs to traditional styles, you can find a variety of looks that suit your personal taste. Just make sure that you pick a style that complements your existing accessories. If you already have a matching stem, seatpost, and saddle, you probably wouldn't want to go with a completely different look. Keep in mind that you can change the look of your entire bike by swapping out your handlebars!

Different Types of MTB Brake Levers

There are many different types of bicycle brakes available today. The most common type of braking mechanism found on bicycles is called a caliper-style brake. Calipers are attached to the front wheel by two cables which connect to the handlebars. As the rider squeezes the lever, the cable pulls back on the caliper causing friction between the brake pads and the rim of the wheel.

Types of MTB Brakes

The three main categories of brakes include cantilever brakes, V-brakes, and disc brakes. Cantilever brakes are typically found on mountain bikes with single speeds. In these systems, there is only one set of brake pads that actuate both sides of the rear wheel simultaneously. Disc brakes are commonly seen on road bikes and hybrid bikes. With disc brakes, there are two sets of brake pads that apply pressure to opposite sides of the disk. V-Brakes are generally found on racing bikes and BMX bikes. There are no brake pads involved in this style of braking because the force is applied directly to the rotor itself.

Cantilever Brakes

Cantilever brakes are the oldest form of braking technology. They are still very popular among cyclists who prefer simplicity and reliability. Most modern day mountain bikes use cantilever brakes. Mountain bikers appreciate the fact that cantilever brakes provide excellent stopping power while being simple to operate.


V-brakes are more complex than cantilever brakes. However, they are considered superior to cantilever brakes because they allow riders to adjust the amount of resistance offered by each side of the wheel independently. Riders can choose whether they wish to have greater control over the left or right side of the wheel. Some v-brakes are designed so that the rider has complete control over the entire brake action. Others require the rider to squeeze the lever twice before applying full pressure to the wheel.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are the newest innovation in bicycle braking technology. They are extremely effective and reliable. Because they are mounted inside the hub of the wheel, disc brakes create virtually zero drag. Disc brakes are also easy to maintain and repair.

How To Install Bike Brakes

Installing bike brakes is fairly straightforward. First, remove the existing brake assembly. Then install the new brake assembly using the provided instructions. If you're installing a cantilever brake, be sure to follow the manufacturer's installation instructions carefully. For example, check that the brake cable tension is correct and that the brake pads are properly aligned. Make certain that the brake pads are placed correctly on the rims of the wheels. Also, ensure that the brake cable is routed away from sharp objects. Finally, tighten the bolts securely.

Where To Find Bicycle Brakes

Most bicycle shops carry several styles of bicycle brakes including cantilever brakes, v-brakes, and disc brakes. Online retailers sell a variety of bicycle brakes as well. Many online stores specialize in selling specific brands of bicycle brakes.


Avid Speed Dial 7 Bicycle Brake Lever Set - Graphite Grey

  • Bend Zone - A feature designed to have the handle absorb and bend in a crash so that it does not damage the lever body
  • Reach Adjustment - Makes it easy to adjust your brake and shift lever for maximum one-finger control for that perfect fit and feel
  • Speed Dial - Determine the perfect balance between power and modulation of your linear pull rim or mechanical disc brakes
  • 2 Levers - Includes a pair of 2 aluminum levers that are suitable for both right and left handlebars
  • Compatible - All levers are compatible with mechanical disc brakes and linear-pull brakes to work seamlessly

Avid FR-5 Bicycle Brake Lever Set - Black

  • Bend Zone - A feature designed to have the handle absorb and bend in a crash so that it does not damage the lever body
  • Reach Adjustment - Makes it easy to adjust your brake and shift lever for maximum one-finger control for that perfect fit and feel
  • Simple Design - Ambidextrous aluminum body with qwik-adjust barrel adjusters are easy to install, use and adjust
  • Compatible - All levers are compatible with mechanical disc brakes and linear-pull brakes to work seamlessly
  • 2 Levers - Includes a pair of 2 brake levers that are suitable for both right and left handlebars

Avid FR-5 Single Brake Lever - Right/Left use (Black)

  • Brand: Avid
  • Delivery: individually
  • Weight approx. 155 g per pair
  • Scope of delivery: 1 pcs
  • FR-5

Origin8 Mini Trigger Brake Lever, LH, Black/Black

  • Designed for caliper & cantilever brakes
  • Cold forged double bent lever blade
  • 1 finger
  • 22.2mm (7/8") clamp
  • Short blade design

Shimano Tiagra BL-4700 Brake levers Pair Black 2016 Road Bike Brake levers

  • Compatible with V-brakes, road calipers and road mechanical disc brakes
  • Adjustable reach
  • Brake cable and housing set included
  • Compatible with road bike brakes, v-brakes, and road disc brakes
  • Aluminum construction with anodized finish

Tektro Cl530-Rs V Black/Silver Brake Lever Mt

  • Compatible with cantilevers linear pull road calipers and road mechanical disc brakes

Magura MT Trail Sport 2701389 Bicycle Brake 1-Finger HC Lever Left/Right Suitable Set Consisting of Two Brakes for Front Wheel 4 and Rear Wheel 2 Pistons, Black, One Size

