FINIS Standard Foam Swimming Kickboard Blue, Adult

  • SWIM KICK TRAINING: Immobilize arms to build leg muscles and give full attention to your kick
  • COMFORTABLE MATERIAL Soft EVA foam does not chafe or irritate skin and stays durable
  • TWO SIZES: Jr size is designed to decrease stress on shoulders and is ideal for youth and smaller swimmers
  • SIMPLE SHAPE: Moves easily through the water and is easy to hold onto
  • FLOATING BOARD: Keeps your arms and upper body at the top of the water so you can focus on legs

How To Choose The Best Swimming Board

What Is The Purpose Of A Swimming Board?

Swim boards are designed to be used while swimming. They provide support for swimmers who wish to improve their technique by practicing with different strokes. Swim boards allow swimmers to practice kicking techniques while remaining afloat.

Why Do People Use Kick Boards?

Kick boards are useful tools because they enable swimmers to learn proper stroke mechanics. If you're learning to swim, you might benefit from using a kickboard. There are many reasons why someone might choose to use a kickboard. For example, if you've been taking lessons for awhile, you probably know which way works best for you. However, there are times when you simply aren't sure whether you're doing something correctly. Using a kickboard gives you the opportunity to test out your form before moving on to more advanced exercises.

How Does A Kickboard Help Me Improve My Stroke Mechanics?

Using a kickboard forces you to concentrate on your kicks. As you begin to master each kick, you'll notice that your body position changes slightly. With regular practice, you'll eventually develop muscle memory so that these small adjustments become second nature. Once you have mastered the basics, you can start working toward improving your overall performance.

Are Kickboards Safe To Use While In Water?

Yes! Although most kickboards are constructed of foam, they are safe to use in water. Foam is buoyant and floats on top of the water. Because of its light weight, it doesn't sink into the water and cause problems. Most kickboards float upright and stay stable during use. Some models include fins that give added stability.

Can I Get A Kickboard That Fits Around My Feet?

Some kickboards are available in multiple sizes. You can purchase a model that fits around your feet rather than across your entire foot. This type of kickboard makes it easier to adjust your stance and balance.

Is A Kickboard Easy To Carry?

Most kickboards fold flat and fit inside a backpack. Others are lightweight enough to carry in your pocket.

Where Can I Find Good Deals On Kickboards?

There are several places where you can find good deals on kickboards. Online retailers sell kickboards at discounted prices. Another option is to visit local sporting goods stores. They typically stock a wide variety of products including kickboards.

Which Type Of Kickboard Works Best For Beginners?

The type of kickboard you select depends largely upon your skill level. If you're a beginner, you'll likely prefer a floating kickboard. Floating kickboards are lighter and require less effort to control. They are also safer since they remain above the waterline. If you're already comfortable with swimming, you'll probably enjoy a flotation-type kickboard. Flotation kickboards are heavier and take longer to maneuver.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Swimming Board

Swim boards are very important pieces of equipment for swimmers who wish to improve their skills. If you're interested in learning more about swim boarding, here are some tips to ensure you purchase the best possible product for your needs.

Size Matters

It's always good practice to go with a size that fits well within your body frame. For example, if you're tall, you might be able to fit into a larger sized board. However, if you're short, you might prefer a smaller sized board so that you can maneuver around the pool easier. In addition, there are different types of boards available depending upon whether you're going to be using it for recreational purposes, competitive purposes, or both.

Material Matters

There are many materials that can be found in swim boards today. Some common options include wood, plastic, fiberglass, and foam. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood is considered by most experts to be the ideal choice because it offers excellent buoyancy and flexibility. Plastic is another popular option as it is durable and easy to maintain. Fiberglass is great for those who enjoy water activities and love being outdoors. Foam is lightweight and flexible, making it perfect for beginners.


Another factor to take into consideration when choosing a swim board is durability. Most manufacturers recommend that you replace your swimboard once per season. This way, you can avoid spending money on repairs throughout the entire summer.


