Ocean Kayak Scupper Stoppers - Pack of 2, (Small, Yellow),07.1960.0000

  • The stoppers' soft material is comfortable against the body even when installed under the seat.
  • A multi-ribbed design offers a better seal, helping the paddler stay dry while paddling.
  • Scupper Stoppers are completely round in shape and do not fit oval-shaped scupper holes.
  • The stoppers are available in extra-small, small, medium, and large sizes.
  • Includes a pack of two small yellow stoppers.

How To Choose The Best Ocean Kayak Yak Board

What Is The Purpose Of An Ocean Kayak Yak Board?

An ocean kayak yak board is a type of surfboard designed specifically for paddling. It has a long nose with fins so that it can be ridden standing upright. There are two types of boards; single fin and double fin. Single fin boards are more maneuverable and easier to paddle because there is only one fin attached to the bottom of the board. Double fin boards are wider and longer which makes them harder to ride due to the added weight.

Why Do People Use Them?

Ocean kayaks are perfect for those who love water sports. Paddlers enjoy being able to go anywhere and explore nature while enjoying the fresh air and exercise. If you're interested in taking part in these activities, you might want to invest in a good quality ocean kayak yak board.

How To Choose One?

There are many different brands available today. Some companies specialize in making specific models of boards. Others sell multiple styles of boards. Before purchasing a particular model, check online reviews to see what others think of the product. Ask friends and family members who have purchased the same brand of board. Also, ask other outdoor enthusiasts what they recommend.

Types Available

Single fin boards are generally shorter and narrower than double fin boards. Single fin boards are ideal for beginning paddlers. They are easy to learn how to paddle and control. They are also very stable and forgiving. On the flip side, double fin boards are bigger and heavier. They require more skill to master and are more difficult to steer. However, they provide greater stability and power.


The length of the board determines its size. Longer boards are larger and bulkier. Larger boards are typically slower and more powerful. Smaller boards are faster and lighter. Most manufacturers include a leash hole on the back end of the board. This enables the user to attach a rope to secure the board during transport. Many boards also include foot straps to ensure safety.

Safety Tips

Before using a board, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Always follow the directions carefully. Never attempt to perform stunts or tricks on the board. Make sure you know how to properly launch and land the board. Practice before going into deep waters.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Ocean Kayak Yak Board

There are many different types of boards available today. Some are designed specifically for surfing while others are meant for fishing. There are also those who prefer to paddle around with friends and family. If you're planning on spending more than a few hours paddling, there are several factors that you must take into consideration before making your purchase. Here are three important tips to remember when choosing which type of board is right for you.

Size Matters

It might seem obvious, but size matters! Not only does the length of the board affect its stability, but so too does its width. If you plan on using your board for surfing, you'll probably want something longer and wider. However, if you plan on taking part in other activities, such as fishing, you'll likely be happier with a shorter, narrower design. In addition, if you plan on doing anything else besides surfing, you'll want to avoid boards that are overly wide. While these larger designs are great for surfing, they aren't ideal for other water sports.

Materials Matter

Just because a particular material looks good doesn't mean it's going to last long. For example, plastic tends to break down quickly, especially when exposed to sunlight. Fiberglass is another popular choice among surfers, but it isn't recommended for beginners due to its tendency to crack. Finally, aluminum is a durable option, but it has a reputation for being heavy. That depends on whether you plan on surfing, fishing, or simply enjoying the outdoors. If you plan on surfing, fiberglass is by far the best choice. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to maneuver and control. In fact, most surfboards are now constructed entirely of fiberglass. As for fishing, aluminum is still considered the standard. But, if you plan on engaging in other outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, or boating, you'll want to opt for a lighter-weight board. Plastic is a common choice for these purposes. It's light weight, inexpensive, and offers excellent durability.

Durability Is Key

Finally, you'll want to ensure that the board you select is built well enough to withstand whatever adventures you intend to undertake. Look for signs of warping, cracks, or loose joints. Also, check the underside of the deck. Make sure that no nails protrude from the bottom of the board. All of these features indicate that the board was poorly manufactured. Avoid buying a cheap boat. Instead, invest in a high-quality model that will serve you well for years to come.

