SUP Paddle - 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles - Lightweight & Floating Paddleboard Oar - Durable & Packable for Travel - High-Grade Aluminum Shaft & Nylon Blade for Efficient Strokes

  • A GREAT LIGHTWEIGHT YET DURABLE ENTRY LEVEL PADDLE: Constructed with a marine grade aluminum shaft and a nylon blade, this stand up paddle provides lightweight paddle performance at an unbeatable price. You won’t find a better price to quality paddleboard paddle anywhere else, we can guarantee.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Our Adventurer SUP stand up paddle is durable and is designed to withstand the punishment of beginners and renters. The Adventurer stand-up paddle has a Marine Grade Aluminum shaft and a durable polypropylene blade. The result: a durable paddle that will last for years.
  • 12 MONTH GUARANTEE: We’re so confident in the build quality of our Adventurer stand up paddle that we offer all buyers a 12 month complete replacement guarantee. There’s no need to register. If you’re not completely satisfied with your paddle for paddle board then get in touch and we will replace at no charge.
  • ADJUSTS IN SECONDS: The Adventurer paddle board paddles adjustable is designed to give fun for all the family. Simply click and adjust the paddle from 61 inches to 81 inches. Ideal for anyone from 4’8 to 6’6. And at just 2lbs 2oz the kids have no trouble working this SUP paddle. Also great as a replacement paddle.
  • EASY TO STORE AND TRAVEL WITH: The Adventurer stand-up paddle is a 3 piece paddle which makes it easy to store away and can easily fit in the trunk of any car. Adventurer stand up paddleboard paddle can be broken down and reassembled in seconds and packs down to just 38 inches in length.

How To Choose The Best Paddle Board Paddle

What Is The Purpose Of A Stand Paddleboard?

Paddling boards are designed to be used by surfers while standing upright on water. They allow users to ride waves with ease and comfort. Surfboards are typically longer than paddleboards. However, paddleboards are more maneuverable and easier to control.

Stand Paddle Boards Are More Comfortable Than Surfing Boards

Surfboards are long and heavy. They require balance and strength to master. If you're a beginner surfer, you might struggle to stay balanced on a surfboard. In contrast, a paddleboard is shorter and lighter. So, it's easy to learn how to paddleboard. Once you've mastered the art of balancing on a paddleboard, you can start surfing.

How To Use A Stand Paddle Board

The best way to use a stand paddle board is to sit down on top of it. Then, lean back so that your feet rest flat on the bottom of the board. Next, lift both hands above your head and hold onto the sides of the board. Now, slowly slide forward until you reach the edge of the board. Lean back slightly and push off using your legs. As soon as you begin moving forward, you'll notice that you're able to steer the board effortlessly.

Benefits Of Using A Stand Paddle Board

Using a stand paddle board has many benefits. For starters, it makes learning how to paddleboard faster and easier. Because you're sitting down, you can concentrate on steering rather than trying to maintain balance. Also, because you're standing up, you can see where you're going and avoid obstacles. Finally, since you're standing up, you can enjoy the view of the ocean.

Where Can You Find Them?

Stand paddle boards are available online and at sporting goods stores. Most retailers sell stand paddle boards in different lengths and widths. Some models include features such as foot straps, fins, and other accessories.

Are There Any Downsides To Using A Stand Paddle Board?

There aren't any downsides to using a stand paddle board. However, there are disadvantages associated with purchasing a stand paddle board. First, most manufacturers only provide limited warranty coverage. Second, the price of these boards tends to increase as they become older. Third, stand paddle boards are bulky and difficult to transport.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Paddle Board Paddle

Purchasing a good quality paddleboard paddle is important because it determines whether or not you enjoy using it. If you purchase a bad quality paddle, you could end up with sore muscles and joints, which makes it difficult to perform certain activities. In addition, you might be able to break down the paddle, which could cause serious injury. However, if you purchase a high-quality paddle, you're more likely to experience fewer injuries while enjoying the sport.

How To Choose a Good Quality Paddle

There are several factors that determine the quality of a paddle. First, there's the material that the paddle is constructed from. For example, aluminum is lighter and stronger than wood. Next, there's the size of the paddle itself. Larger paddles provide greater stability and control. Finally, there's the weight of the paddle. Lightweight paddles are easier to maneuver and balance.

