Columbia Mens Silver Ridge Cargo Pant, Tusk, 36W x 30L

  • OMNI-WICK: The ultimate moisture management technology for the outdoors. Omni-Wick quickly moves moisture from the skin into the fabric where it spreads across the surface to quickly evaporate—keeping you cool and your clothing dry.
  • OMNI-SHADE: Be safe and protected. Omni-Shade blocks UVA and UVB rays to help prevent sunburns and long-term skin damage. The tight weave construction with UV absorbent yarns block the full spectrum of harmful UV rays.
  • ALL WEATHER PANTS: These hard working pants are versatile, durable, and truly protective – engineered to keep you comfortable from sunup to sundown.
  • STRAIGHT LEG — CLASSIC FIT: With a regular fit these pants have a straight leg cut, and articulated knees made from 100% ripstop nylon for ultimate comfort during active outdoor adventures.
  • HANDY FEATURES: Exterior adjustable belt with partial elastic at the waist, plus pockets galore, including two front and two tabbed back pockets, two large cargo pockets, and a zippered security pocket — all keeping your necessities handy and secure.
  • How To Measure : Use a soft, flexible tape measure from a sewing kit. A metal tape measure from your toolbox or a yard stick may give you inaccurate readings

How To Choose The Best Quick Dry Hiking Pants

What Is The Purpose Of Quick Dry Hiking Pants?

Hiking pants are designed with comfort in mind. Whether you're going for a day hike or spending several days exploring the backcountry, these comfortable pants will be sure to fit well and provide plenty of support where you need it most. If you've ever hiked before, chances are you know that wearing tight-fitting clothing isn't always ideal. That's why quick drying hiking pants are so great! With a few simple steps, you can quickly remove dirt and sweat from your clothes and replace them with fresh ones.

Quick Drying Features

The best hiking pants are those that allow moisture to evaporate quickly. To achieve this goal, manufacturers incorporate special features into the fabric itself. Some hiking pants include mesh panels sewn directly onto the outer material. Mesh fabrics trap air pockets between fibers which creates more surface area for water vapor to escape. Other hiking pants utilize a breathable lining inside the pant leg. Breathable linings let perspiration pass through while still providing adequate ventilation. Finally, some hiking pants contain microfiber technology. Microfibers are tiny synthetic yarns that create a soft, lightweight fabric. Because microfibers are extremely fine, they wick away moisture very effectively. In addition to being effective at removing moisture, microfibers are highly durable and resistant to stains. All of these features combine to produce a pair of hiking pants that dries fast and stays fresh throughout your adventure.

How Do Quick Drying Hiking Pants Keep You Cooler?

While hiking, you'll likely encounter temperatures ranging from hot to cold. As long as you stay hydrated, you shouldn't experience too many problems. However, if you're planning on doing strenuous activities during warm weather months, you might want to invest in a pair of quick drying hiking pants. During warmer weather, sweating becomes a major problem. Sweaty skin causes heatstroke and dehydration. Even worse, sweaty skin attracts insects. Mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting bugs love to feast on human flesh. Fortunately, quick drying hiking pants are equipped with built-in cooling systems. Most hiking pants include ventilated armpit vents that channel cool air down the center of each pant leg. Ventilation channels draw cooler air across the body, helping to regulate temperature. Another option is to purchase a separate cooling vest. Vests are available in both short sleeve and long sleeve varieties. Short sleeves are perfect for summer hikes because they allow for maximum airflow. Long sleeves are good for winter hikes because they block wind and snowflakes. Both options are excellent choices for hikers who plan on spending extended periods outdoors.

Are Quick Drying Hiking Pants Waterproof?

Waterproofing is another important characteristic of hiking pants. While waterproof hiking pants are certainly useful, they aren't necessary. For starters, most hiking pants are already treated with waterproofing agents. Additionally, most hiking pants are constructed using materials that repel rainwater. Materials such as nylon, polyester, and spandex resist water penetration by creating a barrier around the outside of the garment. Still, there are times when you'll need to venture into wet areas. Rain gear is essential for outdoor adventures.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Quick Dry Hiking Pants

Hiking pants are essential gear for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. Whether you're going camping, fishing, hunting, or simply enjoying nature, proper clothing is important. If you plan on spending long hours outside, you must be prepared with the right clothes. Not only does a good pair of hiking pants provide comfort and warmth, but they also protect you from the elements.