One of the main reasons why you'd choose a swim board is due to its ability to provide adequate buoyancy. Buoyancy refers to the amount of weight that floats above the bottom of the water. Generally speaking, the higher the psi rating, the greater the level of buoyancy provided.


In terms of weight, you should think about how heavy you plan to carry your board around. If you're planning to travel light, opt for lighter models. Otherwise, heavier boards are generally recommended.


Lastly, price is something else to consider before you decide which model to purchase. Prices vary greatly based on brand name, type of material, and other factors. As long as you know exactly what you're getting, you shouldn't have trouble finding a suitable swim board that meets your needs.

Features To Look For When Buying A Swimming Board

Swim boards are essential pieces of equipment for anyone who wants to swim competitively. If you're planning on competing in a triathlon or long distance open water race, you'll need a good quality swimboard. There are many features to think about before purchasing a swim board. Here are some important factors to take into consideration when shopping around for a high-quality swim board.


The size of the board is very important because it determines how well you'll be able to maneuver with the board. The larger the board, the more stable it will be while paddling. Smaller boards are easier to control and maneuver, so they're ideal for beginners. However, bigger boards are great for experienced swimmers who want to compete in longer races.


The weight of the board is another factor to consider. Boards that weigh too little will be difficult to paddle effectively. Lighter boards require more effort to propel forward, which makes them harder to steer. Heavy boards are easy to handle, making them perfect for novice swimmers. Most boards fall somewhere between these two extremes. Some boards are designed specifically for racing, weighing anywhere from 10 pounds to 30 pounds. Others are built for recreational purposes and only weigh 5 pounds.


There are several different types of board designs available today. Flat boards are generally considered safer because they provide greater stability during turns. Round boards allow for faster turning speeds and are therefore best suited for beginner swimmers. Hybrid boards combine both flat and round sections to give swimmers the ability to turn quickly and efficiently.


Most boards are constructed using either fiberglass or polyethylene foam. Fiberglass boards are lighter and stronger than polyethylene ones. Polyethylene boards are cheaper and last longer, however, they aren't nearly as strong as fiberglass models. Foam boards are typically made from recycled materials and are environmentally friendly options. Many companies now manufacture boards that contain no harmful chemicals whatsoever. In fact, most modern boards are completely free of toxins.


It's always wise to purchase a product that has been tested by independent laboratories. Manufacturers must pass rigorous tests to ensure that their products meet industry standards. Products that fail to meet safety requirements could pose serious health risks to consumers. Both marks indicate that a product meets certain safety criteria. Other certifications include TUV Rheinland, ETL, CSA, ISO 9001, etc.


Buying a swim board shouldn't break the bank. While there are plenty of expensive models on the market, you'll find affordable alternatives that perform just as well. Don't let price dictate your decision. Instead, choose a model based on its performance and durability. Make sure you test drive each model thoroughly before deciding which one suits your needs perfectly.

Different Types of Swimming Board

Swim boards are designed to be used by swimmers while doing laps in the water. There are many different kinds of swim boards available today. Some of these include inflatable swim boards, hard plastic swim boards, foam swim boards, and fiberglass swim boards. The type of swimboard you choose depends upon your needs and preferences. If you plan on using your swim board frequently, then you might want to invest in a durable swim board. However, if you only plan on using your swim board occasionally, then you could opt for a cheaper model. In either case, there are several factors to take into consideration before purchasing a swim board.

Inflatable Swim Boards

An inflatable swim board is probably the most popular kind of swim board because it is easy to transport and store. An inflatable swim board comes with its own pump so you don't have to worry about carrying around bulky pumps. Also, since an inflatable swim board does not require batteries, you don't have to worry about running out of power during long trips. One disadvantage of an inflatable swim board is that it tends to leak air which makes it difficult to control. Another problem with an inflatable swim board is that it has limited storage capacity. So if you decide to bring along other supplies, you might run out of room.

Hard Plastic Swim Boards

The advantage of a hard plastic swim board is that it doesn't absorb moisture. Since it is waterproof, you can safely submerge your hard plastic swim board in the pool. Hard plastic swim boards are more expensive than inflatable ones. But if you're planning on taking your swim board outdoors, then a hard plastic swim board is ideal.

