Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner and Camping Sheet - Silk Like Material for Travel - Has Full Length Zipper - Gray

  • FULL LENGTH ZIPPER – The Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner comes with a full zipper that runs fully down one side and across the bottom of the liner. This means it can be fully unzipped to make a large sheet.
  • PERFECT SIZE – The liner measures 85 inches (216cm) long and 33.5 inches (85cm) wide. It has ample room for tall people without having excess material that makes you uncomfortable. Also has a pillow pocket at the top that is 33.5 inches (85cm) wide and 13 inches (33cm) high.
  • SILKY SOFT – The fabric used is 100% Polyester with a silk like finish so the soft, breathable and lightweight fabric feels great against your skin.
  • STUFF SACK – The liner comes with a small stuff sack so it’s easy to pack up after use. Measuring only 7.5 inches (19cm) long when packed and weighing 11.5 ounces (330 grams) it’ll not take up much space in your backpack.
  • FULL GUARANTEE -- The Vumos Liner comes with a Full Guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason then simple return it for a full refund or we’ll replace it instantly if you have any problems.

How To Choose The Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Liner

What Is The Purpose Of An Ultralight Sleeping Bag Liner?

An ultralight sleeping bag liner is designed to be lightweight and compact so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. If you're planning on spending several days away from home, these bags are perfect because they allow you to bring along everything you might need while still being light enough to pack into a backpack or suitcase. With a sleeping bag liner, you can take advantage of the benefits of using a sleeping bag without adding weight to your load.

How Does An Ultralight Sleeping Bag Liner Help Me Travel Light?

The most obvious benefit of an ultralight sleeping bag liner is its ability to reduce the overall weight of your gear by eliminating bulky layers of clothing. Most other types of sleeping bags require multiple layers of clothing to stay warm, which makes them heavy and cumbersome to transport. However, with an ultralight sleeping bag liner, you only need to worry about bringing along the essential pieces of clothing needed to sleep comfortably. In addition, many ultralight sleeping bag liners include features like hoodies, jackets, pants, socks, and shoes that provide additional warmth and comfort during cold weather conditions.

Can I Use My Regular Sleeping Bag While Using An Ultralight Sleeping Bag Liner?

Yes! Many ultralight sleeping bag liners are compatible with regular sleeping bags. Some models even have integrated zippers that allow you to convert between regular and ultralight sleeping bags quickly and easily. For example, the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite UltraLight Sleeping Bag has two separate compartments that let you store your regular sleeping bag inside the ultralight version.

Does An Ultralight Sleeping Bag Liner Keep Me Warm Even During Cold Weather Conditions?

Many ultralight sleeping bag liners are rated down to temperatures well below freezing. That means that you can enjoy the benefits of an ultralight sleeping bag liner no matter where you plan on traveling. Whether you're going camping or hiking, you'll always be comfortable thanks to the insulation properties of these bags.

Are There Any Downsides To Using An Ultralight Sleeping Bag Liner?

While ultralight sleeping bag liners are great options for travelers who prefer to minimize the amount of baggage they carry, there are downsides to using them. First, ultralight sleeping bag liners aren't suitable for everyone. Those who are sensitive to moisture or heat may experience discomfort due to the materials used in making these bags. Second, ultralight sleeping bag liners are generally more expensive than traditional sleeping bags. Third, ultralight sleeping bag liners are typically smaller than standard sleeping bags, which could limit the size of the bedding you can fit inside them. Finally, ultralight sleeping bag liners are heavier than normal sleeping bags, which could increase the difficulty of carrying them around.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Ultralight Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleeping bags are essential gear for those who love to camp. If you're planning on spending more than two nights away from civilization, you'll definitely want to invest in a good sleeping bag liner. Not only does it provide warmth during cold weather, but it protects your expensive sleeping bag from getting damaged by rocks and other sharp objects while you sleep. In addition, it makes sure that your sleeping bag doesn't become too warm, which could cause discomfort and lead to overheating.

How Do You Know Which Type of Liner Is Right For You?

There are several different types of sleeping bag liners available today. Some are designed specifically for backpacking trips, while others are meant for car camping. There are also liners with built-in insulation, and ones that are waterproof. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some factors to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Size Matters

One of the most important considerations when choosing a sleeping bag liner is size. Most manufacturers recommend using a liner that fits snugly around your sleeping bag so there's no room for air between the layers. However, if you plan to be outside for long periods of time, you might want to opt for a larger liner. That way, you'll be able to stay warmer longer without feeling cramped inside your sleeping bag.


