Ostrich On Your Back Chair

  • Patented open/close face cavity and arm slots w/head pillow
  • Backpack straps allow for hands free transport
  • Extra wide and increased weight capacity
  • 5 Adjustable positions sits 9-Inch off the ground. Weight on the chair is 10.56 lbs
  • Cup holder attached to arm. Collections: Beach Chairs

How To Choose The Best Neso Beach Chair

What Is The Purpose Of A Neso Beach Chair?

The neso beach chair is designed with comfort and durability in mind. With its unique design, this beach chair offers maximum support while providing excellent stability. Its high-density foam cushioning ensures long lasting comfort. It has been tested by our team of experts and found to be extremely durable. The mesh backrest makes sure you remain cool during those hot summer days.

Why Should You Buy a Neso Beach Chair?

Neso beach chairs are perfect for outdoor activities because they're built tough enough to withstand the elements. Whether you're relaxing on the beach or playing catch on the lawn, these chairs provide superior comfort and style. If you've ever tried sitting on a traditional plastic lounge chair, you know how uncomfortable they can be. But, with a neso beach chair, you'll never have to worry about discomfort again.

Stay Cool During Those Hot Summer Days

With a neso beach chair, you'll always stay comfortable no matter where you go. Mesh fabric covers allow air to flow freely around your body so you stay cool and dry. In addition, the mesh material lets moisture escape which prevents sweat build up. So, whether you're lounging on the beach or catching a few rays, you'll enjoy a more pleasant experience.

Easy To Carry Around

These chairs are easy to carry around thanks to their compact size. Just grab two handles and you're ready to head outdoors. No bulky bags required!

Versatile Use

Whether you're spending quality time with family or friends, or enjoying a quiet moment alone, these chairs are great for almost anything. Their light weight makes them easy to transport anywhere. Even if you decide to take them camping, you'll still be able to relax comfortably knowing they're safe and sound.

Perfect For Outdoor Activities

Whether you're going fishing, hiking, boating, or simply taking a stroll along the shoreline, these chairs are ideal for outdoor activities. Not only does the mesh cover let in plenty of fresh air, but it also protects you from bugs and other insects.

Durable Construction

This beach chair features a strong frame that's reinforced with steel rods. This construction gives you peace of mind knowing that your neso beach chair will last for years to come.

Great Value

That's right; you could purchase ten of these beach chairs for the price of one regular beach chair.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Neso Beach Chair

Beach furniture has been around since ancient times. In fact, many believe that the word "beach" comes from the Latin word "bacia", meaning "to recline". Today, there are several different types of beach furniture available. One type of beach furniture includes those which are designed specifically for the beach. However, most beach furniture today is more suited for outdoor living areas. For example, patio furniture is very popular because it offers comfort while still being able to withstand the elements. Another common form of beach furniture is known as lounge furniture. Lounge furniture tends to be larger pieces with comfortable seating options. Some examples include sofas, loveseats, chaise lounges, and ottomans.

Benefits of Buying a Quality Neso Beach Chair

There are numerous benefits associated with owning a quality neso beach chair. First, these chairs provide excellent support for your back. Second, they're easy to carry and store. Third, they're durable enough to last for years. Fourth, they're affordable. Fifth, they're fun! Finally, they're versatile. Most beach chairs can be adjusted to suit almost anyone's needs. Whether you prefer sitting upright or lying down, you'll be able to adjust the seat height accordingly. If you plan on spending lots of time outdoors, you might want to invest in a high-quality neso beach chair.

How To Choose The Right Type of Beach Chairs

Choosing the right type of beach chair depends upon your lifestyle. Or perhaps you'd rather sit outside during warm weather months. Regardless of where you choose to relax, you'll want to purchase a beach chair that suits your preferences. There are two main categories of beach chairs - folding chairs and non-folding chairs. Folding chairs fold into smaller packages making them easier to transport. Non-folding chairs remain stationary once set up. Both types of beach chairs can be found in both wood and plastic materials. Wooden chairs are typically lighter weight and cheaper than their plastic counterparts. Plastic chairs tend to be sturdier and heavier duty.

