Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat, Moisture Wicking Fabric, UV Sun Protection Grill, One Size

  • OMNI-SHADE: UV protection at its best, Omni-Shade materials block UVA and UVB rays to help prevent sunburns and long-term skin damage. The tight weave construction offers lasting sun protection against the full spectrum of sunshine
  • OMNI-WICK: The ultimate moisture wicking technology for the outdoors. Omni-Wick quickly moves moisture from the skin into the fabric where it spreads across the surface to quickly evaporate—for a dry fit that keeps you cool and comfortable
  • ALWAYS SUNNY: This sun hat features built-in UPF 50 shielding, an ultra-sweat-wicking headband, and a mesh vent panel for those hot outdoor days
  • HANDY FEATURES: A high-performance hat that features a full 3” brim, equipped with an adjustable drawcord, and toggle size adjustment at the back for a perfect fit
  • BUILT TO LAST: Columbia’s attention to detail is what sets our apparel apart. Specifying only the highest quality materials, expert stitching and craftsmanship. This is a long-lasting hat you will enjoy for seasons to come
  • Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection
  • Omni-Wick sweat band
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Adjustable drawcord and toggle at back

How To Choose The Best Paddle Board Accessories

What Is The Purpose Of Paddle Board Accessories?

Paddle boards are becoming more popular each day. If you're interested in getting into paddling, there are many different types of paddleboards available today. However, no matter which type you choose, you'll still be able to enjoy using your paddleboard with these accessories.

How Do You Use Them?

The most common accessory that comes along with a paddleboard is a paddle bag. This is where you store your personal belongings while you're enjoying your ride. Some bags include pockets for storing small items, so you can take everything with you. Other bags are designed specifically for holding larger items, such as towels, sunscreen, snacks, etc.

Are There Any Benefits To Using An Accessory Stand For Your Paddleboard?

There are several reasons why you might want to invest in a paddleboard accessory stand. First, it makes transporting your paddleboard easier. Instead of carrying around a heavy bag full of stuff, you can simply grab your paddleboard and carry it wherever you go. Second, it gives you a convenient way to store your paddleboard when you aren't riding it. Third, it protects your deck from being scratched by other objects. Finally, it makes it easy to lift your paddleboard onto your car roof rack.

What Are The Different Types Of Stands Available Today?

Today, there are two main categories of stands; those that attach directly to the deck of your paddleboard, and those that attach to the bottom of your paddleboard. Both options provide benefits, although the attachment method does affect the overall weight of the stand.

Attachments That Attach Directly To The Deck

These attachments are typically made of plastic and metal. They allow you to mount your paddleboard anywhere you'd like. Most models are adjustable, allowing you to position your paddleboard however you prefer.

Attachments That Attach At The Bottom Of Your Paddleboard

This option is generally heavier than the previous model because it has to support both the weight of your paddleboard and its attached accessories. As a result, these stands are typically made of wood.

Which Type Would Be Best For Me?

It depends on your needs. If you plan on taking your paddleboard camping, fishing, boating, or surfing, then attaching the stand directly to the deck of your paddleboard could be best. If you only plan on using your paddleboard occasionally, then attaching the stand to the bottom of your paddleboard could be ideal.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know About Buying A Paddleboard Accessory Stand?

Yes! Before purchasing anything, always read reviews online before making a purchase. Reviews give you insight into the quality of products and services offered by companies. Also, check prices regularly. Prices change frequently, especially during sales events. Check back often to see if there are any discounts available.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Paddle Board Accessories

Purchasing a paddle board accessory is important because it makes paddling easier and more enjoyable. There are many different types of paddle boards available today, each with its own unique features. Some are designed specifically for surfing while others are meant for recreational purposes. If you're interested in learning how to surf, there are several different brands of paddleboards that you could purchase. However, before making a decision, you must know which type of paddle board is best suited for your needs.

Types of Paddle Boards Available Today

There are two main categories of paddle boards; those designed for surfing and those intended for recreation. Surfers generally prefer paddle boards that are longer and narrower. Recreational users typically choose shorter, wider paddle boards. Regardless of whether you plan to learn how to surf or simply enjoy spending time outdoors, choosing the right paddle board is essential.

