Sloggers Women's Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard - Light Brown - UPF 50+ Maximum Sun Protection, Style 442LB01

  • Rated UPF 50+: Maxiumum Sun Protection.
  • High quality interior head band.
  • Wind lanyard
  • 27. 5cm circumference: fits women's small - medium
  • Seasons: Basic
  • Care instructions: Hand Wash

How To Choose The Best Stiff Brim Sun Hat

What Is The Purpose Of A Stiff Brim Sun Hat?

The term "stiff" refers to the stiffness of the fabric material used in making the hat. Flatbacks are more common because they provide greater stability and support. Curved backs are generally lighter weight and easier to fold into shape. Both styles are available in many different fabrics including cotton, wool, silk, rayon, polyester, nylon, etc.

Why Would Someone Want To Wear A Stiffener?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to wear a stiffener. First, there are times when you simply prefer wearing a hat that has a stiffer brim. For example, if you're going to be outside for hours, you probably wouldn't want to go around town with a floppy brim hat. Second, if you've got a head full of hair, you may want to avoid getting it caught in the wind while riding your bike. Third, if you're working outdoors, you may want to stay protected from the sun. Fourth, if you're playing sports, you may want to keep the sweat off your face. Fifth, if you're going to be doing something where you need to see clearly, you may want to wear a stiffener so you don't lose sight of anything important. Sixth, if you're going to be wearing a cap indoors, you may want to wear a stiffener so you don't accidentally knock it off. Seventh, if you're going to be wearing a baseball-style cap, you may want to wear a stiffener so you don't end up with a bunch of wrinkles. Eighth, if you're going to be wearing a fedora style hat, you may want to wear a stiffener so you don't end up with a bunch of creases. Ninth, if you're going to be wearing a cowboy hat, you may want to wear a stiffener so you don't end up with a bunch of wrinkles. Tenth, if you're going to be wearing a bowler style hat, you may want to wear a stiffener so you don't end up with a bunch of creases.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Stiff Brim Sun Hat

It’s important to know which type of hat you should be wearing while working outside. There are many different types of hats available today, each with its own benefits. One of these hats is called a “stiff brim” hat. If you haven’t heard of this particular style before, let us explain why you should invest in one now!

Benefits of a Stiff Brim Sunhat

There are several reasons why you should purchase a stiff brim sun hat. First, it protects your head from the harmful rays of the sun. Second, it gives you more comfort because it has a wider brim than other styles of hats. Third, it looks great on anyone who wears it. Fourth, it makes you appear more professional by adding a touch of elegance to your appearance. Fifth, it is easier to put on and take off than most other types of hats. Sixth, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Seventh, it lasts longer than other hats. Eighth, it is very easy to care for. Ninth, it is comfortable to wear. Tenth, it is affordable. Finally, it is versatile enough to fit into almost any situation.

How To Choose the Right Type of Stiff Brim Sunhat For You

Choosing the right type of stiff brim sun hat depends upon your personal preferences. Some people prefer a wide-brimmed hat, whereas others prefer a narrower brim. However, there are certain factors that must be considered before making a decision.

First, choose between a visor or a flat cap. Flat caps are generally preferred by men since they provide additional coverage to the forehead. Visors are typically worn by women due to their ability to cover the entire face.

Second, decide whether you want a round or square shape. Round hats are more common among men, whereas square shaped hats are more popular among women.

Features To Look For When Buying A Stiff Brim Sun Hat

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a stiff brim sun hat is to choose a style that fits properly. If you're going to be wearing the hat outside, you might want to go with something more lightweight. The best way to determine which type of hat works best for you is by trying different styles on before making a purchase.

Size Matters!

It's always good to know what size you are prior to purchasing a hat. There are many types of headgear available today, so finding the right fit can be tricky. Head sizing is measured differently depending on who makes the product. Some companies measure around the circumference of the crown while others take into account the width of the forehead. Regardless of the method used, it's important to ensure that the hat fits comfortably.

