Level Six Nylon Cockpit Cover

  • eXhaust 2.0 ply waterproof breathable nylon
  • Grip-Tex bungee sleeve
  • Adjustable bungee rand
  • Nylon pull loop

How To Choose The Best Pelican Kayak Cockpit Cover

What Is The Purpose Of A Pelican Kayak Cockpit Cover?

Their mission statement says "to be the best boat company in America." That's quite a claim considering they've only been around for 100 years! But they're definitely living up to their name with great kayaks, paddles, accessories, clothing, etc.

Why Do People Use Them?

The main reason why people choose to use Pelican covers is because they're durable. Most other brands of covers aren't very sturdy and fall apart quickly. With Pelican, you know that you're getting something that will last. If you take care of your kayak, you shouldn't have too many problems with its cover. However, there are still precautions you must follow to ensure maximum coverage.

How To Care For Your Pelican Cover

First thing's first, wash your cover thoroughly before putting it away. Make sure to remove anything stuck inside the seams so that dirt doesn't build up. Next, dry your cover completely by hanging it outside in direct sunlight. After drying, store your cover in a cool, dark location where it won't get wet. Don't put it in the trunk of your car or leave it sitting next to your pool. Also, don't let anyone else touch your cover while it's drying. Once it's dried, hang it back up again and repeat steps 1-4.

Tips For Using Your Pelican Cover

Once you've washed your cover, you'll notice that it comes with a zipper along the top edge. This makes it easy to open and close the cover. First, pull down the zipper and slide the cover onto your kayak. Then, zip the cover closed and secure it using Velcro strips located near the bottom of the cover. Now, whenever you go fishing or boating, you'll always have access to your kayak. Just remember to unzip the cover before taking your kayak into the water.

Where Can You Find One?

There are several places online where you can purchase a Pelican cover. There are also stores that sell kayaks and paddleboards that carry Pelican covers.

Is It Worth Buying?

Yes, absolutely. Not only does it provide excellent protection for your kayak, it looks really good too. So, if you're thinking about purchasing a cover, you might as well invest in a high-quality product.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Pelican Kayak Cockpit Cover

Pelican has been making great products since its founding in 1964. Their product line includes everything from backpacks to kayaks. One thing that sets Pelican apart from other manufacturers is their ability to create high-quality products with exceptional customer service. In fact, Pelican has earned the reputation of being the best brand name in outdoor gear.

Why Do People Use Pelican Products?

People choose Pelican because they know that their products will last. Pelican makes sure that each item is designed to be durable so that it can withstand the elements. For example, many of their products are waterproof.

How Can Pelican Help Me?

There are two main reasons why you'd want to invest in a Pelican kayak cockpit cover. First, it protects your kayak from getting scratched by rocks and debris while paddling. Second, it prevents water from entering the cockpit. Water inside the cockpit could cause problems such as mold growth and mildew. Both of these issues can lead to health hazards.

Is There Any Reason Not To Purchase A Pelican Kayak Cockpit Cover?

Some people think that there isn't anything wrong with using plastic covers. However, there are several reasons why you shouldn't use a plastic cover. Plastic doesn't breathe well. As a result, moisture tends to build up underneath the cover. Over time, this moisture can turn into mold. Mold spores can enter your body and cause serious illnesses. Additionally, plastic does not provide adequate insulation. Even though it might seem warm outside, the heat generated by your paddle strokes will still radiate right through the plastic.

Benefits of Using Pelican Kayak Cockpit Covers

Using a Pelican kayak cockpit cover offers numerous benefits. First, it protects your kayak from scratching. While paddling, you're likely to encounter sharp objects such as branches and rocks. Many times, these objects will scratch your kayak. With a Pelican cockpit cover, you'll never worry about damaging your kayak again.

Are There Other Types Of Kayak Covers Available?

Yes, there are other types of kayak covers available. Some of these include foam, canvas, nylon, and vinyl. Each type has its pros and cons. Foam is lightweight and easy to carry around. However, it doesn't hold up very well. Nylon and canvas are more expensive than Pelican. Vinyl is inexpensive but it lacks durability.

