TYR Men's Standard Alliance Splice Jammer Swimsuit, Black/Red, 30

  • Durable, sleek and eco-friendly, the Men’s Alliance Splice Jammer Swimsuit is a triple threat.
  • Featuring an above-the-knee cut, compressive fit and adjustable drawcord waist, TYR jammers are built for athletes who want comfortable coverage during every swim.
  • With lightweight, freedom of motion, each pair ensures reliable performance.
  • In addition to providing a long-lasting fit, UPF 50+ protection and chlorine resistance, this men performance swimsuit is offered in a variety of color options.

How To Choose The Best Swim Jammers

What Is The Purpose Of Swim Jammers?

Swim jammers are designed with the goal of improving performance while swimming. There are many different types of swim jammers available including those that fit around the waist, chest, shoulders, legs, feet, and head. Some swim jammers are specifically designed to improve speed, endurance, strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. Others are designed to reduce drag during swimming by creating more streamlined bodies.

How Do Swimming Jammers Improve Performance?

The most obvious benefit of wearing a swim jammer is its ability to create a tighter body shape which reduces water resistance. Because there is no air inside the suit, the swimmer has a smaller volume of water surrounding him/her. As a result, the swimmer experiences less drag and therefore moves faster. Another advantage of using a swim jammer is that it creates a flatter body profile, allowing swimmers to glide across the water rather than fight the current. In addition, because the swimmer is able to hold his/her breath longer, he/she is able to conserve oxygen and stay underwater longer. Finally, the tightness of the swimmer’s body prevents unnecessary movement which improves muscle efficiency and increases stamina.

Are Swim Jammers Safe For Children?

Yes! Swim jams are safe for children who are learning to swim. However, parents must be aware that these devices could cause injury if worn improperly. If the child becomes trapped between two layers of material, the pressure could lead to suffocation. Also, if the child gets caught in the zipper, the zipper could become stuck and cut into the skin causing serious injuries. Parents should always supervise young swimmers whenever possible.

Which Types Of Swim Jammers Are Available?

There are several different styles of swim jammers available. One type includes a solid piece of fabric that covers the entire torso. Other options include a single-piece design that only covers the front half of the body, or a multi-layer design that wraps around the upper thighs and buttocks. All of these designs provide compression to the wearer. Compression is important because it decreases blood flow to certain areas of the body and forces muscles closer together. This results in increased circulation throughout the body and improved muscular function.

Is Wearing A Swim Jammer Necessary To Be Successful At Swimming?

No! Not everyone needs to wear a swim jammer to achieve success in the pool. While wearing a swim jammer does increase the amount of time someone spends submerged, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will perform better. Many athletes choose to wear a swim jammer simply because it makes them feel more comfortable. Additionally, some swimmers prefer to wear a swim jammer because it gives them a sense of security. Regardless of why a swimmer chooses to wear a swim jammer, the bottom line is that it works for them.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Swim Jammers

Swim jammers are designed to provide support for the legs and feet while swimming. Many swimmers choose to purchase these products because they believe that wearing them will improve performance by providing more stability during exercise. There are many different types of swim jammers available; however, there are two main categories which include compression shorts and leg braces. Compression shorts are typically worn underneath regular clothing and are meant to be tight fitting so that they compress around the body. Leg braces are worn outside of normal clothing and are intended to cover the entire lower half of the body. Both styles of swim jammers are beneficial to athletes who wish to increase strength and endurance. However, only those with proper training and experience should attempt to perform certain exercises while wearing either type of product.

Benefits of Using Swim Jammer

There are several benefits associated with using swim jammers including increased muscle mass, improved blood circulation, reduced risk of injury, and enhanced performance. First, wearing a swim jammer increases muscle mass. Because the muscles are supported, the athlete does not have to exert as much effort to maintain balance. In addition, the increased amount of oxygen being delivered to the brain results in higher levels of concentration. Second, wearing a swim jammer improves blood circulation. As mentioned earlier, the compression shorts squeeze the muscles together, thereby increasing blood flow. Third, wearing a swim jammer reduces the risk of injury. If the athlete falls into the water, he or she has greater control over his or her movements. Finally, wearing a swim jammer enhances performance. Since the legs are supported, the athlete is able to concentrate on other aspects of the workout rather than focusing solely on maintaining balance.

