prAna Men's Standard Mojo Short, Coal, Small

  • STYLE AND FUNCTION: Sustainable style built with all the performance features you could ever want and need that stays comforatble and secure as you move. The Mojo short is 100% recycled polyester that is lightweight and quick drying fabrick with mesh-lined pockets on the front a back pocket with Velcro pull-tag closure for safety and a plush waistband that give you security without the scratchiness.
  • SUN PROTECTION: Spring or Summer, our Mojo short, with UPF 50+ protection, will help you deliver optimal performance while keeping you protected from the harmful UV rays making it ideal for a full blown active awakening
  • OUTDOOR AND ACTIVE MEN'S SHORT: The Mojo short is made from recycled products reducing envirionmental impact, mositure wicking, and has a stretch fabrication that extends, expands and contracts to move with you allowing for ultimate flexbility during any activity
  • Standard fit

How To Choose The Best Rock Climbing Shorts

What Is The Purpose Of Rock Climbing Shorts?

Rock climbing has become very popular recently. People love to climb rocks because it gives them a feeling of freedom and adventure. There are many different types of rock climbing including bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing, etc. Each type of rock climbing has its own set of requirements and benefits. One thing that is common among these activities is the wearing of special clothes called "climbing gear". Most climbers prefer to wear long-legged pants with pockets so that they can carry their personal belongings while climbing. In addition, most climbers choose to wear a pair of shoes which allow them to grip the rock more securely. Finally, climbers must wear a shirt or jacket which protects them from the elements during outdoor climbs. All of these pieces of gear are worn together to form a climber's uniform.

The Benefits of Wearing Clothes For Rock Climbing

There are several advantages to wearing climbing apparel. First, it makes you appear professional. If you're going to be working outdoors, you might as well dress accordingly. Second, it prevents injuries. Many accidents happen when climbers slip and fall due to poor footing. Third, it improves performance. If you're going to be spending hours outside, you'll want to stay warm and comfortable. Fourth, it increases safety. If you're going to be climbing alone, you'll want to ensure that you're safe by wearing proper attire. Lastly, it looks good. No matter what style of rock climbing you participate in, you'll always look great in a pair of climbing pants.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Pants For Rock Climbing

Choosing the right kind of pants for rock climbing is easy once you know what features you require. First, you need to decide whether you'd rather go barefoot or wear boots. Next, you need to determine whether you'd rather wear jeans or shorts. Then, you need to figure out whether you'd like to wear cargo pants or regular pants. Once you've decided upon the best type of pants for rock climbing, you need to select the color. After deciding upon the color, pattern, and length of your pants, you need to think about where you plan to purchase them. Some stores sell only certain brands of rock climbing pants while others stock a variety of brands. Whichever method you choose, remember that there are two main factors to take into consideration before making your final decision.

Where Can You Purchase Rock Climbing Apparel?

Most rock climbing shops carry a wide range of climbing apparel. However, you can also find rock climbing pants at department stores, sporting goods stores, and specialty retailers. If you shop around, you'll likely find the perfect outfit for your next trip to the crag.

Climb Safely!

Remember that rock climbing isn't something you should attempt unless you're properly trained and equipped. Before heading out to the local cliff face, check with your instructor or park ranger to see if you're allowed to climb.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Rock Climbing Shorts

Rock climbing has become very popular among men and women alike. There are many different types of rock climbing gear available today. Some of these include ropes, harnesses, carabiners, helmets, etc. However, there is only one piece of equipment that is absolutely essential for successful rock climbing; namely, the rock climbing shorts.

How Do Rock Climbing Shorts Help Climb Better?

It is important to know that the rock climbing shorts are designed specifically for rock climbers. Therefore, they must be able to withstand the rigors of rock climbing. In addition, they must be comfortable enough so that the climber does not experience discomfort while wearing them. Also, the rock climbing shorts must fit well so that the climber feels secure and confident during his/her climb. Finally, the rock climbing shorts must provide adequate ventilation so that the climber does not sweat excessively while he/she climbs.

Are All Rock Climbing Shorts Created Equal?

There are many brands of rock climbing shorts available today. Each brand offers its own unique features and benefits. For example, some rock climbing shorts are more durable than others. Others are lighter weight and easier to carry around. Still other models are more affordable.

