BENDING BRANCHES Angler Scout 2-Piece Snap-Button Kayak Fishing Paddle; (Black Shaft/Sage Green Blade - 260cm)

  • BUILT IN TAPE MEASURE: Check the length of your catch with the tape measure (in both inches and centimeters) on the shaft. Don’t struggle with additional tools and items onboard, quickly measure your keeper right on your paddle.
  • ADJUSTABLE CONSTRUCTION: This kayak fishing specific paddle easily separates into two pieces for compact travel and storage. A snug-fitting 3 hole snap-button ferrule is adjustable for feathering angles 0° and 60°, left or right hand control.
  • PADDLE FURTHER AND LONGER: The fiberglass-reinforced blades offer a perfect blend of lightweight performance and durability, resulting in smooth paddling with less fatigue, even with a fully loaded kayak.
  • HOOK-RETRIEVAL NOTCH: One blade has a convenient hook-retrieval notch so you can rescue your line and lure in case of a less-than-perfect cast. Get those pesky hooks free again with the hook retrieval system built right into the blade.
  • MADE IN USA: Built in Northwestern Wisconsin and our company is staffed by paddling enthusiasts. Since 1982, Bending Branches has been producing paddles with a breakage rate of less than 0.03%.

How To Choose The Best Vibe Kayak Paddle

What Is The Purpose Of A Vibe Kayak Paddle?

The vibration technology found in many modern paddles has become increasingly popular among recreational boaters who enjoy fishing while enjoying the water. Many anglers prefer these types of paddles because they allow for more control during casting and trolling. Some fishermen claim that using a vibrating paddle makes the fish bite easier and increases catch rates. Others say that vibrations cause unwanted noise which could scare away gamefish. Still others believe that the vibrations actually attract fish by mimicking the sounds produced by prey animals.

Benefits of Using a Vibrating Paddle

Vibration technology offers several benefits to users. First, it improves accuracy with both fly-fishing and baitcasting techniques. Second, it reduces fatigue and stress levels associated with long periods of standing still. Third, it enhances the user's ability to cast longer distances. Finally, it makes the task of reeling in a large fish much simpler. All of these factors contribute to increased enjoyment of the sport.

How Does Vibration Technology Work?

Modern vibrating paddles utilize a motor mounted inside the handle of the paddle. Both frequencies produce a unique sound that attracts fish. LF creates a "chirping" sound that resembles the song of birds. HF creates a buzzing sound that imitates insect activity. Each type of vibration produces its own distinct sound pattern. In addition, each type of vibration affects the muscles differently. For example, LF causes the muscles involved in wrist movement to contract and relax rapidly. Meanwhile, HF causes the muscles responsible for arm movements to remain contracted throughout the entire stroke cycle. Because of this, the muscle groups involved in the motion of the hand are affected differently by each type of vibration. As a result, the muscles involved in the motion of the hand are able to exert greater force and power. This leads to improved performance and enhanced pleasure.

Where Can I Get One?

Most major sporting goods retailers carry a variety of vibrating paddles. However, most manufacturers only sell their products directly to consumers via mail order catalogues. If you're interested in purchasing a vibrating paddle, be sure to check out the manufacturer's website before making a purchase. Manufacturers typically provide detailed information regarding the features of their product, including specifications, warranty details, and instructions for proper care and maintenance. Most companies also include videos demonstrating the operation of their paddles.

Is There Any Risk Involved With Vibrating Paddles?

Although there are no known risks associated with the use of vibrating paddles, there are potential hazards related to improper use. For instance, if you fail to properly maintain your paddle, you run the risk of damaging the motor. Also, if you neglect to replace the battery regularly, you could experience reduced performance due to decreased electrical current.

How To Choose The Right Vibe Kayak Paddles For You

There are many different types of vibes paddles available today; however, there are only two main categories of vibes paddles - those with aluminum shafts and those with steel shafts. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. In order to choose the right vibes paddle for you, you must know what features matter most to you.