Surfboards - Designed for surfing, these long narrow boards are perfect for beginners who wish to learn how to surf. They are ideal for short rides where waves aren't too big.

They are easy to maneuver and provide excellent stability. SUPs are popular among professional athletes and amateurs alike.

How To Choose The Right Type of Paddle Board

Before deciding on which type of paddle board you'd like to purchase, you must decide why you want to paddle. Once you've decided what kind of paddle board you want, you can begin shopping for a suitable model.

Choose a size that fits comfortably within your budget. Don't go overboard by purchasing a large paddle board unless you know you'll be able to handle it.

Consider the length of the paddle board. Longer models are more stable, but they require more effort to propel forward. Short paddle boards are easier to control and maneuver.

Buying Tips For Paddle Boards

Check the weight of the paddle board. Lightweight paddle boards are easier to transport and store.

Make sure the paddle board has sufficient buoyancy. Buoyancy refers to the amount of air trapped inside the board. Lighter boards are easier to steer and balance.

Features To Look For When Buying A Paddle Board Accessories

Paddling boards are great fun and easy to learn. But there are many different types of paddles available so choosing the right one can be tricky. Here are some features to look for when shopping around for a paddle board accessory.


The size of the board is important because it determines how long you can go before needing to rest. The longer the board, the more difficult it becomes to balance. If you're planning on going far distances, choose a larger board. Otherwise, a smaller board might suit you better.


There are two main styles of paddleboards - round and flat. Round boards are easier to maneuver and turn, while flat boards are more stable and provide greater stability. Flat boards are generally recommended for beginners who plan to travel short distances.


This is another factor to take into consideration. Boards with high weight ratings are heavier and therefore harder to control. However, lighter boards are easier to carry and transport. Choose a board based on its weight rating rather than its price tag.


Look for a durable material. Some materials are stronger than others, so check the warranty information carefully. Also, look for a design that doesn't show signs of wear. Check the underside of the board too; if it has been damaged by sand or salt water, it could affect performance.


Some boards are designed to fit snugly in the hand. Others are wider and allow room for comfortable movement. Make sure the board fits comfortably in your hands and feet. Don't forget to measure your foot length and width to ensure the board is wide enough to accommodate both feet comfortably.


Most boards include storage pockets or compartments. Consider where these are located and whether they are large enough to hold everything you need. Most boards also include straps which enable you to attach other gear to the board. Be careful though, some boards are only suitable for certain uses. For example, surf boards aren't ideal for carrying heavy loads.


Check the safety instructions included with the product. Many boards require users to wear protective clothing and footwear. Other boards include special grips or handles to assist with balancing. Always follow manufacturer guidelines regarding personal safety.

Different Types of Paddle Board Accessories

Paddling boards are versatile pieces of watercraft that allow paddlers to enjoy boating activities while staying dry. There are many different kinds of paddleboards available today, with each type offering its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The following list describes several popular types of paddleboard accessories.

Stand-Up Boards

The most common kind of paddleboard accessory is the stand-up paddleboard. Stand-up boards are typically shorter than other paddleboards, making them easier to maneuver around docks and into shallow waters. However, because these boards lack fins, they're more difficult to control. In addition, stand-up paddleboards are generally heavier than traditional paddleboards, which makes them harder to balance during turns.

Tandem Boats

Another popular type of paddleboard accessory is the tandem boat. Tandems consist of two separate boats connected by a tow rope. Because tandems are designed to be towed behind another vessel, they provide greater stability and speed compared to stand-up paddleboards. Like stand-up paddleboards, however, tandems are more difficult to steer due to their shape. Also, unlike stand-up paddleboards, tandems require a motorboat to operate.

Folding Boards

Some paddleboarders prefer folding boards because they take up less room in storage areas. Folding boards fold down flat so they can fit inside a backpack or suitcase. Although folding boards are easy to transport, they aren't very stable. If you plan on taking your board camping, you might want to invest in a nonfolding model.


