Quiksilver Men's Pierside Straw Hat, Dark Brown, Large/X-Large

  • CLASSIC STYLING: The Pierside hat is constructed from weaved straw, featuring a wide brim, lined headband and adjustable chin strap; The classic lifeguard hat that is perfect for any day at the beach, working in the yard or adventuring outdoors
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: This Pierside hat features an adjustable draw cord chin strap with a toggle to customize your fit along with a lined headband for comfort
  • CARE: The Pierside hat is constructed of 100% rafia straw fiber and should not be submerged in water or kept stored where the integrity of the hat crown is compromised
  • QUALITY: Quiksilver provides high quality fashion for those seeking performance and comfort in the world of adventure sports; Our sun hats help keep you protected while you enjoy the outdoors.
  • QUIKSILVER: We make boardshorts, shorts, sandals, shoes, tees, graphics, hoodies, flannels, sports shirts, kids wear, jeans, pants, jackets, hats, beanies, towels, and more

How To Choose The Best Quiksilver Sun Hat

What Is The Purpose Of A Quiksilver Sun Hat?

Quiksilver has been making surf clothing since the 1970s. Their products include everything from swimsuits to board shorts to shirts to jackets to accessories. One of their most popular lines of products is their sun hats. The reason why these hats are so popular is because they're very light weight and comfortable. Also, they provide great coverage for those who enjoy surfing or spending time outdoors during the summer months.

Why Should You Buy A Quiksilver Sun Hat?

The main reasons why people purchase a quik-sun hat is because they are lightweight and easy to carry around with you while you go swimming or surfing. Another reason is that they provide excellent UV protection. If you live in a sunny climate, then you know that the sun can be damaging to your skin. So by wearing a quik-sun hat, you'll avoid getting burned. In addition, quik-sun hats are extremely fashionable. People love wearing them because they stand out among other types of headwear. Finally, quik-sun hats are affordable.

How Do You Wear A Quiksilver Sunhat?

One way to wear a quik-sun hat is to simply put it on top of your head. However, there are many ways to style a quik-sun hat. For example, you could tie it into a ponytail or braid it. Or you could wear it down low on your forehead. There are endless possibilities when it comes to styling a quik-sun hat. Just remember that the more creative you are with your hair styles, the cooler you'll appear!

Helps Protect Your Skin From Uv Rays

Another benefit of purchasing a quik-sun hat is that it protects your skin from harmful rays. As we mentioned earlier, the sun can cause serious problems to our skin. Therefore, it's important to take precautions to protect ourselves from the sun. A quik-sun hat does exactly that. Not only does it block out the sun's rays, but it also offers additional protection for your face and neck. That's because it covers your ears and nose too. So whether you're going to the beach or playing sports, you'll always stay protected.

Stylish Headgear

Just like anything else, quik-sun hats come in different colors and designs. Some of the best ones available today are black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, brown, grey, silver, gold, etc. Whatever color suits your personality the best, you'll definitely find something that fits your needs. Whether you prefer classic or modern designs, you'll find plenty of options to choose from.

Lightweight & Comfortable

As we said before, quik-sun hats are very lightweight and comfortable. They fit well and allow you to move freely. Because they're designed specifically for outdoor activities, they're perfect for both men and women.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Quiksilver Sun Hat

Sunscreen has become very important these days because we live in sunny climates. If you're going to be spending lots of time outdoors, whether it's during the day or night, sunscreen is essential. Here are three tips to help you decide which sunscreen is best for you.

Choose a Broad Spectrum SPF

There are two main types of broad-spectrum products: physical blockage and chemical blockage. Physical blockage includes zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, while chemical blockage uses chemicals such as oxybenzone and octinoxate. Both types of blocks are effective at blocking UVA rays, although only physical blockers are able to block both UVA and UVB rays. Chemical blockers are more expensive, however, and may contain harmful ingredients such as parabens.

Look For An "SPF" Number

Another way to tell if a particular sunscreen contains enough SPF is to check its label. Look for the words "sun protective factor, " "broad spectrum, " or "UVA/UVB." Products with numbers higher than 50 provide adequate coverage. However, remember that the number does not indicate how well the product protects against skin cancer.

Check Ingredients List

Finally, always read the ingredient list before applying sunscreen. Many companies include dangerous chemicals such as retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, and benzophenone-4 in their products. While these chemicals may seem harmless, they could actually increase your risk of developing skin cancers later in life.

Features To Look For When Buying A Quiksilver Sun Hat

Quiksilver has been making surfwear since 1979. The company was founded by two brothers who wanted to create clothing that could withstand the elements. Their goal was to provide high quality products that would last longer than other brands. Today, the brand continues to be known for its innovative designs and superior craftsmanship. If you're interested in purchasing a quik-sun hat, here are some features to look for.