Once you've decided on the above points, you can start shopping around for the perfect vibes paddle for you. Remember, the best way to determine whether a vibes paddle is suitable for you is by trying it out. Don't be afraid to ask questions and take advantage of demo days where you can test drive several models side-by-side.

Which Type Is Best Suited For Me?

Round Vibes Paddles - Round vibes paddles are great for beginners who are still getting into kayaking because they provide stability and control. However, round vibes paddles aren't recommended for advanced users due to their lack of maneuverability.

Flat Vibes Paddles - Flat vibes paddles are great for experienced kayakers because they allow for greater maneuverability. Because flat vibes paddles are so versatile, they're great for both beginner and expert kayakers alike.

So, now that you understand the differences between these two types of vibes paddles, you can decide which one is best suited for you. But remember, the best way to figure out which vibes paddle suits your needs is to actually try them out.

Where Can I Find Them?

It doesn't really matter where you go to shop for vibes paddles, but we recommend checking out There you can compare prices and see reviews written by other customers.

Features To Look For When Buying A Vibe Kayak Paddle

The most important thing to know before purchasing a kayak paddle is whether or not you're going to be using it with a kayak. If you plan on paddling solo, then you probably don't need anything fancy. However, if you plan on taking part in group activities, there are several features to look for when choosing a kayak paddle. The following list includes some of the more common features found on many kayak paddles today.

Blade Length

Most kayaking enthusiasts agree that longer blades provide greater stability while paddling. Longer blades allow you to reach farther into the water, which makes it easier to catch fish and avoid obstacles. In addition, long blades give you more control over your boat, allowing you to maneuver around rocks and other objects. Most kayak paddlers prefer blades between 30-45 inches in length.


Another factor to consider when selecting a kayak paddle is weight. While lighter paddles are generally considered safer because they require less strength to hold onto, heavier paddles are typically stronger and more durable. Lighter paddles are great for beginners who aren't yet accustomed to holding a heavy object. However, once you become comfortable handling larger paddles, you might decide to switch to something lighter.

Handle Size

While handle size isn't always a deciding factor when choosing a kayak paddle, it does play a role in comfort. Smaller handles are easier to grip, making it possible for smaller hands to hold onto the paddle. Large handles, however, are harder to grasp and could cause strain on your wrists. Handle size varies depending on the type of kayak paddle you choose. Some paddles include grips built right into the blade itself, while others attach to the end of the paddle. Regardless of style, small handles are preferable for beginners.


There are two main types of kayak paddles available today - straight and curved. Straight paddles are designed to create maximum power by directing the flow of water directly down the center of the blade. Curved paddles direct the water along the sides of the blade, creating a smoother ride. Both styles are effective, although curved paddles are preferred among experienced paddlers due to their ability to generate more speed.


Paddles tapers vary based on the material being used. Wood paddles are tapered so that the tip is narrower than the rest of the blade. Aluminum paddles are tapered so that the top portion is wider than the bottom. Titanium paddles are tapered so that the entire blade has the same width throughout its length. Tapers are helpful because they reduce drag, which improves performance.


Some kayak paddles are washable, while others cannot be cleaned. Washable paddles are ideal for those who live near bodies of fresh water where they can rinse the paddle underwater. Non-washable paddles are recommended for saltwater environments where rinsing is impractical.

Different Types of Vibe Kayak Paddle

Vibes paddles are designed with different features depending upon the type of kayaking you're doing. If you're going whitewater rafting, you might be interested in a vibes paddle that has a wider blade so you can maneuver around rocks and other obstacles more effectively. For flatwater paddling, you might prefer a longer blade so you can reach farther into the water while still being able to control the boat.

Types of Vibe Kayak Paddles

There are three main categories of vibes paddles: Flat Water, Whitewater, and Hybrid. Each category offers its own advantages and disadvantages. The following sections describe each category in detail.