Foam Swim Boards

Another common type of swim board is a foam swim board. Foam swim boards are great for beginners who want to learn proper strokes. Because foam swim boards are light weight, they are easier to carry around. Unlike inflatable swim boards, foam swim boards are very stable. Therefore, they are suitable for advanced swimmers who want to practice specific techniques.

Fiberglass Swim Boards

A fiberglass swim board is another option for those who prefer stability. Fiberglass swim boards are heavier than foam swim boards. But they are still lightweight enough to allow you to perform multiple sets of exercises. Fiberglass swim boards are perfect for athletes who want to improve their endurance.

Choosing Between Various Kinds of Swimming Boards

There are many different types of swim boards available today. Choosing between them can be quite confusing. Here are some tips to help you select the right swim board for you.

Look for a sturdy design. Choose a swim board that is built well and able to withstand heavy usage.

Choose a swim board that suits your budget. Don't go overboard spending money on a high-end swim board. Instead, choose something affordable that meets your needs.


TYR Hydrofoil Swimming Kickboard

  • Hand cutouts provide proper placement
  • Convex Base
  • Offers a very natural body positioning while training

Arena Swim Kickboard Swimming Training Aid Pool Exercise Equipment, Green

  • Super cool kickboard with stylish colors and designs made for ultimate comfort, safety, and style in the pool
  • Ideal swim training and exercise equipment for both competetive swimmers and fitness swimmers
  • Perfect for working on the lower section of the body, the kickboard is designed to improve stability, power and technique of the leg kick by comfortably supporting the arms and keeping the upper body still
  • Dual grip holes with molded handles allow for different hand positioning for a variety of swim training exercises
  • Made with high quality EVA foam material for durability in all pool and water conditions both indoors or outdoors; Contoured edges for safety and comfort (Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 1 inches)
  • Care instructions: Hand Wash

TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack for Wet Swimming, Gym, and Workout Gear, Blue/Yellow

  • LARGE CAPACITY: Great for packing swim training equipment, snorkeling gear, beach items, and the pool, the TYR Big Mesh Mummy backpack features an updated design with 20% more capacity for storing all your swimming gear.
  • QUALITY DESIGN: Lightweight and functional, this athletic backpack features a spacious main compartment for storage, small zip compartment, and mesh venting for faster dry time and optimal drainage.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Over-the-shoulder straps allow for comfortable, convenient carry, while the secure barrel-lock closure at the top provides quick and easy access to your gear.
  • EXTRA COMPARTMENTS: Side zipper pocket for additional organization and quick access to essentials like goggles and swim caps. A built-in mesh water bottle pocket keeps hydration at your fingertips.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Measuring 25.25 x 19 inches, the mesh backpack has a 40-liter capacity, is made from 100% durable polyester, and is available in a variety of fun colors to complement your personal style.

Aqua Large Stingray Glider - Single Pack - Underwater Pool Toy with Adjustable Fins Travel Up to 60 Feet - Navy/Light Blue

  • Self-Propelled Stingray Glider: This Brightly-Colored Pool Toy Glides Through The Water And Can Travel Over 40 Feet
  • Amazing Tricks: Stingray Can Glide, Boomerang, And Spiral Upwards; Bring It Underwater And Let It Go To See Its Tricks
  • Adjust And Soar: Adjust The Wings On The Glider To Create Your Own Flight Patterns
  • Large Size: 8 Inches Length, 10 Inches Wing Width; Comes With 1 Glider

Barracuda Swimming Kickboard Glow Party Desire, Swim Training Aid(PK)

  • Ideal for kicking drills and general training.
  • Lightweight and good buoyancy help swimmers practice proper body position and improve kick technique.
  • Easy-grip handles provide exceptional comfort and prevent you from sliding when swimming and allow different positions when training
  • Made of durable high quality EVA foam
  • Perfect for all ages and swimming levels (Size: 41.5 x 28 x 10 cm)

Barracuda Swimming Kickboard Glow Party Classical, Swim Training Aid(ORG)

