Nemo Dragonfly 3

How To Choose The Best Nemo Dragonfly 3

What is the Purpose Of A Nemo Dragonfly 3?

The Nemo Dragonfly 3 is a lightweight backpacker’s tent designed by Nemo Tents. The Nemo Dragonfly 3 has been specifically designed with the needs of backpackers in mind. With its unique design, the Nemo Dragonfly 3 offers plenty of room inside while still being compact enough to fit into most packs. Its large vestibule makes packing easy and quick, yet there is still ample storage space available within the tent itself. The Nemo Dragonfly 3 features two doors which allow access to both sides of the tent. There is also a mesh window located above each door so you can see outside without opening either door.


The Nemo Dragonfly 3 comes with a rain fly, ground cloth, stakes, poles, and a bug net. All these components are included in the package along with the tent itself. In addition, the Nemo Dragonfly 3 is very durable and water resistant. The Nemo Dragonfly 3 is suitable for use in wet conditions as well as dry weather. The Nemo Dragonfly 3 is ideal for those who plan on spending extended periods outdoors during camping trips.


One of the best aspects of the Nemo Dragonfly 3 is its ease of setup. Once set up, the Nemo Dragonfly 3 takes no more than 10 minutes to erect. Another great thing about the Nemo Dragonfly 3 is its durability. The Nemo Dragonfly 3 is built to withstand harsh outdoor elements and extreme temperatures. If you're planning on using the Nemo Dragonfly 3 in cold climates, be sure to bring a sleeping bag liner. Also, the Nemo Dragonfly 3 is highly versatile. Whether you choose to pitch it in a flat spot or on uneven terrain, the Nemo Dragonfly 3 will perform admirably. Finally, the Nemo Dragonfly 3 is affordable.


While the Nemo Dragonfly 3 does provide adequate ventilation, it doesn't include a screen door. However, this isn't necessarily a con because many users prefer to open both doors rather than rely solely on the mesh windows. Additionally, the Nemo Dragonfly 3 lacks a floor vent. Although this might seem insignificant, it could prove problematic in certain situations. Lastly, the Nemo Dragonfly 3 is fairly small. For example, the Nemo Dragonfly 3 measures approximately 6 feet long x 4 feet wide x 5 feet tall. While this size is perfect for smaller individuals, larger campers may struggle to squeeze themselves inside.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Nemo Dragonfly 3

Nemo Dragonfly 3 has been designed with three main features which makes it suitable for camping trips. Firstly, its light weight; secondly, its durability and thirdly, its easy setup. All these factors make this tent perfect for backpackers who love to camp outdoors.

Light Weight

Its lightweight design enables users to carry it around easily. In addition, the fact that it is so light-weight makes it easier to set up. For example, setting up this tent takes no more than 5 minutes. Furthermore, because it is so light-weight, it does not require poles to be attached to the ground. Instead, it uses pegs to secure itself to the ground. This makes it ideal for those who prefer to pitch their tents away from the campsite rather than near the fire pit where there might be danger of sparks flying into the air.


Another great thing about this tent is its durability. Because it is constructed using high-quality materials, it is extremely durable. Therefore, it can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy rainfalls. As long as it is well maintained, it will last for many years. If you take good care of it, it will serve you for decades.

Easy Setup

Setting up this tent is simple. First of all, you must unfold the tent completely. Then, you simply attach the four corners to the ground by inserting pegs into holes provided on each corner. Once done, you fold the tent down again and voila! You're ready to go.


There are several other features that make this tent unique. One of them is its mesh windows. Unlike conventional tents, this tent comes with two large mesh windows. This gives you ample room to enjoy fresh air while sleeping inside. Another advantage of this tent is its ventilation system. There are vents located on both sides of the tent. These vents allow cool air to enter the tent while warm air escapes outside. This prevents heat build-up within the tent. Lastly, this tent is equipped with a mosquito net. This ensures that mosquitoes cannot bite you during your sleep.