Another factor to consider is whether or not the liner is waterproof. Waterproof liners are great because they allow you to go swimming without worrying about ruining your sleeping bag. But, if you plan on going hiking or fishing, you'll probably want something that isn't watertight.


Some liners include insulation, which is helpful if you plan on being outdoors for extended periods of time. Insulated liners are generally thicker than non-insulated models, which means they'll retain heat longer. However, insulated liners aren't always worth the added expense. If you plan on staying indoors for the majority of your trip, you won't notice a huge difference between a non-insulated model and an insulated version.


Finally, price is another big deciding factor. While cheaper liners may seem appealing, you shouldn't sacrifice comfort for convenience. Cheap liners are typically thin, flimsy pieces of material that won't last very long. Instead, choose a high-quality liner that offers superior features and lasts for years.

Features To Look For When Buying An Ultralight Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleeping bags have become increasingly popular with backpackers and campers because they provide warmth while being extremely lightweight. However, there are many different types of sleeping bag liners available today. Some are designed specifically for use inside a sleeping bag, others are meant to be worn outside the sleeping bag. The best way to choose which type of liner is right for you depends upon several factors including your intended usage, weather conditions where you plan to sleep, and personal preference. Here are some features to look for when choosing a sleeping bag liner.


The size of the liner is important since it determines how large of a hole it creates in your sleeping bag. If you're planning on using the liner only occasionally, you might opt for a smaller sized liner so that you can still fit into your regular sleeping bag. Larger-sized liners are more suitable for those who intend to use the liner regularly.


Liners vary greatly in weight depending on the material they're made from. Weight isn't necessarily a factor when deciding whether or not to purchase a particular liner; however, lighter liners are easier to carry around. If you're going to be carrying your liner around frequently, you might consider purchasing a light liner.

Fabric Type

There are two main categories of fabric used to create liners - synthetic and natural fiber. Synthetic fabrics are typically stronger and warmer than natural fibers. Natural fibers include cotton, wool, silk, hemp, etc. While both types of materials are warm enough for wintertime outdoor activities, synthetic fabrics generally perform better during colder temperatures. Cotton tends to hold its loft longer than other synthetics, making it ideal for cold climates. Wool retains heat well and has been known to insulate well in extreme cold. Other synthetic fabrics include nylon, polyester, spandex, rayon, acrylic, microfiber, and polypropylene. Each of these fabrics offers something unique. Polypropylene is durable and strong, yet breathable. Microfibre is soft and comfortable, yet very absorbent. Rayon holds moisture well, and is great for summertime activities. Spandex is stretchy and flexible, and makes for a good base layer. Nylon is waterproof, windproof, and resists abrasion. Acrylic is water resistant and doesn't retain odors. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and odorless. Hemp is biodegradable and eco friendly. All of these fabrics are available in a variety of weights and thicknesses. Be sure to check each manufacturer's website to see what options are offered.


Some liners are made from heavy duty materials such as ripstop nylon or Cordura®. Others are made from thinner materials that are more likely to tear or fray. Heavy duty materials last longer and resist tearing and fraying better. Thin materials are more prone to tears and rips. Many manufacturers sell liners that are rated according to durability.

Different Types of Ultralight Sleeping Bag Liner

There are many different types of sleeping bags available today. Some are designed specifically for backpacking while others are meant for everyday use. There are also several different materials used to create these sleeping bags. The most common material used to construct a sleeping bag is nylon. However, there are other options available including polyester, cotton, down, wool, silk, fleece, and more. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. In order to choose which type of sleeping bag liner is right for you, you must know what each option offers.

Down vs Downless Bags

The main advantage of using a down filled sleeping bag is that it insulates well. If you're planning on spending long periods of time outdoors during cold weather conditions, a down filled sleeping bag is ideal. Because of this, down-filled sleeping bags are generally heavier than those with synthetic fillings. Synthetic filling sleeping bags are lighter because they provide insulation without adding weight. Many manufacturers claim that synthetics are warmer than down due to the fact that they trap air inside the fabric. While this might be true, it doesn't mean that synthetics are always warm enough for colder temperatures. For example, a synthetic sleeping bag liner could still be too hot for someone who likes cooler temperatures. Therefore, it's important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of both before making a decision.

Fleece Vs Wool

Wool is another popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts. Fleece is a lightweight alternative to wool. Both fleece and wool are natural fibers that retain warmth very well. However, fleece tends to be cheaper than wool. Also, fleece does not hold heat as well as wool. As a result, fleece is best suited for summertime activities where temperature fluctuation isn't a concern. Wool is great for wintertime activities since it retains warmth longer than fleece. Wool is also durable and easy to care for. It's recommended that you wash wool regularly so that it stays soft and supple. Wool is also hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.

