How To Choose The Best Shimano Xt Brake Lever

What Is The Purpose Of A Shimano Xt Brake Lever?

The purpose of a shimano XT brake lever is to provide a more comfortable grip while riding. Most cyclists prefer using a single finger braking technique rather than two fingers. Using only one hand makes it easier to control speed and maintain balance during sudden stops. With a single finger braking technique, there is no need to grab onto the handlebar with both hands. Instead, you simply pull down on the lever with your thumb and index finger.

How Does A Single Finger Braking Technique Help Riders Control Speed?

Using a single finger braking technique enables riders to apply pressure to the brakes with just one hand. In addition, by gripping the brake lever with just one finger, riders can stop quicker because they aren't holding anything else. If you're already accustomed to using a single finger braking technique, you might be surprised to learn that many other cyclists prefer this method of stopping.

Benefits To Riding With One Hand Brakes

There are several benefits to using one-hand brakes. First, you can ride faster since you don't have to hold onto the bars with both hands. Second, you can stop sooner since you don't have to reach for something else. Third, you can concentrate on steering and maintaining balance while riding. Fourth, you can shift gears more quickly since you don't have to worry about shifting into neutral. Finally, you can avoid getting sweaty palms since you don't have to hold onto the bar with both hands.

Shimano XT Brake Levers Are Designed For Comfort

Many bicycle manufacturers design their products to fit comfortably within the palm of your hand. Shimano designed its XT brake levers specifically to fit comfortably within the palm of your hand. Because of this, these levers are easy to operate and require little effort to activate.

Where Can I Find Shimano XT Brake Levers?

Shimano XT brake levers are available online and at bike shops across North America. You can purchase Shimano XT brake levers directly from Shimano USA or from your local bike shop.

Are There Any Other Types Of Brake Levers Available?

Yes, there are other types of brake levers available. All of these levers function similarly to Shimano XT brake levers. However, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Which Type Of Brake Lever Do I Need?

It depends upon which type of cycling you plan on doing. If you primarily race mountain bikes, road racing bicycles, or cyclocross bicycles, then you probably need a road brake lever. Road brake levers are typically longer so that you can rest your arm on the top tube of your frame. Mountain bikers and cross racers generally prefer shorter brake levers because they allow them to position their hands closer together.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Shimano XT Brake Lever

Shimano has been around since the early 1900’s and has become known throughout the bicycle industry for its high-quality products. Their bikes are well built and durable, which makes sense because they know that most cyclists ride daily and put these machines through rigorous conditions. Shimano was founded by two brothers who wanted to create a bike company with a reputation for excellence. In fact, the name “Shimano” comes from the Japanese word meaning excellent.

Quality Bicycle Products

Today, Shimano continues to be a leader in the bicycle industry. Shimano manufactures many different types of bicycles including road racing bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, BMX bikes, cruiser bikes, and children’s bikes. All of these bikes are designed to meet the needs of both recreational riders and professional racers. Shimano produces parts for almost every type of bicycle and uses only top-of-the-line materials. For example, Shimano uses only stainless steel bearings in their brakes. Stainless steel is strong yet lightweight and lasts longer than other metals. Shimano also offers a wide variety of accessories for their customers. Some of these include shifters, derailleurs, cranksets, pedals, tires, tubes, chain lube, and more.


One of the most important components of a bicycle is the braking system. If you fall while riding, you could seriously injure yourself. That’s why Shimano developed a braking system that works perfectly. The front and rear brakes are mounted directly onto the frame using special brackets. This eliminates the possibility of the brakes coming loose during a crash. Shimano’s XT brakes are very easy to adjust and maintain. There are no complicated settings or adjustments required. Simply loosen the bolts holding the caliper housing to the bracket and tighten the nuts back down. Shimano’s XT brakes provide great performance and reliability.


Bicycles are meant to last a long time. However, sometimes accidents happen. When this happens, the best thing to do is replace the damaged part immediately. Shimano understands this and knows that replacing a broken component is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your bicycle. Shimano’s XT brakes are extremely reliable. Even though they are heavy duty, they still perform flawlessly. Shimano’s XT brakes are available in several colors so you can match your existing bike.

