MIRA Spout Lid for MIRA Sierra Wide Mouth Water Bottles | Compatible with Multiple Sizes of MIRA Sierra Bottles: 18 oz, 20 oz, 22 oz, 32 oz & 40 oz (Black)

  • NOTE: Lid Fits only MIRA Sierra Wide Mouth Bottles. Please do not use with any other water bottle.
  • Compatible with Multiple Sizes of MIRA Sierra Bottle with 2.2 inches wide mouth opening: 18 oz, 20 oz, 22 oz, 32 oz & 40 oz. NOTE: Does not fit other MIRA bottles (Alpine, Ridge, Cascade)
  • Quick Release Cap: Twist off the cap with slightly more than 1/2 turn. Perfect to use in the gym, workplace or at school.
  • Large Spout: The spout is perfect for cold liquids as it provides good flow. The spout lid stays open so as to not hit your nose while drinking.
  • We have great confidence in the quality of our products. 100% satisfaction guarantee, try it risk free, we know you'll love it.

How To Choose The Best Tal Water Bottle Lid

What Is The Purpose Of A Tal Water Bottle Lid?

Tal water bottles are designed with a unique lid which prevents spills while allowing easy access to the contents. The lid has been engineered so that it stays securely attached to the bottle during transport, yet remains open when needed. The design makes it easier to drink from the bottle because there is no risk of spilling or losing the cap.

How Does The Tal Water Bottle Lid Help Me Drink From My Water Bottles More Efficiently?

The lid is designed to be more convenient than traditional lids. With most other bottled water containers, drinking from the container is difficult due to the fact that the lid must be removed before the user can take a sip. In addition, many users prefer to remove the lid to avoid contaminating the remaining liquid inside the bottle. However, removing the lid could result in spillage. If the lid does not stay secure, the user risks dropping the entire bottle.

Is There Any Risk Involved With Using The Tal Water Bottle Lid?

No, using the Tal water bottle lid is safe. The lid is constructed of high-quality materials and meets FDA standards. It is BPA free and contains no harmful chemicals. The lid is dishwasher safe and comes apart easily for quick cleanup.

Does The Tal Water Bottle Lid Have To Be Removed Before Drinking?

Yes, the Tal water bottle lid needs to remain secured throughout transportation and storage. Once opened, however, the lid can be left on the bottle indefinitely.

Are There Other Benefits To Using The Tal Water Bottle Lid?

Using the Tal water bottle lid offers several benefits. First, it is reusable. Unlike disposable plastic caps, the Tal water bottle lid can be reused multiple times. Second, the lid is environmentally friendly. It is recyclable and biodegradable. Third, the lid is durable. It resists cracking and breaking. Fourth, the lid is leak resistant. It seals tightly around the neck of the bottle and does not allow leaks to occur. Finally, the lid is comfortable. It fits comfortably in the hand and feels good against the skin.

Can I Use Another Type Of Water Bottle Lid Instead Of The Tal Water Bottle Lid?

While the Tal water bottle lid works well, it is not the only option available. Many different types of water bottle lids exist. Some are made of silicone, others are made of metal, and still others are made of plastic. Each type of lid has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, silicone lids are soft and flexible, making them ideal for transporting liquids. Metal lids are strong and sturdy, providing excellent support for heavy loads. Plastic lids are lightweight and inexpensive, but they lack durability.

Where Can I Purchase Replacement Tal Water Bottle Lids?

Replacement Tal water bottle lids are readily available online. Most companies sell both standard and custom sized lids. Custom sizing ensures that the lid perfectly matches the size of the bottle.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Tal Water Bottle Lid

Water bottles are essential tools for anyone who works outside. Whether you're hiking, biking, running, working out, or simply going about your day-to-day routine, there's no denying the fact that drinking enough water throughout the day is important. However, many bottled water products aren't designed with durability in mind. In addition, most plastic lids are prone to cracking and breaking down over time. If you've ever purchased a water bottle only to discover that its lid has cracked or broken, then you know exactly why investing in a high-quality lid is so important.


Plastic water bottles are inexpensive, easy to purchase, and convenient. But, these same qualities mean that they lack longevity and durability. Plastic water bottles are susceptible to cracks, chips, and other forms of breakage. As a result, you might be forced to throw away a perfectly good product before it reaches its full potential. Investing in a durable water bottle lid ensures that you'll never have to worry about replacing your lid again.