Foldable Hats Are Great Options

Another great option for those who travel frequently is a foldable hat. Foldable hats are typically smaller than traditional hats and therefore easier to pack away. However, there are drawbacks to using these options. First, folding hats are generally cheaper than other types of hats. Second, they aren't nearly as durable as regular hats. Third, they can become damaged during transit. Finally, they are difficult to store once folded.

Consider Comfortability

There are several factors to consider when choosing a hat. One factor to think about is comfortability. Do you prefer a wide-brimmed hat or a narrow brimmed hat? Another consideration is whether you prefer a light weight hat or a heavier weight hat. Also, consider the shape of your face. All of these considerations must be taken into account when selecting a hat.

Make Sure It Fits Properly

Once you've decided which hat style you'd like to purchase, it's important to check the measurements carefully. Make sure that the hat fits correctly. Check both inside and outside dimensions. Don't forget to include the length of the bill. Remember that the bill measures the distance between the top of the hat and the bottom of the crown. Once you've determined the correct size, you can begin shopping online.

Choose Quality Materials

Quality materials are essential when considering a hat. Cheap materials can lead to problems down the road. Consider the material of the hat itself. Choose quality materials whenever possible.

Look For Durability

Durability is another key element to consider when purchasing a hat. Ask yourself questions like these when deciding which hat to purchase.

Different Types of Stiff Brim Sun Hat

The most common type of stiff brim sun hat is called a "stiffener". The stiffeners are designed with a flat top and a curved bottom. There are many different styles available, including wide brims, narrow brims, and medium-width brims. Some stiffeners are more suitable for summertime while others are best suited for winter weather conditions.

How To Choose A Stiffener For Summer Or Winter Use

For summer use, choose a stiffener with a wider brim. If you're going to be wearing your stiffener outside for extended periods of time, you might want to invest in a stiffener with a wider brim so that it doesn't blow away during windy days. In addition, a wider brim makes it easier to see where you're walking because there's more room between the edge of the brim and your eyes.

Choosing A Medium Width Stiffener For Winter Weather

Stiffeners with narrower brims are generally recommended for colder climates. Narrower brims allow air to flow around the sides of the head, which reduces heat buildup inside the cap. However, if you plan on spending lots of time outdoors in cold temperatures, you might want to consider purchasing a stiffener with a slightly larger brim width.

Choose A Wide Brim Stiffener For Warm Climates

Wide brims are great for warm weather because they provide maximum ventilation. But, if you live somewhere with mild winters, you might prefer a stiffener with a smaller brim width. A small brim size will reduce the amount of sunlight that enters into the crown of the hat.

Tips For Choosing A Good Stiffener

There are several factors to consider when choosing a good stiffener. First, you must decide whether you want a wide brim or a narrow brim. Next, you'll want to determine whether you'd rather purchase a stiffener with a white or black brim. Finally, you'll want to take into consideration the style of hat you want to wear.

White Brim Stiffener

Most stiffeners sold today include a white brim. White brims are typically preferred by those who enjoy wearing bright colors. White brims also make it easy to spot stains on the brim.

Black Brem Stiffener

Some stiffeners are offered with a black brim. Black brims are popular among men who enjoy wearing dark clothing. Black brims also make it easy to spot stains on the brim.

Medium Brim Stiffener

Many stiffeners are offered with a medium brim. Medium brims are ideal for anyone who enjoys wearing both light colored clothes and darker colored clothes.

Wider Brim Stiffener

Finally, there are stiffeners that are offered with a very large brim. Wider brims are perfect for someone who wants to show off his/her hair.


San Diego Hat Company Womens Ribbon Braid Hat with Ticking, Ribbon Braid Sun Hat, 5 Brim, Black

  • Women’s Sun Hat: Simple and stylish, this large brim hat by San Diego Hat Company is a must have in your wardrobe. This hat is made of 100% polyester.
  • Packable Ribbon Braid Hat: This sun hat for women features a simple ribbon braid weave with ticking. The strong weave also makes it flexible to pack & roll for any of your travel needs.
  • Adjustable Beach Hat For Women: The beach hat for women comes with an adjustable tie on the outside that will help you tighten and secure the hat as needed.
  • Large Brim Hats For Women:With certified UPF 50+ protection, it blocks 98% of UV rays. The hat has a 5” brim that ensures protection from the sun.
  • Size And Other Details: This large brim hat for women is a packable hat and comes with a 5” brim. The hat is made of 100% polyester and must be spot cleaned only.