Silk Vs Cotton

Cotton is a popular choice for campers and backpackers alike. Silk is a luxurious fiber that feels good against the skin. It's also extremely breathable. Silk is typically expensive and difficult to maintain. Cotton is inexpensive and easy to care for. It's also comfortable and light weight. Like wool, cotton is perfect for summertime activities. Cotton is also hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.

Polyester Vs Nylon

Nylon is commonly found in clothing, bedding, and household goods. Polyester is a manmade fiber that is stronger and more resistant to tearing than nylon. Although polyester is strong, it can become stiff and hard to handle over time. Polyester is also prone to mildewing. Nylon is easier to care for than polyester. It's also softer and more flexible than polyester. Most people prefer nylon because it's more affordable and versatile than polyester. Nylon is also hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.


Browint Silk Sleeping Bag Liner, 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Sheet, Sack, Extra Wide 87"x43" & 87x34, Lightweight Travel Sheet for Hotel, Envelop Rectangular 73x34, Hooded Mummy 87x34

  • WHY SILK? Silk is a luxurious and natural protein fabric, extremely soft and smooth. Silk won’t irritate sensitive skin. It keeps you cool on hot days and through warm nights.
  • MUMMY WITH HOOD, SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT: 87“X34” mummy with hood, suitable for camping sleeping bags. There’s generous space for one person to move freely. This liner is compacted in a very small ripstop nylon carry case, weight only 5oz. (140g). With an attached hook on the carry case, you can link it up with the liner after taking the liner out, you can find the small carry case easily.
  • REINFORCED GUSSET: important positions are reinforced with gussets to make the liner durable for much longer time.
  • Silk liner keeps your sleeping bag clean and It’s also ideal for hostels, camping and sleeping cars. There’s pocket for pillow insert. Silk liner is machine washable.

Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner Travel Sheet Camping Sleep Sack Ultralight Zippered Storage Bag Full Sized Zipper Backpacking Blanket for Traveling, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Activities (Black)

  • Material: sleeping bag liner was made of thicker, soft, warm, breathable microfiber fleece, machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Size: Unfolding size is 71"*63"/180*160cm. Folding Size:71"*31.4"/180*80cm. Package size: 16''*10.6/41*27cm. Weight: 650g/1.43lbs.
  • Extral Warmth: Stay comfortable when it’s 55 to 80°F outside, Adds 12F of extra warmth when used to line another sleeping bag.
  • Design: It's with double zipper and designed for travel small sleep sack,large enough to move around and stretch out the legs,the sleeping bag liner can be folded into a portable pocket when not use.
  • Multi purpose: It can be used with sleeping bag as a liner or a blanket after a tiring day of camping, hiking, travel, outdoor or any other exploration. It wil be your best choice.

Sleeping Bag Liner Travel Camping Sheet Lightweight Breathable Cotton Sleeping Liner Ultralight Compact Sleep Sheet Carry Bag for Picnic,Hiking (Light Green, 82.7inch X 45inch)

  • 🍀Large &Comfortable-Two dimension choice: 82.7inch X 45inch(210cm X 115cm) and 82.7inch X 63inch(210 X 160cm).ample room for tall people move around and stretch out the legs without feel uncomfortable. This Breathable Sleeping Bag Liner is soft & comfortable and will never feel clingy in hot weather.
  • 🍀Lightweight & Durable-Travel Sleep Sheet Line is made of premium polyester and cotton. The sleeping liner only 573g,it can folded into a practical 21x21cm (8.3x8.3") pocket for saving space. It is very portable and lightweight. Easy to carry for travel use and save pace in your backpack.
  • 🍀Healthy & Safe-The liner has a 59" (100cm) opening on one side to make it easy for you to get into, it is very flat and smooth, soft and breathable , feels great against your skin. So you can use it If have to sleep in places which is not so clean, when you camping, travelling or business trip.
  • 🍀Washable& Quick Drying-Easy to clean, It can be inserted in to sleeping bag to reduces the need for washing your sleeping bag as often, can also be used as a sleeping bag in warmer weather.
  • 🍀VEMEE 100% MONEY-BACK WARRANTY-Your satisfaction is our biggest concern. If you find any problem about the Lightweight Sleeping Bag Liner, we will spare no efforts to deal with it and promise to provide 100% replacement or refund. Thank you .

