Seattle Sports Stand Up Paddle Board/Surfboard Wall Mount Cradles , Black, 24-Inch x 11.5-Inch

  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED - Specifically Built for SUPs and Surfboards - 9" Width Can Accommodate Thick SUPs
  • MOUNTING OPTIONS - Can Be Mounted To Wall or Ceiling
  • SECURE - Compatible with Our Cradle Lock or Cable Locks
  • DIMENSIONS - 23.5" x 9.75"

How To Choose The Best Paddle Board Hanger

What Is The Purpose Of A Paddle Board Hanger?

Paddle boards are very popular these days and there are many different types available. If you're interested in purchasing a paddle board, you might be wondering where you should hang it once you've bought it. There are several options available including hanging it on a wall, using a pegboard, or attaching it to a pole with a hook. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages so let us take a closer look at each type of paddle board hanger.

Wall Mounted Boards

This method of mounting a paddle board involves placing it directly onto a wall. Although this does provide easy access to the board, it doesn't allow you to store other items underneath the board. Also, because the board is mounted directly onto the wall, it could potentially scratch the paintwork. In addition, if the wall isn't flat, the board will lean slightly away from the wall which makes it more difficult to balance while paddling.

Hanging Boards Using Pegboards

The second method of hanging a paddle board uses pegboards. This method is great because it gives you plenty of storage space beneath the board. However, it does require drilling holes into the board itself which can weaken the material. Furthermore, this method is only suitable for smaller boards. For larger boards, you'd need to drill additional holes in order to fit them properly.

Board Racks

Finally, we have the third method of hanging a paddle board. This method consists of installing a board rack inside your garage or shed. This way, you can install multiple boards side by side. Because the boards aren't attached to anything else, you can adjust the height of the boards according to your needs. You can also remove individual boards whenever needed. This is ideal for storing large amounts of gear or accessories. However, this method does mean that you cannot attach any other objects to the board rack. Therefore, you must ensure that the object you wish to mount is compatible with the size of the board rack.

How To Choose Which Type Of Hanger Works Best For You

There are three main methods of hanging a paddle board. All three methods have their pros and cons. So, before deciding which method works best for you, think carefully about what you plan to use the board for. Once you know what kind of activities you plan to perform with the board, choose the method that suits those activities most. Then, decide whether or not you prefer the convenience of being able to quickly change the orientation of the board. Finally, consider the amount of room you have available in your garage or shed. Will you be able to accommodate a full-sized board rack?

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Paddle Board Hanger

Purchasing a quality paddle board hanger is important because it ensures that your paddle boards stay safe while being stored away from water. If you're planning on storing your paddleboards outside, it's imperative that you purchase a sturdy paddle board hanger so that your paddleboards remain dry and protected from the elements. There are many different types of paddle board hangers available today, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some paddle board hangers are designed specifically for outdoor storage, while others are meant only for indoor use. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a quality paddle board hanger.

Your paddle boards are expensive investments, which is why it's essential that you take care of them properly. One way to ensure that your paddle boards remain safe and dry is by investing in a high-quality paddle board hanger. Most paddle board hangers are constructed using heavy duty materials that are able to withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition to protecting your boards from moisture, these hangers provide added support during transportation. Many paddle board hangers include wheels that allow users to transport their boards more easily.

As mentioned above, there are several different types of paddle board hangers available today. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, some paddle board hangers are designed to be lightweight and portable, while other models are built to hold large amounts of weight. Regardless of whether you choose a light or heavy model, it's always best to go with a paddle board hanger that offers both portability and stability. As long as you select a paddle board hanger that meets your needs, you shouldn't encounter any problems.

How To Choose The Best Paddle Board Hanger

There are numerous factors to consider before making a final decision regarding which paddle board hanger is right for you. First, you must decide between an indoor/outdoor paddle board hanger and a waterproof paddle board hanger. Outdoor paddle board hangers are typically heavier and stronger than those intended for indoor use. Therefore, if you plan on storing your boards inside, it's best to opt for a waterproof paddle board hanger. Another factor to consider is the size of your paddle boards. Smaller paddle boards require smaller paddle board hangers, whereas larger boards require bigger ones. Lastly, you should determine whether or not you intend to travel frequently with your boards. If you plan on traveling regularly, it's advisable to invest in a paddle board hanger that includes wheels. Wheels enable you to quickly and easily relocate your boards whenever necessary.