Types of Swim Jammers Available

Compression shorts and leg braces are both effective ways to enhance performance. Although each style offers its own set of advantages, neither is superior to the other. Each has its own unique features which makes it ideal for specific activities. For example, compression shorts are best suited for aerobic workouts whereas leg braces are most useful for weight lifting. Regardless of the activity, choosing the right swim jammers is important. Therefore, before making a decision, it is wise to consult with a professional trainer to determine which model is best suited for your needs.

How To Choose The Right Swim Jammer

Size - Most manufacturers recommend that men order size Small/Medium and women order Medium/Large. Some companies allow customers to customize sizing based upon personal preference.

Material - The material used to construct the swim jammers varies depending on the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the materials used are nylon, polyester, spandex, cotton, lycra, and elastane. Nylon is generally considered to be the strongest fabric since it is durable yet flexible. Lycra is another popular choice due to its ability to stretch to accommodate movement. Spandex is commonly found in swim jammers manufactured by Speedo. Elastane is a synthetic fiber that mimics the elasticity of human skin. Cotton is soft and breathable. Polyester is lightweight and comfortable.

The best way to ensure that you're getting the right kind of swimming jammers is by reading reviews online. Reviews allow you to see which brands are popular with other customers so you know whether or not you're going to be happy with your purchase. If there aren't many customer reviews available for a particular brand, then it might be worth waiting for more information before purchasing.

Size Matters

It's important that you choose the correct size of jammers for your body type. The most common mistake that people make is choosing too small a pair of jammers. This causes chafing around the waistline and makes it difficult to breathe properly while swimming. Choose a larger size if you plan to exercise regularly.

Material Matters

There are two main types of material used to create jammers - nylon and polyester. Nylon is generally considered to be more durable and comfortable than polyester. However, both materials provide excellent support and comfort. There isn't really anything wrong with either option.

Fabric Care

One thing that you must remember when shopping for jammers is that fabric care matters. Most fabrics require regular washing to maintain their appearance and performance. Make sure that you wash your jammers thoroughly to remove dirt and grime. Do not tumble dry your jammers because this could cause shrinkage. Dry flat rather than hanging to avoid wrinkles.


Jammers are designed to fit snugly around your hips and thighs. Some designs include pockets for storing keys or money. Others have built-in storage compartments for holding towels or goggles.


Buying jammers doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, you can find affordable options that still perform well. Just make sure that you shop around for the lowest price possible. Don't pay full retail price unless you absolutely have to.


Some jammers are designed to go with certain outfits. For example, men who prefer casual clothing can opt for lightweight jammers that are easy to slip into during warm weather months. Women who enjoy wearing dresses can select jammers that match their style.


Most jammers are designed to provide maximum support and comfort. They are constructed using high quality materials that hold up well over time. Many models include features such as adjustable straps, mesh panels, and elastic waists.


Another factor to take into consideration when selecting jammers is durability. Durable jammers are typically made from stronger materials that resist fading and tearing. They are also able to withstand repeated laundering. Cheap jammers are likely to fade quickly and become threadbare.

Customer Service

Look for companies that offer great customer service. Companies that respond promptly to questions and complaints are far superior to those that ignore issues.