Finally, surfboards are the largest variety of paddleboard accessories. Surfboards are long and narrow, allowing riders to glide across large bodies of water. Unlike stand-up paddleboards, surfboards are equipped with fins that enable them to perform well in rough conditions. Unfortunately, surfing is a sport that involves a lot of skill, so beginners shouldn't expect to master the art overnight. For those who wish to learn, there are plenty of instructional videos online.

Other Accessories

There are many other paddleboard accessories available today. Some include waterproof cases, foot braces, and harnesses. Others include lights, flags, and ladders. Still others include additional features such as built-in speakers, GPS systems, and cameras. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase a specific paddleboard accessory or simply select a standard paddleboard, you'll benefit greatly from purchasing a quality product.


Best Marine Kayak Anchor | 3.5lb Folding Anchor with 40ft Marine Rope & Storage Bag | Premium Anchors for PWC, Jet Ski, SUP Paddleboard, Canoe & Fishing | Accessories for Trolley Kit Equipment & Gear

  • Free Float & Peace Out: Catch a perfect sunset, soak in the surroundings & grab some peace out on the lapping water. It takes a robust & reliable anchor to give you this kind of calm. Our compact, folding anchor is engineered with rust-resistant galvanized iron & snaps into position as easily as 1-2-3.
  • Bonus Ground Tackle: No marine anchor does its job without the right trolley kit accessories. That’s why we included 40’ marine grade rope (that’s 1.5x longer than most), buoy ball for easy retrieval, reinforced stainless steel carabiner clip & handy storage pouch.
  • Safe & Simple Storage: Hitting the water calls for all sorts of safety measures so the last thing you want is an extra worry! This foldable anchor for small vessels weighs in at just 3.5 lbs & includes a protective nylon storage & carry bag to prevent scratches to your kayak, SUP, or jetski.
  • Capt. Jack Stamped: We don’t call our brand Best for nothing! We’re water lovers like you so we know what it takes to rate as one of the top small vessel anchors on the market in multiple continents. Our anchor is engineered for long, hard wearing & stamped for safety, simplicity & storage.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: We’re not into trapping our customers hook, line & sinker into a purchase they’re not happy with. If you’re not totally satisfied with our marine anchor & accessories, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

YYST SUP Paddleboard Inflatable Boat Paddle Keeper Paddle Holder Paddle Clip,Set of 4. No D Ring Patch !

  • Quantity:4 pieces. Two pieces hold one paddle. NO D RING PATCH.
  • Universal - Fit any size paddle shafts. No worrying about the size of the paddle and shaft.
  • No drilling - NO drilling holes .NO need mounting screws and nuts.
  • Fit any place - Clips can snap on D ring or any bungee cord. Please check our pictures.
  • Easy to use- Just hook it to your pad eye , and wrap it on your paddle. Please check our pictures.

ISLE Pioneer Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard & iSUP Bundle Accessories & Backpack Wide Stance, Durable, Lightweight 285 lbs Capacity (Teal Blue, 10'6" x 34" x 6")

  • MOST POPULAR iSUP: The Pioneer is ISLE's most versatile board for all-around, top-rated fun. The stylish design makes this a great beginner paddleboard for adults and riders of all sizes who are looking for a versatile board. This shape is perfect for both flat water (lakes, ponds, etc), river runs, small surf performance, and everything in between. With room for cargo, pets, and kids!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE DESIGN: Run it over with your vehicle, throw it off the roof or ram it into rocks or a pier; Constructed with military-grade PVC making this board rigid enough for all paddle board activities and durable enough to last. This wide stance inflatable paddle board is six inches thick helping you stay balanced while you're paddle boarding.
  • INCLUDES iSUP PUMP AND ACCESSORY BUNDLE: All inflatable stand up paddle boards come with a complete package of paddle board accessories for compact carry and travel. This includes a paddleboard backpack, adjustable carbon shaft/nylon blade paddle, high-pressure pump, snap-in travel fin, coil leash, ISLE sticker pack & manual.
  • SIZE SPECS: The 10'6" model is a lightweight 24 lbs when inflated and the wide deck ensures standing stability for fishing, yoga, and family activities; grooved, EVA traction deck pad adds comfort for additional rider or dog, plus room for equipment; Up to 285 lb. weight capacity. Great for men, women, and teens.
  • WHY SHOP ISLE? Born and bred on the water in San Diego, California since 2004. Our team is committed to bringing you the best quality paddle boards designed and tested by people who surf and paddle daily. Ride it and love it for 60 days or return it! If you don’t love your board we will take it back + 2 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIALS!

