Metolius Wood Grips - 25 WOOD025

  • Smooth, rounded holds made from Alder wood
  • Super skin friendly wood makes these holds perfect for training
  • Attach with 3/8� socket
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Complete set of 25 wood grips

How To Choose The Best Rock Climbing Hangboard

What Is The Purpose Of A Rock Climbing Hangboard?

Climbing walls are great places to train with weights or climb. If you're interested in improving your strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, power, stamina, and overall fitness level, there's no better way to achieve these goals than by using a hanging wall.

Why Do People Use Hanging Walls?

Hangboards allow climbers to practice skills while safely working towards their personal best. Training on a hangboard improves muscle memory, which makes learning easier and more efficient. As well, hanging boards provide a safe environment where injuries are unlikely to occur. Injuries happen because of poor technique, improper form, or simply lack of experience. Using a hangboard eliminates many of those risks.

How Does A Climb Wall Help With Fitness Goals?

The benefits of using a hangboard include improved upper body strength, core stability, cardiovascular conditioning, muscular endurance, and flexibility. All of these factors contribute to increased performance during physical activities. For example, if you're trying to improve your vertical jump height, using a hangboard will increase your ability to generate force quickly.

Improve Upper Body Strength

Using a hangboard strengthens muscles throughout the entire body. Because of its versatility, a hangboard can be used to strengthen almost any part of the body. Some examples include the chest, shoulders, back, legs, and abs.

Increase Core Stability

Core stability refers to the ability to maintain good posture while performing certain movements. Improving core stability increases the likelihood of avoiding injury.

Enhance Cardiovascular Conditioning

Cardiovascular conditioning includes exercises that target the heart and lungs. These exercises require a lot of oxygen, so doing them regularly builds endurance.

Develop Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance involves exercising specific parts of the body repeatedly. Doing this type of exercise develops the ability to perform repetitive motions.


Flexibility is another benefit of using a hangboard. Flexible joints allow us to bend our bodies into positions we wouldn't normally reach.


Improper balance leads to falls, which can result in serious injuries. To avoid falling, most people rely on visual cues to stay upright. However, relying solely on vision isn't always enough. That's why practicing balance drills on a hangboard is important.


To develop power, you must build strength. Power comes from developing strong muscles. Stronger muscles mean greater potential for generating force.


Stamina is defined as the capacity to continue exertion. Staying fit takes effort, especially if you're older. But, regular workouts are essential to staying healthy and feeling young.


Coordination is the ability to control movement. Coordinated athletes are able to execute complex tasks efficiently.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Rock Climbing Hangboard

Climbing walls are great tools for improving strength, endurance, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, and overall fitness. However, many climbers purchase inexpensive wall-mounted units which lack the durability required by serious climbers. In fact, these units are so flimsy that they fall apart within months of installation! If you're planning to climb regularly, investing in a high quality hanging unit is essential.

How To Choose A High Quality Hanging Unit

There are several factors to take into consideration before making a decision regarding the type of hanging unit you'd like to invest in. First, choose a model with sufficient weight capacity. Next, determine whether you prefer a fixed or removable mounting bracket. Fixed models require permanent installation while removable brackets allow easy removal and relocation. Finally, decide between a single or double hung design. Single hung designs provide greater stability and safety, whereas double hung units are more versatile.

Features To Look For

Material - Is the material sturdy enough to withstand years of heavy use? Some cheaper brands are constructed using plastic rather than metal. Plastic tends to break down quickly, especially when exposed to sunlight. Metal is far more durable and resistant to weathering.

Mounting Bracket - Does the mount include a solid base plate? Many lower priced mounts rely solely upon friction to hold the unit in place. As a result, they are prone to slipping and falling. Solid bases ensure that the unit remains stable regardless of external forces.

Weight Capacity - How much weight does the unit support? Manufacturers typically list the maximum weight supported by the unit.

Installation Tips

Make sure the unit has been properly leveled prior to installation. Leveling ensures that the unit hangs evenly along both sides of the wall.

Attach the unit securely to the wall using screws or bolts. Never attempt to attach the unit directly to the ceiling.

Use only approved hardware to fasten the unit to the wall. Avoid installing the unit upside down or backwards.