TYR Boys' Durafast ONE Jammer Swimsuit, Black, 26

  • Performance driven
  • Industry's most durable swim gear
  • Accommodate athletes and water enthusiasts at every level
  • Country of origin: China
  • Sport type: Swimming

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Jammer Endurance+ Solid USA Adult

  • Our longest-lasting and best-selling Endurance+ fabric is ultra-chlorine resistant and designed to last 20 times longer than conventional swimwear fabrics
  • Four-way stretch technology providing a body-hugging fit, great shape retention and soft comfort
  • Lightweight and quick drying - resists sagging, bagging, fading and snagging
  • Low moisture absorption and quick drying
  • Front gusset
  • Inner drawcord at waist for secure fit
  • Jammer styling offers more coverage to the legs

TYR Men's Standard Durafast One Jammer Swimsuit, Black, 34

  • The jammer swimsuit is made with 100% polyester and is 20 times longer lasting than traditional swimwear.
  • Boasting four way stretch technology and UPF 50+, this Durafast swimsuit provides excellent freedom of movement and sun protection.
  • Featuring an above-the-knee cut, championship cut, and adjustable drawcord waist, TYR jammer swimsuits give you the perfect balance of support and freedom of motion.
  • TYR Training swimsuits are fully lined, ensure 4-way stretch technology and provide UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • All Durafast One suits are chlorine proof and sustain an impressive 300+ hours of performance.

speedo Boy's Swimsuit Jammer Endurance+ Solid USA Youth

  • Endurance+: Our longest lasting and best-selling chlorine resistant fabric; retains color and shape swim after swim
  • Front liner
  • Drawcord at waist
  • Will ship in a competitive box
  • Low moisture absorption and quick drying

TYR Men's Durafast Elite Solid Jammer Swimsuit, Black, 34

  • Swim strong and never fade with the Men’s Durafast Elite Jammer Swimsuit.
  • Constructed with TYR’s most durable textile - Durafast Elite - this performance swimsuit utilizes high denier poly fiber and innovative circular knit construction to combine the strength and colorfastness of polyester with the comfort of spandex.
  • TYR Jammer swimsuits hit above the knee and feature a compressive fit, adjustable drawcord waist and free range of motion.
  • They are the perfect performance suits for athletes who want reliable coverage that won’t weigh them down.
  • Due to their chlorine proof and colorfast nature, Durafast Eliteswimsuits are able to sustain 300+ hours of use, while maintaining a comfortable hold on your body.

TYR Men's Phoenix Splice Jammer Swimsuit (Black/Blue, 26)

  • 100% Chlorine Proof
  • Industry's most durable swim gear
  • Accommodate athletes and water enthusiasts at every level
  • Country of origin: China

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Jammer Endurance+ Splice Team Colors

  • Engineered from our exclusive, longest lasting and best-selling Endurance+ fabric
  • Chlorine resistant fabric designed to lasts 20 times longer than conventional swimwear fabrics
  • Four-Way Stretch technology providing a body-hugging fit, great shape retention and soft comfort
  • Helps resist sagging and bagging, keeping swimwear fitting newer longer
  • Non-slip drawstring at waist

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Jammer ProLT Solid, Speedo Black, 28

  • Review Competitive Fit size chart before purchase; Swimmers wishing to achieve a looser fit are encouraged to choose a larger size.
  • From our race/performance line in waist sizing. Bar tack reinforcements at stress points
  • Drawstring inner waist for secure fit and adjustment
  • Jammer styling provides more coverage with UV sun protection and adds compression to reduce fatigue
  • Made by speedo, the world's premier aquatics brand
  • MATERIAL: 85% Polyester/15% Spandex

Nike Victory Color Black Jammer - 2015 Medium

  • Stretch waist with interior draw cord for a snug, adjustable fit
  • Front lining for enhanced comfort
  • Engineered with Nike NX, a highly durable nylon and chlorine resistant spandex blend
  • Designed to handle the rigors of training and competition
  • Built for superior shape retention and support

Ispeed Men's Fashion Jammer Swimsuit (32)

  • 82%nylon 18%Spandex
  • better fit, performance, quality

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Jammer PowerFlex Eco Revolve Splice Team Colors

