Shimano M06 Brake Pads for XTR, XT, SLX, Deore Brakes

  • High-strength covering material
  • High braking force under extreme conditions
  • With spring and safety clip
  • Long lifetime
  • Compatible wth: BR-M975, BR-M966, BR-M965, BR-M800, BR-M775, BR-M765, BR-M665, BR-M601, BR-M596, BR-M595, BR-M585, BR-M545, BR-M535, BR-R505, BR-T665, BR-M776

How To Choose The Best Shimano Slx Brake Pads

What Is The Purpose Of A Shimano SLX Brake Pads?

Shimano SLX brake pads are designed to be used with Shimano brakes. They provide excellent braking power while maintaining good heat dissipation properties. If you're using a road bike or MTB, these pads are great because they allow you to stop quickly and efficiently.

How Do Shimano SLX Brakes Work?

The Shimano SLX brake pads consist of two layers. One side has a hard compound which is meant to absorb shock during braking. The other side consists of a soft compound which dissipates heat so that the rider doesn't burn his fingers. The combination of both compounds makes the SLX brake pads very effective at stopping bikes.

Where Can I Find Them?

These brake pads are sold by most major retailers including However, if you'd prefer to shop online, check out our list of recommended stores below.

Which Type Are Better For Road Bikes Or Mountain Bikes?

SLX brake pads are best suited for road bikes and MTBs. Because of the different types of riding styles, there are many differences between road and mountain biking. Road bikes require more powerful brakes than mountain bikes because of the added weight of the riders and the larger tires. Therefore, road bikes require stronger brakes.

Are There Any Other Types Of Brake Pads?

There are actually several different types of brake pads available. Some are designed specifically for racing bicycles. Others are designed for general use. In addition, there are brake pads that are designed for specific models of motorcycles.

Is It Worth Buying Newer Models Of Brake Pads?

Yes! Most manufacturers now produce brake pads that are compatible with each other. So, if you already have older model brakes, you could upgrade to newer ones and still maintain compatibility.

Do All Brakes Need To Be Replaced At Once?

No. Many companies sell replacement parts for existing brakes. But, if you notice that your brakes aren't working properly, you should replace them immediately. Otherwise, you risk damaging your frame or wheels.

Can I Use Different Types Of Brake Pads With My Bike?

Yes. As long as your current brake pads are compatible with the type of brakes you currently have, you can switch out your old brake pads for new ones.

Does Using Brake Pads Damage My Wheels?

Using brake pads does not damage your wheel rims. However, if you ride too aggressively, you might cause minor damage.

Should I Replace My Old Brake Pads Before Riding?

It depends on whether you've been riding your bike regularly or only occasionally. If you haven't ridden your bike in awhile, you probably shouldn't change your brake pads right away. Instead, wait until you start riding again before replacing your brake pads.

Brake pads play a vital role in stopping your bicycle. If you ride regularly, you know that braking is essential to maintaining control while riding. Without proper brakes, you could end up crashing into something or falling down. That’s why it’s important to purchase high-quality brake pads. In fact, there are many different types of brake pads available today. Some are designed specifically for road bikes, others are meant for mountain biking, and still others are intended for hybrid bicycles. Regardless of which type of brake pad you choose, it’s crucial to ensure that you purchase the best possible product.

How Do Bicycle Brakes Work?

Braking systems are actually quite simple. Most modern bicycles utilize caliper brakes. Calipers are small metal cylinders with two pistons inside. One piston pushes against the wheel rim, causing friction that slows the rotation of the wheels. As the rotor rotates, the brake shoes slide along the inner wall of the cylinder, applying more force to slow the rotation of the wheel.

Types of Brakes

There are three main types of brakes commonly found on bicycles: disk brakes, drum brakes, and cantilever brakes. Disk brakes are the most common type of brake used on road bikes. Drum brakes are typically found on mountain bikes and hybrids. Cantilever brakes are only used on racing bicycles.

Which Type Is Best For Me?

It depends on what kind of cycling you plan to do. Road cyclists generally prefer disk brakes because they provide greater stopping power. Mountain bikers favor drum brakes because they allow for easier maintenance. Hybrid riders must rely upon cantilevers because they require fewer moving parts.

Benefits of Using High-Quality Brakes

High-quality brakes are built to last. They are durable and reliable, so you can count on them to perform well throughout the years. Also, these brakes are easy to maintain. Because they are sealed units, they require little lubrication. Furthermore, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of brakes.

Where Can I Find Good Brakes?

Most reputable bicycle shops sell good quality brakes. However, you can also search online for retailers who carry high-quality products. There are several websites where you can shop for quality brakes. Just be sure to read reviews before making a purchase.