How To Choose Hiking Pants For Men

Men's hiking pants are available in many different styles and colors. While there are several types of men's hiking pants, most hikers prefer cargo style pants because they allow freedom of movement while providing maximum coverage. Cargo pants are designed so that they fit comfortably around the waist and legs. Most hiking pants are made using durable fabrics that resist tearing and fading. Some models include pockets for storing small items. Other features include reflective strips along the bottom of the pant leg, which makes it easier to see in low-light conditions. Many hiking pants are constructed with mesh lining to wick moisture away from the body. Mesh linings are more breathable than other materials.

Benefits of Hiking Pants

There are numerous benefits associated with wearing hiking pants. First, these garments are comfortable. They provide support and stability throughout the day. Second, they are easy to put on and take off. Third, they are versatile. You can wear them during warm weather months or cold winter days. Fourth, hiking pants are useful for protecting you from the elements. Finally, hiking pants are functional. They allow you to carry large amounts of weight without feeling restricted by bulky layers.

Things To Consider Before Buying Hiking Pants

Before making a purchase, think about where you intend to hike and what type of terrain you'll encounter. All of these factors affect the kind of material you choose. Look for lightweight fabric that doesn't stretch too much. Also, look for pants that are water resistant. Avoid cotton since it tends to absorb sweat. Instead, opt for polyester or nylon.

Tips For Selecting Hiking Pants

Choose a model based on its size and length. Make sure the pants cover your knees and ankles.

Think about the pocket placement. Pockets located near the top of the pant leg are convenient for holding maps or snacks. However, those placed closer to the ankle are more secure.

Features To Look For When Buying Quick Dry Hiking Pants

Hiking pants are great because they allow you to hike comfortably while still being able to take care of business. If you're going to be spending long hours outdoors, you might think that wearing jeans is enough. However, there are many features to look for when choosing hiking pants so that you can enjoy your outdoor adventure with ease.


The most important thing to look for when purchasing hiking pants is waterproofing. Waterproofing refers to the ability of the material to repel water. The best way to test whether or not the fabric is waterproof is by submerging the garment into a bucket of water. If the fabric does not absorb the water, then it has been treated with a waterproof coating.


Another key factor to consider when shopping for hiking pants is quick drying. Most fabrics contain chemicals which cause moisture to bead up and remain trapped inside the clothing. In order to avoid these problems, manufacturers have developed materials that quickly wick away sweat and other liquids.


Therefore, lightweight hiking pants are essential. Lightweight hiking pants weigh less than two pounds per pair.


It's very easy to lose weight during hikes, especially if you're carrying heavy loads. Stretchy hiking pants allow you to stretch more freely and therefore increase your mobility.


In addition to providing comfort and flexibility, hiking pants must withstand the rigors of nature.

Comfortable Fit

Finally, comfortable fit is another important consideration. While hiking, you will probably be walking around uneven terrain. Therefore, hiking pants should provide support where needed and give you freedom of movement throughout your body.

Convertible Style

Many hikers prefer to carry their gear in a backpack rather than on their back. Therefore, a convertible style hiking pant offers versatility. Convertibility comes in handy when you need to change clothes mid-way through a hike.

Women's Size Options

There are several different styles of hiking pants available for men and women. Women's hiking pants typically have shorter legs and narrower waists compared to men's versions. Also, women's hiking pants generally have pockets designed specifically for women.

Fabric Types

There are three main types of fabric used in making hiking pants. All three types of fabric are suitable for hiking, but each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Nylon/spandex - Nylon/Spandex hiking pants are durable, flexible, and breathable. They are also extremely light weight. Spandex makes nylon hiking pants soft and supple.

Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature while getting fit. If you're planning on going on a hike soon, there are many different kinds of hiking pants available. Some hikers prefer wearing shorts because they are more comfortable and easy to put on. Others choose long-legged pants so they can stretch out comfortably during the walk. Still others prefer to wear jeans because they are easier to pack into backpacks. Whatever type of hiking pants you decide to wear, here are some tips to remember before heading out on your next adventure.

Choose The Right Type For Your Activity

The most important thing to think about when choosing hiking pants is whether you plan to be active or stay still. If you plan to be active, you might want to go with short hiking pants. Short hiking pants allow you to bend down and pick up rocks, sticks, etc., which makes walking easier. However, if you plan to sit around and relax, you'll probably want longer hiking pants. Longer hiking pants give you plenty of room to spread out and lounge around. In addition, these pants are good for sitting on top of logs or other objects to rest your legs.