This style of vibes paddle is best suited for flat-water paddlers who enjoy long trips and leisurely excursions. Its wide blade makes it easy to steer the kayak and paddle across open waters. Because there isn't too much resistance, these paddles are ideal for beginners.

These paddles are designed specifically for whitewater adventures. Their narrow blades allow them to cut through rapids and waves with ease. However, because of their small size, they aren't very stable. They're great for short jaunts down rivers and streams where you only plan on making quick stops along the way.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Vibes Paddle

Choosing the right vibes paddle depends largely on your experience level and the kind of adventure you'd like to take part in. Beginners typically choose a flat-water paddle. Experienced paddlers opt for a hybrid paddle. Both options provide excellent performance, but the choice comes down to personal preference.

Where Can You Find Them?

While most vibes paddles are sold online, many retailers sell them directly to customers. Some stores specialize in selling vibes products exclusively. Others carry a variety of kayak accessories, including vibes paddles.

Are There Any Other Options?

Yes! While vibes paddles are by far the most popular option, there are alternatives available. One alternative is the traditional paddle. Traditional paddles are generally shorter and sturdier than vibes paddles. They're good for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Another option is the oar. Oars are useful for moving quickly through shallow areas and getting back onto dry land quickly.


Best Marine Kayak Paddle - Carbon Fiber Shaft & Fiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene Blades - 220cm, 234cm, 250cm Separating Lightweight Floating Paddles - Adjustable Oars & Kayaking Accessories

  • Lightweight Yet Tough - Powerfully and effortlessly glide through water. The premium carbon fiber shaft and reinforced fiberglass blades give you an ultra-light yet supremely durable flatwater paddle for a more satisfying kayak experience. Ease pressure on your shoulders. Minimize arm fatigue and focus on your beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Your Ideal Length - Enjoy optimal control over your kayak. This paddle is 234cm in length, weighs 33.5oz, and separates into two pieces for easy travel and storage. Plus unlike most separating paddles, ours feel as solid and engaging as any single-piece paddle and feature 2 drip rings to stop water from dripping down the shaft! We offer 220cm/87in, 234cm/92in, and 250cm/98in, a size for everyone!
  • 5 Striking Color Choices - Kayak in style with our vibrant Black, Black Prism, Blue Cloud, Blue Prism and Orange Cloud color options. Each paddle floats in water and includes a 5ft leash to keep it securely attached. The handle is also designed with a super-smooth finish that doesn’t hurt your hands.
  • High Quality, Low Price - Avoid cheaply made paddles that break when you need them most. At Best Marine, we guarantee you quality you can rely on. Plus we keep costs low so you can enjoy a quality paddle at half the price of similar-quality alternatives. Ideal for casual kayakers who want quality with affordability. Our paddles make a great gift!
  • Our Promise To You- As a leading kayak gear provider around the world, it's our mission to bring you kayaking equipment you can always trust. That's why our products come with our Best Marine & Outdoors 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So buy with total confidence and discover the joys of kayaking today!

Norme Kayak Paddle Holder Clip Kayak Paddle Clips with Hardware Universal Compatible with Perception Kayaks, Emotion Kayaks, Lifetime Kayaks, Pelican Kayaks, Malibu Kayaks, Vibe Kayaks(4 Pack)

  • You will receive: package includes 4 packs kayak paddle clips with hardware, strong specially designed clipping method for securing kayak paddle, quickly and easily mount your paddle clip holder to the side of your kayak
  • Durable material: kayak paddle holder is made of strength plastic, not easy to damage and broken, corrosion resistance and simple low-profile design, lightweight and durable, helps to hold your paddle firmly so that it does not slip away
  • Compatible with: this paddle holder works with majority of kayaks, compatible with Perception kayaks, Emotion kayaks, Lifetime kayaks, Pelican kayaks, Malibu kayaks, Vibe kayaks, etc.
  • Secure: boat paddle clip will seldom grinding your hands, comfortable to use, easy to set and install, plastic paddle clip can be applied for kayak paddle storage on kayak, in garage, or for fishing nets, keeps your rod/ paddle securely attached to you at all times
  • Note: this is a compatible spare par, the mention of Perception, Emotion, Lifetime, Pelican, Malibu Kayaks, Vibe Kayaks and any related model designation above is only for purposes of demonstrating compatibility

