Beach Blanket Extra Large Picnic Blanket Sandproof Waterproof Outdoor Indoor Blanket Lightweight Handy Mat Portable Beach Mat for Camping Hiking Travel Park Grass

  • 【MULTIPLE USE BLANKET】 It's not just a large picnic mat, you can use it for beach blanket, camping blanket, RV blanket, baby play mat, yard blanket, waterproof blanket, emergency blanket or throw blanket. It is the perfect choice for the park, the beach, outdoor, fishing, sporting events, soccer games, concerts, hiking.
  • 【WATERPROOF & SAND PROOF】Waterproof cushioned backing prevents you from getting wet from damp lawns or surfaces and provides extra sitting comfort. Waterproof, moisture proof, sand proof, wind resistance.
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN】Beach blanket Wipe the waterproof backing with a towel or tissue and shake off grass, sand, or dirt mud on the surface. or hand washing when activities finishing. (Do not machine wash or dry, dry clean, or iron.
  • 【DURABLE THICK & COMFORT SKIN TOUCH】The outdoor mat is made from strong, durable, high-quality polyester and PVC, durable and comfortable to to lay down or sit on. Skin-friendly design large blanket, comfortable when kids or baby paly on the indoor or outdoor.
  • 【EXTRA LARGE OUTDOOR BLANKET】This waterproof blanket was 79*57 inches, support 3-5 people play on the blanket. Folding as a handbag, open as the waterproof large outdoor blacket. Lightweight and small folded size (11.8" x 7.9"), convenient carry the blanket when fold.

How To Choose The Best Sand Proof Beach Blanket

What Is The Purpose Of A Sand Proof Beach Blanket?

Beach blankets are great because they're easy to pack into your suitcase and take with you wherever you go. But there's more to these blankets than meets the eye. There are many types of beach blankets available today, each designed to provide a certain level of comfort and protection. Some beach blankets are made specifically for sunbathing while others are intended for lounging around poolside. If you plan to spend most of your vacation by the water, you might be interested in purchasing a waterproof beach blanket. Here are three reasons why you should choose a waterproof beach blanket.

Waterproof Beach Blankets Are More Durable Than Traditional Ones

Traditional beach blankets aren't very durable. They quickly become worn down from constant exposure to saltwater and other elements. Waterproof beach blankets, however, are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Even though they're not meant to last forever, they still hold up well throughout your entire trip. So whether you're planning to stay near the ocean or visit a tropical island, a waterproof beach blanket is sure to serve you well.

They Keep You Dry In Wet Conditions

Even if you live somewhere where rain isn't common, chances are you've experienced a few rainy days here and there. Whether you're visiting a coastal city or spending a week camping in the woods, you know that wet weather makes everything miserable. That's why it's important to purchase a waterproof beach blanket. Not only does it keep you dry during those times when the skies open up, it protects you from getting rained on too!

They Protect From Insect Bites

Insect bites are another thing that can ruin your day. While mosquitoes are responsible for spreading diseases like West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever, bees and wasps cause painful stings that leave welts behind. Fortunately, insect repellent sprays are readily available at drugstores. However, they're no match for a mosquito netting beach blanket. Unlike traditional beach blankets, which allow insects access to bite you, a waterproof beach blanket prevents bugs from landing on you. It's a simple way to avoid being bitten and scratched by pesky insects.

How To Choose A Good Quality Beach Blanket

There are several factors that determine the quality of a beach blanket. First, you must decide between a standard beach blanket or a waterproof one. Standard beach blankets are typically cheaper than waterproof ones. Second, you should check the material used to construct the blanket. Cotton is generally considered the best choice since it absorbs moisture and dries fast. Third, you should ask yourself if you'd prefer a thick or thin beach blanket. Thick beach blankets are easier to carry and store than thinner ones. Fourth, you should think about the size of the beach blanket. Large beach blankets are ideal for covering large areas of ground. Smaller beach blankets are perfect for smaller spaces like hammocks and picnic tables.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Sand Proof Beach Blanket

Beach blankets are essential accessories for those who love spending time outdoors. Whether you're relaxing by the pool, enjoying a day at the park, or simply taking a stroll along the shoreline, there's no denying that beach blankets provide comfort and relaxation. However, many beach blankets today are constructed with poor materials which makes them susceptible to getting wet during rainy weather. If you've ever purchased a cheap beach blanket only to discover that it has been ruined due to water damage, you know exactly why it's important to purchase a high-quality beach blanket. Here are three reasons why you must invest in a quality beach blanket.

Water damage is something that most homeowners dread, especially since it can be so expensive to repair. Unfortunately, many beach blankets sold today are cheaply manufactured and lack durability. Because these blankets are prone to absorbing moisture, they can become soggy and moldy within hours of being exposed to rainwater. As a result, furniture covered by these blankets could end up damaged beyond repair. In addition to ruining your furniture, water damage can lead to mildew growth and other health hazards. Investing in a quality beach blanket ensures that your furniture remains protected from water damage.

Many beach blankets available today are made using synthetic fabrics. While these types of blankets are more durable than traditional cotton ones, they still aren't very comfortable. Synthetic fabrics are typically thin and flimsy, making them uncomfortable to sleep on. Additionally, because these blankets are designed to withstand harsh conditions, they are often too hot to lay down on during summer months. Investing in a quality beach blanket ensures that you enjoy a cool bedroom environment throughout the entire season.

Features To Look For When Buying A Sand Proof Beach Blanket

The best beach blankets are those with water-resistant properties. The most important thing to look for when purchasing a beach blanket is whether or not it has waterproofing qualities. If you're going to be using the beach blanket outside during summer months, it needs to be able to withstand the elements. In addition, it must be durable enough so that it doesn't fall apart quickly. There are many types of beach blankets available today; however, there are only two main categories - traditional beach blankets and modern beach blankets. Traditional beach blankets are typically made of cotton or polyester material while modern beach blankets are more likely to be made of nylon or microfiber materials. Regardless of which type of beach blanket you choose, you should always check the quality before making a purchase.