Ease of Use

Another reason Shimano chose to manufacture their XT brakes is due to the ease of use. Shimano’s XT brakes require minimal maintenance. Since there are no complicated settings, adjusting the brakes becomes simple. Shimano’s XT brakes are compatible with virtually all current models of bicycles. Shimano’s XT brakes are also user friendly. Most users can install the brakes themselves within minutes. Once installed, Shimano’s XT brakes are ready to go whenever you are.

Features To Look For When Buying A Shimano XT Brake Lever

The levers are designed with comfort in mind, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to ride comfortably while using these brakes.


Comfort is essential when riding because it makes sure that you aren’t constantly adjusting the position of your hands during long rides. In addition, comfortable grips allow you to hold onto the bars more securely, making it easier to control your bike.


Because these brakes are meant to last for years, you should choose models that provide maximum longevity. Durable materials ensure that your brakes will continue working properly throughout the lifetime of your bicycle.


Some designs are more traditional, while others are modern and sleek. Take a moment to think about the type of style you prefer before deciding which brand fits your needs.


However, it does play a role in helping you narrow down your options. Instead, shop around to see what other brands are offering at comparable prices.

Different Types Of Shimano Xt Brake Lever

The original design was created by Japanese bicycle manufacturer Shimano. In recent years, there has been many changes to the braking mechanism within the Shimano XT series. There are now three different models available with each model offering its own unique features.

This particular model comes equipped with two sets of levers which are designed to be paired together. Each set contains four levers. One pair is located near the front wheel while another pair is positioned towards the rear. The front levers are used primarily for stopping the bike during normal riding conditions. The rear levers are more commonly used for emergency situations where speed control is needed.

Deore M9000 Brakeset

This model offers five levers. Two pairs are located near the front wheel while the other three are positioned towards the back. All of these levers are designed to provide excellent performance for both regular and emergency stops.

Deore M7000 Brakeset

This model only includes four levers. Three of those levers are located near the front wheel while the fourth is placed towards the back. Both of these levers are designed to perform well during normal riding conditions. However, in case of emergencies, the rear levers are intended to take over.

Braking System Features

Each of the above mentioned models include several key features that allow riders to achieve superior braking power. For example, the Shimano XT brakeset uses a dual-action hydraulic caliper. This type of caliper works by using pistons inside the calipers to push the pads into contact with the rim. As long as pressure is applied, the pads remain firmly attached to the rim. Once the pressure is released, the pads return to their initial position.

Benefits of Using Shimano XT Series Brakesets

There are numerous benefits associated with using Shimano XT brakesets. Some of these benefits include improved durability, increased safety, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced comfort.


One of the most important reasons why Shimano XT brakesets are so popular is because they last longer than traditional designs. Traditional brakesets rely on friction between the pads and the rims. Because of this, they require constant adjustment and replacement. Shimano XT brakesets utilize hydraulics to apply force directly onto the rims. This eliminates the need for frequent adjustments and replacements.


Another reason why Shimano XT brakesets are so effective is due to the fact that they are safer than traditional systems. Traditional brakesets are prone to overheating and malfunctioning. Overheated brakesets cause the pads to stick to the rims and become difficult to remove. If this occurs, the rider must wait for the heat to dissipate before removing the pads. This could lead to serious injury. With Shimano XT brakesets, however, overheating is never a problem.


SHIMANO Brake Lever, BL-M9000, XTR, Left for Hydraulic DISC Brake

  • Hydraulic Disc Brake Lever for XC Race
  • I-Spec II
  • Narrow band increase available handle bar space

SHIMANO Brake Lever, BL-M9000, XTR, Right for Hydraulic DISC Brake

  • Hydraulic Disc Brake Lever for XC Race
  • I-Spec II
  • Narrow band increase available handle bar space

2015 Shimano BL M8000 Brake Lever Right Hand

  • Deore brake lever XT BL-M8000.
  • Right brake lever.
  • Item number: I-BLM8000R.

SHIMANO XT BR-M8120 Disc Brake Black, Left/Front

  • Lever: aluminum
  • Lever Adjustability: tool-less reach adjust, free-throw
  • Actuation: hydraulic
  • Caliper: 4-piston
  • Mount Type: post

SHIMANO XT BR-M8100 Disc Brake Black, Left/Front

  • Lever: aluminum
  • Lever Adjustability: reach, free throw
  • Actuation: hydraulic
  • Caliper: 2-piston
  • Mount Type: post
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