Which Brand Is Best?

In order to determine which brand of rock climbing shorts is best suited for you, you should carefully examine each model before making your purchase. Look closely at the material used to create the rock climbing shorts. If possible, visit the website of the company where you plan to purchase the rock climbing shorts. Doing so will give you a good idea of whether or not the product meets your needs.

Is Buying Online Safe?

Buying online is becoming increasingly common due to the convenience offered by shopping via the internet. However, there are risks involved with doing business online. One risk is identity theft. Another risk is fraud. Yet another risk is being scammed into paying for something that was never delivered. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these problems. First, always check out the seller's reputation. Second, read reviews written by previous customers who purchased products from the same vendor. Fourth, verify the legitimacy of the web site using a valid credit card number. Fifth, pay attention to the terms and conditions of the sale. Sixth, contact customer service immediately if you encounter any difficulties. Lastly, remember that no matter how safe the transaction appears, it is still wise to shop locally whenever possible.

Features To Look For When Buying Rock Climbing Shorts

Rock climbing has become more popular than ever before. People who love adventure sports are always trying to improve themselves by learning new skills. If you're thinking about getting into rock climbing, there are many features to think about when choosing which pair of shorts to purchase. Here are some important features to look for in rock climbing shorts.

Climbing Pants Designs

The design of the rock climbing pant should be comfortable enough so that you can climb comfortably while wearing them. The material should provide adequate support and breathability. There should be pockets where you can store your gear. Some climbers prefer to carry everything in a backpack. Others choose to put most of their gear inside their pants. Either way works fine, but it depends on your preference.

Shoulder Straps

Some climbers prefer shoulder straps because they allow them to hang their pack on their back while climbing. However, others dislike shoulder straps because they restrict movement and cause discomfort. Most climbers opt for waist belts because they give them freedom of motion. Waist belts are generally preferred because they allow you to adjust the fit of the pants around your hips. Many climbers prefer to go with two belt loops rather than three because it gives them more flexibility. In general, the fewer the number of belt loops the better.


There are different types of waistbands available. One type is designed specifically for rock climbing. Another type is designed for hiking. Still another type is designed for both activities. Whatever style you decide upon, make sure that it fits well and doesn't bind too tightly. Also, make sure that the waistband isn't too long. Longer waists tend to bunch up during strenuous activity. Short waists aren't ideal either. They limit your range of motion and make it difficult to bend down. Finally, make sure that the waistband is wide enough to accommodate a harness. Harnesses are necessary for safety reasons. Without a harness, you could fall and hurt yourself.


Most rock climbing shorts have multiple pockets. Pockets are useful for storing food, water bottles, and other small items. Make sure that the pocket placement is convenient. Ideally, the pockets should be placed high on the leg so that you can reach them easily. Avoid placing pockets near the crotch area. Crotch areas are very sensitive and can be uncomfortable when wet. Placing pockets lower on the legs makes them easier to access. Don't forget to check the length of the pockets. Too large pockets can impede mobility. Small pockets are preferable. They are easy to grab and hold onto.


Choose fabrics carefully. Cotton tends to absorb moisture quickly. Therefore, cotton is best suited for warm weather conditions. Polyester is durable and resists wrinkles. Both materials are good choices for outdoor activities. Choose between these two options based on personal preferences. Other fabric choices include nylon and spandex. Nylon is lightweight and offers great durability. Spandex is stretchy and flexible. It's perfect for active lifestyles. Try on several pairs of shorts to determine which ones suit you best. Once you've found the right pair, stick with it.

Different Types Of Rock Climbing Shorts

Rock climbers love wearing different kinds of shorts because they're comfortable, durable, and functional. There are many styles available for both men and women. The most common type of shorts worn by rock climbers are called "cargo" style shorts. Cargo shorts are designed with cargo pockets and elastic waistbands so that they fit comfortably around the hips and thighs. Some other popular styles include athletic shorts, compression shorts, and running shorts. Each kind has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, cargo shorts are great for hiking and camping trips because they provide plenty of room for storing food and gear. However, cargo shorts are not very flattering unless you happen to be tall and slender. Athletic shorts are good for exercise and sports because they allow you to perform activities while still being able to see everything going on around you. Compression shorts are ideal for those who suffer from back pain because they compress the muscles and relieve pressure on the spine. Running shorts are perfect for long distance runs because they wick away sweat and dry quickly. All these options give you lots of choices when picking out the right pair of shorts for your needs.