Traditional Beach Blankets

There are several benefits associated with choosing a traditional beach blanket. First, these blankets are generally cheaper than other beach blankets. Second, they provide superior comfort due to their softness. Third, they are easy to care for because they require little maintenance. Fourth, they are very lightweight and portable. Fifth, they are perfect for camping and picnics. Finally, they are great for outdoor activities such as surfing, swimming, boating, etc. However, despite its numerous advantages, traditional beach blankets aren't suitable for everyone. Some individuals prefer the feeling of being wrapped in something warm and cozy rather than lounging around barefoot. Others simply dislike the idea of sleeping outdoors.

Modern Beach Blankets

As opposed to traditional beach blankets, modern beach blankets are designed to be extremely comfortable. They are constructed of either nylon or microfiber material. Microfibers are synthetic fibers that are incredibly strong and resistant to tearing, fading, and mildew. Nylon is another popular choice among beach blanket manufacturers. Both materials are highly breathable and allow air to circulate freely throughout the blanket. Modern beach blankets are also lighter weight than traditional beach blankets. As a result, they are easier to carry and transport. Additionally, they are ideal for indoor use since they are machine washable. Because of their durability, modern beach blankets are also good choices for children.

Waterproofing Properties

Beach blankets are meant to be worn outside. Therefore, it's essential that they are waterproofed. Waterproofing refers to the ability of a fabric to resist moisture. Most beach blankets sold today are treated with special chemicals that ensure that they remain dry and free of mold and mildew. Even though they are treated with waterproofing agents, some beach blankets still retain traces of dirt and dust. Thus, it's imperative that you thoroughly inspect the packaging prior to placing an order. Make sure that the package is sealed tightly and does not contain any holes. Also, check the seams where the cover meets the bottom of the blanket. If you notice anything suspicious, contact the manufacturer immediately.


In general, beach blankets last longer than traditional beach blankets. That said, both types of beach blankets can become damaged by extreme weather conditions. For instance, if you live near a lake or oceanfront property, you might experience high winds or heavy rains.

Different Types of Sand Proof Beach Blanket

Beach blankets are great because they provide shelter from the sun and wind while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. However, there are many different kinds of beach blankets available today. Some are designed specifically for outdoor activities, others are meant only for indoor use. The type of beach blanket you choose depends on where you plan to use it and what kind of activity you're planning.

Outdoor beach blankets - Outdoor beach blankets are perfect for camping trips, picnics, and other outdoor events. They are typically thick enough to withstand heavy winds and rain. If you're going to be using your beach blanket outside, you might want to invest in a waterproof cover so that water doesn't ruin it.

Indoor beach blankets - Indoor beach blankets are ideal for those who live near beaches or lakes. They are lightweight and easy to carry around. Most indoor beach blankets are made with nylon or polyester material.


Aquatus Beach Blanket Sandproof Extra Large Oversized 10ft by 9ft for 2-8 Adults, Best Beach Mat Accessories for Vacation, Camping, Picnics, and Events Attached Bag with 4 Stakes and 4 Corner Pockets

  • ✅ SANDPROOF, WATER RESISTANT, & MACHINE WASHABLE ~ Made of 100% water resistant parachute nylon, sand doesn't stick and simply brushes or shakes right off! Aquatus blankets quick dry water, are lightweight, thin and dynamic and are perfect for an enjoyable hangout, picnic, tanning, yoga, and snacking space. Plus, say hello to an easy clean up!
  • ✅ SUPERIOR QUALITY & DESIGN~Engineered, designed, and quality tested in the USA! 🇺🇸 , we triple stitch every connection for superior strength and durability. Strong enough for your chair or even your dog! Aquatus beach sheets are crafted with lasting use in mind.
  • ✅ HUGE & COMPACT ~ The 10ft X 9ft size fits friends and family for any occasion, whether that’s a day at the beach, a music festival, sporting event, camping trip, or picnic for two with a bottle of wine at the park. When you’ve called it a day, quickly pack your heat resistant Aquatus sand free blanket into its portable attached carrying bag, weighing only 1.7 pounds, and clip it onto your backpack, stroller, purse, or bag. Great for travelers!
  • ✅ GIVING BACK ~ Aquatus is founded on the belief of giving back to all communities in need and donates a portion of every blanket purchase to hurricane relief efforts wherever they are needed.

WIWIGO Beach Blanket, Sandproof Beach Mat 79" X 83" /10'x9'for 2-8 Adults Waterproof Quick Drying Outdoor Picnic Mat for Travel, Camping, Hiking

  • 【OUTSIDE BEACH BLANKET】1 * Sand Proof Beach Mat;4 * Durable ABS Anchors Stakes; 1* Carabiner; 1 * CARRY BAG
  • 【SAND PROOF & WATERPROOF】The beach blanket is waterproof,machine washable and quick drying
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT】0.81lb, 79”×83” sized beach/picnic blanket. It can folded into the 5.1”×7.5” carried bag, convenient to carry
  • 【4* SAND POCKETS & 4 *ANCHOR STAKES 】 There are 4 triangle sand pockets at the corners of the beach mat, so you can put sand or rocks in these sand pockets to keep the blanket on ground or you can use the stakes to nail it down
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL BEACH ACCESSORIES】 The soft travel outdoor beach sheets mat can be used as a waterproof picnic blanket, camping, park, sport,hiking, fishing and etc

POPCHOSE Beach Blanket, Beach Blanket Sandproof, Large Waterproof Sandproof Beach Blanket for 4-7 Adults, Waterproof Picnic Blanket with 6 Stakes, Beach Outdoor Blanket for Beach Accessories