The size of the hat is important because it determines whether it fits properly. Most quilted hats fit fairly snug so you shouldn't worry too much about sizing. However, if you plan on wearing the hat while surfing, you might want to go with a larger size. Also, if you prefer a smaller brim, you might want to choose a bigger size.


There are many different types of design patterns available. Some of these include stripes, polka dots, and geometric prints. There are also solid colors and floral prints. Choose a pattern that matches your style. If you prefer something more classic, stick with solids. If you love bright colors, opt for a print. No matter which type of design you choose, you'll always stand out in the crowd!


Sun hats come in many styles including bucket, baseball cap, visor, and floppy. Each style offers a unique way to stay protected from the sun. Buckets are great for protecting your face and neck. Visors cover most of your head and allow you to see clearly. Floppy hats are perfect for those hot summer days where you need maximum coverage. Baseball caps are great for covering your ears and hair. All three styles are easy to put on and take off. Just remember to check the weather forecast before heading outside!


Most quilted hats are made of polyester fiberfill. Polyester fibers are durable and lightweight. They are also hypoallergenic, meaning they won't irritate sensitive skin. Cotton is another popular material choice. While cotton is soft and comfortable, it tends to absorb moisture. Therefore, it isn't recommended for long periods of exposure to water. Finally, there are acrylic fabrics. Acrylic is very strong and resistant to fading. It's also extremely light weight and breathable. In addition, it doesn't retain heat well. So, if you live somewhere cold, you might want to avoid acrylic materials.


As mentioned earlier, quilted hats are designed to withstand harsh conditions. That being said, you still need to treat them carefully. Don't leave them lying around in direct sunlight. Store them away from extreme temperatures and humidity. Make sure you wash them regularly. Use only mild detergents and dryers. Avoid using fabric conditioners or bleach. Wash your hands frequently when handling the hat. Lastly, store your hat in a cool, dark location. If possible, hang it upside down to let excess moisture evaporate.

Different Types of Quiksilver Sun Hats

Quiksilver has been making quality swimwear since its inception in 1979. The company was founded by two surfers who wanted to create a line of clothing that could withstand the elements while still being comfortable enough to be worn during the day. In fact, the original quicksilver logo was designed with surfing in mind. Today, the brand continues to produce high-quality products that are both functional and fashionable.

Sun Hat Styles

The most popular style of sun hat today is the classic baseball cap. Baseball caps are perfect for protecting your head from the sun because they fit snugly around your face and neck. However, there are many other styles available including bucket hats, visors, and wide brimmed hats. Each type offers different benefits depending on which part of your body needs protection from the sun. For example, a visor protects your eyes from harmful rays while a wide brimmed hat shields your ears from the heat.

How To Choose A Sun Hat Style

Choosing the right sun hat depends largely upon personal preference. If you're going to be wearing the same hat throughout the summer months, choose something that looks good on you. Otherwise, go with a style that matches your outfit.

Bucket hat - Perfect for those days where you plan to stay outside longer than usual. Bucket hats are great for blocking the sun from your eyes while allowing air flow underneath your hat.

Wide brimmed hat - Wide brims provide more coverage than standard baseball caps. They are ideal for shielding your ears from the sun.

Where To Find Quiksilver Sun Hats

There are several places online where you can purchase a variety of sun hats. One option is to visit a sporting goods store. Another way to shop is to search online. Many retailers sell sun hats directly from their website. Finally, you can always check local stores. Most department stores carry a large selection of sun hats.


Quiksilver boys Pierside Youth Straw Lifeguard Sun Hat, Natural, 7-12 Years US

  • Boys' Straw lifeguard hat cut in a woven straw design, cut in an adjustable chin strap.
  • Quiksilver trim package

Quiksilver boys Pierside Youth Straw Lifeguard Sun Hat, Natural, 2-6 Years US

  • Straw lifeguard hat for boys 2-7. Features include: Straw material and adjustable chin strap.
  • Quiksilver trim package
  • Embroidered patch on front
  • Woven straw construction

Quiksilver mens Outsider Lifeguard Beach Sun Straw Hat Baseball Cap, Natural, Large-X-Large US

  • 100% Other Fibers
  • Imported
  • Adjustable closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Quiksilver trim package
  • Embroidered twill patch at front
  • 100% Straw

Quiksilver Men's JETTYSIDE 2 Sun Protection Lifeguard Straw HAT, Natural, S/M

  • Straw lifeguard hat
  • Woven straw design
  • Shorter brim than regular pier-side
  • Weave pattern on crown
  • Small debossed leather label on back

Quiksilver Men's Outsider Sun Protection Lifeguard Straw Hat, Tarmac POP Tropic, S/M

  • Straw lifeguard hat
  • Printed woven fabric under brim for added sun protection
  • Full woven patch at center front
  • Adjustable chin strap

Quiksilver Waterman Men's Back Scratcher Sun Protection HAT, Thyme, S/M

  • Military style bucket cap with side pocket
  • Embroidered patch
  • Branch loop detail around band
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Sun flap at rear
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