Features To Look For When Buying An Ocean Kayak Yak Board

Buying a kayak board is more fun than paddling alone. If you're looking for something different to do with friends and family, a kayak board could be perfect for you. The best way to choose which type of kayak board to purchase is by considering several factors. Here are some features to look for when choosing a kayak board.


The size of the kayak board determines its stability and maneuverability. Smaller boards are easier to control and paddle while larger ones are more stable and require greater skill. Some kayaks have built-in seats so you don't need a separate seat. However, most kayak boards have removable seats. Make sure you know whether the kayak has a fixed or removable seat before purchasing.

Seat Type

There are two types of seats available on a kayak board. One is a hard plastic seat that attaches directly to the deck of the kayak. Another option is a soft foam seat that fits into a slot cut into the deck. Both options provide comfort and support during long trips. Hard plastic seats are typically cheaper and lighter than foam seats, but foam seats are more comfortable and durable.

Weight Capacity

Kayak boards range in weight capacity from 50 pounds to 250 pounds. Most kayakers prefer a heavier boat because it makes it easier to handle. Lighter boats are harder to balance and steer. Also, heavy boats are safer since they absorb shocks better. In general, a 150 pound boat is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to kayak. Beginners should avoid anything smaller than 100 pounds.


Most kayak boards are constructed using fiberglass or carbon fiber. Fiberglass is stronger and more resistant to impact than carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is slightly softer and more flexible than fiberglass. Choose a kayak board based on durability rather than price. Cheap boards are likely to break down quickly. If you plan to take your kayak board fishing, make sure it is strong enough to withstand rough conditions. Check the warranty information carefully.


Some kayak boards include footrests, handholds, and other accessories designed to improve comfort. Footrests raise your feet above the waterline so you can rest comfortably while standing. Handholds allow you to hold onto the sides of the kayak board while paddling. Accessories like these increase safety and reduce fatigue. Be careful when selecting accessories; many inexpensive models lack quality materials and construction.


Many kayak boards fold flat for easy storage. Others attach to the side of the kayak with straps or bungee cords. Folded boards are convenient for storing in small spaces. Bungees and straps are useful for attaching to large objects such as trees or rocks. Keep in mind that kayak boards are generally too big to fit inside a car trunk. If you plan to transport your kayak board, check the dimensions before making a purchase.

Different Types of Ocean Kayak Yak Board

Ocean kayaks are great fun because they allow you to explore the water with ease. However, there are many different kinds of ocean kayaks available today. Each type has its pros and cons depending upon which kind suits your needs best. The following paragraphs describe three popular types of ocean kayaks and discuss why each might be right for you.

Traditional Canoe

The traditional canoe is probably the most common form of ocean kayaking. In fact, these boats are still very popular among beginners who wish to learn more about paddling before venturing into other forms of kayaking. Traditional canoes are generally smaller than other types of ocean kayaks and are designed to be carried by hand. Because of their small size, they're easy to maneuver around obstacles and are perfect for learning how to paddle. If you plan on spending lots of time exploring the waters, then a traditional canoe is the way to go.


The kayak was originally developed to provide a stable platform for fishing. Today, however, kayaks are commonly used for leisure activities.

There are two main categories of kayaks: sit-on-top and stand-up. Sit-on-tops are typically larger than stand-ups and are easier to control while standing up. Stand-ups are ideal for those who prefer to stay seated during their adventures. Both types of kayaks are excellent choices for anyone interested in experiencing the outdoors.


Finally, canopy kayaks are another option for enjoying the open air. Unlike traditional canoes, canopy kayaks are large enough to accommodate multiple passengers. As long as you have room inside the boat, you can bring along friends and family members. Many companies now manufacture canopy kayaks specifically for children so parents no longer have to worry about transporting kids safely across oceans.

Tips For Choosing An Ocean Kayak

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing an ocean kayak. First, decide whether you'd rather paddle solo or with others. Second, choose between a sit-on-top or stand-up model. Third, determine whether you'd prefer a traditional canoe or a modern kayak. Finally, think about the amount of storage space you require. Once you've decided on the features you desire, shop online for the best deals.

How To Choose An Ocean Kayak

Before purchasing an ocean kayak, you must know exactly what you want. All of these questions must be answered before making a purchase. After deciding what you want, start shopping for an ocean kayak. Look for reputable dealerships that sell both brand name products and lower priced models. Make sure you read reviews written by previous customers. Also, check out the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties that cover repairs or replacements due to defects in materials or manufacturing flaws.


Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back (Black), one size

  • the comfort zone offers generous back support with its tall height, perfect for a full day on the water.
  • enjoy a softer ride with the extra seat padding, which offers more cushioning than traditional kayak seats.
  • adjustable straps on the sides allow the paddler to fine-tune the seat to a variety of comfort options.
  • the tough nylon construction includes a built-in ventilation system to help keep any paddler cool and dry.
  • includes brass swivel buckles for attachment; the comfort zone seats are featured on ocean kayak trident ultra kayaks.
  • uv-resistant nylon pack cloth construction for durability
  • 4-way adjustable mounting straps provide ample adjustment
  • reinforced stays add additional back support
  • brass swivel buckles for attachment
  • reflective logos provide good visibility in low-light condition; Sport type: Kayaking
  • UV-resistant nylon pack cloth construction for durability
  • 4-way adjustable mounting straps provide ample adjustment
  • Reinforced stays add additional back support
  • Brass swivel buckles for attachment
  • Reflective logos provide good visibility in low-light conditions

Ocean Kayak Replacement Toggle Handle Kit, One Size , Black

  • The dual-density handle is contoured for comfort, helping the paddler's hands hold up on long carries.
  • Quickly install the handle with the easy snap-together design.
  • The handle replaces any broken or lost Ocean Kayak bow or stern carrying handle.
  • Each handle is sold individually.

PROYAKER Ocean Tough Kayak Accessories Set of 2 Universal Paddle/Fishing Rod Leash

  • Set of 2 leashes with swivels on each end to prevent tangles
  • Easy double side Velcro strap, attaches to fishing rods and paddles with ease
  • Injection-molded plastic quick release buckle and swivels
  • Inner stainless steel core, never lose it's spring form
  • Coil extends up to 6' without never losing it's form

Extreme Max 3006.6548 BoatTector Complete Grapnel Anchor Kit for Small Boats, Kayaks, PWC, Jet Ski, Paddle Boards, etc. - 3.5 lbs.

  • Complete PWC anchor kit includes 3.5 lb. anchor, 25' rope and snap hook, marker buoy and storage bag
  • Anchor: Folding 3. 5 lb. grapnel anchor, ideally suited for use in coral, rocky, or heavily weeded bottom conditions
  • Rope: 25' hollow braid polythene rope with steel snap hook
  • Marker Buoy: Durable marine-grade foam
  • Storage Bag: Sturdy nylon storage bag with protective padding

Anti Slip Kayak Seat Cushion Ideal Seat Pad for Sit in Kayak, Inflatable Kayak, Canoe and Boat. Comfort Kayak Accessories for Fishing Kayak, Ocean Kayak, Pedal Kayak and More

  • Anti-Slip Technology: When the neoprene cushion gets wet (even super wet), you can sit comfortably and confidently knowing the silicone print underneath is working to keep you from slipping.
  • Thick, But Not Too Thick: Don’t lose your center of gravity with a kayak cushion that’s too thick. Our 1.02 inches cushion is designed to give you support without causing you to feel out of balance. Kayak Seat Pad measures 15” x 12.4” x 1”.
  • Sports Grade PU Foam Core Inside: Soften up your trips on the water with just the right amount of softness for your paddling and kayaking. The cushion will float on water.
  • Built With You In Mind: This cushion saddle is designed as a one-size-fits-all for the outdoor kayaker. This means our cushion is compatible with various brands and styles including but not limited to fishing kayaks, sit in or sit on top kayaks, pedal kayaks and more.
  • Kayak Accessories: Whether you are kayak fishing, paddling on a canoe or on a two person inflatable kayak, our cushion is the ideal kayak accessory to enhance your paddling experience.