Panama Jack Mesh Crown Safari Sun Hat, 3" Brim, Adjustable Chin Cord, UPF (SPF) 50+ Sun Protection (Khaki, Large)

  • Crafted out of polyester mesh and nylon materials, this Panama Jack Castaway safari sun hat is designed with a crush-able/pack-able mesh crown.
  • Keep the sun out of your face and protect your skin from the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays under the comfort of this breathable, lightweight canvas material.
  • With it's teardrop pinched crown and inner sweatband, this unisex beach hat is conveniently designed for men and women to ensure maximum comfort.
  • UPF (SPF) 50+ UVA/UVB sun protection.
  • Choose from four hat colors: (charcoal, fossil, ivory and navy) in a medium, large, or x-large hat size when escaping for your next adventure. To find the perfect Panama Jack hat in your size, measure the circumference around your head just above your ears where the hat is expected to sit. Check the hat sizing chart to determine the best fit. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size. Looser is always better as we can offer hat sizing reducer tape to help with the fit

Summer Elegant Derby Big Super Wide Brim 8" Brim Floppy Sun Beach Dress Hat Black

  • Size: One size for ladies and teens, S/M
  • Head measurement: 56 cm, 22", Size 7
  • Brim: 8"
  • Height: 4-3/4"

Simplicity Women's Wide Brim Straw Sun Visor Roll-up Sun Hat Light Coffee

  • Comfortable Sun Hat: This women sun hat with wide brim is made of high quality paper straw, light weight, breathable and comfortable, functional and stylish straw sun hat for women
  • Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat: Fashionable and trendy designed straw hat, this beach sun hat for women has a wide brim for blocking out the sunlight, gives you great sun protection all over the face and neck, helps you cool in the sun
  • Adjustable Summer Hat: Adjustable head circumference about 22"-23.2" to fit your head size; It is also suitable to wear even with various hair styles. With this topless ponytail straw sun visor, it is easy to throw your hair in a messy bun or ponytail, no more muss of your hairdo
  • Packable Hats for Women: This packable straw sun hat features a roll up function, incredibly convenient as it is foldable for easy storage or for taking on the go while traveling, easy to keep it in your bag or suitcase, still keep its shape when any time you take it out
  • Functional Beach Hats for Women: This beach hat is features with wicking sweatband to keep you super comfortable, and this straw hat is perfect for beach, pool, park, outdoor shopping, fishing, gardening or any other outdoor sports and activities

Connectyle Outdoor Mesh Sun Hat Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat Summer Fishing Hunting Hiking Gardenig Hat Army Green

  • Breathable and lightweight polyester,UPF 50+ protection blocks 98% of UVA and UVB Rays
  • Wide mesh panel allows great air vent, keep you feel cool and dry in hot summer days
  • 3"/7.6cm wide brim, one size fits most: 21.6"-23.2"/55-59 CM
  • Adjustable chin strap holds hat in place, elastic drawcord with toggle at back for adjustability
  • This hat is ideal for fishing, hunting, gardening or any outdoor activities!

Coolibar UPF 50+ Men's Leo Shapeable Wide Brim Hat - Sun Protective (Large/X-Large- Stone/Navy)

  • UPF 50+ - blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays
  • FABRIC: Lite fabric is ultra-soft with a cotton like feel, lightweight, breathable, quick dry performance
  • FEATURES: Approx. circumference: 22 1/2 inch (S/M); 23 1/2 inch (L/XL); 24 1/2 inch (XXL); Brim: 4 inches at front, 3 inches at sides, 3 7/8 inches at back; Adjustable chin cord holds hat in place and an elastic drawcord with toggle at back of crown for adjustable fit; Screen grommets in crown for superior airflow and internal moisture wicking sweatband; Crushable crown makes for easy packing; Hand wash, line dry; Imported
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: everyday leisure, gardening, running errands, outdoor events like watching your favorite sports team or grabbing lunch on the patio with friends and family
  • NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: swimming, not chlorine and salt water resistant or water repellent