Most plastic lids are manufactured using low-grade plastics and materials. While they may last longer than standard plastic water bottles, they still eventually crack, chip, or break down. Even worse, many of these types of lids are difficult to remove once they've been installed. For example, if you're trying to drink from a water bottle while wearing gloves, removing the lid could prove challenging. Not only does this cause frustration, but it can lead to spills and messes. Investing in a high-quality lid ensures that you'll always be able to enjoy your favorite beverage without worrying about spillages or leaks.


While plastic water bottles are affordable, they're certainly not worth the money. Many of these products are cheaply produced and contain inferior components. Unfortunately, these factors translate into poor performance and short lifespans. High-quality lids are built with superior materials and manufacturing techniques. As a result, they provide more value for your dollar.


High-quality lids are versatile. Most models allow users to customize their containers by adding labels, stickers, or custom designs. Some models even include integrated straws, filters, or spouts. With these features, you can ensure that you always have access to the perfect amount of liquid whenever you need it.


Many plastic lids require you to unscrew the cap prior to consuming your beverage. This process isn't ideal because it takes additional steps and causes unnecessary stress on your hands. Instead, invest in a model that includes a flip top design. These caps open quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to consume your beverage without taking your eyes off the road.

Features To Look For When Buying A Tal Water Bottle Lid

There are many features to look for when choosing a water bottle lid. The most important thing to look for is whether or not the lid has a filter inside. Filters remove impurities from tap water so that it does not cause problems with bacteria growth. If you're going to be drinking bottled water regularly, then it makes sense to invest in a good quality lid. There are several different types of filters available, including carbon blocks, activated charcoal, and ion exchange resin. Each type works differently, so read reviews online before making a purchase.


The size of the lid is another factor to take into consideration. Some lids are smaller than others, which means that you might have trouble fitting it onto the top of your water bottle. Make sure that the lid fits snugly around the circumference of the bottle. Also, check to see if there is room between the bottom edge of the lid and the base of the bottle. If there isn't enough room, then you could end up spilling water down the side of the bottle. Another option is to choose a larger lid. However, if you plan on using the bottle frequently, then you probably wouldn't want to carry around a large container.


Another thing to think about is the material that the lid is made of. Plastic bottles are generally cheaper than glass ones, but plastic lids aren't always durable. Glass lids are more expensive, but they last longer because they are harder to break. In addition, glass lids are easier to clean since dirt doesn't stick to them as well as plastic ones.


Finally, color is something else to consider. Many people prefer white lids because they blend in with other objects in the kitchen. Others enjoy colorful designs. Choose whatever design appeals to you.

Different Types of Water Bottle Lids

Water bottles are great tools for staying hydrated while working out or traveling. However, there are different types of lids available for these containers. Some are designed specifically for sports activities, others are more universal, and still others are meant to be reused multiple times. Here we’ll take a look at each type of lid and explain why you might choose one over another.

Sports-Specific Bottles

These types of lids are typically made with materials that are durable enough to withstand repeated contact with sweaty hands during exercise. The most common material used by manufacturers today is silicone because it has excellent grip properties and doesn’t absorb moisture. Silicone is also very flexible so it conforms well to irregular container shapes.

Universal Lid

Some companies produce a variety of different styles of lids for their bottles. For example, Nalgene makes both sport-specific and universal style lids. Their universal style lids are made from high quality plastic and can be used with any size bottle. Universal style lids are generally thinner than sport specific models and are intended to be reusable many times before being discarded. Many users prefer using these lids because they fit snugly around the mouth of the bottle and provide good insulation against heat loss.

Reusable Lid

The last category of lids includes those that are reusable. Reusable lids are ideal for anyone who wants to minimize the amount of trash produced by their drinking habits. These lids are made from either aluminum or stainless steel and are designed to be washed and reused several times before discarding. Because they are reusable, they must be cleaned thoroughly prior to reuse. If you plan to wash your reusable lids frequently, you should invest in a washing machine attachment for your sink.

Which Type Is Best For Me?

There isn’t really a right answer here. Each person has unique needs and preferences. In general though, if you’re planning to drink lots of fluids throughout the day, you probably want to go with a sports-specific model. Otherwise, you could opt for a universal style lid. As long as you know which kind of lid works best for you, you shouldn’t have trouble finding something suitable.

How To Choose A Water Bottle

Once you decide which type of lid you want, it’s important to select the correct size. There are two main factors to consider when choosing a lid. First, you need to determine whether you intend to carry the bottle in hand or attach it to your belt or backpack. Second, you need to figure out how big of a hole you want to leave in the cap. Most caps allow between 1/4 inch and 3 inches of clearance above the top of the bottle. Smaller holes mean that you’ll lose less liquid when you pour and larger openings mean that you’ll spill less. Finally, you need to think about where you plan to store the bottle.


