Nemo Astro Insulated Sleeping Pad

How To Choose The Best Nemo Astro Insulated Sleeping Pad

What Is The Purpose Of An Astro Insulated Sleeping Pad?

An Astro Inflatable Bed is designed with comfort in mind. It has been engineered to provide maximum support while maintaining its shape during sleep. With a Nemo Astro Inflatable Mattress, you can enjoy a comfortable night’s rest.

Why Do People Use Them?

Astros are great because they're easy to inflate and deflate. Most people who use them say that they're very durable and last longer than other types of mattresses. Some users report that they've slept comfortably on them for years.

How Does It Help Sleep Better?

The mattress is filled with air which makes it more flexible and softer than foam mattresses. Because it doesn't compress as much, there is no loss of loft. The mattress is also lightweight so it moves around freely. There is minimal bounce, making it easier to fall asleep.

Are They Good For Back Pain?

Many people suffer back pain due to poor posture while lying down. Astros allow you to lie flat on your back and still maintain good spinal alignment. If you wake up feeling stiff, simply roll onto your side and let gravity take care of the problem.

Is It Easy To Set Up?

It takes only minutes to set up the bed. Simply unzip the bag, unfold the mattress, slip into the cover, zip it up again, and you're ready to go! Once inflated, the mattress stays firm throughout the night.

Can You Get Cold While Using One?

Yes, you can. However, most people don't notice it since they're already wearing clothes. But if you're going camping or hiking, you might be cold.

Does It Have Any Drawbacks?

There aren't many drawbacks to using an Astro Inflatable Mattress. Many people complain that they're noisy. Others claim that they leak air. Still others say that they're too heavy.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Nemo Astro Insulated Sleeping Pad

Nemo Astro has been making high-quality sleep products since 1999. Their mission statement says "We believe that everyone deserves good night’s rest." That’s why we created our line of premium bedding products. We take pride in providing comfortable, affordable, durable solutions for those who seek comfort and relaxation during sleep. Our goal is to provide consumers with the best value possible while offering superior customer service.

Quality Materials

Our products are manufactured using only top-of-the-line materials. We choose fabrics carefully so that each product offers maximum warmth and breathability. All of our products meet ASTM standards for durability and strength.

Reliable Customer Service

At Nemo Astro, we understand that customers expect reliable products and exceptional customer service. To achieve these goals, we employ highly trained staff members who are committed to helping you select the right products for your needs. We're always here to assist you!

Durable Products

All of our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they stand the test of time. We guarantee our products for five years. In addition, we back our products with a 30 day money back guarantee. So, if you aren't satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within thirty days for a full refund.

Affordable Prices

As a family owned business, we know that price matters to many of our customers. At Nemo Astro, we strive to be competitive by offering great prices. However, we never sacrifice quality for lower costs. We continue to invest in research and development to improve the quality of our products.

Warmth & Breathability

In order to maintain proper body temperature throughout the night, you must regulate heat loss. Most insulating blankets trap moisture inside which leads to overheating. Moisture causes discomfort and sweating, both of which lead to uncomfortable nights of sleep. With our products, you can enjoy cool air flowing freely around your body. Because our products are designed specifically for sleeping, they allow you to stay warm without trapping sweat inside.

Convenient Packaging

To make shopping easier, we package our products in convenient boxes. Each box contains everything needed to set up your new mattress including sheets, pillow cases, and fitted sheet. We also include instructions on how to assemble the product. For added convenience, we ship most orders via UPS Ground. Orders placed Monday - Friday before 3pm EST will arrive next day. Saturday delivery is available upon request.

Shipping Options

International shipments incur additional charges based on weight and destination. Please see our Shipping Policy page for more information.

Features To Look For When Buying An Astro Inflatable Sleeping Bag

Inflatable camping bags are great because they're easy to set up and take down. However, there are many different types of inflatable sleeping bags available today. Some are designed with specific features while others are more general. If you're going to be using your tent for several nights, it might be worth investing in something that has multiple uses. Here are some important factors to think about before purchasing an inflatable sleeping bag.


The size of the sleeping bag is very important. The length of the sleeping bag is measured by its height. Most tents come with two options; short and tall. Short tents measure between 5'6" and 6'. Tall tents range anywhere from 7'0" to 9', depending on the manufacturer. Larger tents generally mean longer lengths. There are also other measurements that affect the overall length of the sleeping bag. These include the width and depth of the bag. Width refers to the distance across the top of the bag. Depth measures the thickness of the material. Both these dimensions must be considered when choosing a sleeping bag.


