Under Armour Kids' Nitro L Sunglasses Rectangular, Storm Shiny White/Gray Polarized Orange Mirror Lens, 59 mm

  • ArmourSight lenses are engineered for superior optical clarity and impact resistance
  • Ultralight ArmourFusion frames are built for maximum strength and durability
  • Co-molded rubber nose pad and temple arms for a no-slip comfortable fit
  • Defends against 100% of harmful UVA/B/C rays

How To Choose The Best Under Armour Youth Sunglasses

What Is The Purpose Of An Under Armour Youth Sunglasses?

Under Armour has been around since 1992. Their products include clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. One product line that many people know about is the "Youth" collection. This includes shirts, pants, jackets, hats, and other apparel. There are two main categories within these collections; "Youth Men", which includes men ages 14-17 years old, and "Youth Women". Both of these collections contain several different styles of eyeglass frames.

The YM Collection

"Youth Men" contains three different types of glasses. The first type is called the "Sunglass." This style comes with plastic lenses, and is designed specifically for young males who prefer lighter weight frames. Another option is the "Goggles, " which are thicker and heavier duty versions of the "sunglass." Finally, there is the "Rimless Glasses, " which are thinner and lighter weight than the others. All three options provide UV400 protection, meaning that they block 100% of harmful rays.

The YW Collection

"Youth Women" offers four different styles of eyeglass frames. The first is the "Sunglass, " which again comes with plastic lenses. However, unlike the male version, this frame is designed for females between the ages of 12 and 17. Next, we have the "Frame" model, which is available in both metal and wood finishes. Lastly, we have the "Rimless Frame, " which is very similar to the "frame" model except it does not have rims. Like the previous models, all four designs provide UV400 protection.

How Do Eyeglasses Protect My Eyes From Harmful Rays?

Eyeglasses are protective devices that cover your eyes. If you're concerned about protecting your eyes from the sun, you should be wearing sunglasses. Most sunglass manufacturers recommend using polarized lenses because they reduce glare by filtering out half of the visible spectrum. In addition, they cut down on reflections from water and snow. Polarized lenses are especially important during winter months when sunlight reflects off ice and snow.

Is There Anything Else That I Need To Know About Eye Protection?

While eye protection is essential for anyone working outside, it is particularly important for those who spend long hours staring at screens. Computer monitors emit blue light, which suppresses melatonin production and disrupts sleep cycles. Blue light exposure can cause headaches, fatigue, depression, and insomnia. Therefore, it is recommended that you limit screen time before bedtime. Additionally, avoid reading electronic devices late into the evening. Instead, read a book or magazine in dim lighting.

Do I Have Any Other Options For Sunscreen?

There are plenty of ways to stay safe from the sun besides wearing sunscreen. First, choose a shade tree. Trees naturally filter out UV rays, so choosing a shady spot can significantly lower your risk of skin cancer. Second, apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to going outdoors. Third, reapply frequently throughout the day. Fourth, drink lots of water.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Under Armour Youth Sunglasses

Under Armour has been around since 1996. Their products include clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. One of their most popular lines of apparel includes their youth line which consists of many different types of shirts, pants, jackets, etc. If you're interested in getting into the fashion industry, you might be wondering why someone would choose to start with something so small as a brand name. The answer is simple; there are many benefits to starting with a smaller company. For example, you can learn a lot by working with other companies before going solo. Also, you can gain experience in marketing, sales, customer service, and many other areas. Another benefit is that you can get discounts because these brands sell in bulk. In addition, you can build relationships with manufacturers who supply you with goods. Finally, you can create a business plan based on your experiences with others.

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Under Armour Youth Sunglasses

When choosing a pair of glasses, you must take several factors into consideration. First, you need to decide whether you want prescription lenses or non-prescription ones. Next, you need to determine whether you prefer polarized lenses or regular ones. Then, you need to think about the style of frames you desire. Lastly, you need to figure out if you want a single lens or double lenses. There are many styles available including aviator, wraparound, cat eye, square, rectangle, round, and more. Once you've decided upon the type of frame you'd like, you need to determine the color of the lenses. Some colors include black, brown, blue, green, grey, pink, red, silver, white, yellow, and more. After deciding on the color of the lenses, you need to select between plastic and metal frames. Plastic frames are lighter weight and cheaper while metal frames are heavier and pricier.