  • SAND-RESISTANT, WATER-RESISTANT & DRY-QUICK: The POPCHOSE beach blanket is made of Parachute Ripstop Polyester which is strong, durable, lightweight, and 100% breathable. NO WORRY about the sand sticking to the beach blanket and easy to get off the sand and brush off. The picnic blanket also dries quickly so you don't need to wait around for it to dry. Get it as your beach accessories.
  • DOUBLE WIND-RESISTANT DESIGN: The sandproof waterproof beach blanket with 5 integrated sand anchor pockets and 6 ground stakes, provides dual wind-resistant protection to keep the blanket on the ground even in high winds. The pockets are with built-in zipper which can keep your valuables safe. Ideal beach accessories.
  • LARGE, COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: The sandproof beach blanket is 83” X 78” to fit a couple or 4 persons. And it folds to a compact size (6.3 X 5.5 in) that fits in a pouch to make a great, lightweight carry along. With a POPCHOSE Waterproof Sandproof Beach Blanket, you can solve the not easy-to-carry problem, perfecting your beach vacation.
  • ENJOY YOUR BEACH FAMILY DAY: POPCHOSE ultra-compact sandproof beach blanket designed with portability in mind is the perfect groundsheet for all occasions. Whether yoga lovers enjoy exercise alone on the beach, couples take a romantic vacation or a family goes for a funny picnic, this outdoor blanket will be your favorite companion. Just take it and go camping, hiking, picnics, music festivals, or any other outdoor activity.
  • ACCESSORIES: Includes 6 stake anchors, a safety carabiner, and a carry bag. 4 stakes are for 4 loops in each corner of the beach mat, and the extra 2 stakes are given us for those customers who lost the stakes and didn't know where to find. It's triple stitched for maximum strength and durability. Enjoy a summer beach vacation with more comfort and a lot less hassle.

Beach Blanket, WIWIGO Beach Mat Sandproof Picnic Blanket Large Compact for 2-3 Persons Waterproof and Drying Camping Blanket Made by Nylon Pocket Picnic for Outdoor Travel with Storage Bag (78" X 82")

  • 🏖SAND-RESISTANT& WATER-RESISTANT: Made of strong nylon fabric, this beach blanket is sandproof and waterproof. You can simply shake the blanket to remove all the sand and wipe off the water on the blanket easily when you are ready to leave.
  • 🏖OVERSIZED & DURABLE: This 78''X82'' (198x208cm) beach blanket can fits 2-3 adults and is made of premium durable anti-tear nylon. This mat includes 4 stakes and 4 corner loops to hold it steady in place. Please don't worry about blanket will be blown off by the wind. The beach blanket is machine washable, odor-proof, and quick drying.
  • 🏖MULTI-FACETED USE: You can take this portable blanket to the beach, park, lakeside or even mountain as a blanket, rain shelter, or sunshade. It is also perfect as a floor mat, pet seat cover, and kids toy mat for indoor use. This sand-resistant and waterproof mat can be used all year round, making it your ideal companion anywhere and anytime.
  • 🏖EASY TO CARRY: The picnic mat is light(0.8 lbs) and soft, so it is easy to fold. It comes with a compact drawstring pocket and a carabiner so you can easily hang it or put it in your backpack. Washing tips:①Machine wash with cold water ②Do not bleach and iron ③To maintain the performance of the material, do not use detergent when you wash it.
  • 🏖QUALITY ASSURANCE: Because we are always committed to great quality products, the WIWIGO blanket comes with 60 days of money back, 1-year replacement warranty, and lifetime technical support. If there are issues with the quality of the product, please reach out to us and we will work with you to provide a refund or replacement service.

HIHOHO Beach Blanket, Large Size 82''X80'' Outdoor Sandproof Picnic Blanket Light Weight Nylon Beach Mat with 4 Stakes and 4 Corner Pockets for Travel Camping or Hiking

  • 【Oversized but Compact】This outdoor beach blanket is extra large (82x 80inch). Not only can this huge beach mat comfortably accommodate 2-4 persons, but it can also be easily packed into its integrated bag with a folded size of 8.2''×4.5''.
  • 【Unique Carrying Case and Zippered Pocket】Latest EVA storage box make you feel more special when carrying the blanket to the outdoor. The box is more portable and easier to store your blanket. The side of the blanket contains a zippered pocket, which can store your keys, sunglasses, and other small personal items.
  • 【Sand Proof and Water Resistant】HIHOHO Beach Blanket is made of high-quality Nylon material, which is sandfree and waterproof. You can easily get rid of sand and water by lightly wiping the mat. The blanket is easy to clean and quick drying after washing by hands or washing machine.
  • 【Wide Application】The Portable Beach Blanket is machine-washable and drying fast. The mat weights only 15 oz and easy to pack up, you can take it anywhere. It’s a blanket/mat or sun shelter/ table cloths. Perfect for beach, picnic, park, family trip, camping, hiking, fishing etc.
  • 【Package Included】1×Beach Blanket, 1×Carabiner, 1×Waterproof EVA Storege Box, 4×groud nails. HIHOHO Beach Blanket provides the best coustmer sevice, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues with the mat.

Oversized Beach Blanket Sandproof Waterpoof Beach Accessories Vacation Travel Outdoor Picnic Extra Large Foldable Beach Blankets 2-8 Adults Camping Mats with 2 Zipper Storage Pocket 6 Corner Pockets