  • Ideal for kicking drills and general training
  • Lightweight and good buoyancy help practice proper body position and improve kick technique.
  • Made of durable high density EVA closed cell foam (PVC-free)
  • Special sized signed for adults. Also good for teens. (Size: 44 x 28.5 x 11 cm)
  • Color: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange

Barracuda Swimming Kickboard Glow Party Compact Whale for Children(PK)

  • Ideal for kicking drills and general training
  • Lightweight and good buoyancy help practice proper body position and improve kick technique.
  • Made of durable high density EVA closed cell foam (PVC-free). Eco-friendly!
  • Fun shark and whale patterns! Special sized signed for children to help youth swimmers build confidence in water (Size: 37 x 25 x 9 cm)
  • WHALE Color: Pink, Blue, Orange, Silver

Back Float Safety Swim Trainer Swimming Bubble Belt with Adjustable Split Layers Swim Bubbles Belts Secure Clip Buckle Progressive Swim Floaties for Kids Toddler Children Sport Pool Lesson

  • 🏊‍ EASY LEARNING AND BEGINNER FRIENDLY- The Back Float Can Increase The Child's Body Buoyancy, Provide Good Buoyancy Support, Help Kids Or Beginners Maintain Balance, Allowing Them Learn To Swim Quickly. This Swim Floaties For Kids Help Children Adapt To Swimming, Move Their Arms Freely And Play Alone By The Pool, Making Learning To Swim Easier And Safer.
  • 🏊‍ CONVENIENCE AND ADJUSTABLE- The Swim Bubbles Come With 4 Color Adjustable Split Layers, You Can Add Or Reduce Layers According To Your Needs To Adjust The Swimmer's Buoyancy, And Make Swimming Easier And More Convenient. You Can Change One Foam Layer One By One, Thereby Changing The Number Of Individual Foam Layers.
  • 🏊‍ SAFE AND PRACTICAL- The Swim Belt Is Equipped With A Functional Spring Buckle Design, Making It Easy To Adjust And Fix. Just Press The Black Button By Hand And Squeeze The Safety Clip To Open It. It Will Not Slip Out Or Loose Easily, Keep The Swimmer's Arm In The Correct Position And Free Movement During Swimming To Ensure The Safety
  • 🏊‍ COMFORTABLE AND WATERPROOF- This Pool Floats Is Made Of High Quality And Durable Eva Foam Material And Exquisite Craftsmanship, Which Is Skin-friendly And Comfortable To Wear. The Kids Pool Floats Come With Excellent Waterproof Performance, Non-absorbent, Not Easy To Break, Wear-resistant And Durable.
  • 🏊‍ PORTABLE AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- Swimming Bubble Measures 8.2 × 7 × 3.1 Inches, Which Is Lightweight And Suitable For Children 33-165 Pounds Age 3-10 Years Old To Learn To Swim Or Play In The Pool. If You Are Not Satisfied With Our Kids Floaties For Pool With Bubble Belt, Please Feel Free To Contact Us.

VIAHART Red Adult Swimming Kickboard

  • Practice your strokes with this VIAHART swimming kickboard
  • Made from phthalate and formaldehyde free EVA foam
  • Lightweight yet durable ; Ideal for kicking drills and general training
  • Product measures 17.5 x 13 x 1 in inches ; 44.5 x 33.1 x 2.6 in centimeters ; Product weighs approximately 0.4 pounds or 0.2 kilograms
  • Manufacturer warranty ; 90 day manufacturer warranty for all manufacturer's defects

A3 Performance Training Snorkel | Pool and Open Water, Lap Swimming | Comfortable for Men, Women and Kids