Types of Beach Chairs Available

Foldable beach chairs are generally preferred by families who travel frequently. Foldable chairs are great for storing away when not in use. They're also ideal for transporting along with other luggage. Many foldable beach chairs are equipped with wheels allowing you to wheel them wherever you go. Other models are simply folded flat and require manual assistance to unfold. Some models are equipped with handles for carrying purposes. Others are equipped with built-in seats and backs.

Non-Folding Beach Chairs

Non-folding beach chairs are perfect for outdoor activities. They're sturdy and stable. Additionally, they're light weight and portable. Because they're not collapsible, they take up little room when stored. Also, they're inexpensive.

Features To Look For When Buying A Neso Beach Chair

The best way to enjoy your vacation is by sitting back with a cool drink while enjoying the sun. If you're planning on spending most of your day lounging around on the sand, there are certain features you should be aware of before purchasing a beach chair. Here are some tips to ensure that you purchase the right type of beach chair for your needs.

Weight Capacity

Beach chairs are designed to withstand heavy loads. The weight capacity of each model varies depending on its size. Most models weigh between 50-100 pounds. If you plan on bringing along more than two adults, you might want to invest in a larger model. However, if you only plan on using the chair occasionally, you can probably go with a smaller model.


While many beach chairs are adjustable, others are fixed. Some models allow you to adjust the height of the seat and backrest independently. Others provide only one position for both components. Adjustable seats are great because they let you customize the fit of the chair according to your body shape. Fixed seats are easier to store since they take up less room.


Most beach chairs are comfortable enough to last throughout the entire length of your trip. However, comfort does vary based on the material used to construct the chair. Plastic chairs are generally lighter and cheaper than those constructed of wood. Wood chairs are typically heavier and sturdier. Both types of chairs are durable and long lasting.


Some beach chairs are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. While plastic chairs are easy to care for, they aren't always ideal for outdoor environments. Wooden chairs are naturally stronger and more stable. But, they require regular maintenance to stay in top condition.


Many beach chairs come equipped with wheels so that you can wheel them around wherever you please. However, other chairs are designed to sit stationary on the ground. Choose the style that fits your lifestyle.


Beach chairs are meant to be portable. That being said, you shouldn't expect to carry everything you need into the ocean. Many beach chairs include storage compartments to hold small objects. Be sure to check these areas regularly to avoid losing important belongings.


All beach chairs are covered by warranties. Make sure to read the fine print carefully to determine which warranty applies to your specific model. In general, manufacturers cover defects within 30 days of delivery. Warranties are valid for 1 year.

Different Types of Neso Beach Chair

Neso beach chairs are very popular among travelers because of its light weight and easy storage. The best thing about these chairs is that they fold into small packages so that they can be stored away easily. If you're planning to go camping with friends or family members, then these chairs are perfect for you.

Types of Neso Beach Chairs

There are different types of neso beach chairs available in the market today. Some of them include folding chairs, collapsible chairs, and inflatable chairs. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we discuss the pros and cons of each type of neso beach chair.

Folding Beach Chairs

These chairs are ideal for those who travel frequently. Folding beach chairs are compact and portable. However, they require more effort to set up than other types of beach chairs. Because of this, many people prefer using folding beach chairs only during short trips.

Collapsable Beach Chairs

This type of beach chair folds down flat which makes it easier to store and transport. Collapsable beach chairs are great for outdoor activities where there is limited room for storing furniture. In addition, they provide good support for long periods of sitting.

Inflatable Beach Chairs

The most common type of beach chair is the inflatable beach chair. Many people choose this type of beach chair because of its portability. Although this type of beach chair does take longer to set up than other types of beach chairs, once it's done, it takes no time to collapse. Also, it doesn't require any tools to assemble.