Climbing Pants

There are two main categories of climbing pants - technical climbing pants and sport climbing pants. Technical climbing pants are typically more expensive than sport climbing pants. Sport climbing pants are generally cheaper and easier to climb in. Both types of climbing pants are made using high-quality materials and features. Most technical climbing pants are constructed with nylon/polyester blends which makes them extremely strong and flexible. Many technical climbing pants have reinforced knees and ankles to withstand falls. Other features found in technical climbing pants include mesh lining, zippers, and drawstring waists. Sport climbing pants are usually made with cotton fabrics and synthetic fibers. They are lighter weight and breathable compared to technical climbing pants. Sport climbing pants are commonly sold in bright colors and patterns to attract attention. If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, you might want to invest in a pair of technical climbing pants. They are built to last and will serve you well for years to come.

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Rock Climb Short

The best way to choose the right pair of rock climbing shorts is to think about what activity you plan on doing. Once you know what you plan on doing, you can narrow down your search based on the material and design of the shorts. Cotton climbing shorts are lightweight and easy to pack into a backpack. Nylon climbing shorts are stronger and more durable than cotton climbing shorts. Synthetic climbing shorts are the strongest option. They are resistant to tearing and abrasion. Look for a brand name that offers quality products. Brands like Patagonia, Columbia, and Black Diamond produce top notch climbing shorts.


JINSHI Men's Casual Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Gym Running Sports Shorts (Army green,M)

  • Lightweight quick dry shorts with internal drawstring and adjustable waist fit for any body form
  • Zip-closed security pockets ensure the safety of the stuff
  • Suitable for any circumstance.Good choice for indoor and outdoor activities.Such as Walking,Running,Gym,Traveling,Mountaineering,Hiking or at Home,etc
  • Quick dry,breathable,lightweight material.Keep you fresh and all-day comfort.Allowing to take less clothes when in travel
  • Solid color.Fashion and Concise.Great for Spring/Summer.Machine washable

Vcansion Men's Outdoor Lightweight Hiking Shorts Quick Dry Sports Casual Shorts Skateboard Shorts Black Tag 3XL/37-38

  • Multi-pockets/Elastic waist design.2 Front pockets + 1 Rear pockets
  • Tear resistant/Slight stretch,Lightweight Breathable and Quick dry
  • Machine Wash.Do not bleach. Do not dry clean
  • Lightweight Quick Dry fabric provides all day comfort and loose fit is designed for full range of motion, perfect for hiking, camping, Athletic, Fashion Board,Swimming and any outdoor activities in hot weather
  • ATTENTION:all items are US SIZE for selection.But few items tag shows the Asian Standard and old logo

EVERWORTH Men's Solid Gym Workout Shorts Bodybuilding Running Fitted Training Jogging Short Pants with Zipper Pocket Grey XXL

  • *PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZE: If you prefer loose fit, go up a size.The length of the short is approx 15 inch,approx 7 inch inseam. SIZE INFORMATION ==>> US X-Small: Waist 27.5"-29.5" ; US Small: Waist 29.5"-31.5"; US Medium: Waist 31.5"-33.5"; US Large: Waist 33.5"-35.5"; US X-Large: Waist 35.5"-37.5";
  • HIGHT PERFORMANCE FABRIC: 20% Polyester/80% Cotton.Extremly Soft Lightweight,Comfort and Breathable material wicks away sweat and dries quickly.Easy to clean, retains shape even after multiple washes.
  • DESIGN FOR PERFORMANCE AND TRAINING: Adjustable waistband with drawcord for a better fit; Zippered pockets prevent your phone or mp3 player from falling out when you exercise; One back pocket for small things like keys and wallet; Ergonomic 2-panel leg gusset for range of motion and durability; The design of open flap and short length allow more movement for weight training.
  • PERFECTLY SUITABLE FOR: Gym, Running, Workout, Fitness,Training,Jogging,Basketball,fishing,Boxing wear and Outdoor living Etc.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash or hand wash in cold water.