Benefits Of Buying An Under Armour Youth Eyeglass Set

There are many reasons why you should invest in an eyeglass set. First, you can always change your lenses later on. Second, you can customize your eyeglass set to fit your face perfectly. Third, you can purchase eyeglass sets online. Fourth, you can shop for eyeglass sets at wholesale prices. Sixth, you can receive free gifts with purchases. Seventh, you can order eyeglass sets online 24/7. Eighth, you can view reviews written by previous customers. Ninth, you can read testimonials posted by satisfied customers. Tenth, you can see pictures taken by happy customers.

Features To Look For When Buying Under Armour Youth Sunglasses

Under Armour has been around since 1996 and has become a popular brand among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Their products include clothing, shoes, accessories, and eyewear. The company offers many different styles of glasses including prescription lenses, polarized lenses, and non-prescription frames. If you're interested in purchasing Under Armour youth sunglasses, here are some features to look for.

Lightweight Frames

The most important thing to look for when choosing a pair of Under Armour youth sunglasses is lightweight frames. Lightweight frames allow you to carry more pairs with you throughout the day. Most brands of glasses weigh between 10 - 15 grams per frame. Lighter weight frames mean you can take more pairs along with you while working out.

Anti-Scratch Lens Coating

Another great feature to look for when shopping for Under Armour youth sunglasses is anti-scratch lens coating. Anti-scratch coatings are applied to the inside of the lenses so that dirt doesn't stick to the lenses. Dirt and dust build up on the outside of the lenses and scratch the lenses. Anti-scratch coatings ensure that your eyes stay protected by preventing dirt and debris from sticking to the lenses.

Comfortable Fit

One last feature to look for when shopping for Under Armour youth sunglasses is comfortable fit. Many people who purchase these types of glasses complain about discomfort caused by tight fitting frames. Make sure you choose a pair of glasses that fits comfortably on your face. Choose a style that feels snug yet still gives you enough room to breathe.

Buyer Beware!

While there are many benefits to wearing Under Armour youth sunglasses, there are also drawbacks to purchasing these types of glasses. First, be aware of the fact that the lenses are tinted. While tinting the lenses does provide UV protection, it also causes glare. Glare occurs when light reflects off the lenses causing eye strain. Second, the frames are very small. Because they are smaller, they are harder to see through and therefore harder to read. Third, the frames are only available in black. Black is a common color for sports teams and athletic apparel, however, other colors are available. Lastly, the price tag is high compared to other brands of eyeglass frames. However, if you're willing to pay the price, you'll receive quality eyewear that lasts longer than cheaper models.

Different Types of Under Armour Youth Sunglasses

The company was founded by Kevin Plank who wanted to create clothes that could be worn during exercise. He created his first pair of shorts which he wore while running marathons. Today, the company sells apparel, footwear, accessories, and eyewear.

Types of Eyeglass Frames

There are many different types of frames available today including aviator glasses, wraparound glasses, cat-eye glasses, square frame glasses, round frame glasses, and so forth. Each type of frame offers something unique to the wearer. For example, aviators provide excellent eye protection because they block most harmful rays. Wraparounds allow wearers to see clearly behind themselves. Cat eyes give wearers a wider field of vision. Square frames are great for those who prefer a classic style. Round frames are perfect for those who enjoy wearing glasses that fit comfortably on their face.

How To Choose The Right Frame

The best way to choose the right frame is to think about what kind of activities you plan to engage in. If you're going to play sports, you might want to go with a sporty frame. If you're planning on spending lots of time outdoors, you might want to invest in a durable frame that can withstand the elements. Also, consider whether you'd rather have prescription lenses or non-prescription ones. Some frames are designed specifically for contact lens wearers. Others are meant for everyday use.

Tips For Choosing An Eye Glasses Style

Once you've decided on the type of frame you want, there are several other factors to take into consideration before purchasing. First, decide whether you want to purchase single vision or bifocals. Next, determine whether you want polarized or non-polarized lenses. Polarized lenses reduce glare caused by sunlight and water. Non-polarized lenses are cheaper but lack the benefits of polarization. Finally, check the size of the lenses. Larger lenses cover a larger portion of the front of your eyeball and therefore improve peripheral vision. Smaller lenses cover a smaller portion of the front of your eyeball and therefore limit your peripheral vision.

Choosing The Best Lens Type

Lens type refers to the shape of the glass itself.

There are two main categories of lenses: hard and soft. Hard lenses are typically plastic and are very scratch resistant. Soft lenses are typically polycarbonate and are more flexible than hard lenses. Both types of lenses are coated with anti-reflective coating to minimize light reflection.