SUP-Now Paddleboard Deck Bag with Waterproof Phone Case (Black Trim w/ Bungee & 4 Clips)

  • FREE WATERPROOF Phone Case: keep your essentials like your keys and phone safe.
  • SUCTION CUPS DON'T WORK ON INFLATABLE BOARDS: suction cups will only work on smooth hard boards.
  • CLIP AND BUNGEE SYSTEM: includes 4 clips and a bungee for attaching do your board's D Rings.
  • LARGER THAN OTHER POUCHES: 12”x14” inches is large enough to fit sandals, water bottles, sunscreen and even your SUP-Now Paddleboard Carry Strap, but it is not too large to be inconvenient.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are paddleboarders just like you. We only sell products that we use and love. If you are not 100% happy, simply return the deck bag for a full refund.

NIXY Newport Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board- Premium All Around SUP, Durable & Lightweight 106 x 33 x 6 iSUP, Travel Bag, Carbon Hybrid Paddle, Hand Pump, Leash & More

  • MOST VERSATILE iSUP: This all-around inflatable stand up paddle board performs great with any activity on the water for people of all skill levels and sizes. Measuring 10′6″ x 33″ x 6″ and a max weight capacity of 300 lbs. this iSUP has the perfect blend of stability and performance
  • ULTRA-LIGHT, DURABLE DESIGN: Built for quality, with portability and ruggedness in mind. Each board inflates to 15 PSI and is constructed with dual layer PVC, FusionTech laminated, woven drop stitch technology and reinforced carbon side rails to maximize durability. Weighing only 21 lbs., you can carry this ISUP with you everywhere
  • INCLUDES ISUP PUMP, PADDLE AND ACCESSORIES BUNDLE: Each Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes with a complete bundle that includes an adjustable hybrid carbon fiber paddle, 3-stage double chamber hand pump, 3-wheeled backpack, SUP hybrid ankle leash and 3 toolless removable fins
  • ACTION MOUNTS AND UV PROTECTED DECK: Extra wide, large non-slip UV protected deck pad to prevent slipping and keep your feet comfortable. This ISUP comes with 16 d-rings, dual removable bungee system and 5x M8 action mounts for all your favorite attachments and carrying needs
  • WHY CHOOSE NIXY?: Based near the famous beaches of Orange County, California since 2015. Our team is committed to the principles of building the highest quality Inflatable Paddle Boards. Designed and built by Paddle Boarders. All boards are backed with a 2-Year Warranty and Risk-Free Returns within 30 days

Lifetime 90891 Horizon 100 Stand-Up Paddleboard, 2 Pack, Paddles Included, Lime Green, 10'

  • stable design: features hull rails made to maximize stability when out on the water. ideal for entry-level and intermediate paddlers.
  • strong and durable: uv-protected and weather-resistant for outdoor use and features a build meant to last.
  • eva deck pad for increased traction - front deck bungee for accessible storage -integrated 1/4 in.-20 universal mount for waterproof accessories
  • molded center carry handle - rear handle for convenient transport
  • adjustable sup paddle’s included - paddleboard leash attachment loop -retractable fin for surf or flat water paddling

Cooyes Paddle Board,10.6ft Inflatable Paddle Board, Stand up Paddle Board with Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack, Emergency Repair Kit, Kayak Seat, Non-Slip Deck & More - Extra-Light ISUP