Consider Comfort

Another factor to take into consideration is comfort. If you plan to be outside for hours, you'll want to select hiking pants that are durable enough to withstand being stepped on by animals. If you plan to be outside for only minutes, you'll want lightweight hiking pants. Lightweight hiking pants are perfect for those who plan to be outside for only a few moments. They are light weight and breathable, making them ideal for warm weather hikes.

Pick Colors That Match Your Outfit

Finally, you'll want to match your hiking pants with your outfit. If you plan to be outdoors for several hours, you'll want to wear something bright and colorful. Bright colors attract attention and make you stand out among the trees and bushes. If you plan to be outside for only a few minutes, you'll want to wear neutral colors that blend in with the environment. Neutral colors are best for outdoor activities where you don't want to draw too much attention.


TBMPOY Men's Snow Ski Waterproof Fleece Lined Pants Outdoor Hiking Mountain Softshell with Belt 02 Thick Green M

  • Waist size: XS fits for 28''-29''.S fits for 30''-31'';M fits for 32''-34'';L fits for 36''-38'';XL fits for 40''-42'';XXL fits for 44''-46''.
  • Surface layer Soft shell Polyester. Waterproof,Windproof,Durable,Lightweight and Breathable. Inner Comfy Fleece in Thick 01 and 02 keep you warm in cold outdoor activities.
  • Belt included. Adjustable stretchy waist with belt allows the maximum comfort.
  • Multi-pockets and Practical Design. Zipper security pockets keep your small items stay safely while moving.
  • Men's Snow Ski Windproof Soft Shell Snowboarding Pants suitable for daily wear, hiking, hunting, travelling, skiing, camping, fishing, mountaineering, biking, cycling.

TBMPOY Men's Outdoor Lightweight Windproof Belted Quick-Dry Hiking Pants(03thin Sage Green,us M)

  • Waist size: XS fits for 28''-29''.S fits for 30''-31'';M fits for 32''-34'';L fits for 36''-38'';XL fits for 40''-42'';XXL fits for 44''-46''.
  • Thin & Quick-Dry & Water repellent windproof outdoor pants keep you comfortable and dry in the summer spring and windy weather.
  • Belt is Included & Elastic Waist: Belt included.Adjustable stretchy waist with belt allows the maximum comfort.
  • Pockets: Zip pockets at sides and back for convenient and secure storage, allows you can comfortably enjoy the exercise time.
  • Slim fit hiking pants for men,perfect for mountain climbing,Camping,skiing,hiking,running,cycling,traveling,walking the dog,fishing,hunting,taking a walk and other indoor & outdoor sports.

BenBoy Women's Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Fleece Slim Cargo Snow Ski Hiking Pants,AN-SF1602W-Black-S

  • Material: The hiking pants are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, which are waterproof, windproof, warm,abrasion resistant,no pilling and comfy.
  • Multi zipper pockets keep your phone,keys,credit cards and other personal belongings secure.
  • Slim fit hiking pants featuring adjustable waistband with belt,patckwork knees,steric knee darts and unique zippered cargo pockets on thigh part.
  • Water repellent windproof outdoor pants with fleece lining,keep you warm and dry in the cold and windy weather.
  • Stylish snow pants for women,perfect for winter outdoor activities like hiking,mountaineering,camping,skiing,snowboarding,climbing,ice sports. NOTE: Dear customers, if you have any questions , please feel free to contact us and we will provide the best solution to you.

FREE SOLDIER Men's Fleece Lined Outdoor Cargo Hiking Pants Water Repellent Softshell Snow Ski Pants with Zipper Pockets (Gray 34W x 30L)

