ChicoBag Bottle Sling rePETe Recycled Water Bottle Bag with Pouch, Aquamarine Blue, Pack of 2

  • RECYCLED: Bottle Sling is a water bottle carrier bag made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles! Fabric is lightweight, durable recycled PET polyester, and machine washable with no fabric softener
  • EASY TO REMEMBER: Bottle Sling is a compact bag-in-pouch design that easily packs into a built-in storage pocket on the front that features a carabiner clip, for conveniently taking with you everywhere when not in use
  • REUSABLE: The water Bottle Sling fabric stretches to comfortably hold most reusable bottles including a snug fit for your 27oz to 40 oz. Klean Kanteen and Nalgene products, protecting your high quality reusable water bottles on the go.
  • CONVENIENT POUCH: Includes large front pocket for your keys, wallet or essentials, and two smaller strap pockets for a pen or chopsticks, and lip balm
  • ON-THE-GO: The Bottle Sling is a perfect complement to your reusable water bottle. An ideal companion to take with you on a walk, hike, or to a music festival

How To Choose The Best Water Bottle Sling Bag

What Is The Purpose Of A Water Bottle Sling Bag?

Sling bags are great accessories for carrying around bottles of water. If you're going hiking or camping, these slings allow you to carry more water with you while still being able to drink from the bottle. Most slings are designed to hold two standard sized water bottles so you can take along enough water for several days. Slings are easy to pack into backpacks or other gear because they fold down flat and fit inside most pockets.

How Do Slings Help Me Carry More Water?

Slings are useful because they let you carry more water in your backpack or car. Instead of taking multiple smaller bottles, you can now bring only one large container. Slings are also helpful because they allow you to drink directly from the bottle without removing it from its case. In addition, slings are convenient because they are lightweight and compact. They are perfect for travel since they fold down small and fit into many places.

Why Use A Water Bottle Sling Bag?

There are many reasons why you might choose to use a sling bag rather than a traditional backpack. For starters, slings are easier to store and transport than backpacks. Because they are light weight, they are ideal for traveling. Also, slings are very versatile. While backpacks are limited by size, slings can be adjusted to accommodate almost any type of bottle. Finally, slings are inexpensive compared to backpacks. There are no additional fees to purchase a sling bag. All you pay for is the price of the actual sling itself.

Useful Accessories To Have With A Water Bottle Sling Bag

While slings are handy tools for carrying water, there are other accessories that are useful to have with a sling bag. First, you'll need a strap to attach the sling to your belt loop. Then, you'll need a pouch to put the sling in. Some pouches are specifically designed for holding a sling bag. Others are simply zippered compartments that will hold anything you'd like. Lastly, you'll need a way to secure the sling bag to your body. Straps are available in different lengths and widths depending on where you plan to use the sling bag. Pouches are generally sold separately and can be purchased online or at sporting goods stores.

Where Can I Find A Good Water Bottle Sling Bag?

The best place to shop for a sling bag is online. Online retailers sell sling bags in a wide variety of styles and colors. Many sling bags are manufactured overseas and shipped directly to customers. However, if you prefer shopping locally, you can visit local outdoor shops or department stores. Look for sling bags that are durable and well-made. Make sure that the straps are strong and adjustable. Also, check for quality stitching and materials.

Make Sure That Your Sling Bag Fits Into Any Backpack Or Car Seat

Before purchasing a sling bag, make sure that it fits into your existing luggage. Check the dimensions of the sling bag before making a final decision. If possible, measure the length of the sling bag and compare it to the length of your current luggage.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Water Bottle Sling Bag

It seems like everyone has a favorite brand of water bottles these days. Whether it be plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, or ceramic, there is no shortage of options available.

Water Bottles Are Expensive

Not only does it seem like everyone has a favorite type of water bottle, but they're expensive too! That doesn't sound very affordable to me!

Sling Bags Aren't Always Necessary

There are many different types of slings bags available today. Some are designed specifically for carrying water bottles while others are meant to carry other products. There are even reusable ones available which allow you to reuse the same bag multiple times. However, most of these bags aren't really necessary. Most companies sell their products online so you can order them right from your house. In fact, you might already have everything you need to create your own sling bag.

Create Your Own Slings Bag

Creating your own sling bag isn't difficult. Then fold the top half down onto itself creating a pouch. Next, sew the bottom together using a zigzag stitch. Finally, attach a strap by sewing along the edge of the fabric where the ends meet. Now, you've got yourself a custom sling bag!