The Mass Wide Mouth Straw Lid Compatibility Most Sports Water Bottle (Black)

  • Fit Most Wide Mouth Insulated Bottles Sizes 16 oz, 18 oz, 20 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz, and 64 oz., from brands such as Hydro Flask and Takeya and simple modern
  • This item is NOT compatible with the Hydro Flask Growler products.
  • It comes with two separate straws that can be cut to fit your Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks and has a convenient finger loop so you can clip your bottle while on the go.
  • EASY TO USE: Flip the top, drink right away. Enjoy your favorite icy-cold beverage in seconds, never bother unscrewing the lid again and again. One-handed flipping design, especially handy for drinking beverage while driving or jogging, will never put your safety in jeopardy.
  • 1 YEARS Guarantee

Spout Lid for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Sport Water Bottles, Replacement Lid Accessories for Hydro Flask Chug lid with Big Handle Easy to Carry, Fits Most Wide Mouth Bottles

  • ✔Safe Material: 100% BPA-FREE
  • ✔Smart Design: Exterior anti-skid rubber ring, Big handle easy carry, The lid is leak-proof, with silicone gasket on both twisted opening, Easier to drink or pour water durable PP material, Not easy to crack
  • ✔Full Compatibility: Perfectly fit for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water bottles (12 oz, 16 oz, 18 oz, 20 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz ). Fit Bottles with outer diameter of about 2.28 "(Mouth inner diameter less than 2.28") Compatible with wide mouth bottles like Iron Flask,HYDRO CELL,Thermoflask,Nalgene,Simple Modern,Takeya,Contigo,etc
  • ✔Easy to Drink: Spout lid allows maximum water flow and easy one-handed drinking. Better sealing effect with screw cap for spout. Twist the cap which allows you to drink without removing the lid and seal beverage with confidence
  • ✔Enjoy Better Service: If you have any question about the products, please don’t hesitate to contact us, We will try our best to give you a satisfactory solution.

SENDESTAR Spout Lid for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottles Fits 18 oz 20 oz 32 oz 40 oz,2.28 Inch Diameter Compatible with Wide Mouth Hydroflask,SLM,Takeya,Iron Flask,MIRA,Fifty/Fifty ONLY

  • NOT for TAL 40oz or 64oz Hydrapeak 𝐛𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐬 Replacement Twisted Lid for all Hydro Flask wide mouth water bottle. Perfectly fit most branded wide mouth stainless steel insulated bottle with mouth size of 2.2" diameter, such as Hydro flask, Takeya, Klean Kanteen, Simply Modern SUMMIT, Fifty/Fifty wide mouth water bottle( Other brands are not guaranteed ). Please measure the diameter of your bottle mouth before purchase.
  • EASY TO DRINK & CARRY - Spout chug lid allows maximum water flow and easy one-handed drinking. Better sealing effect with screw / twist cap, LEAK PROOF. Twist the cap which allows you to drink without removing the lid and seal beverage with confidence. Convenient for portability with BIG LOOP HANDLE design.
  • BPA FREE & TOXIN FREE - Sport cap / water bottle lid for replacement and hydrating on the go, which enables easy drink in a more safe and hygiene way. No ador not affect your taste.
  • HAND WASH RECOMMENDED if washing with dishwashwer, please place it on the top shelf to avoid potential damage from high temperature.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Quality guaranteed. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the SENDESTAR Spout Lid, we will issue you a full refund or an exchange! Enjoy high-quality product and customer service. 100% customer satisfaction.

ZiegLad Straw Lids for Wide Mouth(2.28 in) Hydro Flask 12 16 18 20 32 40 64 Ounce, Flex Straw Lid Fits Hydroflask, Wide Mouth Water Bottle Accessories with Straw and Brush

  • 【Compatility】Compatible with Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 12 16 18 20 32 40 64 oz bottles (2.28" mouth diameter) and most other branded wide mouth sports water bottle.(NOTE: The straws must be cut to fit your other capacity Water Bottles. 64OZ need to be cut off 1 inch, 40OZ need to be cut off 0.6 inches, 32OZ need to be cut off 1.5 inches, 18OZ need to be cut off 2.5 inches)
  • 【Excellent Design】Designed with stainless steel pivots and a flexible strap allow to easy carrying. Food-grade, BPA-free silicone nozzles provide you with a better sucking experience.
  • 【Safe Material】Made of high quality BPA-Free material, never affect the taste of your beverage.
  • 【Multi-occasions Use】 Good Choice for Athletes, Outdoors, Hikers, Campers, Hunters, Cycling, Soccer, Jogging, Running, Football and any other outdoor activity.
  • Important Reminders: Not for TAL, YETI, RTIC; Not for 64 oz growler hydro flask.; Not for Standard Mouth; Not for Hydrapeak Round Bottom; Not for Contigo, Zak. If you have any problems during your using, please feel free to email us. We promise you will get a satisfied answer.