Black Diamond Men's Valley Rock Climbing Shorts, Carbon, Small

  • BEST USE: 11.5-inch inseam shorts for rock climbing, hiking, and in-town adventures.
  • FABRIC: Ultralight, quick dry, single-weave(85% nylon, 15% elastane) offers stretch to move with your body and eliminates wrinkles. Water Repellent finish keeps these shorts dry and clean
  • FIT: Slim fit but the fabric's stretch allows for plenty of movement. Sizing runs a bit small. 11.5" Inseam
  • FEATURES: Two hand pockets and two rear drop pockets. Snap button waist with ladder lock belt with belt loops.
  • SIZING (Waist): Small: 29-30, Medium: 31-33, Large: 34-36; X-Large: 38-40

Hiauspor Men's Hiking Cargo Shorts Quick Dry Athletic Shorts with Elastic Waist for Fishing Golf Casual (Black,Medium)

  • Lightweight and 4-Way Stretch Fabric: Mens hiking shorts with soft breathable fabric enhanced movement and comfort. Moisture wicking features keep you cool in summer.
  • Quick Dry & UPF 50+: The quick dry shorts with quick-drying fabric build-in UPF 50+ keep you dry and provide great protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Elastic Waist + 2 Buttons & 2 Hook and Loop Fasteners: Elastic waistband keep you fit perfectly, 2 hook and loop fastener plus double snaps at the front waist ensure it won't come undone.
  • 5 Zipper Pockets: 5 spacious & deep pockets will store your phone and other essentials. Great quality zippers won't get stuck.
  • Mens Athletic Shorts Occasion for: Hiking, golf, fishing, camping, climbing, casual, work out, beach vacation or the outdoor activities you want.

MIER Men's Quick Dry Shorts Lightweight Stretch Travel Hiking Shorts with 5 Zipper Pockets, 34, Rock Grey

  • Patented Fabric by MIER--- Miflex fabric developed by MIER, which is lightweight, durable, breathable, quick dry, water resistant, also stretch for enhanced mobility, let you move comfortably, and will not be deformed
  • Durable Hiking Shorts--- Men's ripstop nylon shorts features wear-resistant and lightweight, not afraid of branches and rough rocks when climbing, camping and passing through the jungle
  • 5 Utility Pockets--- Men's lightweight cargo shorts have 5 spacious & deep pockets, all with YKK zippers, 1 thigh pockets on right + 2 front pockets + 2 rear pockets for your secure storage like keys, phone, wallet, earbuds, etc. Don't worry about things falling out and lose anything
  • Performance Features--- Partial elastic waistband for extra comfort, the wide belt loop accommodates most belts. Metal button closure with zip fly. High-quality YKK brand zippers are easier to open and close
  • MIER men's hiking shorts are suitable for spring, summer and autumn. Good choice for outdoor sports like hiking, camping, traveling, trekking, mountain climbing, backpacking and casual, etc

Tansozer Men's Casual Shorts Elastic Waist Comfy Workout Shorts Drawstring Summer Jogger Shorts with Zipper Pockets (Army Green, Large)

  • Mens athletic shorts with comfortable fabric: 70% cotton, 25% polyester, 5% elastane.
  • Mens workout shorts with pockets: 2 side zip pockets, 1 back pocket, provide a large space for your phone,wallet and ect.
  • Breathable and lightweight summer shorts: Elasticated waist with adjustable drawstring.
  • Mens jogger shorts: Perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as, fitness, running, exercising, training, jogging and so on.
  • Tansozer Attention: Plese read our size chart carefully before you place order.

EVERWORTH Men's 2-in-1 Bodybuilding Workout Shorts Lightweight Gym Training Short Running Athletic Jogger with Zipper Pockets Grey S Tag L

