ONIVA - a Picnic Time Portable Reclining Camp Chair, Black/Gray, 8 x 8 x 41

  • Portable Reclining Camp Chair by Oniva, a Picnic Time brand; Perfect for camping, picnics, festivals, the beach, dock, or backyard
  • Features a comfy backrest and padded seat with three seating positions for custom comfort; Durable polyester canvas exterior
  • Comes with insulated drink holder, adjustable arm rests, and a large zippered pocket on back for personal belongings
  • Durable folding steel frame holds up to 300 pounds; Comes with matching storage tote with carry strap
  • Measures 42 by 36 by 33 inches open/folds to 8.5 by 8.5 by 37 inches; Backed by the Picnic Time Family of Brands BUILT TO LAST Lifetime Guarantee

How To Choose The Best Reclining Camp Chair

What Is The Purpose Of A Reclining Camp Chair?

Camping chairs are designed with comfort in mind. If you're going to be spending long hours sitting in a tent, you might as well enjoy the experience. With a comfortable seat and back support, you'll be able to relax while enjoying nature's beauty around you.

Recline Comfortably In Your Tent

The best way to relax during a camping trip is by relaxing in a comfortable recliner. Whether you choose a folding model or a traditional style, these chairs provide maximum comfort and convenience. Some models include cup holders, storage compartments, and other features that allow you to stay productive while still taking advantage of the outdoors.

Stay Comfortable While Sleeping

Most camping chairs fold down into compact packages so you can store them away when you aren't using them. As soon as you set up camp, you can sit back and watch the sun rise or fall. Even though you're sleeping outside, you'll still be able to take full advantage of the comforts of home.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Whether you're hiking, fishing, or simply relaxing, you'll appreciate being able to enjoy outdoor activities more fully once you've found a comfortable seating option. Sitting comfortably in a reclining camping chair gives you the freedom to stretch out and enjoy the scenery around you.

Make Sure To Bring Along An Extra Seat For Guests

Even if you plan on bringing along only family members, there's no harm in making sure everyone has a comfortable spot to rest their feet. If you're planning on inviting friends or relatives to join you for your next camping adventure, you'll want to bring along something that makes everyone feel welcome. That's why you should always pack along an extra camping chair for guests.

Find Something Suitable For All Ages

There are many different types of camping chairs available today. From simple designs to elaborate ones, there's bound to be a suitable choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors. No matter which type you decide to purchase, you'll be happy with the results.

Choose One That Fits Your Budget

While most camping chairs are fairly inexpensive, you shouldn't settle for anything less than quality. Investing in a high-quality product will ensure years of enjoyment. Choose a design that fits your budget and lifestyle.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Reclining Camp Chair

Camping has become very popular these days. People love spending time outdoors with family and friends enjoying nature. There are many different types of camping gear available today. One item that most people overlook however is the type of furniture they choose to sit on while they're outside. While there are many options available, few people actually know which ones are best suited for outdoor activities. For example, there are several different types of chairs that are designed specifically for camping. Some of these include folding chairs, hammock chairs, and backless recliners. Each of these chairs offers its own unique benefits and drawbacks. In order to determine which option is right for you, you must take into consideration a number of factors including price, durability, comfort level, ease of assembly, and more. Here are some important points to remember before making a purchase.


One of the biggest deciding factors when choosing between two products is price. If you plan on using your chair only occasionally, then you probably wouldn't mind paying top dollar for something durable and comfortable. However, if you plan on taking frequent trips away from home, then you might be willing to pay a little bit more for a product that lasts longer and is easier to assemble. As long as you understand the pros and cons of each type of chair, you should be able to decide which one is right for you.


Another factor to consider is the overall durability of the chair itself. Most manufacturers claim that their chairs are built to last for years. However, this isn't always true. Many companies sell inexpensive models that aren't meant to withstand heavy usage. Make sure you check reviews online to see whether other customers have experienced problems with the chairs. Also, be aware of the warranty period of the chair. If you intend to leave the chair in storage during the winter months, then you'll want to ensure that the manufacturer covers repairs during those times. Otherwise, you could end up shelling out hundreds of dollars if the chair breaks down.

Comfort Level

Finally, another thing to think about is the comfort level of the chair. All of these questions should be answered prior to purchasing a particular model. Comfort is extremely subjective so it's hard to say exactly what kind of chair will provide the greatest amount of comfort for you. However, if you're unsure, then it's wise to test drive multiple models before settling on one.

Ease of Assembly

While we've already mentioned that comfort is subjective, it's still worth mentioning here. Not everyone enjoys assembling furniture. If you're someone who hates putting together Ikea furniture, then you might want to avoid purchasing a chair that needs extensive assembly. Even though you may hate doing it, you'll appreciate being able to enjoy your chair once it's assembled. If you're planning on leaving your chair in storage for extended periods of time, then you'll definitely want to invest in a chair that doesn't require too much effort to put together.