Ultrafun Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner Compact Ultralight Warm Dirt-Proof Sleeping Sheet 71 * 32 inches Sleep Sack for Backpacking Camping Hiking Picnic Hotel Office Trave (Blue)

  • Material: The sleeping bag liner is made of polar fleece, soft, lightweight, warm and wear resistant. Hand wash or machine washable.
  • Size: Unfold size: 180*80cm/70.8*31.5in; Package size: 29*14cm/11.4*5.5in. Includes a carry bag for easy packing. Great sleep sack for backpacking.
  • Side Zipper: The sleeping blanket features a fluent zipper system and a drawstring strap make it convenient to use.
  • Versatile: Can be used as a sleeping bag liner, or as a blanket when open it. Help to provide warmth in the cold weather or keep cleaning.
  • The sleeping sack suitable for summer and winter. Great sleeping blanket or liner for trekking, hiking, camping, travel, hotel or relaxing at home.

Forceatt Sleeping Bag Liner for Adults and Teens, 0.82lbs Ultralight Sleeping Sheet for Camping, Backpacking and Hiking in Summer, Comfortable Travel Sheet for Hotels, Trains During The Journey.

  • ✅ Ample Space: The size of the Sleeping bag liner is 84.2 x33.8in (including pillow case).incredibly roomy for any adult 6'6" or less.
  • ✅ Lightweight and Convenient: The Compact Sleep Bag Liner weighs only 0.82lbs and can be folded into small packages of 9 x 4.4in Lightweight and portable, suitable for outdoor travel, camping, backpacking, sleeper trains.
  • ✅ High-Quality Materials: The Lightweight Camping Sheet is made of 240T Polyester Pongee, which has a silky texture and makes your skin very soft and comfortable. It has a good dirt separation effect and maintains a clean environment for you.
  • ✅ Humanistic Design: Travel Sheet with double zipper has been outstanding for many years. Prevents zips from getting stuck in the lining. At the same time, the sleeping bag has a built-in pillow slot to meet the different needs of your pillow.
  • ✅ Quality Service: Our Travel camping sheet has a lifetime warranty service, if you are not satisfied with the product, we will refund the purchase price. At the same time, when you encounter a problem, please contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.

Aspect Outdoor Sleeping Bag Liner & Inflatable Pillow Lightweight Breathable Sleeping Sack - Compact Travel Sheet for Adults & Ultralight Pillow for Comfortable Camping & Hotel Travel (Grey, Teal)

  • ✅ ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY- 100% recycled fabric. This ultralight, durable and super breathable liner is made from 100% recycled materials. That’s the equivalent of 20 plastic water bottles saved from landfill. When packed, this liner is on average 1/3 the size of competing brands. Make a purchase choice that is easy on your conscience with this low environmental impact combination; adult sleep sack with inflatable pillow for camping.
  • ✅ GET A GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP - This bag liner is made from silky soft super breathable recycled polyester fabric. Designed specifically to help you regulate your temperature and wick away moisture as you snooze. When used with a sleeping bag it can add up to 10°F to your sleeping bag rating helping you stay warm on the cool nights. This adult sleep sack can also be used to in place of your travel sheets.
  • ✅ AWESOME PROTECTION - Keep your sleeping bags clean with this easy-to-use liner. Each sleeping bag liner has a large pillow pocket for your cushions and camping pillows for sleeping. The liner will fit anyone who's up to 6 ft 5” and of medium build.
  • ✅ TAKE IT ANYWHERE – Each product has an individual stuff sack made from tough recycled fabric. They come with a handy multi-use travel bag with a zipper, keeping you organised on your travels. Or simply pack this away safely in your bear canister.
  • ✅ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – Each set comes with a 1-year warranty. In case you're not satisfied with your liner and travel pillow, we also offer a 30-day refund.

Frelaxy Sleeping Bag Liner, Warm Weather Ultralight Sleeping Bag, Comfy & Easy Care Travel & Camping Sheet with Pillow Pocket, 4 Seasons Warm Cold Weather, Adults & Kids (Dark Gray - No Zipper)

  • Silky Soft & Warmth: Constructed of 100% premium polyester provides extraordinary warmth and comfort for its weight and remains extremely breathable. (100% Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied)
  • Ultralight & Compact - Package size is 7.8"x3.9". Weight: 0.65lbs/0.3kg. Perfect for Summer camping used as warm weather sleeping bag.
  • Roomy & Comfortable: Measures 84.6" x 33.4" in size offers extra comfort in use, Easy to get in and get out, and it includes a 13.7" x 33.4" pillow pocket, Our liners are designed to build a home-feel sleeping system and provide better rest after a long day of outdoor activities.
  • Easy Care: Machine wash, Dries quick on tumble dry low, Polyester microfiber material offers strength and durability with exceptional softness, more durable than cotton.
  • VERSATILE USE: Not only great for part of your outdoor sleep system or used as a warm-weather ultralight sleeping bag, but also a great gear to use in the hostel, long bus rides, and plane journeys to add more warmth and protective barrier.