  • ULTRA DURABLE: PowerFlex Eco fabric offers 4x more compression and is twice as strong as standard swimwear material
  • FAST MUSCLE RECOVERY: Compression technology increases circulation for faster muscle recovery
  • RECYCLED MATERIAL: Made from 100% recycled pre and post-consumer nylon yarn to create a cleaner earth
  • REFLECTIVE DETAIL: Reflective piping detailed on side seams
  • DRAWSTRING: An inner drawstring allows for a customized and comfortable fit

Speedo Boy's Swimsuit Jammer PowerFlex Eco Solid Youth,New Black,28

  • Made with 78 percent econyl, a nylon fabric made from 100 percent post consumer nylon yarn waste
  • Retains its shape up to 10X longer than traditional swimwear fabrics
  • 30 percent more resistant to fiber breakage in chlorine compared to power flex
  • Good for the environment, even better for swimmers

Speedo Men's Swimsuit Jammer PowerFlex Eco Solid Adult

  • Constructed from LYCRA XTRA LIFE fiber which helps retain shape up to 10X longer than traditional swimwear fabrics
  • Form-fitting swim bottom featuring lined front and drawstring waist
  • More resistant to fiber breakage in chlorine
  • Helps resist sagging and bagging, keeping swimwear fitting newer longer
  • Provides resistance to suntan lotions, skin oils and chlorine better than conventional fabrics

Nike Men's Poly Color Surge Jammer (36, Navy/Red)

  • Stretch waist with interior draw cord for a snug, adjustable fit
  • Front lining for enhanced comfort
  • Engineered with Nike Performance Poly, a durable long-lasting performance polyester
  • Excellent shape retention

TYR Men's Sanblasted Jammer Swimming One Piece, Black, Size 32

  • UPF 50+ Sun protection
  • Sustain an impressive 300+ hours of performance
  • TYR training swimsuits are fully lined
  • Country Of Origin : China

Onvous Mens Raven Compression Racing Swimsuit & Cross-Training Jammer/Shorts (30) Jet Black

  • ✔ COMFORTABLE & FLEXIBLE | Optimal compression with high flexibility for all strokes | Smooth, 4-way stretch construction | Easy to put on & take off | Quick-dry fabric
  • ✔ FAST PERFORMANCE | Ultra-Light, high-quality fabric results in optimal streamline & high-performance for racing and training | Water resistant fabric designed to minimize water drag
  • ✔ DRAWSTRING + LIGHTWEIGHT LINER | Includes built-in, black adjustable drawstring on waistband and lightweight, inside frontal liner for a secure and streamlined fit
  • ✔ IMPROVED SIZE CHART | For compressed fit, order your normal pants/shorts size | For more relaxed, looser fit, order one size up | Refer to "Product Description" or Product Photos for sizing instructions | Mid-waist to above-the-knee fit
  • ✔ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Return Shipping | 82% Polyester / 18% Spandex blend | Color: Jet Black | Outseam length (waistband-to-leg opening): 18-20 inches | Front rise length (groin-to-waistband): 8-9 inches

Onvous Mens Durable Training Jammer Swimsuit (34) Black

  • ✔ DURABLE | Strong outer fabric with thick, water-repelling inner liner reduces water drag and protects suit from wear & tear | Full inside liner (100% polyester) extends from waistband to leg openings for a secure fit & proper body coverage | Made with strong seam construction
  • ✔ COMFORT + COMPRESSION | Smooth, full inside liner and sleek outer fabric creates optimal comfort with muscle compression | 4-way stretch creates freedom of movement for all four swimming strokes | Easy to put on / take off
  • ✔ INCLUDES DRAWSTRING | Includes built-in black adjustable drawstring on waistband | Includes bands at leg openings to avoid water retention | Black suit design for timeless style
  • ✔ IMPROVED SIZE CHART | For compressed fit, order your normal pants/shorts size | For more relaxed, looser fit, order one size up | Refer to "Product Description" or Product Photos for sizing instructions | Mid-waist to above-the-knee fit
  • ✔ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Return Shipping 85% Polyester / 15% Spandex blend | 100% Polyester Inner Liner | Outseam length (waistband-to-leg opening): 18-20 inches | Front rise length (groin-to-waistband): 8-9 inches | Color: Black | UPF 30