  • 🌊 【EYE-CATCHING DESIGN & MULTI-USE】:Unique designed beach mat will make you stand out on the beach in the sun!You can also use it as a background for photos and take some nice photos to post to social software like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.It's suitable for many occasions,beach,picnic,camping,hiking,music festivals and many other outdoor occasions.
  • 🏖 【DOUBLE WIND-RESISTANT DESIGN】:Our sandproof beach blanket has 4 built-in corner pockets and 5 ground stakes, provides dual wind-resistant.It keeps the beach blanket on the ground even in high winds.It also has 2 zipper pockets on the side that can be used to hold sand or personal valuables.
  • 🐬 【LARGE SIZE BUT COMPACT】:Weighs only 0.8 pounds! Unfolded size: 79 x 79 Inches; folded size: 7.4 x 3.5 Inches.It's an extra large beach blanket, but it's also especially lightweight and portable,convenient to carry and store.Suitable for 4-8 people.
  • 🌴【 SUPERIOR QUALITY & MACHINE WASHABLE】:TwoYek beach blankets have excellent strength and durability.All our beach blankets are designed for long term use.It is especially resistant to friction and sharp puncture, also it's machine washable.We have adopted the latest printing and dyeing technology, so don't worry about the print fading.
  • ✨ 【SAND-PROOF,WATER-PROOF,DRY-QUICK】:Our beach blankets are made of a strong,and breathable material.It's very durable and you can use it for years.The soft and skin friendly fabric ensures that sand is easily brushed off the blanket and water dries out in a short period of time, unlike regular beach towels.

Pinuotu Beach Blanket, 82''x69'' Extra Large Waterproof Sandproof Beach Mat Picnic Blanket for Beach Camping

  • 🌊【Waterproof & Sandproof】210T polyester beach blanket is waterproof, sand proof and anti-piercing. All items on the mat can be kept dry.
  • 🌊【Oversize】 The beach blanket size is 82x69 inches, which can be used as a picnic camping mat to meet the needs of the family. And it has reinforced edging and 4 professional fixed nails for stronger and better to use.
  • 🌊【Lightweight & Portable】 The beach blanket is only 0.35KG, usually folded in the bag and does not take up space. This beach mat will come with a carabiner, so It is also convenient to hang it on a backpack when traveling outdoors.
  • 🌊【Multi-function】This beach mat can be used as a picnic blanket, a rain shelter, an emergency mat/pad while traveling outdoor, water-resistance tarp, pocket blanket, ground cover etc.
  • 🌊【Healthy Anti-wrinkle Material】The beach blanket is 210T polyester material, soft fabric, healthy, odorless and heat-insulating, it is better than ordinary nylon products.

Gusgopo Beach Blanket, 79''83'' Picnic Blankets Waterproof Sandproof for 4-7 Adults, Oversized Lightweight Beach Mat, Portable Picnic Mat, SandProof Mat for Travel, Camping with Waterproof Case

  • 【Waterproof and Non-sticky Sand】 Beach Blanket is made of 210T polyester fiber, which can effectively prevent water and cracks from damaging it. Non-stick sand: Shake the beach mat gently to get rid of sand or other debris easily. Effectively prevent sand from sticking to the mat. This excellent fabric is not only breathable and lightweight, but also water drops can be observed rolling down.
  • 【Sturdy Design】We have adopted a unique double-layer sewing technology, which has strong tear resistance. The four-angle wooden peg design can fix the beach blanket well to prevent your beach mat from being blown away by the wind. The cushion is designed to be lightweight, with a size of 79"×83" when fully unfolded, a volume of only 4.7"x3.2"x6.3" after being folded, and a weight of only 0.72Lb. Therefore, it can be easily and quickly carried with you.
  • 【Oversized but Compact】This outdoor beach blanket is very large (79"×83"). This huge beach mat can not only comfortably accommodate 7 people or a large family. The cushion is designed to be lightweight, the folded volume is only 4.7"x3.2"x6.3", and the weight is only 0.72Lb. Therefore, it can be easily and quickly carried with you.
  • 【Multifunctional Use】Beach blankets can also be used as rain shelters, emergency mats/mats during travel, picnic blankets, tarps, beach blankets, ground covers, etc. Whether you are a yoga enthusiast enjoying exercise alone on the beach, a couple spending a romantic vacation or a family going on a fun picnic, this outdoor blanket will be your best choice.
  • 【Buy with Confidence】You will get -1× beach blanket, 1× carabiner, 1× phone universal waterproof box, 4× ground nails.Gusgopo backs every purchase with 100% satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our beach blankets, please feel free to contact our customer service team, we will be responsible for our products.

AITINIA Sandproof Beach Blanket, Oversized Beach Mat 79" x 82 for 4-7 Adults ,Waterproof Lightweight Portable Outdoor Mat for Beach Travel Camping Hiking

  • ❤️Oversize Mat: With 45.3 Square Feet When Spread Out, It Can Meet Your Whole Family's Travel, So You Can Fully Enjoy The Outdoor Fun And Happy Time With Your Family and Friends.
  • ❤️Easy Carry: Only 0.3 Pounds in Weight, Equivalent to A Mobile Phone, Can Easily Fit in Your Pocket, So You Will Not Feel Any Pressure in Carrying It On Your Trip. We Also Give You an Alloy Portable Hook, Convenient For You to Hang in Your Backpack or Your Favorite Place.
  • ❤️Waterproof, Sandfree, Anti-scratch: Ultra-fine Weave Process, Up to 210 Ultra-fine Fiber Filaments Per Square inch, High-density Weave Process Plus Waterproof PE Coating, So You Can Fear No Rain and Sand and Other Debris, Cleaning is Also Particularly Simple, Not Only Beach Mat, But Also as A Waterproof Tent, Rain Poncho, Etc.
  • ❤️Durable and Wear-resistant: Polyester Fiber is Strong and Durable, Not Afraid of Sharp Stones or Sand, Do Not Worry About Damage, Enjoy The Outdoor Time, Bring It and Then Open It, It's That Simple.
  • ❤️Lifetime Warranty: We Offer Lifetime Unconditional Replacement and 24 Hours Customer Service. Please Contact Us if You Have Any Questions.