Paddling boards are great fun to play with, but there are many different types available. If you're thinking of getting into paddling, you might be wondering which type of paddle board is best suited for you. There are several features that you should take into consideration before purchasing a paddle board. The following list includes some of the most important factors to think about when choosing a paddle board.


The size of the paddle board is very important because it affects the amount of weight that you can carry while using it. Smaller paddle boards are easier to maneuver around the water and are more suitable for beginners who are learning how to surf. Larger paddle boards are generally heavier and require more skill to ride. However, larger paddle boards are ideal for experienced surfers who wish to travel long distances across open waters.


There are two main categories of paddleboards; round and flat. Round paddleboards are designed for surfing and freestyle activities. Flat paddleboards are designed for cruising and racing. Both styles provide excellent stability and performance. However, flat paddleboards are slightly faster than round ones. In addition, flat paddleboards are lighter and therefore easier to transport.


Most paddleboards are constructed from either fiberglass or polyethylene foam. Fiberglass paddleboards are stronger and last longer than those made from polyethylene foam. Polyethylene paddleboards are cheaper, however, they are prone to cracking and splitting. Therefore, if you plan on spending lots of money on your paddleboard, opt for a fiberglass model.


Although lightweight paddleboards are easy to transport, they lack durability. Heavyweight paddleboards are more durable and can withstand rough conditions. However, heavy paddleboards are harder to control and are difficult to steer. Therefore, if you intend to go fast, choose a heavyweight paddleboard.


Some paddleboards are built with high-quality materials that ensure maximum strength and longevity. Others are cheaply manufactured and break down quickly. Make sure that you purchase a quality paddleboard that has been well thought out by its manufacturer. Also, check whether the paddleboard comes with a warranty.


It is always advisable to shop around for the best price possible. Some manufacturers sell their products online whereas others prefer selling directly to consumers. Always ask friends and family members if they know anyone who owns a particular brand of paddleboard. You could end up saving hundreds of dollars by doing so.

Different Types of Paddle Board Hangers

Paddle boards are great fun and easy to learn. But there are many different ways to hang your board. Some people prefer to leave their board hanging on the floor while others prefer to mount theirs onto a wall. There are several different methods available to hang your board. Here we will discuss three common options.

Wall Mounted Boards

The most popular way to hang your board is by mounting it directly into a wall. The advantage of doing so is that you can easily remove your board whenever you wish. However, there are disadvantages too. For example, walls are not always flat. If your wall has uneven edges, you might be able to see the outline of the board. Also, if you decide to take down your board, you must either cut holes in the wall or drill holes in the board itself. Finally, if you're planning to put your board away during the winter months, you'll need to cover the hole with something else. Wall mounted boards require more maintenance than other options.

Floor Standing Boards

Another option is to simply set your board on the ground. While this method does provide good stability, it doesn't allow you to easily access your board. To gain full access to your board, you'd need to lift it up each time you wanted to retrieve your gear. Floor standing boards are best suited for those who enjoy being outdoors. If you plan to store your board outside during the cold season, you'll need to cover the hole with something else. Lastly, if you ever decide to sell your board, you'll need to pay someone to carry it back inside. Floor standing boards are ideal for those who love to play around in the water.

Board Racks

Finally, you could choose to purchase a board rack. This type of hanger is designed specifically to hold your board upright. Most board racks are adjustable allowing you to adjust the height of the board depending upon its size. In addition, these racks are typically lightweight making them easier to transport. As long as you know where you intend to install your board rack, you shouldn't encounter any problems. However, you'll still need to drill holes into the board before installing your rack. Once installed, you'll no longer have to worry about damaging your board because it will stay safe and secure.