Best Marine Kayak Fishing Paddle | Adjustable 250cm Carbon Fiber Angler Oar with ABS Blades | Lightweight 34oz | 2 Piece Kayaking Accessories with 5ft Leash

  • Effortlessly Glide Through the Water: Your kayaking adventure doesn't get any better than this. Our lightweight paddle shaft has a 17-inch x 6-inch ABS blade on each side. Each blade can adjust to three different angles: -90, 0, 90 degrees—allowing you to customize your kayaking experience with ease. These two features alone take the stress and strain off your upper body and give you the confidence to paddle one mile or many.
  • High-Quality Construction: Our 98-inch kayak paddle consists of a high-quality carbon fiber shaft for strength and durability. The sturdy and lightweight construction makes it feel comfortable in your hands, unlike your average aluminum or fiberglass paddle that is heavy and sometimes awkward to maneuver. It's a great value for people looking for a premium kayaking experience at an affordable price.
  • Fully Prepared for Your Next Kayaking Trip: Included in each package is one kayak paddle with a 40-inch (100 cm) ruler on the shaft and two drip rings that prevent water from running down the shaft, and an easy-to-install 5-foot nylon bungee leash that keeps your paddle securely attached to your kayak. The leash can stretch to 7 feet, while the universal hook and loop fastener strap secures to all paddle styles.
  • Perfect Length for Fishing Kayaks: Want to catch some fish in the old school, fun, and efficient way—via kayak? At 98 inches, our kayak paddles are perfect for the majority of wide fishing kayaks. On the left paddle blade, you'll find a hook retrieval notch and a small cutout to help you remove lures after a bad cast. Talk about convenience! We designed this paddle with the entire fishing kayaking experience in mind.
  • Easy to Transport and Store: In addition to their weight, single-piece paddles can be awkward to travel with. That's why we designed a two-piece paddle that's not only lightweight but easy to separate and assemble. Whether you're headed on a rugged fishing adventure or a simple recreational stroll in the water, you can travel and store your paddle without having to rearrange your entire vehicle to fit your kayaking gear.

OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle 230cm/90.5in Alloy Shaft Kayaking Boating Oar with Paddle Leash 1 Paddle

  • DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE: This kayak paddle is with high-quality aluminum alloy shaft (1.1mm shell thickness) and fiberglass reinforced PP blade. The material combination ensures a stiff and durable kayak paddle at a better price. It’s a perfect choice for starters and intermediate kayakers.
  • USERES FRIENDLY: The oar shaft is designed with a shrinking PE tube cover. It provides better grip for your hands to prevent blistering. Especially, your hands won’t suffer from the cold feeling from the alloy when you kayak in winter weather.
  • POPULAR LENGTH AT 230CM: Not too short, not too long, the oar is 230cm (90.5 inches) at length. It’s an ideal kayak paddle with moderate length for you and your family. It’s also detachable at 2 sections, so you might carry it around and put it away easily.
  • FREE LEASH/3 ANGLES/ DRIP RINGS: All OCEANBROAD kayak paddles come with a free bungee paddle leash. It helps secure your paddle to your kayak, especially when you want to lay down the oars, stop by a little bit to enjoy great views around. The paddle is with 3 locking positions for different kayaking angle preference. The drip rings at two ends help stop water flowing from the blades. So, the shaft and your hands won’t get wet easily.
  • WORRY FREE PURCHASE: OCEANBROAD offers complete customer satisfaction of replacement or refund for any quality issues.