Features To Look For When Buying Shimano SLX Brake Pads

The most important thing to know before purchasing brakes is the type of braking system you have. If you're using rim brakes, there are two types of pads available; steel and ceramic. Steel pads are more durable, however, they require frequent replacement due to heat buildup. Ceramic pads, on the other hand, provide excellent stopping power while being very light weight. The best option for road bikes with caliper brakes is ceramic pads because they weigh less and perform well in wet conditions.

Ceramic vs Steel

Steel pads are great for racing bicycles where speed is paramount. However, they aren't recommended for everyday riding since they are heavy and cause overheating issues. Ceramic pads are lighter and cooler to operate, making them ideal for daily commuting.

Shimano SLX Brakes

They are lightweight and easy to install. They are also compatible with both cantilever and v-brakes. Most importantly, they are reliable and last longer than traditional rotors.

How Do You Know Which Type Of Braking System Is Right For You?

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing which type of braking system works best for you. First, determine whether you ride primarily on pavement or dirt trails. Then, decide between cantilevers or V-Brakes. Finally, choose between steel or ceramic pads.

Pavement Vs Dirt Trails

Road bikes are generally built around the idea of comfort and efficiency. Road bikes are meant to be ridden on paved roads, so they are equipped with wide tires and low gearing. Mountain bikers, on the other hand, prefer to ride on unpaved paths and trails. As a result, mountain bikes are typically smaller, stiffer, and heavier. Because of these differences, road bikes are generally easier to steer and handle while mountain bikes are more responsive and agile.

Cantilever Or V-Brake

V-brakes are commonly found on mountain bikes and trail bikes. Cantilever brakes are common on road bikes. Both systems are effective and efficient, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. With cantilever brakes, the lever must be pulled back far enough to engage the brakes. In contrast, V-brakes allow riders to pull the levers forward slightly to activate the brakes.

Steel Versus Ceramic

Both steel and ceramic pads are good options for road bikes. Steel pads are stronger and more durable than ceramic ones. Ceramics are lighter and more comfortable to ride with.

Which One Works Best For Me?

It depends on your needs. All of these questions will affect your decision.

Where Can You Find More Information About Brakes?

Shimano SLX brakes are designed with a wide range of applications in mind. The SLX line offers a variety of different braking options including cantilever-style calipers, floating piston caliper systems, and more. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages depending upon the application. For example, cantilever style calipers provide excellent stopping power while offering little resistance during pedaling. However, these calipers require frequent maintenance due to the large amount of friction created by the design. In contrast, floating piston calipers allow for minimal friction between the rotor and pistons, which makes them ideal for long distance rides where low levels of pedal effort are required. Yet, these calipers are prone to overheating and must be replaced frequently.

Cantilever Style Calipers

The most common type of SLX brake found on road bikes is the cantilever-style caliper. Cantilevers typically consist of two steel plates attached to each other via springs. One plate contains the brake pads and the other houses the pivot point for the lever arm. As the rider applies pressure to the lever, the spring pushes the two plates apart, compressing the springs and allowing the pads to engage the rotors. While cantilevers are very effective at providing high levels of stopping power, they're notorious for creating excessive heat and requiring regular servicing.

Floating Piston Calipers

SLX brakes with floating piston calipers are commonly seen on cyclocross bicycles. Floating pistons are essentially hollow cylinders filled with oil. The piston slides back and forth within the cylinder, pushing the pads away from the rotor. Because there is no direct contact between the piston and the pads, there is virtually no friction generated. Thus, the pistons can remain cool throughout extended periods of riding. Although floating piston calipers are great for cross racing, they lack the ability to generate significant amounts of force.

Other Options

There are many other variations of SLX brakes available. Some manufacturers include additional features such as integrated cable routing, internal bleed valves, and sealed hydraulic lines. Regardless of the specific configuration, Shimano SLX brakes are versatile enough to handle almost any situation.