Vmini Spout Lid, Compatible with Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Sports Water Bottle, 5 Rubber Rings, Big Handle, Easy to Carry, Compatible with Most Wide Mouth Bottle - Black - 2 Pack

  • 【MULTI COMPATIBLE】Spout lid compatible with Hydro Flask wide-mouth sport water bottle(12oz/18oz/20oz/32oz/40oz/64oz), Simple Modern Summit wide-mouth Bottle(10oz/14oz/18oz/22oz/32oz/40oz/64oz/84oz), Takeya Actives and Takeya Originals wide-mouth bottle(18oz/24oz/32oz/40oz/64oz) and other brands wide-mouth bottle.
  • 【EASY TO DRINK】 Convenient twist cap and sip spout design. No straw needed, you can drink without taking down the lid.
  • 【HUMANIZATION DESIGN】 ✔ COLOURED SILICONE RINGS→make your bottle more cool and different. ✔BIGGER HANDLE→3-finger-carrying. No finger pain or knuckles grinding. ✔ SIP SPOUT→easier to drink or pour water. ✔TWIST CAP→Leak-proof and spill-proof.
  • 【PRACTIAL ACCESSORY】5 colorful replaceable silicone rings, you can change the silicone rings on the lids base on your personal preference. Buy one lids, get 5 different color styles.
  • 【BETTER CHOICE】 Find the suitable water bottle to fit the Spout Lid is a better choice.

Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle Lid - Flip Lid with Handle, Insulated Straw Lid, and Insulated Chug Lid - Fits Hydro Flask Wide Mouth - -Midnight Black Pack of 3

  • Three Great Lids: This bundle includes the Summit Flip Lid with Handle, the Summit Insulated Straw Lid, and the Summit Insulated Chug Lid
  • Maximum Versatility: These lids fit all sizes of Simple Modern Summit and Hydro Flask wide mouth water bottles
  • Premium Insulation: The Straw Lid and Chug Lid are both insulated, keeping your favorite beverage colder for longer
  • Dishwasher Safe: These lids are BPA free and dishwasher safe in the top rack
  • Why Simple Modern: Our core principles of Generosity and Excellence have inspired us to sell high quality products, act as great partners with everyone we interact with, and give away a minimum of 10% of our profits

Straw Lid for Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle, Sports Cap Replacement Top Accessories with Straws with Fixed Handle for Hydroflask,,

  • ★ DURABLE STRAW LID FOR STANDARD MOUTH - Straw lid with straws is a great choice of replacement lid for hydroflask standard mouth. Durable handle, easy to carry, no worry about dropping your hydroflask with straw lid standard mouth.
  • ★ STRAW LID EASY TO USE: Super easy to open, while latching closed securely. Allows one-handed drinking, easily flip straw top and sip water from straw lid, perfect for indoor and outdoor sports, camping, hiking, etc. Wider finger loop is comfortable to carry your flasks anywhere. Popular water bottle lid accessories to meet daily hydration on the go.
  • ★ COMPATIBLE WITH HYDRO FLASK STANDARD MOUTH - Straw lid fits Hydroflask standard mouth 18 21 24 oz (mouth diameter 1.91"). This standard mouth straw lid also fits Simple Modern Ascent, the Coldest Water Standard Mouth, Klean Kanteen Classic Bottle. REMIND: Not for WIDE MOUTH hydroflask 12 or 18 oz, ONLY for hydroflask STANDARD MOUTH / SMALL MOUTH
  • ★ GOOD VALUE - Comes with 2 Straws and 1 straw cleaner. Standard mouth straw lid is made of high quality BPA free material, durable straw cap will last for years. Safe and easy to use for both adult and kids. Select this popular style sport cap as replacement lid for hydroflask standard mouth is a great choice.
  • ★ PREMIUM QUALITY - Proving high quality water bottle lid accessories and customer satisfaction is our commitment. Please contact seller directly for assistance if any query about the standard straw lid.