Quality Matters

While making your own sling bag may be easy enough, you still need to ensure that the material you choose is high quality. Cheap materials can break quickly and cause problems later on. Investing in good quality materials ensures that you'll enjoy years of service from your sling bag. Don't skimp on quality; you'll regret it later!

Consider Other Options

If you'd rather pay someone else to create your sling bag for you, there are plenty of services available. For example, Etsy offers a wide variety of sling bag designs for sale. Many of these sling bags are handmade, meaning they're created by hand. Others are machine sewn and ready to ship. Still others are printed and shipped directly to your door. Whatever option you choose, remember to shop around. Prices vary widely depending on the size, design, and quantity ordered. Make sure you know exactly what you're getting before you commit to anything.

Features To Look For When Buying A Water Bottle Sling Bag

There are many different types of bags available today. Some are designed specifically for carrying bottles while others are more general purpose. The most important thing to remember when choosing a water bottle sling bag is that it must be comfortable enough to carry around with you. If you're going to be using it regularly, you'll probably end up wearing it quite frequently so comfort is key.

Materials Used In Making The Bags

The material used in making these bags varies depending on whether they are intended to hold bottles or other containers. Most slings are made of nylon webbing which has been treated to repel moisture. Other materials include leather, canvas, cotton, and polyester. All of these materials provide varying levels of durability and strength. Leather tends to last longer than synthetic materials because it naturally resists stains and scuffs. However, it does require care and maintenance. Cotton and Polyester are both inexpensive options that are easy to maintain. Canvas is another option that offers good value for money. It comes in several colors and patterns and is very durable.

Size & Weight

Most slings are adjustable so that they fit comfortably across the body. There are two main ways to adjust the size of the strap. One way involves tying knots into the ends of the straps. Another method uses metal rings sewn onto the strap itself. Both methods allow you to tighten the strap by pulling on the ring or knotting it together. Adjusting the length of the strap is done by loosening the looped portion of the strap and adjusting the amount of slack left between the loops. Once the desired length is achieved, the excess cord is cut off and the strap tightened down again. Many manufacturers recommend cutting the excess cord before storing the bag so it doesn't become tangled.


Many designs are available including simple ones that only have a single pouch and those that have multiple pouches. Pouches can vary in shape and design. Some are square shaped while others are rectangular. Some are flat while others are rounded. Others have pockets inside them. The number of compartments can range from 1-6. The type of compartment depends on the contents of the bag. Bottles typically go in a separate pocket from foodstuffs or liquids. Sometimes there is a small opening where the lid of the container fits snugly.


Water bottle slings are generally priced based on the quality of the materials used and the level of craftsmanship involved. The price of a sling bag will depend largely on its weight and size. Larger bags weigh more and therefore cost more to produce. Smaller bags are easier to transport and store. They are cheaper to manufacture and sell. Manufacturers who specialize in producing high quality products will charge more for their goods. Those who mass produce lower quality products will charge less.

Different Types Of Water Bottle Sling Bag

Water bottles are essential tools for anyone who works outside. Whether you're hiking, biking, running, or working out, carrying around a heavy water bottle can be difficult. If you've ever tried lugging around a full-sized water bottle, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Luckily, there are many different ways to carry your water bottle while still being able to enjoy its benefits. Here are three options for carrying your favorite beverage with ease.

Sling Bags

The most common type of sling bag is known as a "water bottle sling." The sling bag has two handles which allow you to hold onto the strap and pull the bag close to your body. While these bags are convenient because they fit into pockets and purses, they aren't very comfortable. In addition, they can only hold so much weight before they start feeling cumbersome. Another disadvantage of slings is that they require both hands to operate. For example, if you're walking down a steep hillside, you'd probably rather not have to stop and unload your pack. Finally, slings can be expensive since they are typically sold separately.

Bottle Holders

Another option for carrying your water bottle is by using a bottle holder. There are several styles available, including belt clips, key chains, and pouches. Some holders attach directly to your clothing, while others clip onto belts or other accessories. Most bottle holders are designed to hold standard sized water bottles, although some models can accommodate larger ones. One advantage of bottle holders is that they can be attached to almost anything. However, they are bulky and take up more room than slings. Also, they must be removed whenever you want to drink from the bottle.