  • A3 PERFORMANCE TRAINING SNORKEL: Our A3 Performance Training Snorkel is the right snorkel for every swimmer. The hydrodynamic, lightweight design results in less drag which makes this snorkel ideal for all types of training. The Training Snorkel can be used for kicking with or without a board, pulling, stroke drills and all types of swim training.
  • WHY TRAINING SNORKEL? A3 performance training snorkel narrow tube allows the preferred volume of air exchange. The air intake is ideal for younger swimmers and gets more challenging as the swimmer advances, increasing the swimmer’s aerobic capacity. The Training Snorkel can be used for both sprint and distance training. It is a great tool for young swimmers developing strokes and for the elite athlete looking for an edge.
  • EASY TO ADJUST BRACKET WITH HEAD PROTECTION PAD: A3 performance training snorkel has a comfortable and protective head bracket provides a stable fit that feel comfortable when you wear it. The position of the bracket and the length of the strap are easily adjusted It is suitable for all ages and levels.
  • SILICONE MOUTHPIECE: The mouthpiece of snorkel is made of silicone material, which is soft and comfortable. It has convex substance on both sides, the texture is soft, it is convenient for the teeth to bite, and it can be closely attached to the mouth and tightly waterproof, removable silicone mouthpiece that makes cleaning your snorkel easy.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: A3 performance training snorkel is made of high-quality materials, very light, no smell, good product quality. The snorkel allows you to focus on swimming postures and strokes better, suitable for a variety of strokes, such as freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, etc.

Core Pull Buoy | Aquatic Fitness Strength Training | EVA Foam Flotation Exercise Aid | Equipment for Competitive Swim Team Training & Swimming Pool Resistance Workout | Swim Buoy for Adults & Children

  • PERFECT POSTITION: Practice body position with a pull buoy to practice an efficient, competitive stroke while also building upper body strength
  • UPPER BODY TRAINING: Hold the buoy between your legs to isolate your arms, shoulders, and back, and take your conditioning to the next level
  • SWIM LONGER: Let your legs rest instead of flutter kicking, so you can train longer for that perfect technique
  • CRAFT YOUR STROKE: With a pull buoy, you can focus on building efficiency and conditioning without dragging your feet
  • BREATH CONTROL: Master your breath discipline and improve flip turns with long course swim practices

Sunlite Sports Swimming Kickboard, Training Aid Float for Swimming and Pool Exercise, Boogie Board Workout Equipment, EVA Material Swim Buoy, Multiple Sizes for Adults and Children

  • [HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL]: Made of premium EVA compressed foam, the Sunlite Sports Swimming Kickboard is built with remarkable durability that is long-lasting. Play wholeheartedly using our kickboard without any worries.
  • [BEGINNER FRIENDLY]: The Sunlite Sports Swimming Kickboard was created with beginners in mind. It provides you a safe and fun way to move around in water and get in shape.
  • [TRAINING AID]: Our kickboard is the perfect swimming training prop for anyone - whether it be children learning how to swim or even if you just want to have fun in the water. Since this kickboard immobilizes your arms, using this will help you focus on your kicking technique - making you a better overall swimmer.
  • [ASSORTED COLOR VARIATIONS]: We offer Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Red and Yellow. Choose the one that suits your personality and taste!
  • [MULTIPLE SIZES]: Choose the size that fits you best! We offer Adult and Junior sizes, perfect for parents and children to swim together.

Sunlite Sports EVA 5-Layer Pull Buoy Leg Float - Pool Training Aid, Legs and Hips Support for Adults, Kids, and Beginners, for Swimming Stroke (Standard Pink/Black)

  • [SWIMMING TRAINING AID] - The Sunlite Sports Pull Buoy is a great swimming aid to train your upper body in the water. It keeps your legs afloat so that you can focus on your arm stroke technique.
  • [DIMENSIONS] - This Pull Buoy is STANDARD SIZED. Its measurements are: 9.5” x 6” x 3”.
  • [HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL] - Made with premium high-density EVA Foam, the Pull Buoy is long lasting and will not fall apart. It is chlorine resistant and will dry quickly between use.
  • [ULTRA BUOYANT] - With a high floatation capacity, the Pull Buoy gives you the maximal upper body workout.
  • [MULTIPLE SIZES]: Choose the size that fits you best! We offer Adult and Junior sizes, perfect for parents and children to swim together.