SwimZip Kid's Sun Hat - Wide Brim UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hat | White 6-24 Month

  • BUILT-IN SUN PROTECTION - SwimZip's built-in sun protection blocks 98% of all UVA and UVB cancer causing rays. No more sunburns! Keep your child's delicate skin safe in the sun with SwimZip's built-in UPF 50+ sun protection so there’s more time for enjoying the beach, lake or pool and less time worrying about harsh UV rays and reapplying sunscreen.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAD AND CHIN STRAPS - Both the head strap and the chin strap are adjustable to easily create the best fit possible.
  • FULL OF FEATURES - Break away chin strap helps prevent choking. Side venting keeps heads cool. Wide brim for optimal protection.
  • IT FLOATS - Easily grab this hat if it ends up in the water. And the quick dry fabric will have it back and ready to use in a jiffy! (Corrosion resistant eyelets make this a great hat to take to the beach.)
  • WIDE RANGE OF COLOR OPTIONS - Pair your kid's sun hat perfectly with SwimZip sun protection rash guard swimwear sets and sunsuits.

Lanzom Womens Wide Brim Straw Hat Big Floppy Foldable Roll up Cap Beach Sun Hat UPF 50+ (Twine -Black)

  • Made of straw material. Soft comfortable and breathable design. Hand washing only.
  • HOT new sun protection summer sun hats. Make you more charming and adorable in summer!
  • Great sun protection: Wide large floppy brim provides a perfect shade to your face, help protecting from the hot sunshine ,keep cool forever!
  • With wide brim flap cover on this cap, adding stylish&cool style, leading to the fashion top trend. Lightweight, comfort&protective sun cap hat for use in summer, autumn, and spring.
  • An essential accessory for your outdoor travel/holiday/beach playing. Folding packable design for easy storage in a handbag or backpack when it is not in use. Convenient carrying along

Home Prefer Men's Sun Hat UPF 50+ Wide Brim Bucket Hat Windproof Fishing Hats (Dark Khaki)

  • Polyester, well-made, breathable and lightweight
  • Best fit for 21.5"-23.3" head girth, 3.2 inch wide brim for sun protection
  • Adjustable string on hat back for comfy fit and chin cord with toggle for windproof
  • Airy mesh crown band, make you more cool and comfortable
  • Great for any outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, camping, go to travel, hunting, gardening and so on

Wide Hard Brim Sun Hat Extra Large Outdoor UV Protection Safari Cap for Women

  • ONE SIZE FIT MEN AND WOMEN - This garden hat is one size with 23.7" head circumference, 3.75" side brim, 5" front/back brim, fit both men and women. For accurate, please measure your head circumference before purchasing.
  • PERFECT OUTDOOR HAT - Windproof hard material large brim garden hat with great coverage of your face and neck. It's a perfect hat for camping, hiking, gardening, traveling, fishing, boating, hunting, safari, beach, pool, cookouts or other outdoor activities in any season.
  • COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE - Adjustable chin drawstring holds sun hat in place even on windy days. Breathable fabric with mesh panelling on both sides let the breeze through very well, built-in moisture wicking sweatband keep your head cool and comfortable in hot summer.
  • UV PROTECTION HAT - UPF 50+ sun protection, can block 99% or more of sun UV ray.
  • PACKABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - This wide brim gardening hat can be folded in bag or pocket, very convenient to carry and save lots of space. Great for daily use, such as hiking, walking, gardening, farming, fishing, kayaking, cycling, etc.