Bag Straps

Finally, another way to carry your water bottle is by attaching it to a backpack or messenger bag. Many backpacks include built-in straps for holding smaller items. Messenger bags are great for those who prefer to carry their belongings in front of them. Both types of bags provide easy access to your water bottle. However, they are bulkier than slings and bottle holders. Additionally, they can be hard to store away once you're finished drinking.


Trifecta Mobile Packer | Crossbody Sling Bag with Phone Holder, Water Bottle Holders and RFID Protection

  • A flexible, reliable and comfortable sling bag for all your low-key adventures
  • Holster-style removable cell phone pocket with a high-quality velcro flap for holding even the largest phones and phablets
  • Anti-theft micro pack with locking zipper
  • RFID blocking inner pocket helps protect your credit and debit cards from unauthorized scanning or tracking
  • Ample room for your wallet, passport, sunglasses, and much more

Vera Bradley Recycled Lighten Up Reactive Deluxe Water Bottle Crossbody Sling Bag, Black

  • RECYCLED LIGHTEN UP -- The same Lighten Up fabric that you know & love is now made from recycled bottles - this sustainable water-repellent fabric is lightweight & durable, yet soft to the touch
  • STAY HYDRATED AND HANDS FREE -- whether you are going to a festival, sporting event, hiking, or just a stroll through the park, you can enjoy your ice cold water while staying hands free and living in the moment
  • CHIC ORGANIZATION -- with a slip pocket behind the main water bottle pocket along with 4 card slips on the inside of the zip closure, you can keep all of your essentials at your fingertips and ready in a moment's notice
  • PERFECTLY SIZED -- Measures 4 inches wide x 8 inches high x 3 inches deep with 54 inch adjustable strap

Tactical Military Chest Sling Bag Water Resistant MOLLE Shoulder Backpack Mens One Strap Daypack with Water Bottle Holder

  • ✔ MATERIAL -- This tactical bag is made of 600D nylon fabric, lightweight, water resistant, wear resistant and durable.
  • ✔ SIZE -- Dimensions (LxWxH): 16 x 11 x 30cm / 6.3 "x 4.3" x 11.8 ", providing enough space for the daily essentials you need for school, shopping and cycling.
  • ✔ FEATURE -- ① Length of the shoulder strap is about 70 - 120 cm, left and right adjustable. ② SIDE MESH POCKET which you can hold your 550ml bottle or a pocket umbrella. ③ USB SIDE CHARGING PORT on the other side of the bag, very convenient for charging your mobile phone.
  • ✔ MULTIPLE USAGE -- One-shoulder strap design, this bag can act as a single-shoulder bag, sling bag, chest bag or a crossbody bag, be free to use it according to your needs.
  • ✔ Occasions: Ideal for outdoor sports, such as running, hiking, camping, climbing, cycling, short-term travel and daily use.

adidas Hydration Crossbody Water Bottle Sling Bag, Black/White, One Size

  • Fits 32oz and smaller bottles.
  • Zippered pocket for small items.
  • Mesh pocket for extra storage.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Side handle for multiple ways to carry.

adidas Originals Utility Crossbody Sling Bag with Water Bottle Sleeve, Core Black, One Size

  • Branded rubberized patch.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Adjustable shoulder straporganization - multiple storage pockets.
  • Hydration - zippered side pocket opens to hold a water bottle.
  • Interior slit pocket and zippered mesh pocket.

Cotton Crochet Crossbody Water Bottle Bag Green Drink Carrier Beverage Sling

  • Crocheted by hand with 100% cotton yarn
  • Net design stretches to fit bottles up to 3 1/4" diameter and hugs smaller bottles snugly
  • Long, stretchy, cross-body style strap can be tied with simple knot to adjust fit for different body sizes
  • Machine wash and dry, gentle cycle

AORTDES Water Bottle Sling Case Bag Carrier Holder - 500ML/16.9oz Neoprene Water Bottle Sleeve Strap Cooler Cover Pouch for Men Women Kids Travel Camping Walking Hiking Running(Leaves)

  • Make of 3.5mm soft neoprene material,the water bottle carrier will protect your bottle surface from being scratched, scraping, extrusion.
  • Three Size for your choice: 500ML(16.9oz) water bottle bag,Length-7.48 inches,Diameter-2.75 inches;750ML(24oz) water bottle holder,Length-8.26 inches,Diameter-3.14 inches;1000ML(34oz) water bottle carrier,Length-9.45 inches,Diameter-3.34 inches.
  • With an adjustable shoulder strap,it will fits all body types.
  • Keep the temperature of drinking also avoid to burn your hand,it is great for glass bottle stainless steel and plastic bottles, sport and energy drinks.
  • Easy to store, easy to clean, ideal for school,work,travel,camping,walking,running,hiking and many other outdoor sports.