Set of 2 Bright White Marine LED Stern Lights for Bass, Lake, River, Boating, Kayak, Ocean, Sailing, Fishing, Pontoon. Flush Bolt-Style housing fits 1 inch Hole (Black Aluminum)

  • FLUSH MOUNT DESIGN: Recessed LED sits flush with the side of your boat for a discreet hidden appearance. Just drill a 1 inch hole.
  • BLINDINGLY BRIGHT: Outstanding value for brightness. Its so small which allows you to be discreet during the day but then the light is so bright that it really pops at night to make your boat visible from more than 2 nautical miles.
  • USCG REQUIREMENTS: Designed to meet requirements, each LED emits a precisely engineered light beam.
  • RUGGED DESIGN: Works on any 12 volt DC system. Pre-installed wiring is secure, rugged, and easy to work with. It comes with 40 inches of 22AWG wires so you can just hook up the red one to positive, and the black one to negative/ground.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We sell products that last. Our rock-solid guarantee means we'll replace your LED Stern Light if there's ever a problem. Pass it on to the next generation with confidence.

Detachable Universal Paddle-Board Seat - Adjustable Paddle Board Seat, Form-Fitting Design for All Body Sizes, Large & Small, Compatible for Kayaks, Rowboats, Fishing Boats - SereneLife SLSUPST15

  • DURABLE MODEL FOAM: Made of durable EVA foam interior and polyester exterior. Deluxe molded thick foam cushion can support long-term water sports and add more comfort for all day long
  • EXCELLENT HOOKS: High-grade copper metal hooks are used in our kayak seats, which are different from most of the hooks in the market. The excellent hooks are even more corrosion resistance, long service life
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: 2 straps in front, 2 straps in the rear allowing the seat to be fixed in place according to different needs, give a wide range of adjustability to accommodate most any kayak, very easy to install and removal
  • BETTER DESIGN: High back design and padded supports your back and butt, it is in line with ergonomics and provides incredible comfort in your water trip
  • OTHER FEATURES: Form-fitting design for all body sizes, large and small. It can also attach to compatible rowboats and fishing boats. Perfect for adding additional safety and comfort

Gradient Fitness Marine Anchor, 3.5 lb Folding Anchor, Grapnel Anchor Kit for Kayaks, Canoes, (SUP) Paddle Boards, (Green, 3.5 lbs)

  • Folding Anchor: Our 3.5 lb 4-fluke folding anchor is compact and convenient. Included is a padded draw string storage bag that is perfect for the outdoor person on-the-go.
  • Convenience: The anchor folds into a 12” x 3” size and slips into a fully padded storage bag that will prevent scratches to your board, kayak, or Jet Ski.
  • Marine Grade: The anchor is rust resistant with 25 feet of green/black marine grade rope (7mm thick). It also includes a PVC flotation buoy and stainless steel snap hook for quick and easy connections.
  • Designed for the Outdoors: From SUP Yoga, jet ski anchor, to fishing from a kayak anchor we’ve got you covered. The anchor is easy to use, storage friendly, and ideal for environments of any kind.
  • Born in the USA– Gradient Fitness is proudly owned and operated out of Rochester, NY. We stand behind our products! Not satisfied with your product? Return it to us within 90 days and get 100% of your money back!

South Bay Board Co. - Premium Universal Paddle Board Cooler & Kayak Cooler - Insulated Paddleboard Cooler Storage Easily Holds 10 Cans & ICE / Bait / Food - Stainless Steel Rings & Adjustable Straps

  • BEST PERFORMANCE PADDLE BOARD / KAYAK COOLER: SBBC sells the best Stand Up Paddle Boards, so, we also had to make sure our paddle board coolers are of the same premium, performance-focused quality. Extremely durable, reliable, and easy to install
  • PREMIUM PADDLEBOARD & KAYAK COOLER: Paddle harder & longer knowing your Insulated Cooler is keeping your refreshing beverages ice cold and ready for a rewarding icy sip. Works with 99% of ISUPs, Paddle Boards, and Kayaks with Bungge systems
  • EASY & INCREDIBLY RELIABLE TO USE: The SBBC Paddle Board Coolers are custom made to work with most SUPs and kayaks. The adjustable straps & steel rings create a reliable attachment so you can focus on paddling, not your cooler floating away
  • CUSTOM DESIGNED WITH DURABLE MATERIALS: Simple, time tested coolers made with heavy duty nylon fabric, stainless steel rings, and thick interior insulations keeps your drinks/food/bait safely secured & ice cold, ready for when you need them
  • PREMIER, HONEST HUMAN CUSTOMER SERVICE: South Bay Board Co. has the fastest shipping of any Paddleboard brand with the absolute best, REAL humans who use these coolers DAILY. We are always here, happy to help with any of your customer service needs