YR.Lover.Outdoor Boonie Men and Women's Hat - Sun Protection Wide Brim Waterproof Cap for Safari Fishing Hunting Summer Bucket Hat Army Green

  • Huge Brim: Wide-brimmed hats protect your face, ears and neck keep away from damaging rays, mesh crown in your cool and ventilated head.
  • One size : Wide margin 3.7-3.9 inches. fits most adult head size. Casual style unisex, cuddly and Comfortable.
  • Adjustable :The sun hat has an chin strap to holds hat in place on rainy or windy days, and an adjustable head strap to tighten it for a snug fit in the back.
  • Suit for occasion: It is a perfect companion for Fishing, Camping, Beach, Pool, Travel, Gardening or any outdoor sports and activities. And it is a good gift for your friends,fathers or yourself.
  • If you are not satisfied with quality or logistics with the product, please contact us at first time, we will provide you with satisfying service.

Womens Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat Fedora Summer Beach Sun Hat UPF50 Straw Hat for Women

  • Panama Straw hat: FURTALK summer hats are made of breathable Paper Straw and Polyester which makes it lightweight and flexible; Tight braiding ensures durability; Besides, we improved the package to ensure the brim warping and misshapen problem will never bother you;
  • Wide Brim Sun Hat: This straw sun hats can provide UPF 50 rated protection; With its all-around 2.75- 3.15 inch (7-8cm) wide brim shading your face and neck to block the sunlight, the Panama hats would help you keep cool in summer; So the straw fedora for men and women is a necessary accessory of daily life;
  • Timeless Straw Fedora Hat for Fashion Lover: The straw hat has a classic shape and the brim won’t floppy and stiff; The stylish and chic fedora hat has a neutral cut, elegant brim and will top you off in style and you'll want to wear it on for any outside activity and any occasion; Besides, the pretty black ribbon on the crown make it looks wonderful for every fashion lover; And there are several colors for both men and women to match any outfit;
  • Packable and Foldable Beach Sun Hats: With high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, the fedora hat can be folded up or down in various shapes while it won’t be misshapen; The sun hats are packable and foldable to be easily carried inside your bag, and you can carry it to anywhere you want to go. It's perfect for gardening,beach, pool, park, camping, hiking, church functions, race day events, etc;
  • Two Sizes to Fit All: Two sizes are offered for this summer hats; Size M is recommended for head circumference around 22.1"-22.8" (56-58cm) and Size L is recommended for head circumference around 23.03"-23.6" (58.5-60cm); If you feel it is too tight or too loose, you can adjust the size by inner velcro ; Also, an adjustable and detachable chin strap can hold it in place in blustery days.Inner sweat band to help wick away moisture during the hot & humid summer seasons.

6" Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat Outdoor Unisex Bucket Hats for Hiking Beach Fishing Safari Garden Lawn Yard Work Kayaking

  • SUPER WIDE BRIM, diameter 21 inch / 53cm, brim width 6.3 inch / 16cm,good quality material,made of good quality composite material,absorb sweat,comfortable,the outside is 65% Cot_ton + 35% Polyester, the inner side is water repellent resilience polyester material,soft,light weight,durable. this hat will be easily carry when travel, it can be folded to half or 1/4, so that contained in travel bag.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: one size fits almost adult heads, useful for unisex, Suitable for head circumference 22-24inch, Rear adjustable elastic drawstring design, the unique design has 2 styles wearing, normal hat and cowboy style hat.
  • GREAT SUN PROTECTION: Wide Brim 6.3 inch/16cm, Keeps the sun from your face and neck and offers great protection from the strong sun light. It is multi-function wear, This sun protection hat is great for both outdoor and indoor activities, such as gardening, farm, lawn,kayaking, bush walking, fishing, backpacking, hiking, hunting, golf, travel and outdoor camping.
  • FOLDABLE EASY TO CARRY: it is very easy and convenient to fold in 1/2 or 1/4,and remains keeping in good shape, convenient to carry and absolutely save lots of space, portable to fit in small travel bags or handbags.
  • KIND REMINDER:you will receive it in a plastic bag with 1/4 folding, please use the iron or steam iron to flat the crease,the material is resilience,the hat shape will be re-gained.(if shipping with the hat expanded,the package lenth will be over 18 inch,the Aamzon FBA shipping cost will be tooo-much,nearly all FBA large wide brim sun hats will be folded in package,please understand).