Protector Plus Tactical Sling Bag Military MOLLE Crossbody Pack Chest Shoulder Backpack with Water Bottle Holder Pouch EDC Diaper Motorcycle Bicycle Daypack (Patch Included),Black

  • ✅ MATERIAL -- Made A+ Grade durable nylon ripstop fabric; scratch-resistant, water-repellent, not easy to fade after long-term use, which wear-resistance is higher 10 times than conventional polyester fabric tension
  • ✅ OUTSTANDING STRUCTURE -- 9.8" W x 7" H x 4" D. The tactical sling pack designed has multiple pockets for storing different stuffs. The 2 front zip pockets can fits small things; The large compartment can fits 7.9 in tablet; 1 Mesh water bottle holder pouch on left; Multi-layer storage compartments can accommodate a lot of EDC equipments
  • ✅ MOLLE MODULAR DESIGN -- Molle webbing system on front and right side, designed to be used in combination with other equipments, you can attaching extra pouches or gears; such as kettle pouch, walkie-talkie pouch, first-aid pouch, torch pouch and so on
  • ✅ INTIMATE DESIGN -- Hook-and-loop for attaching personality tags according to your own liking; This tactical sling bag double stitched, padded shoulder straps with mesh backing for comfort, ventilation, and strength during travel. With high-quality zipper. Easy adjustable chest strap
  • ✅ WIDE APPLICATION -- Well-organized items placement serve you in different usage scenarios from everyday use, stroll, camping, hiking, to trip and travel

Yosoo Health Gear Water Bottle Sling Bag, Water Bottle Holder, Water Bottle Sleeve with Detachable Strap and Built-in Buckle, Slightly Elastic Opening can Prevent Bottle from Falling Out(Black)

  • High quality: The water bottle holder is made of soft neoprene material, lightweight, wearable, colorfast, thermal, washable
  • Elastic opening design: With a slightly elastic opening, easy to put bottle in and can prevent bottle from falling out
  • Detachable strap and built-in buckle: The water bottle bag designed with an detachable strap and a built-in buckle for easy carrying, the strap is adjustable and suitable for most people
  • Universal and protective effects: The water bottle sleeve is great for various kinds of bottles, it can keep water's temperature for one hour and offer anti-scald protection to your hand
  • Applicable: The water bottle sling bag can protect bottle from being scratched, suitable for outdoor uses

Corkcicle Cooler Sling Bag, Perfect for Holding 16 oz - 40 oz Canteen Water Bottle, Olive

  • Slick adjustable logo strap
  • Exterior cinch pocket fits a 16oz - 40oz Canteen and the padded interior pocket snugly holds your valuables
  • Durable twill fabric in multiple chic colors
  • Measurements: 4.5" x 9.5" x 5", 27" maximum strap drop // 11.5 cm x 24 cm x 13 cm, 68.5cm strap drop
  • Canteen sold separately

Nuovoware Water Bottle Carrier Bag, Bottle Pouch Holder, Adjustable Shoulder Hand Strap 2 Pocket Sling Neoprene Sleeve Sports Water Bottle Accessories for Men Women Kids Hiking Travelling Camping

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of high-quality neoprene, our bottle carrier bag has better water resistance, shockproof while maintaining its high softness and elasticity. Neoprene material makes it more sturdy and not easy to deform in long time use.
  • WIDELY USED: This water bottle carrier bag it’s the perfect for school, commute, jogging, hiking, cycling, camping, travel, or even if you're at the beach, at the gym, or at sports events.
  • 2 POCKETS: The small zipper pocket is for cash and card, the large zipper pocket is for smartphone, keys, and other essentials. When you go out, you just need to bring this water bottle bag, no need to carry the bag to hold these small items.
  • TWO WAYS TO CARRY: Equipped with padded handle strap and adjustable shoulder strap, it's comfortable for you to carry. This sports water bottle carrier bag making your hands free from holding the bottle when outdoors.
  • GREAT FOR KIDS & ADULTS: It can effectively protect your water bottle from scratches and wear and is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, which is suitable for all body types. You can carry it on your shoulder or cross-body as a messenger bag or carry it in your hand.