  • *PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZE: Please Check the Size Chart (*Last Image*) Before Ordering.If you prefer loose fit, go up a size. SIZE CHART ==>> US XS[Waist 27"-29"],US S[Waist 29"-31"],US M[Waist 31"-33"], US L[Waist 33"-35"]; US XL[Waist 35"- 37"]
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIAL: 95% High Performance Polyester / 5% Spandex.Ultra Lightweight,Comfort and Stretchy fabric keep you dry and comfortable. Moisture-wicking technology,Reinforced stitching for long lasting quality.Easy to clean, retains shape even after multiple washes.
  • DESIGN FOR PERFORMANCE AND TRAINING: Shorts with built-in compression support thigh muscle to improve performance and provide more generous fit for extra mobility; A liner phone pocket to keep your phone out of the way; 2 Front Zippered Pockets keep your Phone, Keys and Wallet safe; And One Back Zippered Pocket for some extra storage;Adjustable Contrasting Draw Strings, easy to adjust and secure support.
  • PERFECTLY SUITABLE FOR: Gym, Running, Workout, Fitness,Training,Jogging,Basketball,Boxing Wear and Outdoor living Etc.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash or hand wash in cold water.

FLYFIREFLY Men's 2-in-1 Workout Running Shorts 7" Lightweight Gym Yoga Training Sport Short Pants Black

  • ▲ PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZE: If you prefer loose fit, go up a size.The Workout Shorts Men Size Chart→Small121-143lbs(55-65KG), Medium143-165lbs(65-75KG), Large165-187lbs(75-85KG), X-Large187-209lbs(85-95KG).
  • ▲ HIGHT PERFORMANCE FABRIC: 95% Polyamide / 5% Polyester For The Mens Running Shorts. Extremly Soft Lightweight, Comfort And Breathable Material Wicks Away Sweat And Dries Quickly. Easy To Clean, Retains Shape Even After Multiple Washes.
  • ▲ DESIGN FOR PERFORMANCE AND TRAINING: The Force Knit Sport Shorts Men Feature An Upgraded Fabrication Whilst Keeping In Line With The Popular Aesthetic Fit. Ideal Mens Gym Shorts For Leg And To Appeal To Your Physique; Adjustable Waistband With Drawcord For A Better Fit.
  • ▲ FEATURE OF PRODUCT: The 2 in 1 Shorts Men With Built-in Compression Support Thigh Muscle To Improve Performance And Provide More Generous Fit For Extra Mobility----A Liner Phone Pocket To Keep Your Phone Out Of The Way----2 Front Zippered Pockets Keep Your Phone, Keys And Wallet Safe---And One Back Zippered Pocket For Some Extra Storage----Adjustable Contrasting Draw Strings, Easy To Adjust And Secure Support.
  • ▲ PERFECTLY SUITABLE FOR: Gym, Running, Workout, Fitness,Training,Jogging,Basketball,Fishing,Boxing Wear And Outdoor Living Etc.

TACVASEN Men's Classic Capri 3/4 Cropped Sweatpants Camping Quick Drying Casual Shorts, 34 Grey

  • Material: Nylon, Spandex. Lightweighet quick dry fabric
  • Knee color matching design that make a beauty of coordination which is on trend.
  • 3/4 below knee length Shorts,Elastic Waist make more flexible and stretch
  • 2 zipper pokcets on both side and 1 back zipper pokcets.
  • Suitable for Hiking, Climbing, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Mountaineering, Fishing, Cycling, Training, Jogger, Running

Little Donkey Andy Women's Lightweight Quick Dry Hiking Pants Reinforced Knees UPF 50 for Mountain Climbing Camping Black L

  • WATER RESISTANT and QUICK DRY:Our pants are made of advanced water resistant fabric which repels light moisture,dries sweat quickly to help you remain cool and dry on the move.
  • RIPSTOP REINFORCED KNEES: The ripstop fabric makes the pants scratch-resistant while the reinforced knees add extra durability where needed the most for better mobility
  • COMFORTABLE and ADJUSTABLE FIT:- ① Hook snap button and interior drawstring ensure a better fit and easy adjustability; ②Elastic leg-hem and zipper closure present at the end add on to the comfort of these pants; ③Reflective element keeps you visible in low light conditions
  • HANDY FEATURES: The pants have zipper angled front pockets with pull tabs to store and quickly access your essentials
  • MOBILITY FRIENDLY: Slim fit design makes movement easy and ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, climbing, camping, fishing,gardening etc

Rdruko Men's Quick Dry 3/4 Capri Long Shorts Lightweight Stretch Travel Hiking Climbing Mountain Shorts(Light Grey, US 30)

  • Lightweight Fabric: Rdruko hiking shorts get great quick dry and breathable function, match with lightweight and UV protection fabric.
  • Adjustable Waist: Elastic waistband with drawstring can be used freely adjustable tightness according to your waist.
  • Three Zipper Pockets: Outdoor Capri shorts features two side zippered pockets and one back zippered pockets for convenience and efficiency.
  • Below knee shorts: 12 inch inseam. Three-quarter length, it will protect your knees from being hurt in outdoors. More convenient for moving.
  • Multiple Applications: 3/4 long shorts suitable for Hiking, Climbing, Traveling, Fishing, Camping, Hunting, Walking, Running, Workout and Outdoor Adventure.