NuRich Hydro Wide Mouth Spout Twist Chug Replacement Lid or Cap Accessories Compatible with Hydroflask, Nalgene, Klean Kanteen, and Many More Top Water Bottle Brands Sizes 12 16 18 20 32 40 64 Ounce

  • 🐬 Compatible🐬 Currently compatible with Hydro Flask, Klean Kanteen, Nalgene, and Simple Modern Wide Mouth Water Bottles. *Not compatible with Tal, Fnova, or FlaskCap*
  • 🐬 Durable 🐬 These portable replacement lids are made with premium material rubber coating strong enough withstand the toughest outdoor climates and even prevents bite marks.
  • 🐬 Leak Proof 🐬 Our rubber gasket stopper inside all of our lids, caps, and cups are designed to guard against and prevent leaks.
  • 🐬 Dishwasher Safe 🐬 Feel safe knowing every splash of refreshing liquid coming through your bottle, cup, mug, or iron flask is able to be washed on the top rack of a dishwasher.
  • 🐬 Quality Guarantee 🐬 All of our products are BPA Free & Toxin Free. Our products are backed by a 100% 90-day Money Back Guarantee. Don't like it? Just send it back for a full refund.

SDAMOH Straw Lid for Hydro Flask 12 - 64oz Wide Mouth Sports Water Bottle,Wide Mouth Straw Lid Fit Most Sports Water Bottle with Straws and Brush (A-Rose Red-Silicone Nozzle)

  • 【MULTI-COMPATIBLE】:Perfect fit for ALL Hydro Flask wide mouth Water Bottles and most branded wide mouth sport water bottle 16 oz, 18 oz, 20 oz, 32oz, 40oz and 64 oz such as Hydro Flask,Klean Kanteen,Takeya,Water Vault, Simply Modern,Simply Simily. Makes your Hydro Flasks the Best Water Bottles.
  • 【BPA FREE & TOXIN FREE】: Straw lid is made of high quality BPA-FREE materials, never affect the taste of your beverage, Flip top with straw is easy to use by one hand, Silicone Nozzle is better to protect teeth, Perfect replacement lid for hydrating on the go.
  • 【LEAK PROOF & EASY TO CARRY】: Designed with stainless steel pivots and a flexible, twistable strap, this cap moves when you do
  • 【Come With 2 Separate Straws & 1 Cleaning Brush】: Best value of sports water bottle accessories. Straws can be trimmed to fit your bottle perfectly, cleaning brush to keep your straws clean & hygiene and One more silicone gasket for longer use, Bottle is not included.
  • 【Lifetime Warranty】:1 Year quality guaranteed. Enjoy high-quality product and 100% customer satisfaction.

IRON FLASK Flex Straw Lid for Wide Mouth Hydro Insulated Sports Modern Water Bottles, Simple BPA Free, 2 Lids, 4 Straws, 2 Cleaning Brushes

  • IRON FLASK STRAW LID PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2 LIDS, 4 STRAWS, AND 2 CLEANING BRUSHES! *Instructions for straw trimming for your fit is in the package*
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The Iron Flask straw lid is easy to carry and drink from. It can also be used as a straw lid or a sports lid (without attaching a straw). Not for Hot Liquids as pressure may build within the bottle causing leakage. US PATENTED.
  • TOP NOTCH QUALITY: The Straw Lid and Straws are made of the highest quality material and are BPA free.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We guarantee that the high quality Iron Flask Straw Lid will surely please you! If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the Iron Flask Straw Lid, we will issue you a full refund or an exchange!

Ehoyal Straw Lid for Hydro Flask: Seal Leakproof Come with Cleaning Brush Comfortable Handle Loop Flip Spout Type Cap Fits HydroFlask Wide Mouth Sports Water Bottles 12 16 18 20 32 40 64 oz-Black