361 Men Jammers for Swimming Athletic Professional Swimsuits, Chlorine Resistant Durable Training Black, L(W29''-31'')

  • 【Durable Use】:Shell 82% polyester/18% spandex. This swim jammer is made of durable material, soft to skin, you can wear for daily practice
  • 【Chlorine Resistant Swimwear 】: quality swimwear for men and boys, bright pattern, retaining color and shape, quick dry, light weight. Good swim trunk for competition. Great Christmas Gift!
  • 【Drawstring, Lining inside 】: elastic waistband with non-slip adjustable drawstring, lined at front.
  • 【Comfortable Fit】: athletic swim suit, soft and snugg fit, help to reduce water drag. Anti bagging. Plus size for the big and tall.Before buying, you need to carefully refer to our size chart to choose the right swimming trunks.
  • 【Stretch & Compression】: good stretchy competitive swimming trunks creates freedom of movement | Made with strong seam construction, No transparance

Arena Powerskin Carbon Air Men's Jammers Racing Swimsuit, Red, 28

  • The Carbon Air-2 takes the original 'Air' concept to a level: it's lighter, it has a better fit, it's more comfortable, and it offers even greater freedom of movement
  • Integrated horizontal carbon bands lock down at a critical stretch point to provide compression on overextended zones, core stability and power when and where it's needed; Intelligent compression with the comfort of a second skin
  • Lining made of 3 separate panels to give greater freedom of movement reducing pressure on hips and improving flexibility around the hip flexors; Absorbs less water and reduces drag while improving glide
  • Made from a single piece of fabric; Has only one bonded seam at the back, which offers supreme comfort and reduces any potential restriction of movement since there are fewer pressure points on the body
  • EASY TO PUT ON: With a hydrodynamic design, unique carbon band construction and featherweight fabric be race-ready in no time

Arena Men's Standard LTS Y WaterFeel Jammer Swimsuit, Black, 30

  • Our Learn To Swim (LTS) swim products provides the essentials to empower anyone new to swimming
  • These core training suits provide a comfortable and easy introduction to swimming without the investment
  • Sleek and conservative silhouette is designed to offer maximum coverage and support in a low-drag design for optimal speed and hydrodynamics
  • Jammer offers coverage from mid-waist to above-the-knee while an internal drawstring allows for maximum adjustability and comfort
  • arena’s WaterFeel fabric is a 4-way stretch fabric designed to deliver maximum comfort with optimal range of motion thanks to its perfect balance of lightness, elasticity and power retention

Speedo Men's Standard Swimsuit Jammer ProLT Printed Team Colors, Angles Electric Purple, 26

  • ProLT: Fabric provides optimal support and comfort for those in the water 2-3 days a week
  • Drawcord at waist
  • Will ship in a Competitive box

Speedo Men's Standard Swimsuit Jammer Endurance+ Printed Team Colors, Emerging Red/White/Blue, 32

  • Endurance+: Our longest lasting and best-selling chlorine resistant fabric; retains color and shape swim after swim
  • Fully lined
  • Drawcord at waist
  • Will ship in a competitive box

Boys Swimming Jammers Swimming Shorts for Toddler Quick Dry Training Swimming Trunks Tight in Sharks Pattern Navy Blue Size M

  • Our Boys Swim Trunks Jammers are reliable and versatile and a good choice for frequent swimming or for regular pool training sessions.
  • This type of swim shorts come in a closely profiled fit and has an elasticated waist and longer leg length.
  • High elastic waistband with Inner drawstring: easy to put on and prevent from fall off, especially suitable for growing kids.
  • Perfect for swimming lessons and squad swimming with its full chlorine resistance and close comfortable fit.
  • We recommend maintaining your new swim jammers by rinsing in fresh water after swimming.
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