MOCOLY Women's Running Cargo Pants Elastic Waist Quick Dry Lightweight Water Resistant Climbing Long Pants UPF SPF 50+ Navy S

  • Breathable Mesh Side Panels & Moisture Wicking --- provide in maximum breathability, keeping you fresh throughout your routines. Moisture wicking fabric allows for a dry experience throughout outdoor activities.
  • Seamless Water Resistance Zippered Pockets --- Deep enough to securely hold your 5.5¡± phones, wallets and keys, ect., and prevent from getting wet by water and rain.
  • Internal Drawcord On Waistband --- offers a personalized fit, increases the range of motion
  • Crafted of a slim fit with soft 4-way stretchy fabric --- for ultimate comfort and mobility when being active outside, giving you the freedom to flex.
  • OCCASIONS --- Ultral lightweight & Elastic Tapered Cuff Pants is Suitable for Spring, Summer and Autumn.Good choice for an athletic fit, pefect for running, workout, yoga, golf, hiking, jogging, outdoor activities, gym fitness, lounging around the house, causal wear, etc.

MAGNIVIT Men's 3/4 Pants Outdoor Hiking Shorts Quick Dry Lightweight Stretch Mountain Casual Cargo Shorts Dark Grey

  • Material: Nylon,Spandex / Comfy, flexible, stretch
  • Features: 3/4 below knee long shorts,elastic waist for a better fit,side prints make you look more stylish
  • Reinforced Knee:The thickened knee fabric enhances durability and provides strong protection for outdoor athletes
  • 3 Zipper Pockets:Two front zipper pockets and one back zipper pocket,prevent the loss of valuable items
  • Perfect for Hiking,Camping,Cycling,Mountain,Camping,Climbing,Fishing,etc

Cycorld Cargo Hiking Shorts for Men Lightweight Stretchy Elastic Waist Quick Dry Shorts with Zip Pockets(Green, Large)

  • [Features] 94% Polyester & 6% Spandex. Adopt high-quality fabrics, quick dry, lightweight, breathable and Tear resistance.
  • [6 Pockets] Our mens casual hiking shorts have 4 leg zipper pockets and 2 front pockets, deep enough for your items. SBS Zipped.
  • [4-Way Stretch] The mens hiking shorts are made by 4-Way stretch fabric to enhance movement and comfort.
  • [Good Fit for You] Elastic waistband and adjustable hook and loop fastener that are around the mens quick dry lightweight hiking shorts would fit your waist better.
  • [YKK Zipper & Advanced Sewing] The hiking mens shorts are made of reinforced crotch seams design and YKK zippers, more durable.

Work Shorts for Men Stretch Cargo Shorts for Men Tactical Shorts Hiking Shorts Men Rock Climbing Shorts Mens Summer Shorts Dark Grey

  • ♡ Material: 87% Nylon & 13% Spandex. Lightweight and Comfortable. Great for Outdoors.
  • ♡ 5 Pockets Design: 2 Hand Pockets; 1 Zipper Security Pocket and 1 Large Cargo Pocket on thigh; 1 Rear Zipper Pockets. It can store your odds and ends safely when you are moving.
  • ♡ Features: Wear-resisting, Quick Dry, Lightweight, Breathable, Flexible, Sun protection, Moisture Wicking.
  • ♡ Comfortable: Cargo shorts with elastic waistband for better fit. Choose the size as usual. They fit true to size.
  • ♡ Occasions: Idear for daily wear or outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, hunting, travelling, camping, fishing, mountaineering, cycling, riding etc.