Features To Look For When Buying A Reclining Camp Chair

Camping chairs are great pieces of furniture because they're portable and easy to set-up anywhere. However, there are many different types of camping chairs available today. The most important thing to think about before purchasing a camping chair is whether or not it has features that will be useful while camping. Here are some features to look for when shopping for a camping chair.

Adjustable Seat Height

The seat height of a camping chair is very important. If you plan to sit down with your feet propped up, you might want to choose a camping chair with adjustable seat heights so that you can adjust the height of the seat accordingly. Some models allow you to raise the back of the chair by using levers located near the arm rests. Others allow you to simply slide the entire seat forward or backward. Make sure that the model you purchase has these options.

Back Rest

Another feature to check out when choosing a camping chair is its back rest. Many models include a back rest which makes sitting more comfortable. Back supports are especially helpful for those who suffer from lower back pain. In addition, back cushions provide comfort and support to your spine. Most camping chairs have removable back cushions. Be careful though; some models only have a single cushion whereas others have two or three. Check the specifications carefully before making your choice.

Arm Rests

Many camping chairs have arm rests built into the design. Arm rests are extremely handy since they give you something to hold onto while resting your elbows on the ground. They also serve another function too. Since camping chairs typically fold flat, you can store them away in a backpack or tent bag. Without arm rests, you'd have to carry around a bulky piece of furniture wherever you go.


Some camping chairs are designed to fold flat. This saves storage space and makes transporting easier. Folding chairs are ideal for car trips where you don't know exactly where you'll end up. Other folding camping chairs are designed to collapse completely. This makes packing and unpacking much simpler. Choose a camping chair based on how you intend to transport it.

Storage Options

Most camping chairs have storage compartments built into the frame. Storage compartments are perfect for storing small items like flashlights, batteries, and other supplies. Some models have large storage areas that can fit larger items like sleeping bags and blankets. Also, some models have mesh pockets that are perfect for holding snacks and drinks. Keep in mind that some models have smaller storage spaces than others. So, if you prefer bigger storage areas, be sure to shop around for the best deal.

Weight Capacity

Finally, weight capacity is always an issue when considering a camping chair. All of these factors affect how well a camping chair performs outdoors. Don't forget to factor in the weight of your gear when deciding on a camping chair. Remember, lightweight camping chairs aren't necessarily bad choices. Just make sure that you've got room in your pack for everything else!

Camping chairs are designed with comfort in mind. The most common type of camping chair has a back rest which extends forward from the seat. Some models include arm rests while others do not. Most camping chairs have adjustable lumbar support so that users can adjust the height of the back rest according to their needs. Other features include wheels for easy movement around campsites and storage compartments for storing gear.

Recliner Chairs

The recliner chair is another popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts. Unlike other camping chairs, recliners allow users to sit upright and relax. Many recliners have built-in cup holders and beverage holders. In addition, many recliners have headrests and footrests.

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are very comfortable and relaxing. Lounge chairs provide more room than camping chairs and are typically larger than regular camping chairs. However, lounge chairs lack the mobility of camping chairs. If you're planning to go hiking, fishing, boating, or camping, then a camping chair is probably best suited for you.

Foot Rest Chairs

Foot rest chairs are great for those who enjoy sitting down to watch television or read a book. Foot rest chairs are generally smaller than camping chairs and recliners. They are ideal for reading because there is no back rest to obstruct the view. Foot rest chairs are perfect for watching TV since they are small enough to fit into tight spaces where larger seating options might be difficult to maneuver.

Back Support Chairs

Back support chairs are excellent for anyone who spends long hours seated. Back support chairs are especially helpful for individuals suffering from lower back pain. Back support chairs are available in different designs and styles. There are several brands of back support chairs including Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Knoll.

Sofa Chairs

Sofas are extremely versatile pieces of furniture. Sofas are commonly found in living rooms and bedrooms. Sofas are also frequently used outdoors during summer months. Sofa chairs are particularly useful for lounging outside.

Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs are great for entertaining guests. Swivel chairs are often found in dining areas and kitchenettes. Swivel chairs are also good for working in cramped quarters.

Tilt Chairs

Tilting chairs are great for enjoying meals outdoors. Tilting chairs are also great for cooking and eating. Tilt chairs are also useful for sleeping.

Armless Chairs

Armless chairs are great for relaxing and unwinding. Armless chairs are also great for reading and studying. Armless chairs are also great for children.


Couches are great for relaxing and socializing. Couches are also great for snuggling up next to someone special. Cushions are important for adding comfort to couches.