SPAREHAND Glacik Universal Wall Mount Rack Storage with Padded Arms for 2 SUP Paddle Boards, for Large sup with Board Width 26" - 36"+"

  • Heavy duty rack holds 2 boards with a maximum weight capacity of 120 lbs.
  • Padded arms protect boards and feature an easy-glide tip for easy storage
  • Convenient, sturdy SUP storage with removable arms
  • Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Includes all mounting hardware and installation instructions
  • Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors

SPAREHAND Single Wall Mount Rack with Angled Padded Arms for 1 Surfboard or SUP Paddle Board, Black

  • Multipurpose and durable wall-mounted rack for one surfboard or SUP
  • Sturdy angled 27" arms made of steel with thick padding to prevent damage
  • Wall mount has ED coating inside and outside for rust resistance
  • Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Comfortably holds shortboards and longboards
  • Sparehand Original Design: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Paddle Board Wall Mount Rack by COR Surf | Double Surfboard or Paddleboard Wall Rack Storage | Heavy-Duty SUP Garage Storage Rack

  • Heavy-Duty SUP Storage Wall Rack for holding your paddleboard or surfboard. It can even store Kayaks! The Perfect paddleboard mount or surfboard rack for the garage. Capable of holding multiple surfboards on one level. Keep your boards safe and ding free with COR Surf Racks!
  • Stores up to (2) SUP or surfboards off the ground and out of the way. This Stand up Paddle Board Rack will hold even more between the space and on top due to a generous 10” space between the arms. Yoga, touring, racing, and inflatable paddleboards
  • Easy to install paddleboard racks, just snap them in place, and you are ready to go! The paddle board rack comes with the provided hardware and can be easily mounted on the wall. The padded arms of the rack easily snap into place for a secure and easy setup.
  • Protect Your Boards: 28" Soft Foam-coated rack arms keep your paddleboards, SUP's, Kayaks and Longboards safe and secure while stored on the wall at home, or in your home or garage. Our Paddle Board Racks have a nice, black powder coated steel and are built to withstand the weight of heavy paddleboards and longboards, creating a more sturdy and durable sup wall rack. Maximum weight capacity of 100-pounds and stores any style of paddleboard or SUP.
  • COR Surf is a Family run company of Surfers and Paddle Boarders. Trust the brand that lives the life you do!

FunWater Stand Up Paddle Board 11'x33''x6'' Ultra-Light (20.4lbs) Inflatable Paddleboard with ISUP Accessories,Three Fins,Adjustable Paddle, Pump,Backpack, Leash, Waterproof Phone Bag

  • 【User Scenarios】Funwater paddle boards is your first choice for water sports.Funwater inflatable paddle boards (SUP) are suitable for all skill Levels to enjoy themselves, explore, or adventure in water areas.
  • 【Materials and Parameters】The new ultra light military grade double wall PVC is 35% lighter than similar size products (20.4 pounds), with excellent wear resistance, toughness and long service life. The inflatable paddleboards standard size is 11'× 33" × 6 ", carrying 330 pounds.
  • 【Design and Use】 Funwater's unique ergonomic handle design allows you to inflate your paddle more easily in a shorter time. The sensitive barometer ensures that you can read the sup inflation pressure value (12-15psi) at any time. The multifunctional elastic string can tightly fix any objects placed on the inflatable paddleboard. The multipurpose and ultra-large backpack can help you easily carry the paddle to any of your dream places.
  • 【Package Including】1×inflatable paddle board, 1×adjustable sup paddle ,3×fins , 1×sup pump , 1×backpack , 1×waterproof phone bag, 1×leash.
  • 【Customer Service】 If you have any questions about the products, we will provide you with solutions at the first time. We provide 30-day no-hassle return service, 60-day warranty for paddles, and 1-year warranty for accessories.