VITAMIN SEA Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner Ultralight - Camping Sheets Lightweight - Queen Travel Sheet - Sleep Sack Adult - Double Travel Sheets for Hotel (Light Blue Gray, Double Two Person Queen Size)

  • DOUBLE SLEEPING BAG SIZE TRAVEL SHEET - Ever had to endure sleeping on a questionable bed while traveling? Our sleeping bag liner ultralight are the perfect way to stay safe and clean in RVs as RV bedding, in vacation rentals on a queen size travel bed, inside a two person sleeping bag liner while camping & more! This cotton two person compact travel sleeping bag liner is a full/queen size which can fit 2 adults, has double openings, is super lightweight, & easy to clean in the wash.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL CAMPING SHEETS - The travel sheet sleep sack is made of cotton, which is super lightweight & breathable for warm camp nights. You could even use these travel sheets without a sleeping bag as your ultralight sleeping bag, summer sleeping bag, lightweight sleeping bag, or hiking sleeping bag as it's considered ultralight backpacking gear. Additionally, adding the liner to your cold weather sleeping bag could add an extra 5°-10°F of warmth to your travel set as a camping sheet.
  • DOUBLE-SIDED BUTTON WITH PILLOW POCKET - Our hotel bed liner have a double-sided opening design + a pocket to slide in your own pillow. The 2 buttons on each side are at identical spots to easily allow 2 people to slip in & out easily of your camping sheet set. This sleeping bag liners lightweight has only buttons, without flimsy zippers. So our design can last for years to come in your camping essentials, backpacking gear essentials, bedding, camping sheets, and camping necessities.
  • EASY TO CLEAN (100% MACHINE WASHABLE) + LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE & PACKABLE - This light adult sleep sack is designed to be packable, so the camping sheet goes where you go! Our queen travel sheet liner cotton is foldable & easy to pack in it's bonus cinchable travel sleeping bag, which makes it ideal for travel because it easily packs to take up minimal space. It is also simple to care for and 100% machine washable. Wash on the gentle cycle in warm water and dry on tumble dry low.
  • DESIGNED BY A U.S. COMPANY & SATISFACTION ASSURED - Nothing matters more to us than the happiness of customers. These double sheet sleeping bag were designed in the USA, by a small family-owned business, Blue Zone Living LLC. If portable sleeping bag liner doesn't meet your expectations, let us know, you'll receive satisfied customer service from our family. We hope queen sheet sleeping bag liner is an essential addition to your camping must haves, camp gear, sleeping bag liners & camp bedding.

Sleeping Bag Liner - Lightweight Adult Sleep Sack with Two Way Zipper, Carry Clip & Free Waterproof Stuff Sack, Ideal Travel Sheets for Your Camp Bedding, Backpacking, Hotel & Hostel

  • HOME-LIKE COMFORT EVEN IN THE OUTDOORS: Our mummy sleeping bag liner cold weather is made using soft, gentle, and breathable Polyester fabric to add up to 10°F of warmth to your sleeping bag or can be used on its own as a summer sleeping bag while being easy to carry and store
  • THE COZY WAY TO ADVENTURE: Our lightweight sleeping bag measures 220cm in length making this a perfect fit for everyone, thanks to the drawstring hood it provides greater protection and comfort while the foot box design gives your feet more space to move around
  • PRESERVE YOUR SLEEPING BAG: Our soft like silk sleeping bag liner is the perfect companion for preserving the longevity of your sleeping bag protecting it from sweat and dirt and saves valuable time on washing and drying
  • PORTABLE AND READY FOR TRAVEL: The camping sleeping bag liner comes with a free waterproof compression sack which coupled with the foldable design makes carrying it a breeze. It folds down to a fraction of its size and comes with a carrying clip so you can attach it to the rest of your camping gear
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Should you have ANY Issues please feel free to contact us, we will endeavour to resolve any issues that may arise. Our priority is 100% customer satisfaction to ensure you are happy with your purchase.
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