Booms Fishing T02 Fishing Pole Tether, Kayak Paddle Leash, Paddle Board Fishing Accessories, Heavy Duty Fishing Lanyard for Fishing Tools/Rods/Paddles, Green 2pcs

  • [ NO LOSS ] The kayak lanyard stops the paddle or rods from floating away, secure net and wading stick for fly fishing
  • [ HEAVY DUTY AND GREAT LENGTH ] The fishing lanyard is built-in 7*7 strands steel wire, the tensile strength is 50lb. Good spring tension, but not excessive, stretches from 20” to 79”, flexible and no interference
  • [ NO TANGLES ] Swivel ends and partly coiled with straight section helps to keep you out of tangles, not getting twisted or tied up
  • [ EASY TO USE ] Easy to use, strong and stays neat with the coil
  • [ IMPORTANT NOTE ] Used together with Booms Fishing RB1 rod/kayak paddle tie strap (not included)

2 Pack of Kayak Seat Deluxe Padded Canoe Backrest Seat Sit On Top Cushioned Back Support SUP Paddle Board Seats with Detachable Storage Bag 4 Adjustable Straps for Kayaking Canoeing Rafting Fishing

  • 【2 Pack of Deluxe Padded Kayak Seats】We only use high quality material.Our canoe backrest is made of durable UV-resistant neoprene+600D polyester,internally filled with EVA foam+PE plate which offers more cushioning than other kayak seats!Marine-grade material offers you excellent waterproof effect;non-slip contoured padded seat surface adds extra comfort and safety while you're out and about in the waters;a built-in ventilation system to help keep any paddler cool and dry
  • 【Incredible Comfortable and Shockproof】The deluxe molded foam kayak seat looks like it belongs in a high-end sports car rather than a kayak with its deep molded center panels and the contrasting black molded foam perimeter padding.Extra thick seat and backrest foam padding,not only offers ultimate shock-proof performance,but also provides couch-like comfort,comfortably supports your back and butt,allows you to do water sports for a whole day without tired!
  • 【Ergonomic Backrest and Detachable Zipper Storage Bag】The ergonomic 18'' tall backrest of the deluxe kayak seat perfectly fits to your body,offers maximum high back support and incredible comfortable,encouraging a long day of kayaking without having to worry about back pain!Each kayak Fishing seat comes with a FREE detachable zipper storage bag which is coated by water resistance material,convenient for you to store your kayak accessories,additional tackle,lunch boxes or your personal belongings
  • 【4 Adjustable Straps with Solid Marine Grade Brass Clips】4 adjustable front and rear straps designed with marine grade brass connecting snaps which are solid,durable and rust-proof in seawater,allow you to clip the seat easily to your kayak and fix it in place firmly.4-way adjustable mounting straps gives a wide range of adjustability to accommodate most sit-on-top kayak,canoes,inflatable Kayaks,some SUP paddle board that have strap attachment points and other boats
  • 【Get More Happy in the Water Sports】18 inches x 20.4 inches backrest size,12.2 inches x 15.3 inches seat size,our Boat Seat is easy to install and removal,upgraded version of widened attachment straps for even more solid positioning,which helps prevent seat slippage!Suitable for kayaking, canoeing, drifting and rafting,pelican kayak,elevated kayak,sundolphin kayak,lifetime kayak,ascend kayak.Perfect for sit-on-top kayak paddlers!Get more happy in the water sports with our padded kayak seat!

WOOWAVE Kayak Seat Padded Deluxe Canoe Seat Adjustable Boat Seat Cushioned Fishing Seat High Back Comfortable Backrest Support with Detachable Back Storage Bag for Universal Sit