VIVOHOME Heavy Duty Freestanding Dual Storage Rack Height Adjustable Carrier Stand for Kayaks SUP paddle Boards and Canoes

  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL - The kayak support is made of full tubular metal and is treated with black powder coating to ensure long-term durability; PE-foam cushioned sleeves can be used for UV protection and scratch resistance
  • LARGE CAPACITY - The rack comes with 2 removable holders but can be installed with more holders; With multiple holes designed on tube, the cradle arms can be adjusted horizontally to accommodate items of different sizes
  • STABLE FREESTANDING - Incredibly stable even in harsh wind conditions, which owes to the dual tripod bases design; Nail holes on the base can enhance its stability, which means you never have to worry about it falling down when holding heavy objects; The carrier stand can be used even on uneven ground
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - The package includes a complete set of parts and no additional setup equipment is required, so you can use the rack more efficiently immediately; Also, you can combine 2 racks to greatly increase storage space and save your garage space
  • VERSATILE USES - The weight capacity is approximately 175 lbs., enough to organize large kayaks, paddle boards, surfboards, small boat, small canoes or stand-up paddle boards; Ideal for garages, storerooms, boat houses, even docks and decks

DRIFT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, SUP with Accessories | Coiled Leash, Pump, Lightweight Paddle, Fin & Backpack Travel Bag (Native Floral)

  • Stable & Maneuverable: It's easy to stand up and balance on a Drift paddle board! At 10'8" x 33" x 6", the wide deck and performance shape make for fast, fun paddling for all skill levels.
  • Inflatable & Portable: Quickly inflates or deflates for Easy Storage - packing down to just 38" x 18" x 12" and 19 lbs. Whether you’re jetting off to explore a tropical paradise or hiking into the wild to find that perfectly serene fishing spot, Drift Inflatable SUPs travel comfortably in their high-quality carrying bag backpacks.
  • Highly Durable: We use a High Tech process to transform military-grade PVC into a rock-solid rigid platform. With a core of composite drop-stitch fibers connected to the nearly indestructible outer skin, Drift boards stand up to anything you want to do on the water.
  • Complete Paddleboard Kit: Comes with all essential paddle board accessories, including coiled leash, removable fin, repair kit, 3-piece aluminum paddle, paddle board pump, and backpack carrying bag. Board Features include EVA foam deck pad, bungee straps, grab handles, 250 lb capacity, and our signature Entry Rocker style hull that sheds water and keeps the board nose up.
  • Better After Service: Based in Destin, Florida - we stand by the quality of our boards. All Drift paddle boards are covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty at no additional cost. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or issues.

IBATMS 10'6"32"6" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack, Non-Slip Deck, Leash,Fin,Paddle and Hand Pump for Youth & Adult (black-002)

  • 【WIDE AND SAFETY & CONVENIENT DESIGN】Our IBATMS paddle board is 10'6" long and provides 32'' of deck width,board thick is 6",it is the ideal size for many SUP paddlers. What's more, the SUP board features with detachable bottom panel fin, enhances stability and balance, improve speed, steering and handling, the top deck of inflatable paddle board is a soft, cushioned non-slip traction pad to boost the rider's safety.
  • 【10'6" x 32" x 6"】Constructed of premium quality double-sided sandwich fabric and high-density drop stitches for superior stiffness and maximum pressure (15 PSI).With a width of 32 inches (80cm),has greater buoyancy and sufficient area to support stand or sit down.A soft EVA pad with a ray diamond pattern with a thickness of 4 mm for excellent grip and optimal comfort. And the EVA has good friction, which will prevent you from sliding,providing more stable driving and better performance.
  • 【EASY TO CARRY AND STORE】Ultra light 19.6 lbs(8.9kg),easy to inflate and deflate. Everything can be folded up and put in your backpack, take it anywhere.The central handle allows you to easily carry inflatable paddle boards to the water bank.The high-quality hand pump makes the paddleboard easy to inflate and deflate.Adjustable aluminum paddle can be easily adjusted to your desired height.Sturdy backpack can hold an inflatable board and all accessories.
  • 【COMPLETE ACCESSORY& VARIOUS LEISURE METHODS】 Come with Adjustable paddle, Removable Fin, Hand Pump, Leash, Backpack, Repair Kit.The paddle board is 320cm long and 80cm wide and 15cm thick.The carrying capacity is up to 300lb,can accommodate two young people of moderate weight standing on the board at the same time.Apply for all beginner and Intermediate Riders, for paddling, cruising, yoga, fishing, sightseeing in flatwater.
  • 【WARRANTY】IBAMTS Inflatable sup paddle board are built to stand the test of time, but we offer risk free returns within 30 days & 1 year warranty on materials,please feel free to contact us if you have any question,we will take actively action to deal with it well.