Sunny Lisa,Beach Blanket Sandproof Oversized Waterproof ,Beach Mats 79inchx98inch Foldable Portable,Lightweight Picnic Blanket for Adults,Washable for Outdoor Travel,Camping,Hiking,Shading

  • 🎈 [Polyester Beach Mat] : The beach blanket is made of high-quality nylon material, soft and durable. This material has a certain waterproof function. You can easily get rid of sand and water by wiping the mat gently. Both hand wash and machine wash are possible, and they are easy to dry.
  • 🎈 [Large Size Beach Blanket] : This beach blanket is 98 inches x 79 inches long, which is a bit larger than the size of other stores, and can accommodate up to 8 adults sitting on it. You can sit comfortably with your family or friends or lie on it and enjoy sunbathing.
  • 🎈 [Sand-proof and Waterproof]:This beach blanket has a certain degree of sand-proof and waterproof functions. When you are ready to pack, lift and gently shake the blanket to remove sand and water. No longer have to worry that your towels and items will be covered with sand, and you have nowhere to put your belongings.
  • 🎈 [Multifunctional Beach Blankets]: This is a multifunctional beach blanket. In addition to the beach, it is also very suitable for daily outdoor activities such as picnics, parks, family trips, camping, hiking, and fishing. Light weight, small size, easy to carry and store, very convenient.
  • 🎈 [Perfect Service]: We will answer your questions online 24 hours, if you have any questions about our beach blanket, you can always consult us. If you have any dissatisfaction about our beach mat, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to satisfy you.

Exclusivo Mezcla Waterproof Picnic Blankets 3-Layer 60x80 Inches Large Sandproof Beach Blanket Foldable Outdoor Blanket for Camping on Grass Picnic Mat, Abstract Pink

  • Nice Size- This picnic blanket is measured 150x200cm, the size of which is capable of creating enough space for family gathering and being a safe and cozy area for your kids and pets to play on. With an adjustable strap, the lightweight feature of this blanket makes it easy to be rolled up in a portable size!
  • Three Layers- Made of multi-layers materials with ultra-sonic quilting technology. Soft brushed fabric on the top, padding with pressed microfibers, and sturdy 210D Oxford cloth as backing. Both the top and bottom are processed with waterproof finish,non-thread sewing further improves the moisture performance, and better insulates grass or sands. [Be Aware: No resistant to hot water!]
  • Stylish- Our picnic blankets are designed to be chic and unique. The experienced designers of Exclusivo Mezcla creatively give this product delightful combinations in a irregular way, featuring a sense of flow. Look cute in photos and easily spotted in any occasions. Anytime, anywhere, this blanket will be an ornament to light up your life. A lovely and useful gift to surprise your loved ones.
  • Functional- Not only beautiful, our picnic blankets are well designed with many thoughtful details. It is waterproof and sandproof to be a perfect outdoor partner.The considerate zipper bag allows more space for some personal belongs. It can also be utilized for indoor activities as baby crawling blanket, pet blanket, play mat, etc.
  • Easy Care- The moisture-proof and sandproof feature makes the blankets are easy to maintain. A simple shake will wipe the sands/grass/dirts off, very quick to clean up. Or you can throw it in machine to wash and dry for messy situations. Cold machine wash 30℃/80℉. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on low. Do not use softener.

Beach Blanket, Sandproof Waterproof Beach Mat Outdoor Picnic Blankets for Travel, Camping, Hiking (Orange+Blue)

  • 【Oversize】The beach blanket size is 79*83 inches, which can easily accommodate up to 4-7 people. Perfect blanket for family trips, hikes, sports events, open-air festivals, camping, hiking, beach holidays, fishing, or other outdoor activities.
  • 【Sandproof & Durable】With 210T polyester material, it is strongly puncture-resistant and tear-resistant, you only just shake the picnic blanket to get rid of all the sand at once and have a sand-free experience.
  • 【Lightweight and Portable】The beach mat weight are only 0.79 pounds and the size of the bag is only a little larger than the ordinary mobile phone. Convenient to carry.
  • 【Versatile Blanket】As its waterproof level higher than the umbrella, our iKanzi beach mat also can be used as a rain shelter, an emergency mat/pad while traveling, beach blanket, picnic blanket, water-resistance tarp, waterproof barrier. It can also be used as a toy mat for children at home.
  • 【Fast Dry】This beach blanket will fast dry and WATERPROOF. Perfect match with your beach chairs,beach bag,beach towel,beach umbrella.

Sandproof Beach Blanket, Oversized 79" X 83" Waterproof Beach Mat, Professional Portable Beach Blankets Accessories for Vacations, Lightweight Outdoor Picnic Blanket for Camping, Hiking

  • ✔ 【Oversized but Compact】79" X 83"over 20% bigger than competing beach blankets, will comfortably fit up to 8 adults sitting or 6 adults lying, which is the perfect size for you to go out with your family and friends . The oversized beach blanket have high quality insulation, doesn't absorb heat and doesn't stick it after sweating. So you can rest assured to be cool and enjoy a more comfortable day at the beach!
  • ✔ 【Sandproof & Water Resistant】This style beach blanket is made of professional 210T polyester which is durable but 100% breathable. Just shake the blanket gently and it easily gets rid of all the sand once. The water drops won't be absorbed instantly by the sandproof beach mat, just wipe it off and stay behind for dry in seconds.
  • ✔ 【Double Wind-Resistant Design】Equipped with 4 fixed anchors and 4 triangle sand pockets at the corners of the beach mat can remain steady in strong winds, so you don't worry about the waterproof beach mat being disturbed by the wind, and can enjoy a more enjoyable day at the beach.
  • ✔ 【Portable & Lightweight】 Nylon material beach/picnic blanket, splotch can be easily folded into a compact size(8''x4''), 0.77 pounds, so you can easily carry it for anywhere! Not a burden for you during your travel vacation.
  • ✔ 【Multifunctional Uses】Our sand free beach blanket designed with portability in mind is the perfect ground sheet for all occasions. Just take it on camping, hiking, picnics, music festivals, or any other outdoor activity – a truly multifunctional beach accessories!