  • Upgrade Straw & Small Spout 2 In 1: The small screw cap makes it easier to control the amount of water when you drink water. You can also enable the straw function while driving to achieve one-handed drinking water. You can share your favorite beverage with your family or friends through another unused spout. This upgrade straw lid is designed with like shell stripes, which can be easily unscrewed
  • Easy to Carry & Leak-Proof: Easy to carry your water bottle everywhere with a durable handle. You can put your favorite water bottle in your backpack or suitcase, no more accidental drips. This wide mouth lid is a great gift for all your friends and family
  • Only Compatible with HydroFlask Wide Mouth Bottle: Replacement lid for Hydro Flask 12oz, 16oz, 18oz, 20oz, 32oz, 40oz, 64 oz. This replacement straw lid can Not compatible with hydroflask narrow mouth water bottles and 64oz Beer-Growler or other brand bottles and comes with 2 Pcs straws that you may have to cut to the size fit your bottles, which is easy. Please pay attention to this before buying it
  • Made of Food Grade Materials: The lid will not affect the performance of your water bottle, it can also keep your beverages cold or hot. You will get 1 Pcs free straw brush, You can easily use these straw brush to clean the straws. It is recommended to clean with a brush before using the straw
  • 100% Satisfaction Service: We are trying our best to provide more high-grade products and services to our customers. If our lids have any defect, please let us know, we will give you the best solution within 24 Hrs

SENDESTAR Straw Lid or Spout Lid for Wide Mouth Water Bottle (Dust-Proof Straw lid)

  • The lid also fits the 12 oz 16 oz 18 oz 32 oz 40 oz and 64 oz Hydro Flask wide mouth Water Bottles
  • Made with food grade BPA free plastic which means very safe, lid and straw can be clean in dishwasher top rack only. The end of the straw has a rubbery coating (soft plastic) Protect your teeth from bruising
  • Leak proof and easy to carry, perfect for any outdoor activity. The para cord band is tested to a breaking point/tensile strength of 550 lbs or 250 kgs. Comfortable to carry full bottle of liquid
  • It comes with two separate straws that can be cut to fit your wide mouth Water Bottles
  • Bottles not included, you will get straw lid, 2 straws,1 straw brush warranty and friendly customer service

64oz Sports Water Bottle, Aikico Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw Lid, Double Vacuum Insulated Thermos Mug, Reusable Wide Mouth Flask Thermos for Hot and Cold Drinks(Orcas)

  • 🌷18/8 PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL: The water bottle is made of 18/8 Stainless steel that is 100% BPA free and non-toxic. The inner wall is stretched and electro-polished without any gaps.So it will never rust or leave a bad metal taste in your mouth.
  • 🌷VACUUM INSULATED TECHNOLOGY: Double-walled Vacuum Insulated stainless steel body and purely stretch-formed copper lining ensure that it is incredibly good at temperature protection.It can keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and keep hot for at least 12 hours.
  • 🌷SUPERIOR POWDER COATED:Durable coating will not be dispelled, faded, and it will be difficult to scratch. The outer characteristic of the product provides additional grip to the mug, which makes it very convenient to take along with you for any outdoor activity.
  • 🌷2 LEAK-PROOF LID AVAILABLE - We provid two different lid covers, like a straw lid with a twist-on flip cap suitable for sipping hot coffee or a straw lid for rehydrating during a run. Featuring flexible strap, easy to grasp and save your backpack's space than lids with hard fixed-handle or strap.
  • 🌷100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We guarantee that the high quality sports water bottle will surely please you! If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our water bottle, we are willing to help you in every possible way.

Straw Lid for Hydroflask Wide Mouth Replacement, Lids for Hydro Flask Lid with Straw 32 40 64oz and Most Water Bottles with Straw,2 Leakproof Lids,2 Silent Silicone Straws,2 Original Straws,2 Brushes

  • Perfect fit for hydroflask straw lid 32 oz, 40 oz, 64 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 18 oz, 20 oz, and most water bottle top. Suitable for bottles with inner-mouth diameter of 2.28 inches. NOT compatible with Hydro Flask Growler, TAL, and Hydrapeak product
  • Water Bottle Accessories Set: Contains with 2 Different Leakproof Lids, 2 Silent Silicone Straws, 2 Original Straws, 2 Cleaning Brush. Compatible with Hydro Flask, Iron Flask,Takeya,MIRA,FIFTY,Simple Modern brands, etc.
  • Food Grade Silicone: Hydroflask wide mouth lid is composed of silicone valves and silicone straw. The straw is tightly connected to the hydroflask lid. You needn't worry about the straw making an unpleasant sound.
  • More Fit Sealing Ring (99.9% Leakproof): One-handed flip the top, enjoy your favorite cold drink away. You can hook the hydroflask top by hand, or place it in a backpack or anywhere for jogging or outdoor travel. No need to worry about water leakage.
  • Safe & Durable: Made of high-quality material, All material is BPA-free, does not affect the taste of your beverage. Enjoy high-quality products and services, any unsatisfied purchase, full refund or replacement is available.