Types of Paddles

There are two main types of paddles: single blade and double blade. Single blades are typically longer and narrower than double blades. Double blades are generally wider and shorter than single blades.

Double bladed paddles are designed specifically for surfing. While these paddles are great for beginners who are learning to surf, they aren't ideal for experienced surfers. Because double bladed paddles are so wide, they require more effort to steer. As a result, many surfers prefer single bladed paddles.

Buying Tips

Consider the length of the paddle. Longer paddles allow you to travel farther distances and cover larger areas.

Features To Look For When Buying A Paddle Board

Paddling has become more popular than ever before. If you're interested in learning how to paddleboard, there are many different types of boards available today. There are several features to be aware of when purchasing a paddle board. The most important thing to know is whether or not the board is stable enough for beginners. Beginners who purchase a beginner-level board may end up with injuries because of its instability. However, experienced paddlers prefer stability so they can perform tricks while standing upright. Some other factors to take into consideration include the size of the board, the type of material used, and the weight capacity.

Size Matters

The size of the board is very important. Boards that are too small will limit your ability to maneuver around obstacles. In addition, smaller boards are harder to balance and control. Larger boards allow you to travel farther distances and cover longer distances.

Material Matters

There are two main materials used to build paddleboards; fiberglass and wood. Fiberglass is lighter and stronger than wood. Wood is typically heavier and sturdier. Both materials provide excellent performance and durability.

Weight Capacity

Some boards weigh between 10 pounds and 50 pounds. Weight capacities vary depending on the brand and model. Most manufacturers recommend using only certified weights when measuring the maximum load capacity.


Boards are designed to withstand rough conditions. Many companies test their products by dropping them onto concrete floors. Manufacturers claim that their boards are able to survive these tests. Be sure to check the warranty information provided by the manufacturer.


Always wear protective gear when riding a paddleboard. Make sure you have a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and gloves. Also, remember to always stay within sight of others.


Most boards are waterproofed with polyurethane coating. Waterproofing prevents water from getting inside the board. However, if you plan to ride in saltwater, you must ensure that the board is completely dry before entering the ocean.


Many boards are flexible. Flexible boards are easier to learn on and maintain. They are also safer since they can absorb impacts better.


Stability refers to how well the board holds itself together. Stability is measured by the amount of flex in the deck. Deck flex is determined by the thickness of the foam core.

Different Types of Paddle Board Paddles

Paddle boarding has become very popular recently with many different kinds of boards being available. Each type of board offers its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common types of paddleboards include; Longboard, Shortboard, Surfboard, Wakeboard, Kneeboard, and Standup paddle.


The longboard is the standard size paddleboard. It is typically longer than 6 feet so it can be ridden by two people side-by-side. Longboards are great for beginners because they provide stability while riding. However, they aren't recommended for advanced riders who prefer shorter rides.


The shortboard is smaller than the longboard. It is perfect for those who enjoy shorter rides where there isn't room for another person. Because of its small size, it is easier to maneuver around obstacles and waves. Also, it is more stable than the longboard making it ideal for beginner riders.


This is the largest of the paddleboards. Surfing boards are designed specifically for surfing. They are wider than other paddleboards which makes them more stable and easy to ride. They are also heavier than other paddleboards which gives them greater speed.


These are the fastest paddleboards. They are designed to be ridden standing upright. Wakeboards are great for freestyle wakesurfing. They allow you to perform tricks and stunts while riding.


Kneeboards are designed for knee paddling. They are narrower than other paddleboards and require less skill to master. They are best suited for experienced paddlers who wish to practice their skills.

StandUp paddle

Standup paddleboards are designed for standup paddling. They are larger than other paddleboards and are generally only found in commercial applications.

Types of Paddle Boards

There are many different types of paddle boards. Some are designed for specific activities while others are versatile enough to be used for multiple purposes. Here are some examples of each kind of paddle board.