  • Carbotecture Enclosure
  • Ergonomic 1-finger HC brake lever made of aluminium.
  • Forged 4-piston brake caliper with banjo
  • MagnetiXchange brake piston for easy pad change
  • Weight: 255 g VR, 230 g HR

BlueSunshine 1 Pair Universal Full Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Brake Handle Mountain Road Bike V-Type Brake Lever 2.2cm Diameter (Brake)

  • Lever type: 3-finger version, compatible tube diameter: 22mm
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Fashioned from premium quality aluminum, stiff, light and sleek
  • Good replacement for the fragile plastic brake levers on your bike
  • An ideal choice for cyclists

ycle Brake Levers,1 Pair ycle Brake Levers Aluminium Alloy Cycling Brakes Handles 4 Colors Available (Red)

  • Made of aluminium alloy, high strength and durable.
  • Made of aluminium alloy, high strength and durable.
  • Made of aluminium alloy, high strength and durable.
  • Made of aluminium alloy, high strength and durable.
  • Made of aluminium alloy, high strength and durable.
  • Four colors for you to choose from, colorful and cool.
  • Don't burden strength to your bike, V-brake and cantilever compatible.
  • Automatic lever position restoration provides quick recovery from the crash.
  • Easy to install, suitable for many kinds of ycles.
  • Made of aluminium alloy, high strength and durable.

VORCOOL Bicycle Brake Handle Brake Lever Universal Aluminum Alloy Mountain Road Bike Brake Lever -One Pair

  • One pair of the aluminum alloy brake lever handles in one set will be sold together.
  • Material: durable aluminum alloy.
  • Aperture diameter for installing: about 22.2mm.
  • Suitable for most mountain bikes and folding bicycles.
  • Ideal for replacing your old brake levers.

Bike Brake Levers,BMX Brake Lever 1pair Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Disc Brake Handles Cycling Brake Levers for 24mm Bicycle Handlebars(Silver)

  • Unique Design-Anodized aluminum shaft is light and ergonomic. The hood is flat, with strong texture and strong grip.
  • Applications-This brake lever is very suitable for single speed, fixed gear or custom occasions, and is suitable for 24mm bicycle handlebars.
  • High Sensitivity-This bmx brake lever is an ultra-light non-integrated brake lever for mountain bikes with high sensitivity.
  • Multiple Colors-There are two colors of black and silver to choose from. It is a great accessory for cyclists.
  • Guarantee-If you are not satisfied with the received our products, you can send us an email at any time. We will reply you immediately and help you solve the problem.

1 Pair Bicycle Brake Lever, V-Brake Handlebar Aluminium Alloy Bike Brake Handle Universal 2.2cm for Most Bicycle, Road Bike, Mountain Bike (Red)

  • ▲ Universal for 2.2cm diameter handlebar
  • ▲ Automatic lever position restoration provides quick recovery from the crash
  • ▲ Lightweight and don't add any burden to your bike
  • ▲ Made by Aluminium Alloy material, high hardness, durable for use
  • ▲ Suitable for most bicycles, such as mountain bike, road bike, kids bike, etc.

VORCOOL Kids Bicycle Brake Lever Brake Handle Children Bike Cycling Brake Levers Bike Spare Parts Bicycle Accessories (11.8 x 8.3 x 3.1 cm,Black)

  • Premium material ensures lasting and practical use.
  • Bicycle brake is a must-have accessory for bike, easy to operate quickly, which can ensure your safety when meet some urgent occasions.
  • Universal children bike brake lever which suits for 2-2.3 cm diameter handlebar. Easy to install.
  • Easy to operate for kids. Essential spare part of children bike.
  • It's a pair replacement for bike repair and maintenance.

MILES WIDE Grips Brake Lever Sticky Fingers 2.0 OR

  • Full lever grip that protects the entire lever and your body in a freak accident
  • Insulates the lever from extreme cold
  • Makes the lever easy to reach and grab offering unique modulation
  • Protects the lever from scratching other bikes and from damaging the lever itself
  • Stays sticky in inclement weather

SHIMANO XT BR-M8120 Disc Brake Black, Right/Rear

  • Lever: aluminum
  • Lever Adjustability: tool-less reach adjust, free-throw
  • Actuation: hydraulic
  • Caliper: 4-piston
  • Mount Type: post

1 Pair Mountain Bike Brake Lever, Lightweight Brake Clutch Lever Aluminium Alloy Bicycle V-Brake Handlebar Universal Bike Brake Handle 2.2cm for Bicycle Cycling Road Bike

  • [High Quality Material, Strength and Durable]: Our handle brakes for bike are made of high quality aluminum alloy, high strength and durable, rust and corrosion prevention, even in the presence of water will not rust, ensure long-time use
  • [Lightweight, Don't Burden Strength to Your Bike]: The total weight of the two universal bike brake handles are only about 199g, don't burden strength to your bike
  • [Prevent Collisions, Ensure your safety ]: High sensitivity handlebar brake levers replacement, automatic lever position restoration provides quick recovery from the crash, enhance travel safety
  • [Widely Application]: The mountain bike brake handle is suitable for most bicycles, such as mountain bike, road bike, kids bike which of 2.2cm diameter handlebar
  • [3 Color Optional]:The bicycle handlebar brake lever bmx has Red, Blue, Black, 3 colors for you choose, according to the color of your bike, choose a color to match, colorful and fresh, as a great decor of your bike