UNIS Water Bottle Holder 25oz Insulated Drink Pouch Bag Carrier Sling with Adjustable Strap and Storage Pocket

  • The simple and convenient solution to carry hot or cold bottled water or any drink hand free. Unload the burden on your hands to experience any outdoor/indoor event, hiking, walking, jogging, exercising, and various activities with hands-free from holding the bottled drinks during any seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter.
  • Double layered pouch with polyester and high-density neoprene to protect and insulate bottle drink from scratches, damages, and environment. A durable and lightweight pouch will accompany wherever you go.
  • The main bottled drink compartment can fit up to a 25-ounce bottle and 2 front storage pockets to fit your most important item such as wallet, phone, keys, cards, id, or many more. Allows the user to bring the essential item
  • The main compartment is secured with a spring-loaded drawstring cord lock. Adjustable shoulder strap and hand strap can be attached or detached to D – ring attached on the side. You can use the D-ring to attach the pouch to the backpack or travel luggage.
  • The product measure 3.8 inches in diameter at the base and 9.5 inches in height.

MIER Water Bottle Holder Insulated Water Bottle Carrier Bag Fits Most 18 oz to 26 oz Bottles - Lightweight Bottle Sling with Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap for Walking Hiking Outdoor School, Gray

  • 100% Waterproof TPU Material: The water bottle carrier is made of 420 TPU material. Easy to clean, lightweight, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and 100% waterproof. MIER portable Water bottle carrier is your best choice. Box package as a Gift. This carrier makes it easy for her to hold her bottle (hands free) and protects the bottle as well for students/kids. Hold water in urgent
  • Simple Style: Stretch-woven mesh side pocket for storing small items, like credit card, ID card, change, etc. Webbing daisy chain hanging point for attaching your bottle to your backpack. Adjustable padded shoulder straps for sling it over your shoulder, free your hands. It matches all colors of bottle
  • Dimension: Length: 8.25 inches/21 cm, Diameter: 3.75 inches/9.5 cm. Widely compatible with almost all water containers. One size fits almost all water bottles. Our MIER water bottle sleeve is fit for most flasks and water bottles such as Hydro Flask, Thermo Flask, Contigo and other brands. Fit for Yeti Rambler 18/26 oz, hydro flask18/21/24/32 oz standard mouth, etc.
  • User Friendly Design: It is adding a light padding with thicker EVA foaming for a more comfy experience. Strap for hands-free carrying. It is comfortable & adjustable. It's a removal carrying strap. The adjustable length (MIN: 38", MAX:56") fits most people around the shoulder at the drop of a hat for a hands-free carrying experience
  • Limited Manufacturer's Warranty ---- TWO-YEAR for MIER water bottle carrier holder bag. We stand behind our products. If a product fails because of a defect in material or the quality of workmanship, we will repair or replace it free of charge. MIER takes pride in the quality of our products and warrants that the materials and workmanship will be free of any defects. Our factories follow a strict set of specifications and quality standards, however, if a problem develops, please contact us

Sling Bag for Men Women Sports Shoulder Backpack Small Cross Body Chest Sling with Detachable Water Bottle Holder Bag

  • Practical Design; Small(14.5x7x2inch), Strong , Sturdy, Compact but with separated spaces to organize little items. Strap and the back are thickly padded for comfortable carry. Adjustable strap adds stability and security to fit different purpose. Enable to hold bottle, zipper pocket large enough to hold your phone, purse, keys, MP3, iPad mini and so on when you are cycling, running hiking climbing or any other outdoor sports
  • Upscale Nylon Cloth Shoulder Sling; This mini sling bag is well constructed of high quality water resistant nylon material. Lightweight, strong and sturdy. Not easy to be scratched, high quality and water-resistant. One rope strap design makes it fashion, multi-function and portable for practical purpose in the daily life
  • Powerful Satchel Shoulder Strap; The flexible strap of this chest bag can be adjusted varied from 19.6 to 42.5 inches in circle. Fit for normal size and plus size. A suitable sling backpack for men, women
  • Detachable Water Bottle Holder; Smart Design to cover all your need, either you want to go out with or without water bottle this bag can cater to your need.
  • Multipurpose Daypack: Adjustable type strap fit for the child also adult. Can be used as messenger bag / family weekend trip sling bag: black color for Dad, blue color for Mum and the green color for kids / shoulder bag / crossbody backpack / casual daypack / sling bag / chest bag / travel bag / working or business bag, suitable for office, school, outdoor, business and other occasions. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE WARRANTY