The size of a hangboard depends on its intended usage. Some hangboards are designed specifically for indoor climbing walls, whereas others are meant for outdoor bouldering. Outdoor hangboards are typically larger and heavier because they must withstand windy conditions and extreme temperatures. Indoor models are smaller and lighter so they can be moved around easier.

Weight Capacity

Most hangboards weigh between 10-20 pounds. Larger models can hold weights up to 50 pounds. Most manufacturers recommend using a weight belt with these heavy models.


Hangboards are generally constructed of aluminum or steel. Aluminum is lightweight and durable, but tends to rust quickly. Steel is stronger and lasts longer, but is heavier. Both materials are suitable for most applications.


All hangboards include safety bars which allow you to safely attach ropes to the wall. Safety bars are attached to the top edge of the board. There are two types of safety bar systems available. One type has a single bar across the entire length of the board; the other uses multiple bars along each side of the board. Each style offers varying degrees of security depending on the height of the climber.


Some hangboards come equipped with accessories such as chalk bags, chalk cups, and chalk holders. Accessories are useful additions to any hangboard. Chalk bags are handy for storing small amounts of chalk. Chalk cups are ideal for holding large quantities of chalk. Chalk holders let you store your gear conveniently next to your hangboard.


Many hangboards come with storage compartments built into the base. Storage areas are helpful for keeping your rope, harnesses, and other climbing gear close by during breaks.


Hangboards are portable devices. Many models fold flat for easy transport. Others collapse for compact storage.


Prices vary widely based on brand name, model number, and quality. However, there are several reputable brands that sell high quality products at reasonable prices.

Different Types of Rock Climbing Hangboards

There are many different kinds of climbing hangboards available today. The most common ones include wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass, and composite materials. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we'll discuss each kind of hanging wall and explain why you might choose one over another.

Wooden Hanging Wall

The most popular form of hanging wall is the wooden climbing wall. Wooden walls are typically constructed with 2x4s, which makes them very strong and durable. However, these walls are heavy and bulky, making transportation difficult. Also, because of their weight, they require more maintenance than other forms of hanging walls. In addition, wooden walls cannot be painted or stained. If you plan to paint or stain your wall, you must sand down the entire surface before applying the paint or stain.

Metal Climb Board

Another popular choice for climbers is the metal climb board. Metal boards are lightweight, easy to transport, and inexpensive. Because of their light weight, metal walls can be hung anywhere, including ceilings. Metal walls are also easier to maintain than wooden walls. Unlike wooden walls, metal walls can be painted and stained. To ensure safety while using a metal wall, always follow manufacturer guidelines regarding proper installation and usage. For example, never install a metal wall where there is no support underneath.

Fiberglass Hanging Wall

Fiberglass hanging walls are extremely versatile. Fiberglass walls are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install. They're also lightweight and portable. One disadvantage of fiberglass walls is that they are prone to cracking. Cracks develop within the material itself due to temperature changes. Once cracks appear, they cannot be repaired. Therefore, it is important to inspect your fiberglass wall regularly for signs of deterioration.

Composite Walls

Finally, there is the composite wall. Composite walls are manufactured by combining two layers of resin together. The top layer is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. The bottom layer is designed to provide strength and durability. While composite walls are lighter than traditional wooden walls, they still weigh approximately half as much as metal walls. Like metal walls, composite walls can be installed almost anywhere. They are also easy to repair and maintain. However, composite walls are expensive compared to other options. Additionally, composite walls are susceptible to warping and twisting. Warped or twisted composite walls are dangerous and should be replaced immediately.


Metolius Simulator 3D Training Board (Black/White Swirl)

  • Next generation of the #1 selling training board. Massive variety of holds
  • The holds are arranged along a broad arc that tapers outward and downward for better ergonomics and reduced injuries
  • Tapers from top to bottom in both dimensions for better forearm clearance
  • Includes comprehensive instructions, training guide and all mounting hardware
  • Includes comprehensive instructions, training guide and all mounting hardware

Metolius Project Training Board CNC (Blue/Blue Swirl)

  • The holds are arranged along a broad arc that tapers outward and downward for better ergonomics and reduced injuries
  • Tapers from top to bottom in both dimensions for better forearm clearance
  • The master is CNC milled for perfect symmetry. Fine texture
  • Includes comprehensive instructions, training guide and all mounting hardware
  • 24.5" x 6" (622 mm x 152 mm)