Buying Tips For Eyeglass Accessories

Eyeglass cases are another important accessory that you must consider when choosing eyeglass frames. Cases serve multiple purposes. They protect your eyeglasses from dirt and moisture. They also store your eyeglasses safely when you aren't using them.


VATTER TR90 Unbreakable Polarized Sports Sunglasses For Kids Boys Girls Youth 816pinkgreenlenses

  • TR90 SAFE LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME - You can hardly feel them on your face! Materials environmentally safe, with our revolutionary soft silicon and unbreakable materials with super toughness, wear resistance, can effectively prevent the child's eyes and facial injuries.
  • HD 10 -LAYER TAC POLARIZED LENSES - Polarized sunglasses have a filter that works to prevent the glare from reflecting on flat surfaces (water, snow, road pavement) which interfere with vision. Polarized sunglasses can selectively eliminate the reflection from light coming from above the water surface while normal sunglasses don't have that function. They provide premium protection against the sun's harmful rays, perfect glasses to protect children.
  • 100% UV400 EYE PROTECTION - Our sunglasses provide 100% Anti-ultraviolet. Our design is both thoughtful and ergonomic which provides great comfort thanks to our exclusive smart technology.
  • EYEWEAR ROPE - Unique style design with practical eyewear rope to prevent the loss when playing game, our sunglasses provide various color assortment for parents to choose. Both boys and girls can find their suitable sunglasses in VATTER store.
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- In case any of problem, contact VATTER without hesitation to solve the problem until satisfaction. Contact us and you will get response within 24 hours! You have NO RISK to try.

RAWLINGS Youth Sport Baseball Sunglasses, Lightweight Stylish Shield Lens, 100% UV Poly Lens, Secure Fit, Superior Clarity - White/Orange

  • 🕶️UNVEIL YOUR ATHLETES SIDEKICK ON THE FIELD WITH THESE BASEBALL SUNLASSESS: Rawlings Kids RY 132 Sunglasses are not just cool to wear but it also provides your slugger better performance in his game. The frames are polycarbonate and polycarbonate decentered lenses are impact resistance and provide distortion-free clarity.
  • 🕶️UVA AND UVB PROTECTION: It also has protection from harmful rays. You'll never go wrong with being stylish and being protected. It has polycarbonate lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays so your kid will always be protected under the sun while playing.
  • 🕶️FEATURES YOU SHOULD NOT MISS: The lens coating of RY 132 is Hydrophobic which repels dirt, oil, and water and has a semi-rimless frame design. This will keep your kid focused on the game. It is also scratch-resistant and has multilayered colored mirror lenses that will make your kid stand out of the crowd.
  • 🕶️ONE PAIR FOR ALL ACTIVITIES: Since the RY 132 is made of hydrophobic lens coating and blocks harmful rays, they can be used to other sports activities like football, soccer, biking, hiking, etc.
  • 🕶️MAKE YOUR ALLSTAR SHINE TODAY: Give them these Rawlings Kids' RY 132 Sunglasses will definitely pump them up for baseball season!!!

BeaCooL Tac Polarized sports sunglasses Men Women Youth Baseball Military Motorcycle Running Fishing.

  • 🌞 REVO COLORFUL HD POLARIZED 100% UV400 LENS ▶ UV400 lens block 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays. REVO colorful HD Polarized lens restore true color, with high-density Revo coating, keeping the original color, improve visual clarity and contrast effectively. Easier eliminate reflected and scattered light,make the scenery more clear and soft and protect eyes perfectly.
  • 😎 HIGH-QUALITY TAC & PC MATERIAL ▶ All Lens are made of high quality shatterproof TAC material that is durable enough for prolonged wearing.Lightweight PC frame design is ideal for motorcycle and cycling bicycle, driving, running, fishing, racing, skiing, climbing, trekking or other outdoor activities,scratch resistant and unbreakable.
  • 🕶 SPECIAL RIMLESS JACKET WITH SOFT ANTI-SLIP RUBBER NOSE PAD ▶ Rimless jacket frame design enables clear lower vision field.Fashion design, with rich color combinations of frames and lens.Soft and Anti-slip rubber nose pad to avoid sunglasses dropping down while sweating and fit well on face to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • 📦 PRODUCTS DIMENSION ▶ lens width:70mm (2.75 inches); nose bridge:14 mm (0.55 inches); frame length: 140mm (5.51 inches).
  • 🎁 EXQUISITE PACKING ▶ You will get a pair of Bea· CooL Sunglasses and extra gifts below:a hard and exquisite protective case,cleaning cloth and pouch and Sunglasses screwdriver.Fashion and styling sunglasses,Perfect gift for sport and out door activities lovers.