Another factor to consider when shopping for an inflatable sleeping bag is weight. Weight affects comfort and durability. Heavy-duty materials are typically heavier than lighter ones. Therefore, if you plan on carrying your sleeping bag around frequently, you'll probably want to choose a lighter model. Also, if you plan on taking your sleeping bag hiking or camping, you'll want to avoid heavy-weight models. Instead, opt for a lightweight option.


Finally, you'll want to pay attention to the quality of the fabric used to manufacture your sleeping bag. Durable fabrics last longer and resist tearing easier. Cheap nylon tends to rip quickly, so you'll want to steer away from those. Choose a durable fabric that will stand up to frequent use.

Additional Features

There are additional features that you'll want to consider when selecting a sleeping bag. First, you'll want to check whether the sleeping bag comes with a rain cover. Rain covers are useful for protecting your sleeping bag during inclement weather conditions. Second, you'll want to determine whether the sleeping bag includes a pillowcase. Pillowcases are helpful for providing support to your head while lying flat. Third, you'll want to see whether the sleeping bag offers ventilation holes. Ventilation holes allow air to flow freely throughout the sleeping bag. Finally, you'll want to ensure that the sleeping bag is machine washable. Machine washing makes it possible to remove stains and odors from the sleeping bag.

How Do You Use An Astrolite Nemo Insulated Sleeping Bag?

An inflatable sleeping bag works well for most situations. Whether you're planning on spending the night outdoors or simply relaxing inside your tent, an inflatable sleeping bag is ideal. Simply fill the sleeping bag with water and let it dry overnight. Then, unzip the zipper and enjoy!

Different Types of Nemo Astro Insulated Sleeping Pads

Nemo Astro has been making top quality sleeping bags since 1993. The company was founded by two friends who wanted something more comfortable than traditional down filled sleeping bags. After extensive research, testing and development, Nemo Astro created the first ever synthetic fiber sleeping bag. Since its inception, Nemo Astro has continued to innovate and improve upon the original design. Today, Nemo Astro offers three different models of sleeping bags; the Nemo Astro, Nemo Astro Lite, and Nemo Astro XLite. Each model features unique characteristics designed to meet the needs of those seeking comfort while camping or backpacking. All Nemo Astro sleeping bags are constructed with high-quality materials including 100% polyester microfiber shell fabric, 600 fill power goose down insulation, and durable nylon webbing zipper pulls.

Features of Nemo Astro Bags

The Nemo Astro line of sleeping bags includes several key features which set these products apart from other brands. First, each Nemo Astro sleeping bag comes equipped with a removable hooded liner. This feature makes it easy to pack away the liner during travel so there is no bulky item taking up precious luggage space. Second, Nemo Astro uses a proprietary construction process called "Venturi" technology. Venturi technology creates air channels throughout the entire sleeping bag allowing heat to escape quickly and evenly. Third, Nemo Astro sleeping bags include a zippered storage pocket located inside the main compartment. This handy pocket stores small items such as keys, cell phones, etc., and is accessible from either side of the bag. Finally, Nemo Astro sleeping bags are available in four color options; black, gray, olive green, and royal blue.

How Do Nemo Astro Bags Compare To Other Brands?

While many companies claim to be able to provide superior warmth and comfort, only Nemo Astro truly delivers. The Nemo Astro sleeping bags are well suited for both short term trips and long distance treks. For example, the Nemo Astro XLite weighs only 3 pounds and measures 7 inches wide x 16 inches tall x 20 inches deep. While most other manufacturers require you to purchase multiple pieces of gear to achieve comparable results, the Nemo Astro sleeping bag is built to last.

Benefits of Using Nemo Astro Sleeping Bags

There are numerous benefits associated with using a Nemo Astro sleeping bag. First, Nemo Astro sleeping bags are incredibly warm. According to independent tests conducted by Consumer Reports magazine, Nemo Astro sleeping bags outperform competitors in terms of temperature retention and thermal efficiency. Additionally, Nemo Astro sleeping bags are highly breathable and allow moisture to evaporate rapidly. As a result, Nemo Astro sleeping bags dry faster than competing products. Another benefit of using a Nemo Astro sleeping bag is that it is very light weight. Most other brands weigh between 4 - 6 pounds. However, Nemo Astro sleeping bags weigh only 2 pounds. This makes packing and carrying a Nemo Astro sleeping bag easier than other brands. Lastly, Nemo Astro sleeping bags are manufactured with premium materials and craftsmanship.