MIER Men's Hiking Cargo Shorts Quick Dry Outdoor Nylon Short with 6 Pockets, Water Resistant, Rock Grey, 36

  • Multifunctional outdoor shorts ---- Crafted with 4 way stretchy fabric which allows greater extensibility for better movement and all day comfort. Breathability and quick drying keep you cool/ dry during hot days outside, water resistant finish repels light rain and decreases dry times
  • Quick-access Storage ---- Equipped with 6 spacious pockets for maximum storage capacity. 2 large and deep handy slant pockets, 2 large thigh cargo zipper pockets and 2 rear zipper pockets - both use YKK zippers for secure items safety
  • 10 Inch inseam shorts ---- Relaxed fit, mid rise, straight leg, hit just above the knee. This versatile lightweight cargo shorts, perfect for fishing, golf, field work, travel, hiking, backpacking, yard work or other outdoor activities
  • Adjustable waist ---- partial elastic waistband with belt loops for a customized fit, YKK zipper fly with button closure for durable use
  • BUY WITH 100% CONFIDENCE, MIER guarantee 30 days return and money back, lifetime customer service. ORDER NOW WITH NO RISK!

Surenow Mens 2 in 1 Running Shorts Quick Dry Athletic Shorts with Liner, Workout Shorts with Zip Pockets and Towel Loop Black

  • [UPGRADED FABRIC IS LIGHT and BREATHABLE] Surenow quick-drying men's shorts are made of upgraded fabric, which is soft and comfortable, and the lining is elastic, so no matter how you move, you won't feel bound. The quick-drying fabric will not feel stuffy when you exercise, which helps to sweat and has the characteristics of fast-drying.
  • [REINFORCED LINING] The lining is upgraded to make the whole body more elastic. You can feel the difference between it and ordinary shorts by touching it, which gives you a higher quality experience. The fabric is fine and comfortable, without friction or other bad feelings.
  • [DELICATE DETAILS] The side of the shorts is a slant insert pocket, and the inner lining has a well-cut and firm internal pocket, allowing you to hold your personal belongings. The drawstring in the same color at the waist can be adjusted according to your figure to give maximum comfort to the waist. The towel ring at the back is more convenient for movement, and the zipper pocket is better for safety.
  • [SUITABLE SCENE] The 2-in-1 shorts are suitable for many occasions, such as home wear, outdoor running, sports, and fitness, with high comfort, classic and fashionable style. It can't be more suitable for any occasion.
  • [EASY CARE] It can be washed by hand or by machine, with high color fastness, no fading, no deformation, and durability.

Little Donkey Andy Men's Quick Dry Shorts for Hiking Walking Work, Multi-Pockets Moisture-Wicking Gray L

  • MOISTURE-WICKING & FAST-DRYING: The fabric is breathable, lightweight, dries quickly and wicks away sweat, you'll be comfortable even as the intensity picks up. Two air holes on both inner thighs allow moisture vapour to escape, helping regulate temperature.
  • MULTI-POCKETS: Features nine different pockets to withstand the demands of various outdoor activities. Including two hand pockets, one small key pocket, two secure thigh zipper pockets , one accessory/knife pocket, one document pocket with accordion folds and two back pockets.
  • ELASTIC WAIST & STRETCH FABRIC: Partial elastic waist for increased mobility and comfort. Lost of stretch delivers versatile comfort for dynamic activity.
  • ABRASION-RESISTANCE: The ripstop fabric increases the durability, and can handle the jagged branches and rough rocks you might encounter. These shorts works with you while providing reliable performance to withstand rugged backcountry travel. Idea for hiking, backpacking, hunting, mountain biking, climbing and work.
  • UPF 50 SUN PROTECTION: UPF 50 rated fabric to block the sun, protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays and long-term skin damage.