Features To Look For When Buying A Pelican Kayak Cockpit Cover

The most important thing to think about when choosing a kayaking cockpit cover is whether or not it fits properly. If the cover doesn't fit correctly, it could cause problems with the boat. The best way to check if the cover fits well is by putting it on the boat. Make sure there aren't gaps between the cover and the hull. Also be careful not to put too much weight on top of the cover because it might crack or break. Another problem that can occur is water getting into the cockpit. If the cockpit cover has holes in it, make sure those holes are covered so no water gets inside. Finally, make sure the cockpit cover isn't going to interfere with paddling. If it does, you shouldn't purchase it.

How Do You Know Which One Is Right For You?

There are many different types of covers available today. Some are designed specifically for kayaks while others are more general. There are also covers that are meant to be waterproof and others that are only partially waterproof. All these factors must be considered before purchasing a cover. Here are some features to look for when shopping for a kayak cockpit cover.

Waterproof - Does the cover allow enough air flow around the cockpit? Waterproofing is very important. If the cockpit cover is not completely waterproof, it could leak during heavy rainstorms.

Size - How big is the cover?

Types of Kayak Covers

There are two main styles of kayak covers. First, there are hard-shell covers which are typically made of plastic. Hard shell covers are easy to install and remove. However, they can scratch the paint on your kayak. Second, there are soft-shell covers which are generally made of neoprene. Soft-shell covers provide greater comfort than hard-shell covers. They are easier to install and take longer to dry out compared to hard-shell covers. Both types of covers are useful depending upon the type of kayak you paddle.

Which Type Is Best For Me?

Hard-shell covers are great for beginners who are still learning how to handle a kayak. Because they're harder, they're safer and more durable. Most hard-shell covers are easy to install and remove. They are also inexpensive. Soft-shell covers are ideal for experienced paddlers who know how to handle a kayak. They're softer and more comfortable. They're also easier to install and remove. In addition, they're more expensive.

Where To Find Them

Kayak cockpit covers are sold online and at sporting goods stores. Check local classified ads for places where you can sell old gear. You can also search eBay for sellers offering kayak cockpit covers.

Different Types of Pelican Kayak Cockpit Cover

The best way to protect your kayak is by using a cockpit cover. There are many different styles available, so it’s important to choose the right type for your boat. The most common style is called “cabin covers” which basically consists of two pieces of fabric sewn together with Velcro. Some models include storage pockets inside the cabin cover. Others have mesh windows to allow air flow into the cockpit while still protecting it from rain and spray.

Types of Cockpit Covers

Cabin covers – these consist of two pieces of material stitched together with velcro. They provide good ventilation and protection from water.

Dome covers – dome-shaped covers are great because they fit snugly around the cockpit opening and create a tight seal. Dome covers are more expensive than other options, but they last longer and require fewer repairs.

Tarpaulin covers – tarpaulins are very durable and easy to install. However, they aren’t waterproof and must be removed before launching.

How To Choose The Right Type For Your Boat

Choosing the correct type of cockpit cover depends on several factors including size, weight, durability, price, and ease of installation. If you plan to store your kayak outside during the winter months, you might opt for something that has a zipper rather than Velcro. Zipper covers are easier to open and close, making them ideal for storing boats outdoors. Another option is a vinyl cover that comes pre-cut to match the shape of your cockpit. Vinyl covers are lightweight and inexpensive, but they are prone to tearing and peeling away from the hull.

Installation Tips

Make sure you measure the exact dimensions of your cockpit opening. Most manufacturers sell kits that contain everything needed to cut and sew the cover onto your kayak.

Use a level to ensure that the cover fits perfectly flush against the sides of the cockpit. Make sure the edges of the cover line up evenly along the top edge of the cockpit.

Don’t forget to check the underside of the cover for holes or tears. Any small imperfections could cause leaks later on.