Abahub 1 x Kayak Paddles, 90.5 Inches Kayaking Oars for Boating, Canoeing with Free Paddle Leash, Aluminum Alloy Shaft Orange Plastic Blades

  • MADE to LAST: Made of premium quality 1.15mm thick, 29mm diameter aluminum alloy shaft, and fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades, this kayak paddle is impact and erosion resistent, thus for great durability. It’s perfect for beginner and intermediate kayakers.
  • EASY to USE: This 2-sections detachable kayak paddle is designed with 3 locking positions to offset the blade to reduce wind resistance accordingly. It's also designed with 0.5mm shaft fubber cover for better grip. This especailly provides your hands with more comfort during cold winter paddling.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT BLADE DESIGN: With 18'' x 6.5''Asymmetrical blades, this paddle is comfortable and energy saving, both for casual and long distance paddling. The blades are feathered with a hollow spine for reinforcement and less weight. All these add up to better cuts and pulls through water.
  • 90.5" FITS MOST: Both kayak length and paddler's height are analyzed to set the length of this oar at 90.5 inches/230 cm, so it could fit most people over 5'5" with the common kayak width of 24" - 28".
  • PRACTICAL and CONSIDERATE DESIGN: All of our kayak paddles come with a free bungee paddle leash to help secure your paddle to your kayak, especially when you'd like to lay it down to stop for a rest. 2 upgraded drip rings at both joints of the blades are added to minimize water flow during paddling so you won't get wet easily.

WONITAGO Kayak Paddles with Alloy Shaft and PP Blade, Floating Kayaking Oars, Adjustable 230-250 cm/90-98 Inches, Black

  • ALLOY SHAFT KAYAK PADDLE --- Made of high-quality aluminum alloy shaft, lightweight and portable (1.1mm shell thickness), The oar shaft is designed with a shrinking PE tube cover. It provides a better grip for your hands to prevent blistering. Especially, your hands won’t suffer from the cold feeling from the alloy when you kayak in winter weather
  • PP BLADE --- The blades have good durability and corrosion resistance, the streamlined design adds power and stability to the stroke while reducing flutter of the paddle
  • Adjustable Kayak Paddle --- 3-pieces combined design make the paddle more portable, you can separate it into 3 parts to carry with you more conveniently, and ±60° Quick Pin Button Lock makes it easier to assemble fastly and adjust the paddle at any length to fit you perfectly, Paddle total weight is only 2.3lbs (1kg), Total length adjustable from 230 - 250 cm/90 - 98 Inches
  • Suitable for Almost All Paddlers --- Whether you are a newbie, a casual paddler or a professional paddler, WONITAGO Paddle will be a good choice for you, This paddle is designed and tested by experienced paddlers. The lightweight really reduces paddler fatigue and makes it easy for virtually anyone to use
  • WHY CHOOSE WONITAGO --- We've been manufacturing paddles for 10 years, We firmly believe that our products will bring you the best experience in paddling. If you're not happy with our products, please contact us and we will provide you with the best solution

4 Pcs Kayak Paddle Holder Clips with Hardware & Adjustable Kayak Paddle Leashes Coming with Rubber Kayak Paddle Drip Rings Universal Kayak Boat Accessories