  • STAY WARM: FREE SOLDIER Snow Ski Fleece Lined Pants are made of 94% Scratch-resistant Polyester 6% Stretch Spandex soft shell fabric and lining with 100% Soft Polar Fleece. The skin-friendly property anti-static Fleece Lining of snow pants for men offers you with superior moisture wicking treatment, no pilling, breath freely, keep warmth and dry from the inside out while the Spandex provides the excellent comfort and flexibility.
  • WATER RESISTANT & WINDPROOF: Surface layer of mens ski pants is designed with Water Repellent Coating obviously repels rain and snow, cuts the wind, that pulls moisture away to keep you cool and dry during the winter sports, while maintain good breathability. Resists wrinkle, no fade soft shell winter pants for men with premium fleece lining fabric, give your skin a soft touch and effectively lock the heat, also perfect in windproof and snowproof, which is very suitable for outdoor adventure.
  • MULTI-POCKETS & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: 5 Secured Zipper Pockets with Drawstring can keep your phone, wallet, key, tactical gears or other accessories for ultimate safely, convenience and efficiency while moving. Freedom of movement - Stretch Spandex Softshell Pants featured with articulated knees provides great flexible, full mobility and perfectly fit. 3D tailoring with exquisite stitching make the hiking pants for men more suitable and stylish.
  • UPGRADE DETAILS: Side elastic waist allows waterproof pants to maximum fit and comfortable, widen Belt Loops fit for ultimate flexibility, can be used for the belts of different widths. High quality YKK Zipper Fly with Metal Closure avoid the embarrassment. Duraflex D-ring can hang keys chain and other essentials.
  • PERFECT FOR COLD WEATHER - FREE SOLDIER fleece lined pants men are especially suitable for hunting, camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, jungle, running, combat, military, backpacking, working, traveling, climbing, skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. NOTICE: All the data are accurately measured, please choose your standard size. If you like loose fit, please order the Plus or one size up.

TBMPOY Men's Hiking Work Cargo Pants Lightweight Waterproof Quick Dry Outdoor Mountain Pant Fishing Camping Black 34

  • Durable, water-resistant quick-dry nylon material keeps you cool and dry in outdoor and sports
  • 2 zipper side pockets and 1 right rear pocket can store your valuables safely. Sturdy zippers won't break easily
  • Belt not included. Comfortable partial elastic waist with belt loops better fit your waist
  • Designed with wear resistant fabric, 3D cutting, reinforced knee, exquisite stitching, which provides longevity performance
  • TBMPOY lightweight hiking pants is versatile for outdoor activities like hunting, mountaineering, climbing, camping, cycling, fishing, traveling and casual everyday wear

LEOKKARR Pants for Men Outdoor Hiking Quick-Dry, Convert Lightweight UV 50+ Fishing Travel Camping Pants (Green, 32W x 30L)

  • Hiking Pants Mens:100% nylon, quick dry material,hand/ machine washing , zipper closure
  • Quick Dry Pants Men: Quick dry Lightweight fabric for maximum comfort. Suitable for casual and outdoor recreation wear, such as hiking, travel, skiing, riding, walking, camping, mountaineering, hunt, climb, etc.
  • Fishing Pants:UPF sun protection fabric reduces your exposure to harmful UVA/UVB radiation.
  • Cargo Pants Men-Father's Day gift: Multi-pockets with hook&loop for your belongings, Two slant pockets, Two thigh pockets and Two back pockets.
  • Convertible Pants Men: Zip-off pant legs make for an easy change from pants to shorts, suitable in the hot and cold seasons of spring summer and autumn.

CRZ YOGA Women's Hiking Lightweight Stretch Thick Pants Outdoor Travel Workout Pants with Zipper Pockets Black Small

  • Inseam: 32 inches. Thickness: 162 g/m². Recommend Size Down.
  • Lightweight Ripstop Fabric resistant to tearing and ripping, stretchy in horizontal for extra mobility while you walking, climbing or biking.Also suitable for cold weather.
  • High Rise Outdoor Pants with cinch bottom: Breathable backpacking pants are water-resistant, dry fast to keep you cool and comfortable. Cinch drawcord at the bottom can adjust to be capri pants or cinch to keep bugs away while outdoor
  • Hook & Button Closure: Soft knit waistband for smooth comfort on your skin; zip fly with hook and button closure for reinforcement
  • Zipper Pockets for Storage: Mesh zip pockets and small hidden inner coin pockets for secure storage. Long hiking pants with ventilated mesh side panels keep you fresh and cool, designed for hiking, climbing, travel, lounging around or daily-wear

TBMPOY Men's Hiking Fleece Lined Softshell Pants Waterproof Windproof for Camping Skiing Snowboarding Grey 32

  • Waterproof, windproof and insulated soft shell surface with inner fleece lining keeps you warm and dry in winter
  • One of the features of this hiking pant is color blocking and wear resistant design by upgraded technology in the knees.
  • Multi-functional trousers with 2 zippered hand pockets, 1 zippered pocket on the thigh, 1 zippered rear pocket to store your personal items secure while moving.
  • Partial adjustable waistband can perfect suit your waist and keep you comfortable
  • TBMPOY Mens Hiking Pants is ideal for all winter outdoor and indoor sports activities like hiking, walking, camping, hunting, fitness, cycling, fishing, climbing, travelling, jogging and casual wear.