Benefits Of Using A Cockpit Cover

Using a cockpit cover offers numerous benefits. First, it protects your kayak from sun exposure and wind damage. Second, it prevents moisture from entering the cockpit where it can freeze and crack the fiberglass hull. Third, it creates a barrier between the cockpit and the elements. Fourth, it makes your kayak safer by preventing objects from falling into the cockpit. Finally, it improves visibility by blocking sunlight and reducing glare.


Seals Cockpit Drape Cover, Outer Cockpit (To 44in)

  • Cockpit covers for hard-to-fit kayak cockpits, Sit-on-Tops, fishing kayaks & SUP pads. Perfect for storage to keep out bugs, leaves and rain. Fits cockpits up to 26" wide
  • Medium-weight coated nylon packcloth is durable and UV resistant
  • Tether hook at front keeps the cover from blowing away. This cover is not intended for use while driving.
  • Adjustable bungee cords wrap around hull of kayak to keep the cover tight and in place
  • Proudly Cut, Sewn and Made in the USA by Seals Spray Skirts, USA.

MOOCY Kayak Cockpit Cover, Universal Waterproof Cover for Transport,Outdoor Storage Keep Hatch Hole Seat Clean

  • If your boat is not the same shape as our products, please choose larger size.
  • Keeps water & dust snow out of your kayak
  • Constructed of durable Light-nylon oxford with adjustable bungee
  • UV50+ blocking and water repellent
  • Elastic edging grips the cockpit rim tightly and adds extra durability

Explore Land Universal Kayak Cockpit Drape Waterproof Seal Cockpit Cover for Indoor and Outdoor 2 Pack - Large 60 x 29 inch, Black

  • Large size fits outer cockpit length from 44 to 57 inch, width from 18 to 25 inch. Actual cover size: 60 x 29 inch.
  • Made of durable 600D marine grade polyester with waterproof undercoating, universal kayak cockpit drape fits for sit-in kayak with or without pronounced rim, also the seat on sit-on-top kayaks and the foam foot pads of SUPs.
  • Adjustable bungee courd hooks the D ring and wrap around the kayak bottom to attach the opposite one. Tighten each cord to snug fit especially in transportation.
  • Hooks on the cover attached to deck lines can prevent the drape from sliding.
  • Perfect to keep dust, rain, sand and debris from entering the hatch during storage. 2 YEARS WARRANTY for any quality-related issue.

Linkhood Breathable Adjustable UV50+ Blocking Kayak Cockpit Cover Seal Cockpit Protector Ocean Cockpit Cover 51.2" x 25.6"(X-Large)

  • Designed to keeps dirt, leaves, snow, rain and bugs out of your kayaks cockpit(NOT for the entire kayak)
  • How to keep firmly: An adjustable shockcord rim is to fit the cockpit cover to fit your kayak perfectly. please operate as the 3th image show to avoid the cover drop down.
  • It is constructed with tear-resistant oxford cloth.
  • Double stitched and sealed seams, UV50+ blocking and water repellent.
  • Please confirm head size and tail size of your kayak cockpit before purchase. Note: Please measure the outside of your cockpit, For more comprehensive and more intuitive dimensions-XL:51.2" x 25.6", please click on the image (2th image)

Best Marine 600D Kayak Cover Accessories for Indoor & Outdoor Storage. Extra Thick Waterproof Cockpit Covers. Universal Kayaking Equipment & Gear. Protects from Sun, Rain & Snow. Fits 9ft-15ft Kayaks