Auney 3 Pack Pool Floats for Kids Inflatable Swimming Rings Fruit Pool Float Summer Beach Water Float Party Toys River Raft Lounge Swim Tube for Kids

  • 【Perfectly Safe and Comfortable】-- Bright PVC fabric is very comfortable even the inner seams, you’ ll feel more confident and relaxed with these swim tubes. It has been took a number of tests to assess safety before it reached the public.
  • 【Lightweight and Durable】-- These pool floats are made of high-quality materials and durable and storable for your summer pool parties! Strong enough to hold, durable enough to stay inflated throughout the season. New improved printing will not fade!
  • 【Perfect Size for Kids】-- Each inflatable float has an inflated size of 28.7 inches (pool raft size: 40.15 inches) and is suitable for ages 3 and older. They're great pool toys for the pool and beach parties!
  • 【Unique Fruit Pattern Design】-- Using the popular fruit pattern design, these inflatable swimming rings are colorful and ideal for fruit floating beach game party supplies, best birthday gifts, summer gifts. Also, each can be inner tubes for the beach or lake. Add more fun to your summer.
  • 【Summer Fun for Kids and Adults】-- These swim tube for kids include a watermelon pool float, a orange pool float, and a colorful pool raft. Let the kids enjoy the summer fun with these swimming ring and defeat the summer heat.

Frozen II Swimming Kickboard and Swim Goggles Set - Includes Frozen Foam Kids Kickboard and Pool Splash Goggles - Great Training Aid Float for Swimming and Exercise at The Pool or Beach

  • GREAT FOR CHILDREN LEARNING TO SWIM - 17.5" x 9.25" foam kickboard for kids provides flotation assistance while the swim goggles prevents water from obstructing vision. Perfect training float aid for developing early swim skills during swim training as well as building self-confidence in the pool or at the beach!
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED PRODUCTS & PERFECT FOR FANS OF FROZEN - All items are officially licensed and feature your favorite characters from Frozen and Frozen 2! A great addition to any fan's collection of Frozen gifts, toys, clothes, bows, dolls, accessories, and other merchandise featuring Elsa, Anna, and the rest of these beloved characters!

Arena Gifts Swimming Medal Hanger Display - Paintable Wooden Awards Holder Sports Rack for Swim Races - Displays Up to 24 Hanging Medals or Ribbons - Sturdy Wall Mount, Easy to Install

  • WOODEN SWIMMING MEDAL HANGER displays up to 24 hanging medals. Keep your important awards safe and secure, while enjoying your accomplishments. No more misplacing irreplaceable medals in drawers or boxes
  • PAINTABLE MEDAL HANGER. Add your own touch by using your acrylic paints and/or stickers (NOT INCLUDED). Great for teams, family, and friends as a way to celebrate. disPLAY your way
  • CELEBRATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS. Medal holders are perfect for holding athletic ribbons, dance or school awards. Great for hanging jewelry, belts or ties. Display these high-quality medal hangers in any room
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA for swimmers, swim coaches and athletes. A great swim club gift, birthday, holiday, end of season or swim meet awards ceremony gift. Displays mens, womens, boys and girls medals
  • EASY TO INSTALL wall mounted medal holder comes with 4 screws, 4 anchors, 2 spacers and mounting instructions.  Medal holder measures 20.75" x 4.75" x .56". Made of durable wood. Clean with a soft cloth

Seanrui 3 Pcs Learn to Swim Kickboard Pool Swimming Training for Kids Summer Fun, Party Favor, Summer Swim Time, Pool Toys, Classroom Prices