Abahub 3-Piece SUP Paddles, Lightweight Stand-up Paddle Oars for Paddleboard, Adjustable Aluminum Alloy PU Coated Shaft 68" - 84", Black Plastic Nylon Blade

  • PERFECT CHOICE FOR BEGINNERS: A large 102 square inches with concave grooves design, this blade ensures a powerful and stable stroke, by reducing flutter during the paddling. The ergonomic handle also helps reduce fatigue on the shoulder. It floats in both salt water and fresh water, and thus is a perfect choice for beginners, casual paddlers, and rental shops.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN FOR DURABILITY: The shaft is made of 1.3mm thick aircraft grade aluminum alloy; the UV-stable blade is made of polypropylene and reinforced with fiberglass. The anti-twist clamp and locking pin system prevents loosening in the water. Assembled with mature craftmanship, this affordable SUP paddle sustains punishing environment. On top of that, the lower shaft is coated with a PU layer, which provides more comfort on grip, esp. for long distance or cold weather paddling.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE TO DIFFERENT USE: Can be assembled and adjusted easily from 68’’ to 84’’, this paddle is designed to fit most paddlers with different use. Our recommended paddle length is your height plus 6-8” for SUP surfing, plus 8-10” for flatwater and plus 10-12” for SUP racing. *Important: The screws on the clamps need to be checked and tightened if needed before using.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: When broken down into 3 pcs, this SUP paddle is 34.5” in length and 8.2” in width, and weighs about 35 oz (1 kg), thus an ideal option for carrying around and travel for both local and international excursion.
  • WHY SHOP ABAHUB: We've been manufacturing paddles for over 10 years. We know what we're doing and we stand by our products. If you're not happy with our products, we'll offer you replacement or refund with "No Question Asked”.

SereneLife Stand Up Paddle-Board Adjustable Paddle - Adjustable Water Paddle Oar for SLSUPB105 Free-Flow Inflatable SUP Stand Up Water Paddle-Board - SereneLife PRTSLSUPB105PDL

  • EXCLUSIVELY FOR SLSUPB105: The SereneLife Stand Up Paddle-board Adjustable Water Paddle is designed for use w/ SereneLife Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle-Board SLSUPB105 but can also be used w/ other SUP paddleboards
  • OAR PADDLE FEATURE: The paddle has foam stuffed into its tubes, it wouldn’t normally sink underwater, it can float on the water when the three shafts of the paddle are fully assembled. The maximum float time of the paddle is approximately 40 minutes
  • EASY TO CARRY: The oar paddle is made and designed to last features easy handling during checking in baggage or grabbing out of your car as it can be disassembled into three shorter pieces. Allows easy and hassle-free storage
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE AND HEIGHT: The paddle's handle shaft can be adjusted from the top section up/down until the length is comfortable for you. A longer paddle is for a smooth, easier paddling motion, the shorter paddle is good for competition riding
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The board paddle comes in three pieces assembled with water stoppers. To build the paddle, hold the button in while sliding the pieces together until they click into place. The last section (top) of the paddle is adjustable
  • WORRY-FREE SHOPPING: With the SereneLife PRTSLSUPB105PDL Replacement Paddle we are confident of the quality of our product, therefore, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked

Karltion SUP Paddle - Adjustable 3 Pieces Stand-Up Board Paddles Floating Aluminum Alloy Shaft Easy Packable Travel SUP-Black

  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Strong aluminum shaft construction is lightweight, responsive and can withstand the wear and tear of river paddling , and the durable PP & fiberglass blade delivers long-time durability for all the paddling adventures in your future
  • THREE IN ONE PIECE : This paddle is made in a 3-piece construction that makes it easy to fit your length and it is easy to pack. After assembling, it is stronger and more durable. It has buoyancy, does not sink, prevents accidental falling into the water and cannot be salvaged
  • ADJUSTABLE: The Easy Clip adjustable ferrule lets you precisely adjust the paddle length anywhere within its size range. It is adjusted easily from 65’’ to 87’’ (165cm to 220cm) Highly adjustable length will fit the whole family
  • CLEVER DETAIL DESIGN: T Handle Ergonomic palm grip increases paddle contro, non-slip and difficult to fall off . In addition,the teardrop blade shape efficiently translates your power to the water and its midsize reduces torque on the body for less paddling fatigue
  • A MUST CHOICE FOR BEGINNER OR EXPERIENCED : Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddle boarder, having a quality SUP paddle is an important part of the experience. This paddle is a real allrounder for flat water and small waves . The Tower 3-piece adjustable sup paddle will fit almost all paddle boarders needs at a value price