RAWLINGS Youth Sports Baseball Sunglasses 100% UV Poly Lens Lightweight Stylish Shield Lenses, Foldable Scratch Resistant (White/Red)

  • LIGHTWEIGHT FLEXIBLE FRAMES - Our Sport Frames are Designed for Intense Athletic Play Comfort & Durability
  • QUALITY LENS PROTECTION - Rawlings Youth Sunglass Lenses Feature UVA UVB UVC Blue Light Mirror Protective Coating
  • UNSURPASSED CLARITY - Rawlings Trusted Quality for Every Sport You Play - Stylish Designs for On or Off Field Wear
  • SECURE FIT - WRAP AROUND FRAMES - Years of Athletic Experience Built into Our Nose Pads and Wrap Design Frames for No Slip Performance
  • SEMI-RIMLESS DESIGN - Perfect for On or Off Field Activities and Easy to Clean - This Design Allows Unrestricted View

Duco Kids Sunglasses Boys Sports Sunglasses Youth Polarized Baseball Sunglasses For Boys And Girls Age 3-10 K014 (Red Frame Black Arms)

  • 😎【KIDS POLARIZED SUNGLASSES UV PROTECTION】We made our kids sunglasses with specifical UV coating to protect your child's eyes. The polarized lenses use 9 layer Triacetate materials to offer high impact and scratch resistance. They help block out 100% UVA, UVB, & UVC rays while minimizing glare to reduce eye strain.These polarized sunglasses can protect your grandson eyes no matter how bright the sun is.
  • 🕶【UNBREAKABLE BOYS SUNGLASSES FRAME】Our boys sunglasses are Made by Soft Flexible Skin-friendly TPEE Material Completely Flexible and Virtually Unbreakable Arms Safe for Kids. Super Perfect for boys and girls Age 6 to 10.
  • ✨【SUNGLASSES WITH ADJUSTABLE STRAP】Our youth sunglasses come with an adjustable strap to help your child get a good fit and not lose the sunglasses easily.These sunglasses is very comfortable to wear, making it easier for children to wear sunglasses.
  • 🚗【UNIQUE CUTE CARRYING CAR-SHAPED CASE】 -- Our package includes an additional adorable car-shaped case.This car-shaped case is a surprise for everyone who likes cars.Children can put his glasses in the case, and get them out when they need them.Kids no longer likely to "lose" his glasses!This car-shaped case can inspire children to take good care of their glasses.
  • 👍【30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】-100% satisfaction guaranteed. We are not only selling sunglasses but also providing excellent customer service. We promise if you are not happy with DUCO glasses within the first 30 days, we will refund you without any reason. SO NO RISK ON TRY!

Oakley Youth Kids' OJ9005 Flak XS Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses, Polished White/Prizm Field, 59 mm

  • Oakley Plutonite Lenses provide 100% UV Protection filtering of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400mm. Oakley’s lightweight Plutonite lens material offers superior comfort, clarity and protection against impact and ultraviolet radiation.
  • PRIZM Lens Technology designed to enhance color, contrast and detail so athletes can make the most of any activity. Prizm Field sport lenses are designed to allow you to easily track the ball against the textures of a baseball field by boosting the colors you want to see and filtering out the distracting color for improved contrast and better separation of color. Ideal for baseball, softball or any field sport. Light transmission: 15%
  • Oakley Flak XS is specially designed to fit smaller faces including kids.
  • Patented High Definition Optics (HDO) provides superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision at every angle.
  • O Matter stress-resistant frame is lightweight and durable for all-day comfort and protection. Oakley’s injection molded thermoplastic O-Matter frame provides improved strength and flexibility over traditional acetate and is built to withstand shifting or deforming over time.
  • Unobtanium earsocks and nose pads for increased comfort and performance. Pads increase grip with perspiration to help provide a secure and custom fit.
  • Multiple Frame and Lens Colors: Choose from multiple colors of frames—including black and steel —and lenses—including non-polarized and polarized Prizm options, to enhance color, contrast, and detail for an optimized experience.
  • Soft vault sunglass case and Microbag included to clean and store your Oakley sunglasses.
  • Visit the Oakley brand shop to view the entire Oakley assortment by clicking on the Oakley logo above.