SHIMANO Disc Brake Pads

  • Shimano America Disc Brake Pads One Color, M06 Metal Pad/Steel Plate

Shimano BR-M515 M05 Resin Disc Brake Pad, Model: BR-M515

  • Resin pads make less noise than metal pads and offer better modulation
  • Flexible compound, Less noise
  • Focus on controllable performance, Designed for dry and wet conditions
  • Fits: BR-M515 and BR-C601 caliper
  • Shimano Reference Number: BR-M515

Shimano G01S, G02S & G03S Disc Brake Pads Fits SLX, Alfine and Combatable models

  • ICE-TECHNOLOGY resin pad
  • Radiator fin provides long pad life and less fade by cooling technology
  • Focus on controllable performance
  • Pad Shape: H-Type
  • Compatibility:BR-M9000,BR-M9020,BR-M987, BR-M985, BR-M785, BR-M675, BR-M666, BR-M615, BR-S700, BR-CX75, BR-R785,BR-R517 , BR-R317,BR-RS785

Shimano J04C Metal Disc Brake Pads, Spring and Fin

  • Pair of genuine Shimano replacement pads
  • Alloy and Steel back plate using Ice-Technologies heat radiation cooling fins with metal sintered braking compound
  • J04C metal pad and spring, with cooling fin
  • Will fit; BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M8000, BR-M985, BR-M785, BR-M666, BR-S700, BR-R785, BR-RS785
  • Shimano article number Y-8LW98030

SHIMANO Y-8LW98030 Skates Aluminium Metal Cool Black One Size

  • Colour: black
  • Department: unisex
  • Material: aluminium
  • Shimano XTR/XT (J04C) Metallic Disc Brake Pad Metallic, One Size

SHIMANO L04C Metallic Flat Mount Disc Brake Pads

  • Metallic pads help eliminate brake fade
  • Increased stopping power in wet conditions
  • Aluminum fins for increased cooling capacity
  • Magnetic attachment for easy installation
  • Compatible only with flat mount disc brakes

SHIMANO G04S Metallic Disc Brake Pad Metallic, One Size

  • Material: [pad] sintered metal, [backing plate] steel
  • Compatibility: Shimano XTR BR-M9000, Shimano XTR BR-M9020, Shimano XTR BR-M987, Shimano XTR BR-M985, Shimano Deore XT BR-M8000, Shimano Deore XT BR-M785, Shimano SLX BR-M675, Shimano SLX BR-M666, Shimano Deore BR-M615, Shimano Alfine BR-S700, Shimano Cyclocross BR-CX77, Shimano BR-RS785, Shimano BR-R785, Shimano BR-R317, Shimano BR-R517
  • Recommended Use: mountain biking
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

2 Pairs Shimano Brake Pads R55C4 Dura Ace/Ultegra/105 with Fixing Bolts, Factory Number: Y-8L298062

  • Shimano brake pads for aluminum rims. Model R55C4 (New version of R55C3)
  • Includes: 2 pair Shimano Brake Pads R55C4 and Bolts

Bike Brake Pads for Shimano M416 MT200 disc Brakes BR-M355, M375, M395, M415, M445, M446, M475, M485, M495, M525, M575, M3050, M4050, BL-M6100 Fit Tektro Hydraulic Brakes Resin-Metalic (2 Pairs)

  • For Shimano: BR-M355, M375, M395, M415, M416, M3050, M4050, MT200, M445, M446, M447, M465, M475, M485, M486, M495, M525, M575, BL-M6100.
  • For Tektro: Auriga PRO, Comp, E-Comp Draco WS, HDC, GE MINI
  • Smooth and Powerful Braking, Less Harsh Noise. More rotor protection with coarse resin blend on a steel backing plate
  • A Must have item for build a mountain bike or repair/upgrade your old bike.
  • Please compare the shape with your original pads before place the order.

SHIMANO 2 Pairs Disc Brake Pads & Spring B01S-B03S (Resin)

  • 2 Pairs Shimano Disc Brake Pads and Spring B01S (Resin) - Resin brake pad without radiator fin for Shimano disc brake.
  • Compatible with: BR-C501, BR-M575, BR-M525, BR-M495, BR-M486, BR-M485, BR-M475, BR-M465, BR-M447, BR-M446, BR-M445, BR-M416, BR-M416A, BR-M415, BR-M4050, BR-M3050, BR-M395, BR-M375, BR-M355, BR-T675, BR-T615, BR-TX805
  • Resin pads: Make less noise than sintered metal pads and offer better modulation
  • High quality Shimano resin disc brake pad with low noise and excellent power modulation

2 Pairs Sintered Metal Disc Brake Pads for TRP Tektro Shimano Deore Br-M575 M525 M515 T615 T675 M505 M495 M486 M485 M475 M465 M447 M446 M445 M416 M415 M395 M396 M375 M315 M355 C601 C501 DP-B01S

  • Sintered metal brake pads handles high temperatures and resists brake fade so power lasts longer.
  • Better in extreme conditions like mud, water and where there are gritty, sandy trail surfaces.
  • Excellent power and durability,Resist fade better under heavier braking loads,Ideal for downhill.
  • Metal disc brake pads provide reliable braking power across wet and dry weather conditions.
  • Higher friction braking than semi metallic and resin pads ,Superior stopping power in all weather conditions.