Women Mesh Sun Hats Summer Beach UV Protection UPF Packable Wide Brim Chin Strap (Grey)

  • Mesh Crown: the upper part of the hat is double-layered mesh, vented openings allow for air to circulate, will keep your head breathable and cool; The under cute pattern is flowers and plants
  • Size Adjustable: you can tie the little ribbons built in sweatband to get a best fit, Height (above top of brim) is 4 inches. Brim width is 4.5 inches. Inside circumference measures approximately 21.3-22.8 inches(54-58cm)
  • Chin Cord: the bucket hat comes with a detachable strap, can be attached to both side, to keep the hat from flying off in the wind while biking, fishing, boating, hiking, camping, gardening, walking the dog or outdoor yard activities
  • Shapeable Wired-Brim - there is quality wire built in brim edge to make the wide brim stiff enough to be flipped up or down to adjust the look or coverage, the brim is large enough to shade your face, ears, neck and part of shoulder also provide sun UV UPF protection
  • Foldable: the cap can easily get crushed up in a suitcase or handbag, great for honeymoon vacation, kayaking, garden, beach travel, cruise and the like; Also it can bounce back easily, but sometimes you might need steam/ironing machine to reshape it. NOTE:These photos were taken in the sun, so the color of item will be deeper than the picture

Folouse Sun Hat, Breathable Boonie Adjustable Sun Hat with UV Protection Wide Brim for Outdoor Fishing, Hiking, Safari (Army-Green)

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - To adjust hood strap of the sun hat, that perfect for head circumference of 22-23.6inch.
  • UPF 50+ SUN PROTECTION - Advanced sunscreen material, effective protection against UV rays at any time, keep you cool during long outdoor activities in Summer.
  • 4.7 INCH BRIM - Overlength brim which increase coverage to protect you from all angles of the blazing sun. TIPS: The sun hat is folded up. There will be some creases when you receive it, but it does not affect the use. Please wash and dry it, the brim will be firmer and the crease will disppear. Hand wash or Maching wash are applied.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Folouse sun hat is hard and soft. The brim will firm when you wear the hat, and also can be folded in half that convenient to carry and absolutely save lots of space.
  • SUPERIOR FABRIC - Waterproof, stain and tear proof fabric suitable for fishing, hiking, hunting, camping, beach, pool, water park, gardening, travel, tourism and any other outdoor activities and sports.

Womens Wide Brim Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard UPF Summer Straw Sun Hats for Women Brown

  • Sun hat: Made of Eco-friendly Recycled paper. Breathable and comfortable. Tightly woven for the quality and durability. Strong Anti-uv Function, UPF 50+
  • Summer hat with Wind Lanyard: Adjustable chin strap cord holds hat in place, even on windy days. It flips up over the top out of the way when you don’t need it
  • Womens Wide Brim Hat: Medium Size Hat Circumference is about 22.1"-22.6", Brim 3.2"; Large Size Hat Circumference is about 22.6"-23.2", Brim 3.2". There is an velcro strip under the inside hatband (not where it can entangle hair) that makes it size up well. Sweat absorbent inner band to help wick away moisture during the hot & humid summer seasons
  • Foldable Braided Beach Hat: Packable and crushable, it can be folded for packing easily, back into shape nicely. Great for vacation, beach or pool, boating, paddle boarding, park walking, hiking, gardening or farm chores, family gathering ect
  • Brand Introduction: FURTALK is a U.S.Registered young brand which setted in 2012,We focus on offering high qualified hats & caps to people as well as bring fashion to your daily life.

Home Prefer Men's Sun Hat UPF 50+ Wide Brim Bucket Hat UV Protection Fishing Hat (N Gray)

  • Polyester, well-made, breathable and lightweight
  • Best fit for 21.5"-23.3" head girth, 3.2 inch wide brim for sun protection
  • Adjustable string on hat back for comfy fit and chin cord with toggle for windproof
  • Airy mesh crown band, make you more cool and comfortable
  • Great for any outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, camping, go to travel, hunting, gardening and so on

SUN CUBE Wide Brim Sun Hat for Men Women Outdoor Sun Protection Boonie Hat | Adjustable Fit, Breathable Summer Hat for Safari Hiking Fishing - Tan