W&R Spout Lid for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Sport Water Bottles, Perfect Chug Lid for Hydroflask 18 oz 32 oz 40 oz Wide Mouth Bottle Lid Replacement Cap

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Quality guaranteed. Enjoy high-quality product and customer service. 100% customer satisfaction.
  • BPA FREE & TOXIN FREE - Replacement spout lid cap for hydroflask wide mouth18 oz 32 oz 40 oz, meet daily hydrating on the go, which enables easy drink in a more safe and hygiene way. No ador not affect your taste.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Chug lid made of Premium and Durable BPA Free material which withstands Bite Marks. Safe to be used with hot and cold beverages. Screw the cap tightly and leak-proof, spill-proof.
  • MULTI-COMPATIBLE WITH HYDROFLASK WIDE MOUTH - Fits sports water bottle such as WIDE MOUTH Hydro Flask 18 oz 32 oz, 40 oz and theretically fits brands Mira, Takeya, Simply Modern SUMMIT, Fifty/Fifty (FOR WIDE MOUTH TYPES ONLY). One of the most popular lid top hydroflask lid accessories. NOT for every brand wide mouth water bottle.
  • EASY TO DRINK CARRY Spout lid allows maximum water flow and easy one-handed drinking. Better sealing effect with screw / twist cap, LEAK PROOF. Twist the cap which allows you to drink without removing the lid and seal beverage with confidence. Convenient for portability with BIG LOOP HANDLE.

The Mass Straw Lid, Insulated Cap, Flip Cap for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth and Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle (Black)

  • Perfect fit 12 - 64oz Wide Mouth Hydro Flask water bottle; also fit other water bottles with 2.26'' outer-screw mouth.
  • Straw Lid, Flip Lid and Flex Cap - 3 different lids with different functions to keep liquid Hot and Cold for hours.
  • Switch lid at any time - Flip Lid is perfect for the beach, camping; Flex Cap fit for office and hiking; Straw lid is suitable for cycling and road trip.
  • The lids are made of premium Bpa-free materials, not affect the taste of your drink. Awesome choice for your daily use and outdoor activity.
  • All the lids are easy to clean, dishwasher available. 1 Year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Spout Lid for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth, Lid for Hydroflask Wide Mouth 32 40 oz, Chug Lid Hydroflask Wide Mouth Water Bottle Lid for Replacement (black silicone band)

  • [COMPATIBLE WITH HYDRO FLASK WIDE MOUTH] Lid for Hydro Flask wide mouth water bottle. Top spout lid perfectly fits Hydro Flask 32 oz 40 oz WIDE MOUTH water bottle. NOTE: NOT use for TAL/Hydrapeak/Yeti Rambler/Manna/Ozark Trail. Not for growler or tumbler. Not for any standard mouth or narrow mouth. Not for any flask. This lid only for specific water bottle brand and size.
  • [EASY TO DRINK & CARRY] Spout lid enables maximum water flow and easy one-handed drinking. Lid for hydroflask 32 oz 40 oz wide mouth water bottle, lid is LEAK PROOF, better sealing than straw lid, no worry about leakage any more. Chug lid is easy to twist off to drink, no need to remove the whole lid, seal beverage with confidence. Upgraded design with big loop handle, comfortable to carry your hydroflask anywhere.
  • [PREMIUM MATERIAL] Spout lid wide mouth made of BPA Free material, durable material withstands Bite Marks. Safe with hot and cold beverages.
  • [LEAKPROOF] Better sealing, no worry about leakage. Lid with no straw, durable replacement lid for hydroflask, perfect lid for hydrating on the go, which enables easy drink in a more safe and hygiene way. No ador not affect your taste. REMINDER: The spout lid ONLY for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth (2.28 inches Mouth Diameter).
  • [HIGH QUALITY] Always select high quality spout lid for hydroflask wide mouth lid and enjoy easy and safe hydration. Promise 100% customer satisfaction. Contact seller directly and get a prompt reply within 24 hours.