Metolius Campus Rung Combo Kit 6 Pack

  • Each rung has an incut side and a flat side
  • 16" length fits evenly on 4 ft. or 8 ft. panels
  • Pre-drilled
  • Includes mounting hardware and a detailed guide to construction and training
  • Each pack includes 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large rungs

Stamina Pull Up Bar for Doorway w/ Smart Workout App - Portable Door Gym Chin Up / Pull Up Station & Push Up Bar w/ Multiple Grip Positions for Home Gym

  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The Stamina Doorway Pull Up Bar Station comes with thick padding and non-slip comfort grips. The sturdy steel construction allows the workout bar to support up to 250 pounds. It won't budge during your upper body workout.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION PORTABLE HOME GYM: The door gym has multiple grip positions making it the perfect piece of upper body exercise equipment. Use on a doorway as a pullup bar or hanging bar. Use on the floor as a push up bar, sit up bar or for tricep dips.
  • SMART WORKOUT APP: This Door Gym comes with muuv, the all-in-one app that provides personal coaching, a follow-along assembly video, and workouts tailored to your fitness goals and the workout equipment you own.
  • EASY TO INSTALL, PORTABLE PULL UP BAR: The portable pull up bar fits standard doorways with trim. It's easy to install, and it attaches and removes easily from the doorframe with no need for hardware. The lightweight design allows you to take this portable pull up bar anywhere for a portable home gym. Assembled Dimensions: 37" x 16" x 11"
  • UNIQUE ROCK CLIMBING GRIPS : Unique rock climbing hand holds on the Stamina X Boulder Fit Doorway Trainer provide an advanced grip to challenge you during your workout and will ultimately build grip and forearm strength for all your outdoor adventures

Metolius Wood Grips Delux II

  • Dimensions: Deluxe 28.25" x 6.9" (718 mm x 175 mm)
  • Ideal for home walls

Metolius Pu Greatest Hits Modular

  • Attach with 3/8" socket-head cap screws
  • Bolts and t-nuts included
  • Ideal for home walls

Get Out! Doorway Hangboard Rock Climbing Fingerboard Climbing Training Board Climbing Grip Board White and Black Swirl

  • [Strengthen Your Grip]: Increase strength and stamina at home with Get Out! Black and White Hang Boards Climbing Fingerboard Climbing Training Board; Fingerboard rock climbing rack simulates various holds to tone your upper body by targeting contact finger strength and body tension core strength
  • [Easy to Install]: Mounting hardware and installation instructions included with this hang board climbing board; Package includes five mounting screws; If installing on wall without studs, we recommend using a plywood backer board (not included) to mount the finger pull up board climbing fingerboard hangboard
  • [Exercise Anywhere]: Use climbing trainer board for improving your core strength in your garage, above a doorway, or on wall studs; 14 pockets with different depths and widths (1, 2, 3, 4 fingers - tips to 2nd joint) for exercises including dead, bent-arm, and offset hangs, standard, offset, and one-arm pull-up, L-hang, and front lever
  • [Built to Last]: Climbing hang board is crafted from the same sturdy and dense material as most hand and foot holds on rock walls found in most indoor gyms; Ergonomic holds of this hangboard fingerboard taper outward and downward to reduce risk of injuries
  • [Perfect Size]: Climbing hang board tapers from top to bottom from 2 inches to 1 inch (5.1cm to 2.5cm) for better forearm clearance; Training board rock climbing measures 19 inches (48.3cm) at its widest and 8 inches (20.3cm) at its highest; Weighs approximately 7.9 pounds (3.5kg)

Metolius 2 Pack Campus Blocks - Small

  • Block sized versions of our popular campus rungs.
  • Great for system walls, home woodies, or any place you need screw-on holds.
  • Custom tooling gives the blocks a comfortable, smooth shape. Finger-friendly texture for endurance sessions.
  • Each rung has an incut side and a flat side. Available in sizes small to 3XL for beginners through experts. Blocks are pre-drilled and include mounting hardware.
  • Easy, screw-on installation. Each size packaged as set of 2. Length: 5" (12.7 cm)

DLR Liquid Chalk: Fitness and Gym Goers Love It! It's Clean, Skin Friendly & Mess Free. Great for Body Building, Weightlifting etc and Takes Seconds Too Dry.