MoiShow SUP Paddle - Adjustable 3 Pieces Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle with Unique Lock Design Floating Alloy Shaft Paddleboard Paddle

  • ADJUSTABLE PADDLE BOARD PADDLE - Unique double locking device and laser measurement shaft let you precisely adjust any length you want easily. The paddle is 3 pieces construction, height adjustable range from 65''-85''( 165cm-215cm), meet your most need no matter you sit or stand on paddle board, also easily fit whole family different height needs.
  • SUP PADDLE PREMIUM MATERIAL - Adopt high strength aluminum shaft, this sup paddle is lightweight but durable, won't deform by force. Durable PP and fiberglass blade could resist waves caused by high winds, it will have long lifetime.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND FLOATING - Only 2lb weight, reduce your fatigue when paddling, also easy to carry and transport. Floating design will keep this paddleboard paddle floating in both saltwater and freshwater, no worry about losing paddle in the water.
  • SMART DESIGN ON DETAILS - New groove design on shaft make whole paddle more consistent, tighten, won't shake. T shape handle with ergonomic design will increase your control of paddle, not easy to fall in water. Cap on handle will keep water from getting in and insure it's floatage.
  • MUST HAVE FOR BEGINNER AND EXPERIENCED - Our mission is to provide high quality but reasonable price sup paddle, we are confidence with our paddle, you will get 1 year warranty once you own this sup paddle.

Driftsun Padded Stand Up Paddleboard - Driftsun 11ft Rigid Soft Top SUP with Paddle, Fin, and Leash

  • MULTI-PURPOSE PADDLEBOARD - Built for all-around use. Holds up in freshwater or saltwater. The size and shape of the Driftsun Soft Top board make it versatile enough for yoga, surfing, fishing, and classic paddling.
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY - Made with tough, top-quality construction to give you stability on water and ensure prolonged use. The Driftsun paddleboard may have soft top for comfort but its ABS bottom and top-grade construction gives it supreme durability.
  • COMFORTABLE RIDE - Designed with a soft EVA Top that makes it gentle and non-abrasive to your feet or skin. Whether you’re setting out to meditate, chase your catch, surf, or just enjoy paddling, expect a comfortable experience every time.
  • SPECS & FEATURES - 11ft long x 31in wide Soft-Top Paddleboard. Board incudes a 2-piece adjustable Driftsun DELTA ASUP paddle, ankle leash and a 9” nylon center fin. Weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP & MATERIALS - All Driftsun Stand-up Paddleboards come with a 1 Year Guarantee on materials, workmanship, and assembly, No Hassle Returns.

Overmont Aluminum Alloy SUP Paddle - 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle

  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS, CASUAL PADDLERS AND RENTAL SHOPS--- Overmont SUP paddle is guaranteed to float in both salt and fresh water when all pieces are assembled, a great and safe choice even for those who have never stand up paddleboarded before. It is also of great help for paddling stronger and more efficiently.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Overmont SUP Paddle delivers a lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum shaft, a durable polypropylene blade and a super comfortable ergonomically designed handle.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR ALL PADDLERS: Overmont 3-piece paddle is easy to adjust to your desired height from 67 to 85 inches (1.7 - 2.15m) within seconds, making it ideal for all paddlers above the height of 4 feet 8 inches. Weighs only about 2 lbs, even children can handle it easily.
  • EASILY CARRIED: Go on a local or international adventure with Overmont SUP paddle! Break it down into 3 pieces and throw it in the back of your car or carry it on to a plane. Our paddle travels and stores like none other.
  • OUR PROMISE -- Stand-up paddleboarding is part of our lifestyle and our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality paddles to casual paddlers. Contact our customer service team if ever you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we’ll definitely find a satisfactory solution for you within 24 hours.