  • SUPER VALUE PACK - Our Colorful Kickboard Features 3 Shapes: Dinosaur Mermaid And Unicorn. Your Kids Can Choose Which Ones They Like To Use!
  • EASY LEARNING AND BEGINNER FRIENDLY - Kickboards Perfect For Kids That Begin Learning To Swim In The Pool Develops Children's Kick Technique And Improves Their Leg Endurance Designed To Keep Upper Body Afloat While Easy Grip For Swimming And Having Support For Arms Help You To Practice And Improve Kicking Strength For Freestyle Breast Stroke And Butterfly Stroke Used To Learn The Right Motions For Beginner
  • SUPER CONVENIENT AND DURABLE - Our Swiming Board Has Impressive Buoyancy Will That Keep You Float As You Move Your Legs. You’ll be Swimming In No Time! This Swim Board is Portable So You Can Take It On Your Trips. Our Swimming Floating Board is also Thick And Feels Solid In Hand, Rigid, Good Support, And Well Constructed.
  • COMFORTABLE AND SAFETY - Kick Boards Feature Buoyancy And Flexibility Perfect Size For Practice And Snorkeling Swimming Kickboard Shape Makes It Glide Through Water Seamlessly Which Allows For Little Friction While Swimming Getting Perfect Protection For A Swimming Beginner Allow To Keep Your Head Above Water. Suitable For Beginner Of The Weight Between 33 Pounds And 165 Pounds.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION-Our Kick Boards Affordable Price Is Your Best Choice Add To Your Cart Now And Get 100% Quality & Lifetime Guarantee If You're Not Satisfied With It For Whatever Reason Contact Us With Full Refund

Kids Swimming Kickboard and Pool Goggles (S21)

  • POOL TIME FUN WITH SPIDERMAN - Each set includes a foam kickboard and swim goggles featuring the Web-head himself as he faces off against some of his fiercest enemies
  • GREAT FOR CHILDREN LEARNING TO SWIM - 17.5" x 9.25" foam kick board provides flotation assistance while the swim goggles prevents water from obstructing vision. Perfect for developing early swim skills during swim training as well as building self-confidence in the pool or water!
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED PRODUCTS - Both items are officially licensed and feature everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood webslinger!

Aqua Sphere Swimming Kickboard Jr, Fun Green + Light Blue - Technique for Beginners, Kids Training Aid for Pool Exercising - Michael Phelps Swim Method, OSFM, ST1363141

  • Offers a comfortable grip from cut outs for various hand positions to encourage proper streamline technique
  • Curved design allows swimmer to put their face in the water while kicking
  • Made of 100% EVA foam, this kickboard for toddlers just learning to swim is built to last and always keep your child afloat
  • Recommended age range for best results and the most amount of fun is 2-6 Years and weight between 33-66 lbs
  • The Michael Phelps Swim Method was developed to offer purposeful equipment for the earliest stages of swim instruction so that children can safely learn to splash, float, swim, and train

Peppa Pig Peppas Adventures Peppas Swimming Pool Playset Preschool Toy, Includes 1 Figure and 4 Accessories, Ages 3 and Up

  • PEPPA PIG PEPPA’S SWIMMING POOL PLAYSET TOY is inspired by the pool from the acclaimed animated series. Kids can pretend Peppa’s going for a swim, or getting a sweet treat at the snack stand
  • INCLUDES PEPPA PIG FIGURE AND 4 ACCESSORIES: This Peppa Pig playset comes with a Peppa Pig figure dressed in a swimming costume, plus a pool tube, dish of ice cream, food tray, and diving board
  • INSPIRED BY THE PEPPA PIG SHOW: Preschoolers and Peppa fans ages 3 and up can act out favorite scenes from the show or make a splash of their own by dreaming up all new adventures
  • SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: Ships in simple, recyclable packaging that’s easy to open and frustration free
  • AN OINKTASTIC GIFT for preschoolers, Peppa Pig fans, and kids ages 3 and up. Look for more Hasbro Peppa Pig toys, including Peppa’s Petting Farm playset (Sold separately. Subject to availability.)

Swimming Kickboard

  • 1. Swimming Kickboard: Kickboard is an indispensable tool in learning to swim. In professional training, floating boards are used as an important auxiliary tool to separate hand movements and leg movements.
  • 2. EVA Material: Light weight, healthy and durable. Does not contain foaming agents and additives, safe and non-irritating. Full of toughness, good resilience, not easy to break, safer to use.
  • 3. Adjustable Belt: The back belt of the back floating board is adjustable to meet different needs from bodies in different sizes. Put the kickboards on your back and buckle the belt to prevent the kickboards from getting falling off. You could remove the pads one by one according to your swimming skills.
  • 4. Large Buoyancy & Waterproof & Quick-drying: This EVA material is waterproof and has greater buoyancy without water absorption. No water absorption and dry faster, more convenient to carry.
  • 5. High Temperature Compression: Compact and not easy to deform. It uses dozens of layers of materials and is made by high-temperature calcination and strong pressing. It is compact and thick, and its density is greater than that of ordinary floating boards, which makes it longer service life.