MIER Men's Stretch Outdoor Hiking Shorts Quick Dry Nylon Short with 5 YKK Zipper Pockets, Lightweight, Ripstop, Rock Grey, 34

  • Patented fabric by MIER--- Miflex fabric developed by MIER, which is breathable, lightweight, quick dry, water resistant, also stretch for you to move comfortably
  • Utility Pocket--- MIER Men's lightweight cargo shorts have 5 utility pockets, 2 slash front pockets, 2 YKK zip-closed rear pocket, 1 front cargo zipper pocket. Multi-functional front and back pockets add convenience and keep valuables secure
  • Classic Style--- These hiking shorts feature a 10-inch inseam that hits right at the knee for all day comfort. Durable YKK zippers with puller for long lasting
  • Intimate Design--- Stretch outdoor hiking shorts designed with a partial elastic waistband to fit your waistline, additional belt loops work with all standard belt
  • MIER Men's ripstop nylon shorts are more suitable for your outdoor and indoor activities, no matter hiking, camping, climbing, fishing, trekking, traveling or casual, they can provide you an unbelievable wear experience

MIER Men's Quick Dry Hiking Shorts Stretchy Cargo Shorts with 6 Pockets, Water Resistant, 34, Rock Grey

  • A New Tech Fabric: Patent-pending Miflex fabric developed by MIER is a new high-performance Nylon fabric. This fabric is lightweight, water-resistant, stretchy, quick dry and ripstop
  • Breathable & Quick Dry: The body is always perspiring on summer outdoor activities, breathable and moisture wicking technology will quickly absorb, evaporate and dry moisture to keep you cool and comfortable for those long days
  • Water Resistant: The stretch Nylon fabric is treated with a DWR coating to repel water, and the active fit lets you move easily, good for all outdoor activity and out of the water
  • 6 Multi-Purpose Pockets: 2 front slash pockets, 2 rear zipper pockets and 2 zipper pockets on the thigh to ensure safe storage of your phone, map, keys, wallet, and other personal items. YKK zipper can prevent things from falling out and pickpocket-proof
  • Flexible & Durable: 4-way stretch performance for maximum movement and comfort MIER summer outdoor shorts especially suitable for outdoor hiking, traveling, trekking, camping, fishing, hunting, backpacking, working and so on

Mapamyumco Men's Quick Dry Lightweight Stretch Hiking Shorts Cargo for Outdoor, Golf, Travel Oil Green M

  • Quick Dry & Sun Protection: Our outdoor shorts made of lightweight and fast dry nylon fabric, makes you feel comfortable. UPF 50+ hiking shorts protects you from UV ray.
  • Flexibility : 4-Way stretch fabric for enhanced mobility let you move comfortably, and there are elastic waistband and loops that you can adjust better.
  • Abrasion Resistance & Waterproof: The ripstop and waterproof fabric increases the durability, it can handle the jagged branches and rough rocks you might encounter, and offers protection against harsh stains and liquids.
  • High Capacity:Our cargo shorts with 4 pockets, 2 slash hand zipper pockets, 2 thigh zipper pockets, the mesh pockets offer lightweight storage for your maps, wallet, keys, and snacks.
  • VERSATILE: This breathable shorts constructed for most outdoor activities and sports in hot summer like hiking, running, fishing, trekking, cycling, walking, camping, golf, climbing ect.

Covalent Activewear Maryland Flag Souvenir Gift Adult Training Shorts

  • Moisture-wicking fabric performance
  • Drawstring Elastic Waistband
  • Two side pockets

Rock and Roll Classic Tongue Out Face Embroidered Black Beanie Hats for Rock Lovers-Winter Warm Stretchable Fashion Knit Cuffed Beanie Hats for Men Women

  • ❤ Rock and Roll Classic Tongue Out Face Embroidered:This black beanie design with rock and roll classic tongue out face embroidered,it is the perfect beanie hat for all that like Listening to Rock n Roll, Rock Music, Recording, Growling, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, or Playing the Guitar
  • ❤ Perfect For Gift: This Fashion beanie has a solid color ,funky look and rock n roll classic design,It is a ideal gift for any Rocker Friends, Rock n Roll Lovers, Music Lover, Punk Kids, Vocalist, or Bandmates
  • ❤ Quality Warm Material: The winter warm knit beanie use high quality stretchy acrylic &soft-spun knitted,extremely comfortable and soft.The simple and stylish design allows everyone to easily match different clothes in the cold winter.
  • ❤ One Size Fit Most: We use stretchable materials so that can adapt to various head shapes,The long beanies keeps your head warm covering up the ears and keeps you cosy under the hat
  • ❤ Customer Service: If you have any questions with your order, please feel free to contact us. We will solve your problem within 24 hours. Thanks for your patronage,guys!
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