  • ☞【SAFE AND DURABLE MATERIAL】The deluxe kayak seat is made of durable EVA foam interior and high quality 210D polyester exterior. Skid resistance of the thick foam cushion can support long-term water sports and for all day comfort. Coming with a waterproof detachable storage bag at the back, offering extra storage for you.
  • ☞【PROFESISIONAL AND PRACTICAL DESIGN】This cushioned boat seat is equipped with 4-way adjustable reinforced front and rear webbing straps allowing the seat to be fixed in place according to different needs, will fit most kayaks and boats for corrosion resistance and longer life.
  • ☞【COMFORTABLE AND SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE】Foam filled seat brings unparalleled comfort, high back design is in line with ergonomics. Anti-slip design keeps the seat in place while out on the water. Contoured padded backrest provides more reliable support, it better fits the body curve, bring your water trip a better experience.
  • ☞【EASILY AND FAST INSTALLATION】This padded seat is easy to install and removal, fasten the connecting snaps of the straps on the attachment point of the kayak or boat, and then make appropriate adjustments, and the upper straps fine tune the position of the back panel, just like the seat adjustment in your vehicle, it's important for your long-time water activity.
  • ☞【CONSIDERABLE AND FAVORABLE SERVICE】We will provide you with satisfactory after-sales protection. Your purchase includes a hassle-free Money Back Guarantee and a free replacement exchange 12 months. If the adjustable kayak seat gets damaged, just feel free to contact our customer service team with a photo, we are willing to replace it FOR FREE.

4PCS Kayak Carry Handles, Canoe Boat Side Mount Carry Handles with Screws for Ocean Kayak Emotion Kayaks Luggage Outdoor Sport Canoe Boat Kayak

  • Material: The kayak carry handles replacements are made of 600D nylon. Strong and durable, hand feels delicate and comfortable.
  • Size: The length of kayak carry handles is 11.2 inch/ 28.5 cm, nylon strap width is 1.0 inch/ 2.5 cm, pedestal is1.26 inch/ 3.2 cm, pedestal hole diameter 0.23 inch/0.6cm.
  • Anti-Slip Design: Handle groove design for antislip, makes hold up and feel more comfortable to prevent slipping and grab more stably.
  • Easy to Install: The carry handle come with screws. Slightly elastic nylon strap helps to paddle and replace for you old one.
  • Widely Use: Canoe boat handle fit for replace old handles or make other handles for kayaking. It also applies to suitcases, suitcases, doors, etc.

OCEANBROAD SUP Paddle Board Paddle Kayak Paddle 2 Use Paddle

  • 4 Pieces 2 USES: Could be used a 68 to 83 inches(173 to 211cm) 3-pieces adjust SUP paddle, as well as a 87.8 inches (223cm) double blades kayak paddle
  • TOUGH BUT LIGHT WEIGHT: Made of top grade alloy shaft and UV-stable PP blade, the paddle is stiff and durable. It weigts 2 lbs.(0.9kg) as a SUP paddle, and 3 lbs.(1.4kg) as a kayak paddle.
  • ANTI TWIST SHAFT DESIGN: The adjustment handle section and the extra kayak paddle blade are with anti-twist groove design. So it's easier to use, especiall it saves you the trouble to line up the handle section of the extra blade when converting the paddle. *Note: The screws on the clamps need to be checked and tightened up if needed before using.
  • CONVENIENT TO TRAVEL WITH: Either adjustalbe SUP paddle or double blades kayak paddle, it can be taken apart with the longest section at 34 inches, easy to carry around and travel with.
  • WORRY FREE PURCHASE: OCEANBROAD offers complete customer satisfaction of replacement or refund for any quality issues.

SYGTOYUE Kayak Carry Handles 2 Pack Kayak Accessories for Ocean Kayaks Luggage Outdoor,Canoe Boat Side Mount Carry Replacement Handles

  • Made of high quality rubber and nylon,strong and durable,great accessories for canoes and kayaks.
  • Anti-Slip design ensure you can grab it stable and comfortable,not easy to loose.
  • Install and remove easily,simply remove your old handle and bolt this one in its place.(screws not included)
  • Can be used for not only replace canoe or kayak but also old handles for suitcase or doors.
  • Comes with 2 pack Kayak Carry Handles.