EUFGTIR 1 Pair Universal Aluminum Alloy Bike Bicycle Brake levers Brake Handles Mountain Road Bike Black

  • ♥ Made of full aluminum alloy, it is very hard and thick, resistant to collision and not easily deformed.
  • ♥ Light weight brake levers, will not add too much burden to your bike, keep your bike's balance performance.
  • ♥ Fit for 2.2cm diameter handlebar, suitable for most mountain bike, road bike, Fixed Gear Bike, MTB, BMX etc.
  • ♥ Long 4-finger designed levers fit most people. 1 pair of bike brake levers included.
  • ♥ Bicycle brake is a must-have accessory for bike, easy to operate quickly, which can ensure your safety when meet some urgent occasions.

Full Finger Bike Brake Levers 2pcs Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Brake Handles Compatible with Caliper Brakes, Side-Pull Brakes, v-Brake and Disk Brakes Fit for Most Bike with 2.2cm Diameter Handlebar

  • ✔ Fully high Hardness Aluminum alloy made. The entire part is aluminum, not just the handle. Well constructed, strong and durable
  • ✔ Light weight. Although it is heavier than plastic levers, but it is very light weight as a aluminum levers and will not add any burden to your bike, it will keep your bike's balance performance.
  • ✔ Easy to install and adjust. All you need is a screwdriver, pliers and a couple of Allen wrenches/hex keys.
  • ✔ Smooth operation. Comfortable to grip, anti-rust and wear-resistant.
  • ✔ Widely use for most bike and brakes. Compatible with caliper brakes, side-pull brakes, v-brake and disk brakes. Fit most bikes Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Folding Bike, MTB, BMX with 2.2cm diameter handlebar.

12 Pieces Bicycle Brake Handle Sleeve Bicycle Brake Levers Protector Silicone Bike Brake Cover for Road Mountain Bikes

  • Ample brake protectors: you will receive 12 pieces bicycle brake handle sleeves in black color, enough quantity to use in 6 bikes, you can share them with your riding partners, friends, or families
  • Protective role: bicycle brake levers protector function as protecting the brakes of your bikes, preventing them from scratches to increase their using time, protection of brakes also offer safety to your riding
  • Suitable size: silicone bike brake cover measures 75 x 14 mm/ 3 x 0.55 inches, can be applied to most road bikes and mountain bikes, fitting to the sizes of their brake handles
  • Simple to install: to make the installation easier, it is better to soak silicone brake handle sleeve into a little soapy water for a while, then take it out and directly put on brake handle, notice that non slip surface is on the outside
  • Soft material: brake lever grip protector is made of soft silicone, having a good touch for people to grip, comfortable touch efficaciously relieve hands fatigue during riding; Non slip surface provides much safety in journey

Yosoo Health Gear 1 Pair Anti Slip Bike Brake Grip Cover, MTB Brake Lever Covers, Cycle Brake Lever Covers for Road Bike Mountain Bike(Blue)

  • [Slip Prevention]: This bike brake grip cover is mainly to help you prevent slipping between your hands and the handlebar due to sweat when riding, thereby effectively increasing the safety of riding
  • [Reduce Hand Fatigue]: This cycle brake lever cover can effectively absorb vibration, thereby reducing the fatigue caused by long-term riding and improving the comfort of riding
  • [Better Grip]: In order to achieve a good tensile effect, this mtb brake lever sleeve has been improved for 6 times and has been put on the market, which effectively improves better gripping performance
  • [Sliding Sleeve Design]: This mtb brake lever cover adopts a sliding sleeve design, which is easy to install and remove, it is easier to install after soaking it in warm water
  • [High-quality Silicone]: This bicycle handle cover is made of high-quality silicone, which is soft to the touch, lightweight, wear-resistant and durable, and it will not burden your riding

Keenso 1 Pair Anti-Slip Silicone Bike Brake Lever Grips Waterproof Bicycle Brake Lever Cover Brake Handle Grips Protector White

  • ✿【Premium Silica Gel Material】: This 100% brand new rubber bike brake grip is made of high quality silica gel material, which is waterproof and non‑slip. It is not easy to break, has reliable quality and long service life.
  • ✿【Good Protection】: The bike brake lever grips cover has high elasticity and good tear resistance, it can protect the brake handle effectively and prevent bump, which can provide you with a comfortable hand feeling.
  • ✿【Sliding Sleeve Design】: The MTB brake lever grip adopts sliding sleeve design to ensure that the handle is firmly fixed on the brake lever.
  • ✿【Shock Absorption】: The bike brake lever grip is very soft and comfortable, it can absorb vibration and reduce hand fatigue during long periods of cycling.
  • ✿【Easy to Install & Use】: The bike brake lever protector is easy to install and disassemble, and it can be mounted on the brake lever, which is a great accessory for your bicycle.
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