Packing Size

However, it can fit comfortably inside most car trunks. So, whether you plan to travel by bus, train or plane, you can pack this tent along with everything else you need for your trip.

Features To Look For When Buying A Nemo Dragon Fly 3

The Nemo DragonFly 3 has been designed with comfort and durability in mind. The fly features two large mesh windows which allow plenty of ventilation while providing excellent views. The main compartment is spacious enough to fit a sleeping bag and other gear inside. There is also room for a small daypack underneath.

Lightweight Design

This lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and pack away into its included stuff sack. Its compact size also makes it ideal for car camping.

Waterproof Fabric

The Nemo DragonFly 3 uses waterproof fabric so you can be confident that no matter what weather conditions you encounter, you’ll stay dry. The material is durable and breathable allowing moisture to escape freely. If you're planning on using the Nemo DragonFly 3 during rainy days, you can rest assured knowing that there will be no leaks.

Large Main Compartment

The main compartment is big enough to hold a sleeping bag, clothes, food, cooking utensils, toiletries, etc. With the addition of a rain cover, you can store more items too!

Multiple Pockets

There are multiple pockets throughout the Nemo DragonFly 3 including side zippers, front zipper pocket, and a top lid zip pocket. All these compartments are accessible from either end of the tent. Each pocket is large enough to accommodate most common items such as keys, wallets, phones, sunglasses, maps, pens, pencils, and anything else you might need.

Roomy Headroom

That's more than enough space for most adults to stretch out comfortably. In fact, the Nemo DragonFly 3 comes with a mosquito net to ensure that you remain comfortable even when temperatures drop below freezing.

Easy Setup

Setting up the Nemo DragonFly 3 couldn't be easier. Simply unfold the poles and stake down the corners. Then slide the pole sleeves onto the poles and tighten them securely. Once staked down, simply pull the poles together and fold the tent body into position. Finally, attach the rain cover and enjoy being protected by the Nemo DragonFly 3.

Pole Sleeves

Each Nemo DragonFly 3 includes four pole sleeves. Two of the sleeves are attached to each corner of the tent. The remaining two pole sleeves are located along the centerline of the tent. These pole sleeves provide additional stability and support to the tent. They also serve as handy handles to transport the Nemo DragonFly 3.

Rain Cover Included

To ensure that you remain dry and warm, the Nemo DragonFly 3 comes with a rain cover. Just open the door and slip the cover over the entire tent.

Different Types of Nemo Dragonfly 3

The Nemo Dragonfly 3 Tent is designed with three separate compartments which allow you to store gear inside the tent while still being able to access it quickly. The main compartment has enough room for two sleeping bags plus other smaller items. There is another small storage pocket located near the door for storing shoes, socks, etc. The third section is where you put your food and cooking utensils. All these sections are separated by mesh walls so there is no chance of anything getting mixed together.

Benefits of Using a Nemo Dragonfly Tent

It comes with a rain fly that protects you from the elements during rainy days. Another great thing about this tent is its ability to be set-up in minutes. Once you've unzipped the bag, simply unfold the poles and attach them to stakes. Then zip the bag closed and you're ready to go!

Features of Nemo Dragonfly Tents

Nemo Dragonfly tents are available in four different colors - black, red, green, and blue. Each color represents a specific season. For example, the black version is ideal for spring/summer camping trips because it offers more ventilation than the others. The red version is best suited for fall/winter camping trips since it blocks out most of the sun's rays. The green version is good for both summer and winter camping trips. Lastly, the blue version is recommended for those who prefer to camp in cooler weather.

How To Use a Nemo Dragonfly Tent

To set up the tent, simply open the zipper along the bottom edge of the bag and pull down the rain fly. Next, fold the ends of the rain fly inward and secure it using the included tie downs. Now, slide the pole into each hole provided and adjust the tension until the tent is taut. Finally, close the zipper and enjoy your night under the stars!