MorTime Grapnel Anchor Kit 3.5 lb Folding Anchor with 40ft Rope, Marine Anchor Accessories for Kayaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards

  • Sturdy Grapnel Anchor Kit - With solid iron and sturdy rope, MorTime anchor kit can suitable to 6.6-8.2 FT boats. MorTime Grapnel Anchor Kit is made from high quality galvanized steel. The size is 11x31.5x12.2inches. The premium 3.5lb Folding Anchor Accessories for Fishing Kayaks, Canoe, Jet Ski, SUP Paddle Board and Small Boats.
  • Best Design - The kit includes grapnel anchor, 4.7 inches rope anchor tow rope,a buoy ball and a storage bag. You can load or fold MorTime Grapnel Anchor Kit quickly without any tool. The anchor is easy use and store,also suitable for the any lakes etc.
  • High Quality - MorTime 3.5 lb Grapnel Anchor Kit use galvanized steel material. And the sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity. Whether it is sandy, muddy, weedy, and rocky bottoms. MorTime anchor will hold ground balance that is perfect for the outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Easy Use - You just grappling anchor collar open the four flukes and slide the collar back down to lock into your place. Meanwhile, the attached buoy to help you easily identify and pull up your anchor in any lake.
  • Easy Storage - MorTime Anchor Kit is compact and convenient for storage and carrying. MorTime anchor makes it hassle free to transport your canoe / kayak from the pond, lake, river, seaside or ocean bottoms. Enjoy your time!

SYGTOYUE Kayak Carry Handle,4 Pack Kayak Accessories for Ocean Kayaks Luggage Outdoor,Canoe Boat Side Mount Carry Replacement Handles,Rubber Carry Grab Handles

  • Manufactured with premium rubber and soft but sturdy webbing nylon,durable lasting,a great accessories for canoes and kayaks.
  • Anti-Slip kayak carry handles with ergonomics designs of finger grip ensure you can grab stable and feel comfortable.
  • Easy to install and remove,just need to remove your old handle and bolt the new handle in it's place.(Screws are not included)
  • Can be used as replacement handle,additional handle for kayak canoe boat or watercraft accessories,also suitable for suitcase or doors.
  • Package included 4 * Kayak Carry Handles.

XIALUO Marine Kayak Anchor Kits 3.5 lb Folding Anchor Accessories with 30 ft Rope for Fishing Kayaks, Canoe, Jet Ski, SUP Paddle Board and Small Boats

  • ✔INCLUDE:Complete kayaking/paddle board anchoring kit including anchor(3.5lb), premium 8mm double braided 30ft nylon rope, spring hook, Float and storage bag.
  • ✔USE:Simply slide the grappling anchor collar upwards, fold open the 4 flukes, slide the collar back down, and lock into position. Use as much anchor rope as possible to create better horizontal drag on the bottom surface of ponds, rivers, lakes or oceans.
  • ✔The anchor is foldable and its compact size makes it easy to store and easy to carry. With four handles, ideal for coral, sandy, weed or rocky bottoms.
  • ✔The anchor weight is 3.5 lb (1.5kg), please choose the quantity according to your vessel.The anchor folds into a 12” x 3” size and slips into a fully padded storage bag that will prevent scratches to your board, kayak, or Jet Ski.
  • ✔Spending time on the water is the perfect opportunity to get away and relax. Our anchor is the ideal accessory for outdoor enthusiasts who are into fishing, meditation, watching or photography.

SPORBA Kayak Carry Handles, Kayak Accessory 4Pcs Kayak Scupper Plug Kit and Kayak Handles T-Handle with 8 Feet Elastic Bungee Cord Tri-Grip Rivet Pad Eyes for Lifetime, Ocean, Emotion Kayak Canoe Boat

  • 🏄‍♀️ 【Pro Customization】This kayak handle is made of quality rubber. Perfect fit and great heavy duty kayak handle to make handling easier. The ergonomic design makes the handle better to be held.
  • 🏄‍♀️ 【Kayak Handles Kits】You will get 4pcs kayak carry handles (with screws), 8pcs kayak scupper plugs, 24pcs tri-grip rivets, 12pcs pad eyes. Make your boating and fishing experience is enjoyable.
  • 🏄‍♀️ 【Kayak Scupper Plugs】Each scupper plug is lightweight and small, equipped with a lanyard, convenient to use and portable. Keep water from entering into the kayak and will keep you dry out on the water.
  • 🏄‍♀️ 【Easy to Install】These are universal fit handles, each end has reinforced holes come with screws which adds to how secure the handles. You can install the kayak paddle at any angle.
  • 🏄‍♀️ 【Durable Rivets】The tri-grip rivet is aluminum body with aluminum mandrel, all aluminum no plastic, and water proof rubber O-rings, durable, corrosion-resistant and good stress makes you convenient and save times.
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