BYDOLL Beach Blanket 78''81'' 4-7 Adults Oversized Lightweight Waterproof Sandproof Beach Blanket Large Picnic Mat Beach Blanket for Beach Travel Camping Hiking Picnic(78" X 81", Blue-Mixed)

  • 🏖️Beach Blanket Waterproof Sandproof:78''×81'' Size beach blanket comfortable fit 4-7 adults,Odorless,Made by parachute fabric,Rip-stop 210T polyester,Very light and small after folding,12 oz easy to carry,Small and Mighty!
  • 🏕️Beach Blanket Oversized:Good wear resistance,Dry-Quick,Can also be used as a rain shed,sunshade,tent,toddler crawl,Emergency mat,Feel comfortable lying down,Won't irritate your skin,Better professional fabric sewing.
  • 🌴Sandproof Beach Mat Blanket:Effectively prevent water and rips from damaging it,You just need to shake it gently that sand won't stick to the mat, Keep the Blanket clean at all times,Washed by washing machine or by hand.
  • 🚁Multifunctional Beach Blanket:Can block moisture grass and soil on the ground and shading effect is excellent,Suitable for adults teenagers and kids,Also be used as a toy mat for children,Suitable for Travel Camping Hiking Beach Picnic Yoga Outdoors Park.
  • 🛒Beach Picnic Mat:Package includes 1 beach blanket,4 ground stakes,1 carabiner,Keep out the wind because fixed With 4 fixed anchors,Let your family baby and kids enjoy the beach sea and sunshine together,Please feel free to contact us for service if you have any questions.Including return service.

Beach Blankets, 9'x10' Beach Blanket Waterproof Sandproof Oversized, Extra Large Beach Mat for 7-9 Adults, Portable Picnic Blankets with 6 Storage Pockets, Outdoor Big Camping Mats for Hiking, Grass

  • 🌊 EXTRA LARGE BEACH CAMPING BLANKETS 🌊: 9x10FT Extra 35% Space bigger than regular beach/picnic blankets, 100% Nylon made. This Waterproof & Sand-proof Beach Blanket will comfortably fits 7-9 adults. An Ideal blanket for Beach, Hiking, Camping.
  • 🌊 DOUBLE WIND-RESISTANT DESIGN🌊: The extra large beach blanket stay grounded with 4 anchor systems fill corner pockets with sand or use stakes on solid ground, provides dual wind-resistant protection for the blanket even in strong winds. An ideal beach accessory.
  • 🌊 BEACH BLANKET WATERPROOF SANDPROOF🌊: Made of Parachute Ripstop Polyester which is strong, durable, lightweight and 100% breathable, this high quality beach blankets will never let sand sticks to your beach blanket! NO WORRY about the sand sticking to the beach blanket, very easy to get off the sand. This is the best sand proof blanket for beach.
  • 🌊Multifunctional Blankets 🌊: This Blankets can be used it as a Beach Blankets, Picnic Blankets, Camping blankets for relaxing during vacation. A truly multifunctional camping accessory for friends or family.
  • 🌊 Quality Assurance 🌊 We have faith in our product & you'll always be covered. Anything of any problems of the beach blankets we are glad to help you.

BREENHILL Beach Blanket 79"x83" Sandproof Large Beach Blanket Water Resistant Mat for Family (2-4) Lightweight Picnic Blanket, Portable Outdoor Camping Blankets(BlueWhiteGray)

  • 🏖️Sandproof Beach Blanket🏖️The sand won't stick to the material the surface of the beach blanket, and can be easily brushed off. If wet you are able to easily sweep the sand off with your hands no problem.Please notice that the sand can't pass through the blanket.
  • 🐋Water Resistant Beach Mat🐋The premium new material-210T polyester,durable,make beach blanket has the same effect as lotus leaves. For a period of time, when water drops on the mat, the water will roll and not be absorbed by the mat.Please notice If the beach mat touch with the liquid for a long time, the liquid will penetrate through the gap of the braided line, and the beach mat will become wet, so the beach mat is not suitable for laying in the water.
  • 🌞Try New Stakes for Wind🌞The beach blanket will come with 4 x Durable ABS Anchors Stakes or 4 x Seven shaped smooth metal stakes.ABS Anchors Stakes can better hook the rope, length is 5.7inches(14.5cm).Metal Stakes can go deeper into the beach or soil, length is 6.5inches(16.5cm).The blanket has 4 corner pockets, 4 lanyards with 4 stakes to prevent being blown away by the wind in the beach, improve windproof.
  • 🌞Large Beach Blanket & Multifunctional🌞The blanket with bright colors is 83x79inches(210x200cm). It fits 2-4 adults.Let's start a happy journey with the sandproof beach blanket!The beach mat is perfect for outdoor activities with family and friends, like beach,picnic,hiking,parks,family,camping,vacation. It can be padded on the ground, or it can be propped up to shield the sunshine and rain.
  • 🏖️Quick Drying & Foldable & LightWeight🏖️Only 12 oz(340g), it can be folded very small and easily to carry.The beach blanket dried off pretty fast, if you plan on going back and forth between the ocean and your beach blanket, breenhill beach blanket would be the way to go.

Beach Blanket,79" X 83" Beach Blanket Oversized Suitable for 4-7 Adults,Beach Blanket Waterproof sandproof with 4 Stakes,GYMTOP Outdoor Waterproof Blanket for Travel, Camping, Hiking

  • Sand-proof & Water-proof:This beach blanket is made from polyester fabric, strong, durable, lightweight and 100% breathable.,This material can prevent water effectively, so you can wipe off all the water easily.Just shake the blanket and it easily gets rid of all the sand once.
  • Unique Desing:Green Leaf beach blanket,Blend with the seaside scenery.Unique designed beach blanket will make you stand out on the beach in the sun!You can easily find your family and friends on the beach without worrying about getting lost.It's suitable for many occasions,beach,picnic,camping,hiking,music festivals and many other outdoor occasions.
  • Sturdy Design:The unique Green leaf beach mat design makes you the most beautiful scenery on the beach. At the same time, the beach blanket is equipped with 4 fixed anchors, so you no need to worry about the wind blowing it away, and can enjoy a more enjoyable day at the beach.
  • Oversized & Lightweight:The 79''×83'' size beach/picnic blanket comfortable fit 4-7 adults. And it folds to compact size (5.3 X 9.6 in) that fits in a pouch to make a great, it weighs only 0.71lb,So it is very simple and convenient for everyone to carry it to anywhere!
  • Product Include:1×Beach Blanket(w/bag), 4×groud nails, 1×Carabiner,Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues with the quality. We will provide a refund or replacement service.