Premium wooden Freestanding SUP Storage | Storage for Paddle Boards, Long Boards, Race Paddle Boards, SUP, (Freestanding; for use Indoors and dry spaces Outdoors; Made in The USA) (4 Level)

  • ✔️ PROTECTIVE PADDING: on the arms promotes safe and simple storage as well as a place to repair dings and work on boards
  • 🛠️ EASY ASSEMBLY: Intuitive design allows for the rack to be assembled in just minutes with ONLY a screwdriver.
  • 💪 DURABLE: made out of exterior grade baltic birch and stainless steel hardware making it ideal for storing up to 50lbs per level both indoor and in dry, protected areas outdoors.
  • 🇺🇸 Proudly Made in the United States of America
  • MORE STORAGE OPTIONS? search "Steve's Rack Shack" in Amazon

Yes4All Wooden Surfboard Wall Mount, Surfboard Holder/Paddle Board Wall Mount, Paddle Board Wall Rack for Storage, Display and Decoration Pair (DJ3U)

  • Compatible with most boards: with the capacity of up to 55lbs, Yes4All surfboard wall rack is suitable for almost all surfboards. Moreover, it is also great for displaying other types of boards like paddleboard, wakeboard and snowboard, Skimboard.
  • Perfect for decorating your place: you can have your precious board exhibited instead of leaving it somewhere around the house. Show your love and story by making your surfboard a part of your home.
  • Sturdy rack for tough boards: made of Acacia solid hardwood, a sturdy structure for reliability and durability during your usage.
  • Soft pad provides better protection: the pad of the surfboard holder has soft feeling and brings comfort to your beloved board. The soft felt pads protect the board from slipping, quivering, scratching and falling off.
  • Minimalist design: the wall rack not only shows your surfboard, but also stores it upon the wall. Therefore, they don’t take up much space, you can have the board displayed even in small room. There are screws for both concrete and stud walls.
  • Our name is the promise of standard and quality. We are so confident that you will like our Surfboard Wall Rack, that if you return it within 30 days, we will give you a full refund no questions asked!

AA Products Kayak Storage Wall Mount Racks for Canoe Kayak Paddle Boards Wall Hanging Hooks, Set of 2

  • This kayak storage racks made of durable tubular Steel, the diameter of the tube is 3.1'', Holds up to 125lb.It's anti-corrosion and anti-rust.
  • Safety nylon straps securely hold your boat in place, It can also quick release the buckle when not in use.
  • 0.4'' thick foam padding to provide extra protection for hook surfaces in contact with the holding items.
  • Perfect for hanging heavy object, especially for ladders, canoe, kayak, canoe paddle board and other bulky items.
  • Free your shed and garage place, Premium kayak wall mount accessories can easy installed to walls, posts, benches, pier or dock.

ISSYAUTO Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board for Adults SUP 10'6"31"6" Ultra-Light Inflatable Paddle Boards, Non-Slip Deck Pad, with Backpack, Leash, Paddle and Hand Pump