  • WIDE BRIM BOONEY HAT - Lightweight summer sun protection hat for outdoors. Our oval large brim better protects and shades your face and back neck. Great sun hat for camping, hiking, fishing, safari, yard work, pool, travel, and all season use.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST Adjustable fit with drawstring chin strap. Measures 23.5 inch head circumference and 3.5 inch brim.
  • SUN HAT FOR MEN & WOMEN - This outdoor sun bucket boonie hat features a wide stiff brim to shade and your face, neck, ears. It is 50+ UPF for complete UV ray protection.
  • COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE - Ventilated with a breathable mesh crown to keep cool, and dry. The hat is also made from soft polyester fabric that is water resistant, light, and quick drying.
  • CHIN STRAP AND HIDDEN POCKET - Special adjustable cord wraps under chin and back of the head to keep hat in place during high winds. You can also carry IDs, credit cards, and keys in the secret stash pocket inside the top crown for extra security.

USHAKE Fishing Hat Bucket Safari Sun Hat Wide Brim Bonnie hat for Men and Women Khaki

  • 【Product Information】100% Nylon Soft, Comfortable, Adjustable size 22.3" -23.5"(7 1/8 to 7 1/2)/ (56.8 to 60.6 cm), Super Wide Brim 4.72”/12cm, Net Weight: About 7.05 Ounces/202g(Very Light)
  • 【High-tech Fabrics】Dual crown with net mesh inside and fabric cover outside, free shift by snap, great air vent and breathable fabrics. In addition to a move crown top, it keeps face, ears, neck skins away from sunshine. Great for outdoor activities.
  • 【Breathable, Quick Dry, Lightweight】Our summer safari hat is light and comfortable to wear on head. Large mesh design with breathable fabrics makes hat breathable. Even if the hat wet with sweat or light rain, it will dry quickly.
  • 【Design】Fishing hat back with an adjusting buckle, adjustable chin strap helps hat stays put even in windy.
  • 【Customer service】Any issue about USHAKE sun hat, please inform us and we will follow up closely.--The brim is FOLDED UP for logistics purpose, which won’t affect your daily use and brim shape will come back after a while.

Women's Sun Hat Outdoor UV Protection Foldable Mesh Bucket Hat Wide Brim Summer Beach Fishing Cap Pure Black

  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Casual style sun hat, snug and cosy fit. Hat Circumference: 21”-23”, Hat Height: 4.33 inch, Brim Length: 3.35 inch, Chin Drawstring Length:12.99 inch. One size is suitable for most women.
  • FUNCTIONAL AND VERSATILE: The brim is large enough to shade forehead. Inside of the hat is a breathable mesh layer, which can greatly improve cooling, comfortable and airflow. Especially, a ponytail opening in back is considerate design for women. The buttons on both sides of the hat can give you more different styles.
  • MATERIAL: This fashion fishing sun cap is made of quick-drying, breathable polyester. UPF provide you better protection from sunshine and damaging rays for face and neck.
  • ADJUSTABLE DRAWSTRING: Adjustable chin drawstring for fixing the sun hat, especially in windy days. And another drawstring behind the fishing hat is for adjusting the hat circumference to make it most suitable.
  • EASY STORAGE: Rolled up convenient to carry and absolutely save lots of space. It is a perfect hat for beach, fishing, pool, park, hiking, camping, travel, hunting, gardening or any outdoor sports and activities.

SwimZip Women's Wide Brim Sun Hat - UPF 50+ Sun Protection - Black

  • BUILT-IN SUN PROTECTION- SwimZip's built-in sun protection blocks 98% of all UVA and UVB cancer causing rays. No more sunburns! Keep your skin safe in the sun with SwimZip's built-in UPF 50+ sun protection so there’s more time for enjoying the beach, lake, or pool and less time worrying about harsh UV rays and reapplying sunscreen.
  • WIDE BRIM FOR EXTRA COVERAGE - The 5-inch wide brim is recommended to help shade your eyes, ears, face and neck from UV rays.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZING - The bow on the outside is an adjustable knot to make it a one size fits all. The chin strap can also be adjusted to easily create the best fit possible.
  • EASY TO PACK SHAPEABLE BRIM - Bendable, yet rigid material makes it shapble and perfect for traveling with minimal wrinkles. Fold or roll it up into your suitcase and you're on your way!
  • COMES IN 5 COLORS - With 5 color options (White, Black, Navy, Mint, Brown), you can find the perfect sun hat to match any outfit for any occasion!