Karltion SUP Paddle - 3 Pieces Adjustable Aluminium SUP Paddle Alloy Shaft Paddle Board Paddles with Glass Fiber Blade for Surfing, Floating,Water Sport-Blue

  • DURABLE&FLOATING: It is built with a 3-piece strong marine-grade aluminum shaft and a though Plastic blade. The Plastic blade is great for paddling in shallow waters and rocks because it's shock proof, and cannot be easily damaged. Has an internal floater to not sink in the water when fully assembled.
  • ADJUSTABLE &LIGHTWEIGHT: It weighs only 1.88 lbs (0.87kg) and can be height adjusted from 65 to 87 inches (1,52 to 2,2 m), which makes it suitable to a very broad range of paddlers from 4' to 6'4" tall (1.22 to 1.92 m). An easy click & go system enables you to share your paddle with friends and family.
  • PORTABLE: It's very portable and suitable for traveling around with your SUP and it takes only seconds to assemble or break down. When not assembled it's only 33.85 inches tall (86 cm) and can be packed in a small box/bag.
  • HIGH COST-PERFORMANCE: The Karltion 3-Piece Adjustable Travel Paddle is affordable yet durable, a good quality paddle, it's a great choice for who don't want to spend a significant amount of money on a full carbon sup paddle.
  • A MUST CHOICE FOR BEGINNER OR EXPERIENCED : Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddle boarder, having a quality SUP paddle is an important part of the experience. This paddle is a real allrounder for flat water and small waves . The Tower 3-piece adjustable sup paddle will fit almost all paddle boarders needs at a value price.

Lifetime 90891 Horizon 100 Stand-Up Paddleboard, 2 Pack, Paddles Included, Lime Green, 10'

  • stable design: features hull rails made to maximize stability when out on the water. ideal for entry-level and intermediate paddlers.
  • strong and durable: uv-protected and weather-resistant for outdoor use and features a build meant to last.
  • eva deck pad for increased traction - front deck bungee for accessible storage -integrated 1/4 in.-20 universal mount for waterproof accessories
  • molded center carry handle - rear handle for convenient transport
  • adjustable sup paddle’s included - paddleboard leash attachment loop -retractable fin for surf or flat water paddling

Cooyes Paddle Board,10.6ft Inflatable Paddle Board, Stand up Paddle Board with Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack, Emergency Repair Kit, Kayak Seat, Non-Slip Deck & More - Extra-Light ISUP

  • 【More Fun for Beginners & Experts】10'6" in Length, 32" in Width, and 6" in Thickness. 330 lbs weight capacity helps you stand and balance perfectly, suitable for beginners. Superior Maneuverability For Different Users. 3 triple bottom panel fins help improve overall speed. The triplefin design is better for going straight in flat water and also helps with control during surfing. You can also install a kayak seat in the middle for fishing and easily bring your pets on it.
  • 【Same sizes 35% lighter】Made of military-grade DWF epoxy reinforced material. The ultra-light drop-stitch PVC structure makes it 35% lighter than similar-size SUPs (19.4 pounds). PVC and top-quality nylon yarn brushed cushions to bring the board higher strength and a lower bending rate. 15 PSI safety data is strictly tested before leaving the factory. UV resistant exterior protective coating and high-pressure laminate structure are also designed for board protection.
  • 【50% Less preparation time】The other SUP usually takes 5 - 10 minutes to inflate and deflate, but COOYES needs only 3 minutes to do the same. Quick and time-saving. Provided double action hand pump with an air pressure gauge to help you inflate or deflate the SUP quickly. The ergonomic handle fits your palm perfectly to save energy effectively. Two elastic strings are equipped to fix the air hoses.
  • 【All in 1 accessory bundle】COOYES inflatable stand-up paddle board comes with a complete package that includes: Center removable fin, kayak seat, emergency repair kit, 3-Piece adjustable light weight aluminum paddle, premium backpack carrying bag, ankle Leash, waterproof phone case and double action hand pump with air pressure gauge. It makes COOYES SUP ready to use when out of the box. We also take into account possible emergencies, emergency repair Kit are included in the accessories package.
  • 【12 months warranty】If you had chosen COOYES, you will not only get a stylish COOYES ISUP and enjoy a follow-up, considerate after-sale service. COOYES is committed to bringing the best quality SUP to all users. Therefore, we confidently promise a one-year unconditional warranty on boards and accessories! If you have any concerns or questions about COOYES SUP, do not hesitate to contact our after-sale team, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.
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