EASTERN POWER Bicycle Resin Disc Brake Pads for Shimano B01S Deore M315 M355 M365 M375 M395 M495 M486 M485 M475 M446 M445 M416 M415 M575 M545 M525 M515 M505 Tektro/TRP2 Pairs

  • Organic B01S brake pads in coarse resin blend guarantee smooth braking, minimal noise and rotor protection.
  • Organic Deore brake pads provide great stopping power while breaking.
  • Resin Tektro brake pads are of short break-in period, stable and durable working life.
  • Easy to install, ideal replacements for one bike's front and rear disc brake pads.
  • These resin disc brake pads compatible with Shimano B01S/Tektro/TRP/Shimano Deore.

SHIMANO H03A Resin Disc Brake Pads Resin, One Size

  • Material: resin
  • Compatibility: Shimano Saint BR-M820, Deore XT BR-M8020, and Zee BR-M640 brake calipers
  • Recommended Use: downhill, enduro, trail
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

BRAKETB J02A Resin Disc Brake Pad Compatible with Shimano Brake (2 Pairs)

  • Genuine Shimano Pad in Factory Packaging
  • Two pairs (enough for two wheels) including springs and pins
  • Compatibility: BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M987, BR-M985, BR-M8000, BR-M785, BR-M7000, BR-M675, BR-M666, BR-M6000, BR-M615, BR-S700, BR-RS785, BR-R785
  • Please be aware that these pads are too large for some Shimano brake calipers and please check to make sure your model is shown above

SHIMANO J03A Resin Disc Brake Pads One Color, One Size

  • Material: [main body] aluminum backed, [pad] resin
  • Includes: 2 brake pads, 1 brake pad spring, 1 bolt
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

4 Pairs Bike Brake Pads Compatible with TRP Tektro Shimano Deore Br-M575 M525 M515 T615 T675 M505 M495 M486 M485 M475 M465 M447 M446 M445 M416 M415 M395 M375 M315 M355 C601 C501s (Resin Brake Pads)

  • What you will get: 4 pairs bicycle brake pads for convenient and timely replacement and longer service time
  • Material: brake pads are composed of reliable material, which have stronger braking performance, wear resistance and noise reduction than others; They have good stability and the friction coefficient is not easy to change
  • Compatible with: M315, M355 M515, M515-LA-M, M525. NexaveC501, C601, M375, M395, M415, M416, M446, M465, M475, M485, M486 oil such as appearance can be applied as a plate
  • Quality cycle brake pads: our products have passed strict inspection and control, and are without , iron and harmful substances
  • Feature: fine appearance, good braking effect, noiseless, wear-resistant, safe, stable, comfortable and convenient

2 Bike Brake Pads Sintered for Shimano D02S Saint M,810,820,640, TRP, Quadiem, Slate.The Bicycle Replacement Part for OEM Brakes for high Braking Power and Quiet Stops.

  • Will perfectly fit Shimano Deore XT, SLX, Saint, Zee, D02S, D03S, H03C,H03A, N04C, N03A, BR-M8120, BR-M7120, BR-M8020, BR-M820, BR-M810, BR-M640, BR-MT520, BR-MT420, TRP Quadiem; Quadiem SL; Slate T4. Tektro HD-(M735/M745/755/E725). Y8FF98010, Y1XM98010, Y8VT98020, Y1XM98020, Y1XD98020, Y1XD98010. Size 38mm x 22mm.
  • Our Sintered / Metallic pads are unique with copper fibers with the perfect balance of ceramic fibers. Our pads are perfect for superior stopping power during muddy and rainy conditions. Extra braking power and longer brake pads life.
  • Please compare the shape of your original pads before ordering. Clean your disc and caliper before installing and check alignment of the caliper. Unlike other brands, Hardheaded Ram brake pads are constructed with high standards that provide a better riding experience. Will fit rim size 20, 26, 27.5, 29 inch wheels, as well as 140, 160, 180 and 203 mm rotors.
  • Fast to bed in. Made for all weather conditions, in the rain or mud or with dry dirt. Replace rear, front, mechanical or hydraulic brakes. For e-bikes, we recommend our sintered/metallic brake pads, which are designed for high temperatures, and a long life span. Bulk available. Wholesale and distributors welcome.
  • Love it or your money back. We know you have options here and we want to make the best choice. That's why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason our product does not live up your expectations, ship it back to us for a replacement or a full refund. The choice will be yours #hardheadedram