  • MOST POPULAR ISUP STAND UP INFLATABLE PADDLE BOARD: 10'6" Length, 31" Width, 6" Thickness, 300lbs Weight Capacity. Most versatile Designed for all-around fun. The trim and stylish design fit riders of all skills who are looking for a versatile board shape for both flat water (lakes, ponds, etc), the river runs, small surf performance, and everything in between. With room for cargo, pets!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE DESIGN: Our boards use the newest technology at only 17 pounds, 23% lighter than the competition. Constructed with double military-grade PVC making this board rigid enough for all paddle board activities and durable enough to last. This wide stance inflatable paddle board is six inches thick helping you stay balanced while you're paddle boarding.
  • INCLUDES ACCESSORY BUNDLE: All inflatable stand up paddle boards come with a complete package that includes:3-Piece Floatable Adjustable Light Weight Aluminum Paddle, 6 Point Front Rope, Premium Carry Backpack, Dounle Action Hand Pump With Air Pressure Gauge, Coil Ankle Leash, Repair Pack, User Manual, and Center Removable Fin. And two paddle holders along the rail of the board allows for secure attachment points for your paddle or fishing rod.
  • SUPERIOR STABILITY & MANEUBERABILITY: Weighs about 17lbs when inflated and the 31” wide stance ensures stability for fishing, yoga, and family activities; Anti-slip rhombic EVA traction deck pad adds comfort for additional rider or dog, plus room for equipment;The removable main fin works with 2 side fins to provide better handling and steering control with great maneuverability. ISSYAUTO inflatable paddle board for adults is also easier to use for beginners, teens
  • WHY SHOP SUP WITH ISSYAUTO? We provide a 2 YEAR WARRANTY ON MATERIALS! Our team is committed to bringing you the best quality paddle boards designed and tested by people who surf and paddle daily. Ride it and enjoy it!

Cooyes Paddle Board, 10ft/10.6ft Inflatable Paddle Board, Stand up Paddle Board with Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack, Emergency Repair Kit, Non-Slip Deck & More - Extra-Light ISUP

  • 【More Fun for Beginners & Experts】10'6" in Length, 32" in Width, and 6" in Thickness. 330 lbs weight capacity helps you stand and balance perfectly, suitable for beginners. Superior Maneuverability For Different Users. 3 triple bottom panel fins help improve overall speed. The triplefin design is better for going straight in flat water and also helps with control during surfing. Designed to target customer who wants to enjoy fishing, excursions, snorkeling, leisurely paddling, and even SUP-yoga.
  • 【35% lighter & Long Service Life】Made of military-grade DWF epoxy reinforced material. The ultra-light drop-stitch PVC structure makes it 35% lighter than similar-size SUPs (19.4 pounds). PVC and top-quality nylon yarn brushed cushions to bring the board higher strength and a lower bending rate. 15 PSI safety data is strictly tested before leaving the factory. UV resistant exterior protective coating and high-pressure laminate structure are also designed for board protection.
  • 【50% Less preparation time】The other SUP usually takes 5 - 10 minutes to inflate and deflate, but COOYES needs only 3 minutes to do the same. Quick and time-saving. Provided double action hand pump with an air pressure gauge to help you inflate or deflate the SUP quickly. The ergonomic handle fits your palm perfectly to save energy effectively. Two elastic strings are equipped to fix the air hoses.
  • 【All in 1 accessory bundle】COOYES inflatable stand-up paddle board comes with a complete package that includes: Center removable fin, emergency repair kit, 3-Piece adjustable light weight aluminum paddle, premium backpack carrying bag, ankle Leash, waterproof phone case and double action hand pump with air pressure gauge. It makes COOYES SUP ready to use when out of the box. We also take into account possible emergencies, emergency repair Kit are included in the accessories package.
  • 【12 months warranty】If you had chosen COOYES, you will not only get a stylish COOYES ISUP and enjoy a follow-up, considerate after-sale service. COOYES is committed to bringing the best quality SUP to all users. Therefore, we confidently promise a one-year unconditional warranty on boards and accessories! If you have any concerns or questions about COOYES SUP, do not hesitate to contact our after-sale team, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Ksports Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Blue 10.6ft32in6in, Quality SUP Accessories, Backpack, Waterproof Phone Bag. Wide Stance, Non-Slip Deck, 10xD Rings for Superior Paddleboard Experience

  • 🏄 【EXTRA WIDE SUP DESIGN】The Ksports stand up paddling board is 10.6ft long and provides 32in of deck width for improved stability and balance while standing.
  • 🏄 【EASE OF MANEUVERABILITY】The triple bottom panel fins on a wide board improve overall control of speed & steering for easy use by kids and adults.
  • 🏄 【NON-SLIP SOFT TOP DECK】Very handy for beginners, a wide paddleboard enables quick learning and fewer tip overs!
  • 🏄 【INFLATABLE & PORTABLE】Great combination - Take your paddleboard wherever you go, lake, river or ocean! It quickly inflates or deflates for great portability.
  • 🏄 【TOTAL PADDLEBOARD PACKAGE】Everything you need is included, paddling essentials include an oar paddle, manual air pump, coiled ankle cuff safety leash, waterproof phone case, patch repair kit, and convenient rucksack carry bag!