  • 【More Fun for Beginners & Experts】10'6" in Length, 32" in Width, and 6" in Thickness. 330 lbs weight capacity helps you stand and balance perfectly, suitable for beginners. Superior Maneuverability For Different Users. 3 triple bottom panel fins help improve overall speed. The triplefin design is better for going straight in flat water and also helps with control during surfing. You can also install a kayak seat in the middle for fishing and easily bring your pets on it.
  • 【Same sizes 35% lighter】Made of military-grade DWF epoxy reinforced material. The ultra-light drop-stitch PVC structure makes it 35% lighter than similar-size SUPs (19.4 pounds). PVC and top-quality nylon yarn brushed cushions to bring the board higher strength and a lower bending rate. 15 PSI safety data is strictly tested before leaving the factory. UV resistant exterior protective coating and high-pressure laminate structure are also designed for board protection.
  • 【50% Less preparation time】The other SUP usually takes 5 - 10 minutes to inflate and deflate, but COOYES needs only 3 minutes to do the same. Quick and time-saving. Provided double action hand pump with an air pressure gauge to help you inflate or deflate the SUP quickly. The ergonomic handle fits your palm perfectly to save energy effectively. Two elastic strings are equipped to fix the air hoses.
  • 【All in 1 accessory bundle】COOYES inflatable stand-up paddle board comes with a complete package that includes: Center removable fin, kayak seat, emergency repair kit, 3-Piece adjustable light weight aluminum paddle, premium backpack carrying bag, ankle Leash, waterproof phone case and double action hand pump with air pressure gauge. It makes COOYES SUP ready to use when out of the box. We also take into account possible emergencies, emergency repair Kit are included in the accessories package.
  • 【12 months warranty】If you had chosen COOYES, you will not only get a stylish COOYES ISUP and enjoy a follow-up, considerate after-sale service. COOYES is committed to bringing the best quality SUP to all users. Therefore, we confidently promise a one-year unconditional warranty on boards and accessories! If you have any concerns or questions about COOYES SUP, do not hesitate to contact our after-sale team, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

SUP-NOW Paddleboard Accessories Cooler & Deck Bag in One V2 (Gray Small)

  • SMALLER SIZE VERSION: This smaller size can hold up to 6 cans and ice packs.
  • FREE WATERPROOF PHONE POUCH: Keep your essentials like your keys and phone safe while on your paddleboard.
  • CLIP AND BUNGEE SYSTEM: includes 4 clips and a bungee for attaching do your board's D Rings.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We only sell products that we use and love. If you are not 100% happy, simply return the Cooler for a full refund.

HLOGREE Paddleboard Deck Bag, Mesh Storage Bag SUP Accessories with 4pcs Kayak PVC D-Ring Patches, 1/6" x 9.8ft Bungee Cords Plastic kit with Hooks And Free Waterproof Phone Case

  • 【 Durable Storage For Your Water Traveling 】 HLOGREE SUP paddleboard deck bag is made of high-quality Oxford cloth and mesh.It is durable and rugged enough for your paddling,paddleboard,kayaking,surfing adventure.
  • 【Storage What You Need 】 The deck bag size is 16.93 inches long * 13.78 inches wide.Our mesh bag is large enough to hold water bottles, keys, swimming goggles, snacks, hats, sandals, sunscreen and sunglasses, etc. Special gift, waterproof phone case can keep your keys and mobile phone and other necessities properly.
  • 【Securely fixed】no longer worry about the paddle board deck bag slipping off, it has 4 sturdy D-ring patches, only glue or sticky adhesive on the back, can be easily connected to your paddle board, can be firmly fixed in any situation , It is more sticky on your paddle board and can bear 30 kg. It is equipped with 4 adjustable hooks and D-rings to secure the deck storage bag. Make sure to check the suction regularly to prevent it from falling off.
  • 【Perfect Deck Bag】 Belongs To SUP Accessories- It is very suitable for calm waters or snorkeling equipment. It is mesh, so it is not waterproof, but it does not retain water. It does not need to be cleaned or drained, and it is very light. The attached rope is flexible and can be adjusted to fit different sizes of wood boards.
  • 【Included】1pc X mesh deck bag(长43cm/16.93inch 宽35cm/13.78inch )&1pc X black elastic cords & 1pc X waterproof mobile phone case & 4pc X PVC D-rings & 2pc X hooks and 4pc X carabiner
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