Miles Racing - Disc Brake Pads - Semi Metallic - Shimano New Saint from 2009 BR-M810, Zee BR-M640, BR-MT520, Deore BR-MT420, Deore BR-MT6120, Saint BR-M810, Saint BR-M820, SLX BR-M7120 (MI-MET-25)

  • HIGH BRAKING POWER: Semi-metallic brake pads are the preferred choice of mountain bike riders due to their higher braking performance than sintered pads. Ideal for medium hills, amateur riders, fast rides, shorter downhill segments, and hard brakes that require high braking power without getting too heated up. Effortless braking makes your rides more fun and enjoyable.
  • VERSATILE, ALL-WEATHER USE: Semi-metallic brake pads are best suited for daily urban rides, dirt, XC, marathons, E-bikes, trail and light enduro rides, where bikers are not holding their brakes for too long. You will enjoy quieter rides and less rotor wear compared to sintered counterparts.
  • COMPATIBLE DISC BRAKES: SHIMANO new Saint from 2009 BR-M810, Zee BR-M640, BR-MT520, Deore BR-MT420, Deore BR-MT6120, Saint BR-M810, Saint BR-M820, SLX BR-M7120, XT BR-M8020, XT BR-M8120, XTR BR-M9120, TEKTRO Auriga Twin + HD-E745, Dorado 4P | HD-E720, Dorado 4P | HD-E725, Orion 4Px2P (front) | HD-M735, Orion | HD-M745, Orion | HD-M750, TRP Quadiem, Quadiem SL, Slate T4.
  • TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: Semi metallic pads have more metal content and hence better heat tolerance compared to organic brake pads. However, they tend to wear more than sintered pads at extremely high temperatures.
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE: Durable metallic construction along with Kevlar additive makes these brake pads longer lasting than organic brake pads. Special iron and copper compound formulation gives better resistance to heat than organic pads. All Miles Racing brake pads have been subjected to extensive independent studies by testers before coming to market.

Top Brake Disc Bike Brake Pads for Shimano Saint BR-M810 M820 Zee M640 XTR-M9120, Deore XT BR-M8020, M8120,M6120,BR-MT420,MT510,MT520 Tektro HD M745 735 725 750 TRP,SL,Slate T4,G-Spec Quadiem,

  • Recommendation for mountain road, downhill and racing. Fit for every type of bikes.
  • Extreme stopping power with comfortable braking
  • Silent、Good anti-noise ability and easy modulation
  • Fast bed in and Easy to install. It is normal for brakes to squeak for during new installation, bedding your brakes properly will make them quiet and optimize the brake performance.
  • This pad set includes one pair of disc brake pads and a high quality spring (for one wheel) - Made in Taiwan ; Backplate : steel

Top Brake Disc Bike Brake Pads for Shimano Saint BR-M810 M820 Zee M640 XTR-M9120, Deore XT BR-M8020, M8120,M6120,BR-MT420,MT510,MT520 Tektro HD M745 735 725 750 TRP,SL,Slate T4,G-Spec Quadiem,

  • Recommendation for E-Bike, E-MTB ,Trial bike, Cargo bike ,downhill ,and heavy users. Fit for every type of bikes.
  • Low abrasion and Long lasting lifespan.
  • Heat resistance formulation to withstand high temperature and fading-resistance under extreme riding conditions
  • High braking performance in all weather conditions, mud or dry dirt.
  • This pad set includes one pair of disc brake pads and a high quality spring (for one wheel) - Made in Taiwan; Backplate :Steel

Inkesky BR-04 Bicycle Metal Disc Brake Pads with Cooling Fin - Compatible with Shimano J02A/J03A/J04C (2 Pairs)

  • 【Metal Pads】 More bite and stopping power than resin pads,effectively in a wet climate
  • 【Compatibility of Pads】SHIMANO J02A/J03A/J04C disc brake pad
  • 【Compatibility of Brake】2-piston caliper, include Shimano XTR BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M987, Deore XT BR-M985, BR-M8000, BR-M785, SLX BR-M7100,BR-M7000, BR-M675, BR-M666, Deore BR-M6000, BR-M615, Alfine BR-S700, BR-RS785, BR-R785.
  • 【Incompatibility of Brake】all 4-piston caliper, Shimano XTR BR-M9120, Deore XT BR-M8120, BR-M8020, SLX BR-M7120, Deore BR-M6120, SAINT BR-M820, Zee BR-M640, Non-Series: BR-MT520, BR-MT420
  • 【Cooling Finned-Design】Help reduce heat buildup and brake fade, provide rapid heat diffusion, lengthens maintenance intervals.
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