AIRIKE Athletic Pants for Men Water Resistant Quick Dry Lightweight Polyester Workout Warm Up Hiking Sweatpants with Pockets Black

  • Tips--Model is 6'with a 32" waist and 29.4" Inseam--wearing size Medium/32.In order to ensure get the right size,please refer to the model one.
  • Water Resistant & Quick dry -- Durable water repellent (DWR) finish on fabric to shed light rain and stains.Outdoor sports,fast drying keeps you cool and dry.
  • Stretch&Sun Protection--Four way stretch fabric ensure comfort and flexibility during movement.Sunscreen fabric reduces your exposure to harmful UVA / UVB radiation.
  • 2 Zipper Front Pockets + Invisible Back Pockets--Can hold 5.5 inch mobile phone,credit card,change,at the same time.Closed zipper,can better protect your valuables,not easy to lose.
  • Occasion--This mens lightweight sweatpants are suitable for spring, summer and autumn suitable for daily wear, sports, training, hiking, mountaineering, jogging, traveling and golf.

Cargo Pants Women with 6 Pockets Scrub Lightweight Hiking Pants High Rise Drawstring Joggers Ankle Quick Dry Stretch Workout Pants Casual Outdoor Running Black

  • COMFORT--- Made of stretchy moisture-wicking lightweight woven fabric. Our hiking pants for women have a soft handfeel with breathable and quick-drying fabric quality - keeping you cool and dry.
  • DETAILS --- Womens outdoor hiking pants are equipped with 2 slash zip-closure security pockets and 2 pockets which can store your items easily at your convenience The elasticated waistband provides a more comfortable wearing experience together with elasticated cuff to support for flexible movement.
  • FITTING --- Our versatile lightweight pants are suitable for hiking, camping, traveling, fishing, running, walking, workout. They are comfortable for outdoor activities or just lounging at home.
  • WASHING INSTRUCTIONS - Gentle machine wash below 30 degree Celsius or hand wash.
  • SIZING --- Perfect for many body types. Please use the chart to find suitable size (Model is wearing size S and is 5.74'/116 lbs)

ROCKBROS Mens Cycling Bike Pants Quick-Dry Outdoor Mountain Running Hiking Gear Black

  • ✔COMFORTABLE: ROCKBROS windproof cycling pants made of high-quality polyester material, soft and comfortable, and the elastic fabric won't cause any trouble when you do exercises.
  • ✔WINDPROOF&BREATHABLE: The windproof material on the front of the pants provides strong protection to your leg, the back adopts lightweight breathable fabric keep your leg fresh and cool.
  • ✔UNIVERSAL FIT: Special waistband drawstring design for an adjustable fit and comfortable. The sweatpants leg with zippered ankle cuffs can expand the width of the ankle cuff to accommodate over boots or have a looser fit.
  • ✔SAFETY DESIGN: Highlight reflective strips of the bike pants provide a safe night riding. The side zipper pockets ensure your important items safe and not worry about falling out even during strenuous exercise.
  • ✔OCCASIONS: Windproof and water-resistant biking pants versatile for cycling, hiking, jogging, fishing, traveling, running, camping, climbing, walking, and a variety of other sports training activities.

Selovzz Men's Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Hiking Fishing Workout Pants Blue L

  • 4-Way Stretch Running Pants --- Quick dry, breathable, lightweight, 4-way stretch fabric and comfortable tailored fit, durable enough to do any sports and casual wear.
  • Water Resistant & Quick dry -- Durable water repellent (DWR) finish on fabric to shed light rain and stains.Outdoor sports,fast drying keeps you cool and dry.
  • Sun Protection--UPF 50+ sun protection fabric protect your skin from harmful harmful UVA/UVB radiation
  • Zipper Pockets --- Two large front security zipper pockets and invisible back pockets can hold 5.5 inch phones, change, keys, etc during active. Premium closed zipper can better protect your valuables not easy to lose.
  • Occasions --- Outdoor and sports activities like running, hiking, workout, camping, athletic, cycling, fishing, gym, track, climbing, golf, walking, jogging or daily wear, etc.
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