  • 【Kayak Accessories 】: 2 Pcs kayak paddle clips with 4 Pairs of M5 Neoprene Well Nut is to be designed for securing kayak paddle, 2 PCs kayak paddle leashes are to be designed to secure while in boat or kayak and 4Pcs kayak paddle drip ring
  • 【Good Quality Paddle Tethers】: The Paddle Tethers set of the paddle clips is Strength Plastic that very durable and with corrosion resistance; Nylon fishing rod leash and zinc alloy hook with fixed elongation and good abrasion resistance features that it will not over stretch and loose elasticity
  • 【Paddle Leash】: The kayak paddle leash can stretch to 140cm, connecting the paddle to the kayak to prevent the paddle getting out of control. Useful for buoyancy aid, kayak/canoe paddles, river rafting, fishing poles, net and other items that need to be secured while in the boat
  • 【Holder Clip】: The kayak paddle clip holder can be steadily holding the canoeing kayak paddle on kayak, in garage or for fishing nets, convenient and easy to install. It is widely application for gear storage in garage and securing nets on boats / kayaks etc
  • 【Functions of Drip Rings】:The rubber kayak paddle drip ring is used to keep excess water from running down the paddle shaft to keeping Your Hands Dry When Paddling, suitable for most kayak paddles

Miyamuya Kayak Paddle Clip Universal Kayak Paddle Holder Clips with Hardware for Perception Kayaks, Emotion Kayaks, Lifetime Kayaks, Pelican Kayaks, Malibu Kayaks, Vibe Kayaks With 4 Screws and 4 Nuts

  • ▶Easy To Install: There Is No Difference Design Between The Left And Right Sides, And It Can Be Easily Installed On The Left Or Right. Install The Paddle Clip Bracket To The Side Of The Kayak Quickly And Easily. The Paddle Clip Helps To Fix The Paddle Firmly To Prevent The Oar From Slipping Off.

  • ▶Durable Material:The Paddle Seat Of The Kayak Is Made Of High-Strength Plastic, Which Is Not Easy To Damage And Break. Corrosion-Resistant Materials And Simple And Practical Design Help To Firmly Fix The Oars. The Kayak Paddle Is Small And Portable.

  • ▶High Safety Performance:Smooth Edges And Corners To Avoid Scratching Hands Or Feet. A Specially Designed Firm Shearing Method For Fixing The Kayak Paddle.

  • ▶Used In Many Occasions:The Paddle Splint Will Avoid Hand Rubbing. The Plastic Paddle Clip Can Be Used To Store The Kayak Paddle In The Kayak, Garage Or Fishing Net, So Your Pole/Paddle Is Always Firmly Fixed By Your Side. Not Limited To Anywhere.

  • ▶Strong Compatibility:The Kayak Paddle Clip Has Strong Compatibility And Is Suitable For Most Kayaks. Compatible With Sensory Kayaking, Emotional Kayaking, Life Kayaking, Pelican Kayaking, Malibu Kayaking And Resonance Kayaking, Boats, Etc.


STIVIN 4 Piece Kayak Paddle with Leash 91.7inch 233cm Aluminum Alloy Shaft PP Blade Non-Slip Hand Grip Adjustable Angle Drip Rings Floating Oars Paddles for Kayaking Fishing Canoeing Touring(Yellow)

  • 【DURABLE MATERIALS 】Our kayaking paddle with high-quality aluminum alloy shaft and Polypropylene blade has good durability and corrosion resistance. The lightweight really reduces paddler fatigue and makes it easy for virtually anyone to use.
  • 【COMFORT PADDLE GRIPS】The alloy shaft with a shrinking PE tube cover provides a better grip for your hands to prevent blistering and won't get tired. The teeth design of the blades adds power and stability while reducing the flutter of the blades.
  • 【PADDLE LEASH AND FLOATABLE】Paddle kayaks are designed & tested by experienced paddlers. They are guaranteed to FLOAT in both salt and fresh water when the parts are together. The leash can prevent the paddle from drifting away.
  • 【EASY TO USE AND DETACHABLE】233cm kayak paddle 4 section designed both for storage and transport. Drip rings help keep hands dry. Adjustable Kayak Paddles with ± 60° Quick pin button lock makes it easier to adjust the blade at 3 angles to fit you perfectly.
  • 【WORRY FREE PURCHASE】We've been manufacturing oars for many years, we firmly believe that our products will bring you the best experience. If you're not happy with our products, please contact us and we are willing to replace or full refund it FOR FREE.
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