CHEETAH Replacement Straw Lid for Hydroflask Wide Mouth 12 16 18 20 32 40 64 oz,with Straws,Brush,Compatible with Other Wide Mouth Water Bottles (Black)

  • ★ BEST VALUE - Comes with 2 separate straws and 1 straw cleaner.Straw lid can be used on hydroflask wide mouth bottles. Straws fit 40 oz perfectly, Trim straws a bit to fit your other size hydroflask wide mouth water bottles.
  • ★ DURABLE REPLACEMENT KITS - Made with premium material, It makes the straw lid a durable replacement lid for hydroflask wide mouth water bottle 18 32 40 64 oz and hydroflask wide mouth travel coffee flask 12 16 20 oz and other similar size brands. A durable rubber coating to withstand bite marks. Great choice of replacement lid to upgrade your hydroflasks.
  • ★ NEW CONCEPT - Wide mouth straw lid with straws and flexible handle, Soft and super comfortable to carry. Easily carry your favorite hydroflask wide mouth water bottle everywhere you go. Easy to use flip straw, A high-flow rate to meet your daily hydration on-the-go, Allowing one-handed drinking for adult and kids.
  • ★ BPA FREE & TOXIN FREE - Safe and comfortable to select top material straw lid for your water bottle. No worry about any odor to affect the taste of your beverage. Easy sipping mouthpiece makes wide mouth straw lid a perfect water bottle replacement lid and top sports straw lid for wide mouth hydro water bottle.
  • ★ QUALITY GUARANTEED - US registered trademark, enjoy high-quality product and customer service. REMINDER: NOT for narrow or standard mouth water bottle, NOT for tumbler or growler.

Spout Lid for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Replacement - Insulated Twist Lid with Big Ring Handle, Chug Lid with 2 Rubber Ring 1 Rubber Gasket for Hydroflask Wide Mouth Sports Water Bottles Cup Cap Top

  • 【Note】Only Compatible with Hydro Flask 12 16 18 20 32 40 64 oz and Iron Flask, Takeya, MIRA, FIFTY, Simple Modern Brand Water Bottles(For specific compatible models, please refer to the Product Description).
  • 【Perfect Insulation】Compared to the traditional hydroflask straw lid, our spout lid is more insulated, leakproof, and dustproof, the twist lid allows the water bottle to be easily locked in temperature, providing a longer-lasting insulation effect, so that you can enjoy cold drinks in hot summer
  • 【Durable & Safe 】 Made of high-quality material, All material is BPA-free. Wide mouth chug lid with a big ring handle that both adults and children can easily carry and drink, makes chug lid a perfect for hydroflask wide mouth lid replacement accessories
  • 【Water Bottle Accessories Set】 Contains 1 Spout Lid(Suitable for most bottles with mouth diameter of 2.28 inches), 1 Black Rubber Ring, 1 Army Green Rubber Ring, 1 Rubber Gasket. Easy for daily replacement use. Easy to change the color of the rubber ring according to your style
  • 【100% Customer Service】Blistering summer day, the high-flow twist lid can satisfy your daily hydration while traveling. The spout lid with the big ring handle makes it easy to hang your hydroflask water bottle anywhere for jogging or outdoor travel. if you have any questions please contact us, we will provide you with the best service

Spout lid fit Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 32 40 oz, Chug lid for HydroFlask Wide Mouth Water bottle with Flexible Handle, Replacement Lids for HydroFlask Wide Mouth 32 40 oz Lid Hydroflask Lid 32 oz 40 oz

  • ★GREAT REPLACEMENT LIDS FOR HYDROFLASK: Great replacement for hydroflask wide mouth 12 18 21 24 32 40 64 oz, and most other brands such as Mira, Takeya, Simply Modern SUMMIT, Fifty/Fifty (FOR WIDE MOUTH TYPES ONLY). One of the most popular lid top hydroflask lid accessories. NOT for every brand wide mouth water bottle.
  • ★LEAK PROOF: Compared with the straw cap, the spout lid has better sealing performance. Tighten the spout cap and put it in the backpack without worrying about water leakage. Great replacement lid upgrades your hydroflask water bottle wide mouth perfectly.
  • ★TOP DESIGN: Replacement lid for hydroflask comes with spout top allow one-handed drinking for adult and kids, a high-flow rate to meet your daily hydration on-the-go.The wide mouth flexible spout lid with soft and super comfortable flexible handle strap, easy to grasp and carry your favorite hydroflask wide mouth water bottle wherever you go.
  • ★Durable Material: The spout lid wide mouth is made of BPA-Free food grade plastic for long term use, which is hygienic and will not affect the taste of your beverage. you can safely drink hot and cold drinks every day.
  • ★QUALITY GUARANTEED: Enjoy high-quality product and customer service. Any unsatisfied purchase, full refund or replacement is available. REMINDER: NOT for narrow or standard mouth water bottle, NOT for tumbler or growler.

TAL Water Bottle Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Ranger Pro - 40 oz - MINT (MINT)

  • Stainless Steel
  • Water Bottle
  • Cold For 24 Hours
  • Hot for 12 Hours
  • Maintains Your Drinks Temperature
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