Coleman Camping Chair | Lightweight Utopia Breeze Beach Chair | Outdoor Chair with Low Profile

  • Lightweight: 5.3 lb.
  • Hours of comfort: Relaxed back rest with full seat support
  • Convenient storage: Seatback pocket and cup holder
  • Dimensions: 21 in. Wide; 10 in. High
  • Built to last: Steel frame supports up to 250 lb.
  • Carry bag: Included for easy storage
  • 1-year limited warranty

Rio Brands Gear 5 Position Steel Backpack Chair with Cooler, Aruba

  • Adjusts to 5-positions, including full recline, Powder-coated steel frame
  • Hardwood arms, Towel bar, Side pouch with drink holder and cell phone pocket
  • Large pouch and insulated cooler pouch, Adjustable pillow
  • Sits 11" off the ground, Item weight: 11 pounds, Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Item dimensions: open 29.5" x 22.25" x 30", closed 27" x 22.25" x 3"

2 Pack of Neso Lightweight Water Resistant Beach Chairs with Shoulder Strap and Slip Pocket - Folds Thin(Black)

  • NESO CHAIR PACK OF 2 (Black). Made for the outdoors, your Neso Chair weighs in at 4.3 lbs with a seat width of 18 inches. It can easily fit over your shoulder and stores super slim at 4 inches wide. Sits low to the ground, so you’ll always have comfort for your next adventure.
  • MADE FOR LONGEVITY. Designed with the highest quality canvas, rust-proof aluminum , and sleek roll bars, this black beach chair is water resistant and will handle up to 210 lbs.
  • FOR ALL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. Sold in 57 countries and counting, Neso is the choice for beachgoers, surfers, soccer moms, and camping enthusiasts. Our goal is to help people enjoy themselves, because ultimately that’s what life's about!
  • STYLE AND COMFORT. This beach chair sits comfortably 6 inches off the ground with soft roll bars for your arms and back. It is a lightweight, portable, water-resistant chair that provides a relaxing place to watch the waves, a soccer game, or have a picnic.

Rattan Folding, Portable Beach Chair, Wicker, Cane, Bamboo Lounger. Rattan Lawn, Floor, Pool Lounger, sunbed, Deck Chair

  • 🌴RATTAN, AUTHENTIC FOLDING BEACH CHAIR: Specifically designed for the style-conscious man or woman who loves to lounge at the beach, pool or home. This wooden rattan adjustable floor chair is sure to make a splash. This Japanese style chair is a new look to a Low Chair. Uniquely designed in Australia using only natural materials, you can tan, relax or meditate in luxury and style. These wood rattan recliners also adds elegance as great patio furniture.
  • 🌴NEW STRONG, REINFORCED​ CONSTRUCTION:​ Expertly handmade using high-quality wood and wicker materials, the Wild in Bloom Beach Chair is designed to provide long-lasting use and strength in any outdoor setting. These pool chairs can be taken anywhere. now with new stronger metal hinges, this backyard recliner is as functional as it is fashionable.
  • 🌴ADJUSTABLE​ RECLINE SETTINGS: ​While the seat of the chair lays firmly on the ground, the back can be reclined to your desired preference. This allows you to sit up when reading a book, engage in conversation, or watch your kid’s soccer game. Recline slightly to relax or lie it flat for optimal napping or sunbathing conditions. Basking in the sun has never been more convenient and comfortable.
  • 🌴FOLDABLE, COMPACT​ DESIGN​: Carrying around your belongings can be a hassle when you’re venturing outdoors with family or friends to a party, barbeque, or the park. This chair is solid and well made and it is for this reason this chair is outfitted with a canvas carry strap so you can easily sling it over your shoulder and take it with you everywhere you go. Simply fold it flat for easy portability or store it away when it’s not being used.
  • 🎁GREAT GIFT IDEA:​ Packed in a gift box, the Wild in Bloom Lazy Low Chair will make a great gift for birthdays, holidays, weddings, housewarming parties, Mother’s Day and other special occasions. If there’s a special female in your life who loves to frequent the beach, go camping, or attend concerts, this attractive, handcrafted lawn chair is a great way to spoil that special someone.