  • MORE FOR YOUR MONEY, 130ml of Liquid Chalk that is easy to use, get over 100 uses
  • LONG LASTING - Lasts Longer than other chalks thanks to its improved formulation properties.
  • GREAT FOR: Powerlifting, Strength training, Bodybuilding, Rock/Mountain Climbing, Gymnastics ETC
  • ODOUR & DUST FREE: Very clean to apply, no strong odors with very little to dust or chalk marks.
  • LOOK NO FURTHER, if a mess-free and skin-safe liquid chalk is on the top of your list!

FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit (5 Pack) Forearm Grip Adjustable Resistance Hand Gripper, Finger Exerciser, Finger Stretcher, Grip Ring & Stress Relief Grip Ball for Athletes (Navy Blue)

  • 【Suitable for Everyone】: The forearm strengthener is perfect for improving strength, power and speed in the wrists, fingers, and forearms. An undoubtedly best choice for Rock Climbers, Tennis Players, Athlete and Musicians to enhance the flexibility of fingers and wrists.
  • 【Comfortable and Durable】: The ergonomic and soft handle of grip strength trainer is not only fit for small and large hands, seniors, and teens but also ensures comfortable holding. The resistance of hand grips for strength training is perfect for both men and women with different strength as it can be adjusted from 22 to 132lbs easily. You can use the FitBeast hand grip strengthener anywhere at any time.
  • 【Injury Rehabilitation】: Using this FitBeast hand grips to work out every day is beneficial to recover in hand injury, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendovaginitis, fractured, broken wrist, and tendon surgery.
  • 【Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit - 5 Pack】: The grip trainer set contains Adjustable Hand Gripper, Wrist Workout, Finger stretcher Resistance Band, Hand Strengthener Grip Ring and Stress Relief Grip Ball, which can help strengthen and exercise your hand, fingers, wrist, elbows, and forearms.
  • 【Wonderful After-sale Customer Service】: All of our customers will be offered FREE and UNIQUE tutorial videos, which will facilitate you to make daily targeted training plans. If you have any questions on the usage of the products, you can access to our after-sale customer service 24/7 and we will offer you any help you need.

Metolius Light Rail Training Board

  • Portable training rail goes anywhere.
  • Ideal for warming up at the crag.
  • Reversible design yields four different holds in an incredibly compact package.
  • Can be mounted with four screws (included).
  • Size: 18" x 3" x 1.5" (45.7 cm x 7.6 cm x 3.8 cm)

Metolius Prime Rib Training Board

  • Can be mounted with four screws (included)
  • Edges Depth: 38 mm (1.49") 23 mm (0.90") 15 mm (0.59")
  • Size: 20" x 4.2" x 1.5" (50.8 cm x 10.66 cm x 3.8 cm)

PORTA-HANG Hugs Wooden Holds for Rock Climbing Finger Strength Training Portable Hangboard Pull Up Bar

  • 💪 Portable Pull Up Training! Combine with Porta-Hang System for portable fitness for grip strength and fitness for your apartment, hotel or dorm room.
  • 💪 Wood Pockets are great for hands! These wooden blocks feature 3 versatile features. A single pocket 24mm in diameter and 18mm deep, a dual finger pocket 48mm wide and 18mm deep and a slot 78mm wide and 15mm deep. Overall dimensions are 100x100x38mm, made from beechwood. Attach to the Porta-Hang system or climbing wall for versatile hand strength training.
  • 💪 TOP ATHLETES NEED GRIP STRENGTH: These are great for rock climbers, obstacle course athletes and athletes on the move! Any athlete who needs upper body fitness needs these blocks!
  • 💪 BEECHWOOD makes the best surface for your hands! Foam or metal pull-up bars can damage your skin. Plastic is not realistic. Wood surface is kind to skin while gives a realistic workout.
  • 💪 VERSATILE, USE ANYWHERE! Combined with the Porta-Hang system, train anywhere. No time for the gym, you can get in a pull-up set at home. Retain that hard earned grip strength when your busy with work or finals!
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