  • New & Improved 2022: We heard, we listened, we redesigned! What’s the point of a kayak cover if it doesn’t do it’s main job… protecting your kayak from the elements? We scrapped our old 210D polyester covers and tripled the durability with our new 600D covers! Big boats use durable 600D waterproof covers, so why not kayaks! You won’t find anything on the market that compares to our redesigned quality.
  • No Two Kayaks Are Alike: With hundreds of kayaks on the market, finding the perfect size cover can be a challenge. That’s why we created three universal sizes that fit most kayaks. SEE SIZE CHART IMAGE. Simply measure the length of your kayak and choose the correct size cover. The wrap-around buckles and drawstring bungee allow you to customize your cover for a perfect fit.
  • Protect Your Investment: Other companies claim their covers will protect your kayak, but we know from experience that the thinner 200D-400D materials just aren’t designed for protection and durability. Heck, read our old reviews if you don’t believe us. Our redesigned 600D polyester covers are the real deal. They’re suitable for off-season storage and peak season protection. They won’t tear or deteriorate and are built to last!
  • Kayak Waterproof Storage: Our covers do an amazing job of keeping your kayaks safe from the sun, rain, snow and other damaging weather, but there’s one important detail you must understand. Just like speed boats with thicker covers, if you allow water to pool for long periods of time, it will eventually seep through. We highly recommend using a “boat cover support pole” or something similar to allow water to run off!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: We’re not into trapping our customers into a purchase they’re not happy with. If you’re not totally satisfied with your new kayak covers, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

MOPHOEXII Universal Waterproof Kayak Cockpit Cover Seal Cockpit Protector Ocean Cockpit Cover 4 Sizes Optional(Black, Small36x20in)

  • ✿【KEEP IT CLEAN AND DRY】Keeps water & unwanted critters out of your kayak,Including water and snow.(Since the shape of the kayak cabin of each brand is different, please compare the shape of the cabin)
  • ✿【SOME EXAMPLES】S size fits MOPHOEXII Expression 11.5 /14.5/15 or TRIBUTE 12.0/12.0UL or other kayak cockpits measuring 34-36" (length) x 18-20" (width)(Since the shape of the kayak cabin of each brand is different, please compare the shape of the cabin)
  • ✿【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】Constructed of durable urethane-coated nylon oxford,Double stitched and sealed seams.(Since the shape of the kayak cabin of each brand is different, please compare the shape of the cabin)
  • ✿【PERFECT FIT】Shockcord with an adjustable clip for perfect fit.(Since the shape of the kayak cabin of each brand is different, please compare the shape of the cabin)
  • ✿【PLEASE COMPARE THE SHAPES】Compatible with many kayak brands - see size chart and match to the dimensions of your kayak's cockpit.(Since the shape of the kayak cabin of each brand is different, please compare the shape of the cabin)

UCEDER Waterproof Oxford Cloth Blocking Kayak Cockpit Cover UV50+ Seal Cockpit Maximum Protection for Your Ocean Cockpit (Small)

  • Superior Quality: Made of premium Oxford cloth ,Durable,Breathable and Waterproof.
  • Double Stitched: Double sewing line,UV50+ blocking and water resistance,stronger and more beautiful than Single Stitching.
  • Adjustable Design :Adjusting the Shockcord Rim to fit your kayak perfectly.Extra strap can reduce wind resistance and prevent the cockpit cover from being blown away in high winds.
  • Function:Protects your kayak's cockpit from dirt, dust, rain, hail, bird droppings.etc.
  • Warm Tips:Pls measure the outside size of your kayak's cockpit before purchasing.Pls make sure your cockpit is dry before you put the cover on.or you could end up with mildew or other moisture issues.

UCEDER 420D Waterproof Oxford Cloth Seal Cockpit Cover, Kayak Cockpit Drape Cover with PVC Coating Maximum Protection for Your Ocean Cockpit(Regular 44x28 inch)

  • Superior Quality: Made of 420D premium Oxford cloth with PVC coating Durable and Waterproof.
  • Dimensions:The Cockpit Drape Cover is Regular 44"(L) x 28"(W), Regular fits outer cockpit up to 40 inch length and 23 inch width.
  • Widely Used:Universal cockpit drape for hard-to-fit kayak cockpits, Sit-on-Tops, fishing kayaks and the foam foot pads of SUPs.
  • Package Include: 1 pcs Cockpit Cover, 3 Adjustable bungee cords, Combine the stainless steel D buckle with Adjustable bungee cords with hook wrap around hull of kayak for a Tight in a Harsh environment to prevent the Cockpit Drape cover from blowing off.
  • Powerful Function:Protects your kayak's cockpit from dirt, dust, rain, hail, bird droppings.etc.
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