ONIVA - a Picnic Time brand Indiana Hoosiers - Reclining Camp Chair, (Dark Red)

  • Padded seat and backrest
  • Three seating positions, adjustable armrests
  • Integrated portable beverage holder in armrest
  • Large zippered storage pocket
  • Storage/carrying tote with handle

Ming's Mark 36030 Foldable Reclining Camp Chair - Black / Camo

  • 19 mm powder-coated steel frame
  • Insulated cup holder to keep your drink cool
  • Large storage pocket
  • Seat position and arm rests are adjustable for great comfort
  • Includes a carrying bag

Anigu Mesh Lounge Reclining Folding Camp Chair with Footrest (Grass Green)

  • Adjustable reclining chair comes fully assembled; Has a mesh footrest for fully relaxation.
  • Width: 22inch --- more wider and more comfortable than other chairs; Breathable mesh seat&back for cooling.
  • Has an inherent cup holder and a big storage bag, so you can keep your gadget close for when you require it.
  • Ideal for camping, self-driving tour, fishing and other outdoor activities; It also can be used as a nap chair in office or garden.
  • Unfolded size: L66" X W22" X H15"; Weight: 11 pounds; Weight capacity: 260 pounds.

Kelty Deluxe Reclining Lounge Chair, Deep Lake/Fallen Rock Folding Camp Chair for Festivals, Camping and Beach Days - Updated 2019 Model

  • Feature packed: just like your favorite deluxe pizza, this deluxe chair has got all the ingredients for a great time. By the fire or by the soccer field, you’ll be fully equipped to chill.
  • Kick back and relax: multiple reclining positions in a folding chair wasn't easy, but it was certainly worth it. and provides a customized comfort level without sacrificing durability. This is a fixture of your outdoor living room.
  • Insulated beverage holders: Each adjustable armrest includes an insulated beverage holder, with enough space left over for munchies, Marshmallows, or the drink on deck.
  • Made to last: quality materials and thoughtful Kelby craftsmanship will keep your buns and back warm on cool nights for years to come. Steel framed construction, puppy-proof fabric, and a weight capacity of 325 lbs.
  • Padded roll tote storage: no need to labor over lugging this thing around, the deluxe chair folds neatly into the included roll tote and can be tossed over the shoulder for simple Transport.

REDCAMP Camping Chair with Removable Footrest, Portable Folding Reclining Camp Chairs for Adults, Blue with Fabric Back

  • ★SUPER COMFORTABLE: This recliner chair can be used as a usual camping chair for adults or a reclining camp chair with foot rest by pressing the red button on the foot of the bracket. Relax your body, arm, leg and feet while sitting or laying on it.
  • ★HIGH QUALITY: With thicker sturdy steel frame and durable 600D oxford fabric, the heavy duty camp chair holds up to 220lbs/100kg. Seat size is 23"x23"/58x58cm, height is 15.5inches/39cm off the ground and 29 inches/73cm with the backrest. Great for big and tall heavy people to use.
  • ★PRACTICAL DESIGN: These portable camping chairs with cup holder are functional. The detachable pillow for headrest, removable foot rest by zipper, double layer side pockets to store your laptops, phones and small items.
  • ★EASY to SETUP: The folding camp chair can be installed or packed into the included carry bag within 10 seconds. Convenient to take with the shoulder strap for camping trip.
  • ★ALL OCCASIONS: Used as reclining lawn chairs for adult, folding beach chairs, portable picnic chairs, lightweight low camping chairs for outdoor sports events, hiking and backpacking.

Camp Solutions 2 in 1 Folding Camping Reclining Chair Portable Lounge Chair with Detachable Table for Camping Fishing Beach and Picnics

  • Special Design:This special foldable camping chair attached an detachable side table , It can be seperated an individual table for camping picnic or BBQ use, when you rotate the knob to the bottom and above,the attachable table will be moved to front of chair , soon this chair will be transformed as Lounge Chair with a footrest.
  • Easy to set up :No assembly is required, This recliner chair comes with attached headrest and side pocket and cup holder on armrest area, it will bring you more comfortable and relax experience when you are laying on this chair, Folding design , Sturdy and strong tubular steel frame can be folded into a compact size.
  • Nice Quality: More stable construction with high quality fabric made this lounge chair more safe than others. This Heavy duty recliner lounge chair holds up to 300lbs weight person.
  • Quality Guarantee: we will offer you one year quality guarantee, if you found some damage or spare parts missing , we will offer you a satisfied solutions.