Sandproof Beach Blanket 79"83" Large Waterproof Beach Mat for 4-7 Adults, Portable Quick Drying Picnic Blanket Outdoor Blanket for Travel, Camping, Hiking, Coloful Painting

  • LARGE SIZE BUT COMPACT: The beach blanket is 79"×83" to fit 4-7 adults. And it folds to compact size (5.9 X 7.9 in). Weight: only 0.7lbs. It's an extra large outdoor blanket, but lightweight and portable, can easily be loaded into our storage bag and convenient to carry it for anywhere to enjoy outdoors travel.
  • SAND-PROOF, WATER-RESISTANT and DRY-QUICK: The beach blanket is made of 210T parachute rip-stop polyester, which is strong, durable, lightweight and breathable. It's easy to get off the sand and brush off the blanket. The picnic blanket also dries quickly.
  • WIND-RESISTANT DESIGN: The sandfree beach blanket comes with 4 anchoring loop with 4 ground stakes, provides dual wind-resistent protection to keep the blanket on the ground even in high winds.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE: Our portable mat is suitable for many occasions, beach, picnic, camping, hiking, music festivals and many other outdoor activities. It also can be used as a rain shelter, background for photos or toy mat for children.
  • SATISFACTION WARRANTY: Each sandproof beach blanket we delivered provides premium quality. Please feel free to contact us for any problem. Add to Cart and Enjoy a Relaxing Party and Vacation with Your Family or Friends.

Covacure Beach Blanket Waterproof Sandproof 118X 108"- Large Beach Blanket Sandproof Fits for 4-8 Adults, Waterproof Beach Mat with 6 Zipper Pocket, Outdoor Beach Mat for Travel, Camping, Hiking

  • 【PERFECT SIZE FOR TIME WITH THE FAMILY】The size of the Covacure beach blanket is 118”X 108”which is suitable for 7 to 8 people. Our beach mat is equipped with 4 triangular pockets with zips and 6 sand pegs for stronger and better use. When you enjoy the beach mat outdoors, you don't have to worry about the strong wind blowing out the sand and getting your mat messy.
  • 【CONVENIENT DESIGN】In addition to 4 triangular zip pockets, there are 2 additional square zip pockets for storing phones, keys, cards etc. Has more zip pockets than any other beach mat on the market. Even if you wear a swimsuit without pockets, your small items have their place.
  • 【SAND FREE & TEAR RESISTANCE】- Our sand-proof waterproof beach blanket is made of parachute nylon, which is tear resistant, durable, lightweight and 100% breathable. Our blanket can prevent sand from sticking to the surface, preventing sand from penetrating your belongings. The smooth nylon material simply bushes away sand, so you don’t have to worry about it collecting in your beach blanket.
  • 【COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT】- Although these blankets are quite large, they can easily pack down into a small pouch or carrying container. Our beach blanket can condense to a pouch that measures only six inches by 9 inches. Perfect for stowing away in your car or for packing away in your beach bag. The blanket comes with a carabiner, you can hang it anywhere when travelling.
  • 【All ACCESSORIES】- 1 x beach blanket, 6 x sand pegs, 1 x carabiner, 1 x carry bag. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer you the best solution. It is also the special gift for your loved ones or friends who like beach or picnic.

ROOLEAD Beach Blanket Sandproof Extra Large Oversized 10ft by 9ft for 2-8 Adults, Best Beach Mat Accessories for Vacation, Camping, with 6 Corner Pockets 4 Stakes (Sky Blue/Gray)

  • Made of 100% high-quality tear-resistant parachute nylon-our beach blankets won’t tear, are made of this soft and comfortable fabric, and are extremely durable due to the triple stitching: the tear-resistant nylon is breathable and in the sun on the beach Keep it cool and waterproof so your blanket dries quickly and can be machine washed
  • Keep your Valuables Safe and Sandless - Not only does our weighted beach blanket have 6 Anchor pockets, it has a pocket with zipper too : This means there are 2 extra anchors on your beach blanket to fill with sand or stones to keep it from blowing away in the wind : PLUS an extra pocket with a secure zip to keep your valuables safe : PLUS 4 Anchor loops for use with stakes
  • Sand will not stick to your lightweight beach blanket-it will only be brushed off: just shake off this sand-proof beach blanket to get rid of the sand: kids and babies can play in the sand on this beach during vacation, or at the next picnic Time, when watching children’s sports games, during festivals or camping
  • PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT : What better way to celebrate Christmas than by giving the gift of an amazing adventure to your friends and family? Give one to each member of your family and enjoy a luxurious camping trip together.
  • Not Just for the Beach -The light-weight, quick-dry material is extremely versatile, so you can use it for relaxing during vacation, hiking/camping or simply for hanging out with friends or family in a garden/backyard. Please contact us at first if you have any product quality-related problems, we have one year warranty. Thank you for your support.