JINLLY Kayak Storage Rack, Wall Mount Ceiling SUP Surfboard Paddleboard Canoe Hanger Hook with Adjustable Strap and Wrapped Sponge, Indoor Outdoor Kayak Holder for Garage, 2 PCS

  • 【SUPPORT 2 INSTALL METHODS】Our kayak storage rack can be installed on the wall and ceiling. The equipped with long screws and expansion screws to support installation on walls of any material.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE NYLON STRAP】The SUP storage rack is equipped with an adjustable strap to prevent items from falling. You can adjust the direction and length of the cable tie according to your needs to better secure the items.
  • 【PROTECT YOUR BELONGINGS】The kayak storage rack is wrapped with 0.3" thick sponge, which can effectively reduce the friction between the rack and the item, and protect the hanging items from scratches.
  • 【STURDY & DURABLE MATERIAL】The kayak storage hanger is made of thick cast iron, the max load bearing can reach 100lbs. And powder coating on the surface makes it excellent in waterproof, rust-proof and abrasion resistant. So it can serve for you several years.
  • 【MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE RACK】This SUP storage hook can be used to hang kayak, canoe, SUP, snowboard, skateboard, surfing board, paddleboard and so on. The powerful storage function makes it possible to give you a tidy home.

HSCCGI Surfboard Storage Rack, Paddle Board Wall Rack Storage Display Mount with Padded Protection Holds Both Long Boards, Short Boards and SUP for Indoors

  • 【WALL-MOUNTED DESIGN】Our paddle board storage display is mounted on the wall which you can store and display your surfboard and paddle. The minimalist design of this rack allows the focus to be on your surfboard. Get the wall-mounted rack and show off your favorite surfboard.
  • 【PADDED PROTECTION】Each surfboard wall rack is attached with pad to protect the your surfboard from slipping and scratching while resting in the rack. Felt Padding can also protects the rails from dings.
  • 【STURDY AND DURABLE】Our surfboard rack is made of high quality steel, which is sturdy enough to hold any size surfboard for storage or display. It is powder coated and rust resistant, which ensures long term use. The maximum load bearing up to 55 pounds.
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL】Our surfboard rack can be used in three ways. The rack can store and display your paddle board. The bottom hooks can store your paddle,hats,clothes and so on. When there is no paddle board on the rack, you can use it as a paddle rack.
  • 【EASY TO MOUNT】Our surfboard rack comes with 4 screws, 4 anchors and 4 screw cap. With the provided hardware, it is easy to install. You can easily install the surfboard rack on the wall of your living rood or garage.

COR Surf Stand-Up Paddle Board Rack | Ceiling and Wall Surfboard and SUP Rack for Garage and Home

  • The COR Surf SUP Ceiling and Wall Garage Rack is the perfect SUP mount for large Stand Up Paddleboards, SUP and Longboards. Holds up to 50 pounds.
  • Our surfboard ceiling rack will hold any size SUP and has a 190 degree bend to account for any sagging when storing two heavy boards. Perfect sup rack for storing your stand up paddleboard indoors or out. This SUP Ceiling Rack will extend the life of your board and avoid costly dings and scratches!
  • Weather Resistant: Made from Galvanized Steel and is powder-coated black to keep from rusting. This sup storage rack has Protective Weather Resistant EVA Foam to protect your paddle board and is built to last!
  • Easy to install, comes with 4 heavy-duty lag bolts. f you are going to spend hundreds or thousands on a board, then make sure you are buying a heavy-duty standup paddle hanger to keep your board safe
  • ALL COR SURF wall storage racks comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY
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