RIO BEACH lace-up Suspension Folding Backpack Beach Chair, Light Blue

  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Rio Beach backpack chair offers hands-free portability and is lightweight to carry, making it easy to take with you to the beach, lakefront, or outdoor sporting event
  • PINCH-FREE SEAT ADJUSTMENTS: 4-position easy-adjust recline options. Adjust without the worry of getting your fingers or hands caught in the brackets
  • UNIQUE AND FUNCTIONAL: Adjustable, backpack shoulder strap with large storage pouch. Features a large adjustable pillow and cup holder
  • ALL-DAY COMFORT: Flexible lace-up suspension design supports and conforms to your body. Provides a touch of nautical style, making it fashionable and functional
  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Beach chair frame is constructed of durable rust-proof aluminum, making it lightweight and easy to carry. Weighs only 8 lbs.
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 11 inches
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 240 lbs
  • OPEN DIMENSIONS:   44. 7" x 25. 5"  x 26. 5"
  • FOLDED DIMENSIONS: 42. 8" x 25. 5" x 5. 1"

Nice C Low Beach Camping Folding Chair, Ultralight Backpacking Chair with Cup Holder & Carry Bag Compact & Heavy Duty Outdoor, Camping, BBQ, Beach, Travel, Picnic, Festival (2 Pack of Blue)

  • COMFORTABLE & PORTABLE: Nice C’s low beach chair is made with a breathable and cooling mesh fabric that allows air to flow while you sit. There are arm cushions on the metal arms so you can rest your arms comfortably. Also included is an easy to reach cup holder to hold your drinks or personal items. Take this chair with you anywhere: beach, park, camping, hiking, etc.
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE MATERIAL: Our chair is made with a heavy duty steel and industrial grade Oxford 1000D polyester mesh. It is sturdy and durable. The lightweight frame and the included carrying case allows you to transport the chair easily. The folding size is only 24.5”× 7”× 4.5” (L×W×H), so you can store it easily.
  • WEIGHT SUSTAINABILITY: The chair’s heavy duty frame allows it to sustain weight up to 300 lbs. or 136 kgs. The low seat and anti-sink leg cap designs give the chair a stable structure to hold more weight. Use this chair without worry.
  • SETUP & CLEAN UP: Setting up the chair is very easy: just pull the frame apart and enjoy your seat. To store away, simply push the frame back together and put it in its carrying case. Clean up is also easy: just wipe off with a towel or clean with soap and water.

ALPHA CAMP Camping Folding Beach Chair Oversized Heavy Duty Steel Frame Support 250 LBS Collapsible Padded Arm Chair with Cup Holder Quad Lumbar Back Chair Portable for Outdoor/IndoorWave

  • Pinch-free Design:The smooth wooden armrests prevent scraching. The locking bracket is wrapped with rectangle box, no worries about sharp iron lock to pinch your fingers
  • Easy to Carry :Adjustable shoulder strap supports and conforms to your body. Lightweight and easy to carry to the beach
  • High Grade Material : Lightweight, rust-proof aluminum frame makes the whole chair weights only 9 lbs but could supports up to 250lbs. Durable oxford fabric is made to withstand daily usage
  • Convenient Function: Includes built-in towel bar for hanging something. Features an extra cup holder and a large pocket for putting water cup,magazines and phone. Adjustable pillow conforms to your head
  • Guarantee: We try to make our chairs as good as we can. If there is any part missing or damaged, please contact us. We will solve the problem for you

Rio Brands Beach Deluxe 5-Position Lace-Up Folding Backpack Beach Chair, Ocean Blue, 11"

  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: The Rio Beach backpack chair offers hands-free portability and is lightweight to carry at only 8 lbs.
  • TRAVEL HANDS-FREE: Adjustable, backpack shoulder strap with large storage pouch. Patented and only by Rio Beach
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Flexible suspension design supports and conforms to your body
  • MULTIPLE RECLINING POSITIONS: 5-position easy-adjust recline options, including a lay flat option for all around tanning
  • STURDY CHAIR FRAME: Lightweight, rust-proof aluminum frame. Weighs only 8 lbs.
  • PREMIUM BEACH ACCESSORY: Features an insulated cooler pouch, large adjustable pillow, cell phone pocket, storage pouch, and cup holder
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 11 inches
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 240 lbs.
  • OPEN DIMENSIONS: 25” x 25. 75” x 32”
  • FOLDED DIMENSIONS: 25. 25” x 4” x 29. 75”
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