Youth Sports Polarized Sunglasses for Boys Kids Teens Age 8-16 Baseball Cycling Running Wrap Around UV400 Glasses

  • 🏆 HIGH PERFORMANCE DESIGN: Higher, faster, stronger! X-LOOP youth sport polarized sunglasses have been designed for peak athletic performance and will be perfect for kids and teens age 8-16. Whether worn on or off the field, they will give a cool sporty touch to any outfit!
  • 🕶️ 1.1MM TAC POLARIZED LENSES: Forget about discomfort caused by sun’s glare with our sports sunglasses for boys! The polarized anti-glare lens improves clarity and reduces eye strain, providing more comfort during your child’s favorite activity: cycling, running, baseball, soccer, or softball.
  • ☀️ UV400 PROTECTION: Help your kid enjoy the sun all day long without worrying about the sun’s harmful UV rays! The X-LOOP polarized lens features a UV400 filter, which offers effective UVA & UVB protection for children’s eyes.
  • 🔨 PREMIUM SHATTERPROOF FRAME: Durable and lightweight, X-LOOP quality frames are ideal for any outdoor activity! Made from thick polycarbonate with a sporty wrap-around design, they feature non-slip rubber ear tips and nose pads for added comfort.
  • 🎁 GREAT GIFT IDEA: Looking for the perfect boys’ sports accessory as a gift? The X-LOOP authentic packaging includes a classy logo box and a microfiber pouch for cleaning and storage – an excellent combo that won’t break the bank.

Sport Sunglasses for Kids Boys Girls Child Teen Toddler Wayfarer Youth Junior Polarized Glasses Baseball Cycling Fishing Running

  • FOOD-GRADE TPEE FRAME - Made by soft flexible skin-friendly TPEE material. Completely flexible and virtually unbreakable arms safe for kids.
  • HD TAC POLARIZED LENSES - 100% UV400 protection coating, blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays. Swiss technology lense restore true color, eliminate reflected and scattered light.
  • ULTRALIGHT SPORTS STYLISH - 17g/0.59oz only. Ideal for sports or other outdoor activities.
  • FREE GIFTS - Adjustable strap & Anti-slip hooks, more security when playing game.
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK : Customers can return and get refunded in case the purchasing is not satisfactory for any reason. Reliable customer service is our priority. SO NO RISK ON TRY!

Rawlings RY 1801 Youth Sunglasses Rimless Boys Black/Blue Mirror 10241765.QTM

  • Feature lightweight, durable frame materials for a comfortable, secure fit
  • Rimless wrap around lens design is perfect for playing softball or golf. Polycarbonate lenses
  • Impact-resistant lenses repel dirt, water, and oil Lightweight, durable frame materials
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection Distortion-free vision
  • Features a black/smoke frame with blue mirror wrap around lens

RAWLINGS RY134 Youth Baseball Shielded Sunglasses Lightweight Sports Youth Sport (White/Blue)

  • DESIGNED FOR BATTLE – Using a foldable, lightweight frame and rubber details for a comfortable fit, these mirrored glasses are carefully constructed to be the last thing on your mind, mid-game.
  • ELITE EYE PROTECTION - 100% UVA UVB protection to keep your eyes safe from the sun.
  • ENHANCED CLARITY – With hydrophobic and easy-to-clean lenses, you’ll always be on top of your game.
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY – Rawlings is the #1 Provider of Sport Sunglasses for Youth Athletes. Don’t settle.
  • PROUD ATHLETES: With the Rawlings plaque molded logo featured on both temples and an etched lens logo, these glasses show your competition that you’re part of the best team in sports, Rawlings.

RAWLINGS Youth Sports Baseball Softball Sunglasses 100% UV Poly Lens, Shielded Lens - White/Mint

  • LIGHTWEIGHT FLEXIBLE FRAMES - Our Sport Frames are Designed for Intense Athletic Play Comfort & Durability
  • QUALITY LENS PROTECTION - Rawlings Youth Sunglass Lenses Feature UVA UVB UVC Mirror Protective Coating
  • UNSURPASSED CLARITY - Rawlings Trusted Quality for Every Sport You Play - Stylish Designs for On or Off Field Wear
  • SECURE FIT - WRAP AROUND FRAMES - Years of Athletic Experience Built into Our Nose Pads and Wrap Design Frames for No Slip Performance
  • SEMI-RIMLESS DESIGN - Perfect for On or Off Field Activities and Easy to Clean - This Design Allows Unrestricted View
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