OCOOPA Diveblues S10 Beach Blanket Waterproof Sandproof, 87" x 83" Extra Large Family Size Beach Mat, Compact& Lightweight, Reinforced Windproof, 4 Stakes&1 Travel Bag

  • Ocoopa Infinity Wanders series Beach Blanket - Unique eye-catching design with ocean blue, making it easy to find your spot and stand out on the beach. With adopted digital printing technology, the color will not fade after repeated washing, always as new.
  • Superior quality - This extra large beach blanket is made of RIP-STOP 210T nylon, which is ripstop, durable, long-lasting, and with great quality of workmanship. Triple stitched for maximum strength and durability. All pieces of this blanket are made with lasting use in mind.
  • Large and compact - This beach blanket is 87" x 83", you can comfortably laying on it with your family or friends. Up to 4 or 6 persons? Not a problem. And it's ultra-compact when it's folded in the carry bag. Save more space when you pack up your beach essential.
  • No worried about the wind - There are 4 ABS plastic stakes and reinforced loops. In addtion, 4 corner pockets can be filled with sand and rocks to keep the blanket grounded.
  • SAND PROOF AND WATER RESISTANT - Just shake the blanket and it easily gets rid of all the sand once. Not only is this wonderful beach blanket breathable and light-weight, but watch as water beads up and rolls off. The little water that may stay behind will dry VERY FAST.

HIHOHO Beach Blanket Sandproof, Lager 82" X79" Family Size Beach Mat for 2-4 Adults Compact Lightweight Outdoor Beach Accessories Portable Waterproof Mat for Travel Camping Hiking Vacation (Shell

  • 【Unique shell design】With a unique eye-catching design of ocean blue and shell pattern, our blanket makes your spot stand out on the beach that is easy to find. Adopted digital printing technology makes the pattern and colors vivid, and it will not fade after repeated washing, always as new.
  • 【Sand-proof and waterproof】Made from durable and breathable polyester, it can prevent water effectively that always keep the mat dry. It is sand-proof that you can get rid of the sand easily by grabbing a corner of the blanket. Now you can enjoy your beach time with grace even the accident spray hit the blanket by the beach.
  • 【Family size and Compact】The portable outdoor blanket are 82" X79" to fit 2-4 adults(4 people sit around or 2 people lie down), well fits for a family reunion. It can be folded to a compact size (5.16 X 7.68 inches) that fits in a pouch to make a great, lightweight carry along.
  • 【Multifunctional Use】It can be used as a beach blanket while traveling, a toy mat for children at home, a picnic blanket, even ground cover, etc. Our sand-free beach blanket designed with portability is perfect for all occasions. Our sand-resistent beach blanket with 4 integrated sand corner pockets and 4 anchors stakes, provides dual wind-resistant protection to keep the blanket on the ground.
  • 【Easy To Clean, Machine washable】The surface of the Beach Mat is slid and soft, you can easily get rid of debris by lightly wiping with the wet paper if the washing is not necessary. Leave it in your trunk after a quick-wipe clean instead of cleaning and always have it handy. Tips: It is allowed to be machine washed but with no bleach or iron.

HIHOHO Sandproof Beach Blanket, 82''X80'' Oversized for 4-7 Persons Outdoor Picnic Blanket Sandfree Nylon Beach Mat for Camping Travel or Hiking - Lightweight and Durable (Blue-Seabed)

  • 🏖️LARGE SIZE & COMPACT-Made of breathable and durable ripstop polyester, our Beach Picnic Mat is extra large (82x80inch) and weighting only 14 oz. It's not only suitable for family party or friends gathering vacation of 7 persons sitting on or 4 persons lying down, but also can be quickly and easily packed into its integrated bag with the folded size of 8.2''×4.5''. Nice choice for Travel Beach Accessory.
  • 🏖️UNIQUE CARRYING CASE-In addition to the accompanying polyester bag, we've also designed an EVA storage box that is cooler, more portable and easier to store the outdoor blanket and make it even more special when you take it outdoors.The box can better protect your beach blanket and save space for the backpack, you can even use it to store your personal belongings.
  • 🏖️SANDROOF & WATER RESISTANT & WINDPROOF-New technology that combines both waterproof and sand proof fabric.You can easily get rid of water and sand by lightly wiping the mat. 4 plastic stakes and 4 sand/rock corner pockets allow the huge blanket to secure to the beach sand or the grass land tightly.
  • 🏖️MULTIFUNTIONAL USE- The Portable Beach Blanket is light weight and easy to pack up, you can take it anywhere.It's the perfect beach rug for any outdoor occasion - beaches, picnic, camping, hiking,open-air festivals etc. It can also be used as a play/toy mat for children at home. Have fun with it!
  • 🏖️WHAT YOU GET-1×Beach Blanket with an Attached Compression Sack, 1×Waterproof EVA Storege Box, 4×groud nails.HIHOHO Beach Blanket provides the best coustmer sevice, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues with the mat.

HIHOHO Beach Blanket, Sandproof Beach Mat 79" X 83" for 1-3 Adults Waterproof Quick Drying Outdoor Picnic Mat with Pocket for Travel, Camping, Hiking

  • 【Lightweight Beach Mat】83"*79" beach blankets weighted 0.71 lbs but they can fit 1-3 adults, and they can be easily folded into a 5.1"×7.5" tote bag.
  • 【Beach accessories】1 * Sand Proof Beach Mat; 4 * Durable ABS Anchor Stakes; 1 * Carabiner; 1 * Carry Bag
  • 【Sandproof and Waterproof】This quick-drying, breathable blanket are made of ripstop polyester. You can just shake the beach mat to remove sand or other debris. The sand pad has 4 pockets at each corner, so you can fix it on the beach by filling the side pockets with stone, sand, or using the included anchor.
  • 【Beautiful Outdoor Beach Blanket】Printed with pink and green flowers, this beach mat is stylish and suitable for many outdoor places, such as the beach, park, patio, and lawn. and Besides, it can be used as a waterproof picnic blanket, for fishing, hiking, camping, and other activities. Due to its multi-functional characteristics, it is a perfect gift for family and friends.
  • 【machine washable】 The beach blankets are machine washable. It won't be torn by the washing machine. To maintain the good performance of the material, please use clean water to wash only, and do not add detergent.
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