Portable Camping Chair with Footrest Mesh Folding Reclining Chair, Escape Camp Chair, Camping Folding Chair, Steel Frame Collapsible Padded Arm Chair for Adults

  • STRONG AND DURABLE FRAME- It has a powder-coated steel frame that gives it stability and makes it long-lasting and also protects its frame from corrosion and fading.
  • COMPACT DESIGN- Easy to store, carry and portable. While camping you will surely need something portable to carry with yourself easily this chair fulfills this need. Built in headrest and footrest mesh, makes you relax anytime and anywhere.
  • FOOTREST AND ADJUSTABLE ARMRESTS- Makes your camping experience more comfortable and not even camping. It can also give you more comfort than ordinary chairs and improve your overall experience.
  • HEAVY-DUTY- Due to its powder-coated steel frame it makes it more stable and heavy-duty. maximum capacity is 225lbs and feels the same comfort as other feels. Shoulder carry bag makes transporting and storing easy.
  • DURABILITY- Anti- rust hammer tone powder coating for long working time. Use a durable heavy-duty steel stable frame and more stable construction. Non-slip rubber covers on the feet ensure a firm stand.

Zero Gravity Chair, Premium Lawn Recliner Folding Portable Chaise Lounge with Detachable Cushion, Headrest and Cup Holder, Reclining Patio Lounger Chair

  • HEAVY DUTY: Our Zero Gravity Chair supports up to 440 lbs. The steel pipe is thickened, so that the chair does not shake or collapse, and the bearing capacity is greater and safer. Upgrading the fabric to make sleep more comfortable;
  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGH: This outdoor recliner can be adjusted from 90º to 170º effortlessly for your preference. Simply push the clip to unlock the position, and pull the clip back to secure it at your desired position;
  • PORTABLE & EASY to USE: This folding lawn chair can be folded and unfolded in seconds. The camping lounge chairs are easy to transport and store, and you can easily carry them by car. Suitable for terraces, lawns, gardens, yards, balconies, poolsides and beaches;
  • REMOVABLE SOFT CUSHION: The soft cushion adds extra comfort. but can also be removed for breathability for summertime. Additionally, lounge chair is very easy to install and can be easily folded, for easier storage and handling;
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Whether you want to relax by reading a book or take a quick break, this comfortable chair is the ideal solution. It can be used for indoor and outdoor activities, such as family gatherings, barbecues or beach days, or in the office;

Coastrail Outdoor Reclining Camping Chair 3 Position Folding Lawn Chair for Adults Padded Comfort Camp Chair with Cup Holders, Head Bag and Side Pockets, Supports 350lbs, Black&Grey

  • COMFORTABLE RELAXATION- Reclining lawn chair with 3-stage adjustable back lets you lean back and relax. The comfortable seat and armrests are padded with a layer of foam. the adjustable arm rests feature dual cup holders. The ideal folding camp chair for adults or the whole family.
  • QUALITY AND VALUE- Durable steel tube frame is powder coated for a rust resistant camping chair. The outdoor recliner supports 350 lbs, Great for relaxing at camp, RV, lawn, patio and sports. Tough 600D poly fabric is outdoor rated and easy to clean.
  • POCKETS & STORAGE- Folding chair for camping has a large mesh pocket to keep things safe and organized. Zippered head pocket is great blanket storage and makes a comfortable pillow. Dual cup holders are specially designed to hold both standard drinks and oversized bottles.
  • STURDY FRAME & CONSTRUCTION- You will notice the special attention to design and quality details. Padded fabrics for comfort, Powder coated frame for durability, reinforced joints and corners for strength, Tough material for outdoor use. And smooth folding for easy storage and portability.
  • RELAX ANYWHERE- This light weight folding camp chair includes a shoulder bag to let you recline while at the football game, in the RV, pool party, backyard BBQ, or any outdoor adventure.

Sibosen Zero Gravity Chair, Adjustable Patio Folding Lawn Lounge Chairs Outdoor Camp Reclining Lounge Chair with Detachable Cushion and Cup Holder, Gray

  • 【NO ASSEMBLE NEEDED】: The zero gravity chairs come fully assembled and folded of the zero gravity recliner. The only thing you need to do is getting them out of the boxes. Then you can use them and will have a nice nap.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE】: This outdoor recliner can be adjusted from 90º to 170º effortlessly for your preference.It provide you a desired comfortable.
  • 【STURDY】: Triangle Design add extra stable to the chair. And with thick frame tube,the chair can support up to 440 pounds,which can be sure for a long term using.
  • 【REMOVABLE SOFT CUSHION】:Compared with other padded gravity chair,our chair comes with removable comfort pad. ADVANTAGES--On the one hand,it brings your a extra comfortable experience,on another hand, you can use it in DIFFERENT seasons. You can remove it in the hot days.
  • 【VENTILATIVE MATERAIL】: The chair made by breathing premium textilene fabric, The high grade material reduces heat transfer, making for a cooler, more enjoyable experience on warm summer day. This fabric can also withstand sun bleaching, fading, and mildew build up.
  • 【MULTI USAGE】Work, read, watch, relax - the activities you can do on this Lounge Chair are limitless. With the modern and comfortable design, the Zero Gravity Chair is sure to be your spot in the house!
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