Agicogeo Swimming Kickboards, Swimming Training Equipment for Adults, Swim Pool Aid Float Kickboard for Kids and Beginner -EVA Foam (Pink)

  • Agicogeo kickboards are ideal for kicking drills or advanced swimming training. kickboards swimming adult and beginners can play wholeheartedly to get an excellent swimming experience.
  • Well-designed swimming kickboard. The surface of the kick board adopts a water drop texture, which is beautiful and non-slip, easy to grasp. The reverse side adopts a wave texture to reduce the resistance of flowing water.
  • High-density EVA foam, reinforced thickness of 1.2 inches (3CM). This high-buoyancy swim kickboard is a very suitable for adults to practice swimming. Made of premium foam, lightweight and durable, It can also be comfortably mastered by kids, this will be the best choice for parent-child education. Training Equipment Dimensions: 17'' x 11'' .
  • Dual grip holes provide flexible usage. Push off the stopper at the top, and you will have a variety of gripping methods. The swim kickboards are very suitable for different stages of exercise. You can put your hands in different positions to practice balance and leg kicks, and your swimming skills will be more perfect.
  • Recommended for ages 5+. Using a pool kickboard can be your first step in learning to swim, and it is also a very interesting water swimming toy. This kickboard will be a good choice for you to swim and play in the water.

Wemaker Swimming Back Float, Safety Swim Bubble with Adjustable 4 Layers Swim Belts Comfortable Waterproof Floaties Device for Kids Toddler Swimming Floats - 4 Color Split Float

  • EASY LEARNING AND BEGINNER-FRIENDLY ¡§C Back Float Offer Good Floating Support Easily Increase Body Buoyancy Put It On The Back And Help Beginners Keep Balance To Learn Swimming Quickly Perfect For Swimming Beginner And Become More Confident In The Water Helping Children Adjust To Swimming On Their Own Freely Move The Arms And Get Around The Pool On Her Own Learn To Swim Easier
  • COMFORTABLE AND SAFETY ¡§C Back Float Feature Snap Buckle Which Is Very Easy To Adjust Better Slip And Fasten Unfasten Plastic Clip Buckle Keep The Strap Stay Tight Make Sure Back Float Security Won't Easy Slipping Out Moves Around Or Get Loose Issue Adjustable Nylon Strap Conveniently To Buckles On The Back And Free The Arms For Proper Position And Motion Move Freely Rather Than Cumbersome Arm Floaties Require Adult Companion Is Recommend For Your Chlid Safety
  • CONVENIENCE AND ADJUSTABLE LAYERS ¡§C Swim Bubble With 4 Adjustable Split Layers To Adjust Buoyancy By Adding Or Removing Layers. Start With 4 Layers You Can Remove The Individual Foam Layers Four Flotation Discs That Can Be Removed One By One To Change The Number Of Pads And Adjust The Buoyancy To Help Build Strength Lengthening The Strap Helps Build Endurance. And Take Them Away When Becomes More Confidence In The Water
  • SMOOTH AND WATERPROOF - Back Float Swim Belts Made Of Soft Durable Waterproof Eva Foam Will Not Chip Or Absorb Water Adorable Colors And Smooth Feeling To Touch Avoid Skin Chafing Also A Lot Less Cumbersome Than Life Jackets Vests Portable Size Fit Perfectly In A Suitcase Too
  • MULTIPLE CHOICES AND LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Back Float Offer 3 Kind Of Size Convenient Suitable For Any Age People. Product Size: 8.5*7*7.08 Inches.Affordable Price Is Your Best Choice Add To Your Cart Now And Get 100% Quality & Lifetime Guarantee If You're Not Satisfied With It For Whatever Reason, Contact Us With Full Refund
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