Sun Hats for Women Beach Hat Ponytail Hat Womens Sun Hat Wide Brim Sun Hat Women Sky Blue

  • BREATHABLE FABRIC: Womens sun hat is made of superior quick-drying polyester, lightweight and breathable. Inside of the sun hats for women are a breathable mesh layer. Beach hats for women can greatly improve cooling.
  • PONYTAIL HOLE DESIGN: The ponytail hat edge is big enough to cover the forehead. In particular, the ponytail opening on the back is an intimate design for women. Adjustable chin drawstring for fixing the sun shade hat, especially in windy days.
  • UPF50+ SUN PROTECTION: Wide brim hat women will provide the optimal protection against harmful UV rays and effectively protect your skin from sunshine, shade your face and the back of your neck. Bring you unprecedented feelings and beauty.
  • FOLDABLE & PORTABLE: Womens beach hat can be folded into a small one, the sun hat with ponytail hole for women is very convenient to put it in your bag. Sun hats for women with uv protection wide brim is a perfect hat for beach, fishing, park, hiking, camping, travel, hunting or any outdoor sports and activities.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: The foldable sun hats for women Circumference: 21”-23”, Hat Height: 4.33 inch, Brim Length: 3.35 inch, Chin Drawstring Length: 12.99 inch. One size is suitable for most women.

Sun Hats for Men Women Fishing Hat UPF 50+ Breathable Wide Brim Hat (Navy Blue)

  • 【Sun Protection&Anti-Sweat】Anti-UV and UPF 50+ excellent sun protection keep yourself protected from the damaging rays. Wide Brim keeps your face and neck from the strong sun.360 degree sweatband inside the hat and breathable lining absorb sweat efficiently.
  • 【Lightweight&Foldable】Our fishing hat can be folded in half and fit into any backpack or bag. Portable and convenient to carry it everywhere you go.
  • 【One Size Fits Most】Our stylish sun hats fit for Men and Women, fits 22"-23.6"(55-60CM) head girth with adjustable chin strap. Hat Circumference:43-44 inches, Hat Height:4.5 inches, Brim Length:3.4 inches.
  • 【Breathable&Adjustable】Wide 360° mesh vent allows great air in and keeps your head cool and comfortable all the time.The adjustable drawstring ensures hat stay well on your head without worry even in windy or rainy days.
  • 【Widely used】Widely used for various outdoor activities like gardening,fishing, kayaking,hiking,cycling,camping,etc.

FURTALK Sun Hats for Women Waterproof Wide Brim Straw Hat Beach Hat UPF UV Foldable Packable Cap for Travel

  • High-end Material and Detachable Chin Strap---Womens Sun Hat is made of material high quality paper straw and a removable chin strap help to hold your hat in windy days
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection---This Summer Beach Sun Hat with high upf sun protection. Wide Brim with width 3.15 inch for adult size, great sun blocker for you in hot summer
  • Adjustable Design---This Wide Brim UV Sun Hat with a narrow bowknot around the straw hat crown make the hat more chic, the sweatband inside the hat is to keep you cool all the time,and ribbon inside the hat can be adjusted for different head size; These beach hats are adjustable inside for a good fit and comfortable, Two size and two kinds of brim available for Adult with head size Medium 22.1-22.6 inch and Large 22.8-23 inch
  • Easy Carry for your Travel---This sun hat is foldable and packable for travel and vocation,perfect for beachwear, fishing and hiking etc.
  • We put a lot of time and efforts to develop the products for years; We have become experts at hats and scarves, made with outstanding raw materials in a trendy way; We believe that you will feel the difference once you get our hats and scarves. If you are looking for a hat to match your scarf, here we offer a lot for your choices.
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