SUN CUBE Water Bottle Carrier with Strap for Walking, Insulated Water Bottle Holder Bag Hiking, Heavy Duty Neoprene Sleeve Sling, Phone Pouch Pockets Men Women, Gray, 40 oz

  • WATER BOTTLE BAG CARRIER: Ideal for walking, hiking, camping and traveling, enjoy hands free outdoor entertainment with this portable water bottle holder. Classic and stylish, a great present for all the hikers.
  • PORTABLE AND HANDS FREE STRAP DESIGN: One top handle for hand holding, one shoulder sling to carry the bag on your shoulder or across your body. Both straps are removable and attached to heavy duty metal buckles, which are extremely durable for heavy weight bottle. Finally, a side strap lets you hold the carrier in hand and drink easily.
  • MULTIPLE VERSATILE POCKETS: This water bottle holder comes with dual pockets and functional compartments for organizing personal belongings, such as snacks, facial tissues, credit cards and phone. One mesh outer pocket for even more convenient and easier access, with a reflective strap on the front for safe outdoor activities in low light conditions.
  • INSULATED AND DURABLE: Made from high-quality polyester to ensure maximum durability and a long-lasting experience. The insulated neoprene lining will fully protect your bottle and keep the temperature. Also, the adjustable drawstring lets you tighten the bag easily and travel in peace.
  • FITS 40 OZ: Measures 5.5 x 4 x 9.2 inches (L x W x H). Max 3.5 inches bottle width. Fits most standard 40 oz water bottles, flasks and jugs. Before purchasing, please measure your container.

Water Bottle Carrier, QICAIPO Adjustable Water Bottle Sling Bag with Shoulder Strap Fit 40 oz and 64 oz Flask (Black, 40 OZ and 64 OZ)

  • FITS MOST 40 OZ and 64 OZ WATER BOTTLES: The Adjustable Holder make it more adaptable, compatible with 40 oz and 64 oz wide mouth Bottle and standard lid stainless steel insulated water bottle: RTIC, Yeti 36 oz, Hydro Flask ( include Hydro Flask 2.0), Iron Flask, Thermoflask, Simple Modern,Takeya etc
  • 2 IN 1: It include 2 part, Adjustable Holder and Adjustable Shoulder Strap. Made of premium quality material, durable nylon, heavy duty metal accessories. This carrier is guaranteed to withstand the test of time
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE: Equipped with adjustable shoulder strap, it's comfortable for you to carry. This sports water bottle carrier bag making your hands free from holding the bottle when outdoors. Perfect for school, walking,commute, jogging, hiking, cycling, camping, travel, or even if you're at the beach, at the gym, or at sports events.
  • Helps prevent dropping and damaging to your water bottle and makes carrying and travel much more convenient.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Amazing customer support available to you. We know how much you love quality gear… and so do we.

Mini Festival Crossbody Bag, Water Bottle Carrier - Adjustable Shoulder Straps with Secret Stash Pocket - Rave Accessories - Gym, Hiking, EDC Sling Bag (black/grey)

  • PERFECT FOR MUSIC FESTIVALS: Stay hands free while at concerts, hiking, cycling, walking, camping and other outdoor activities
  • MULTIPLE CARRY OPTIONS: Wear as a crossbody bag, over your shoulder or tote it around with the padded carry handle
  • ZIPPERED STORAGE POUCH: Secure space for your phone, wallet, keys, chapstick, and makeup
  • HIDDEN ZIPPER POCKET: Store extra valuables such as cash and drivers license
  • WATER BOTTLE CARRIER: Adjustable drawstring drink pouch can fit 12 to 20 oz water bottles to keep adults and kids hydrated
  • BAG MEASUREMENTS: 6 x 7.5 x 2 inches and weighs 7oz

SITHON Water Bottle Carrier Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Sports Water Bottle Sling Case Holder Sleeve Pouch with 2 Pockets/Hand Strap for Hiking Travelling School Camping (Black)

  • 【Wide Various Bottle】Featured with drawstring design, holds bottles snugly and securely. Height-9.5 inches, Diameter-3.5 inches, fit for various bottles under 32oz.
  • 【Well Organized】The small zipper pocket designed for cash and card, the large zipper pocket with keychain strap for smartphones, keys and other essentials. Keep your essentials well organized with this water bottle bag.
  • 【Portable on-the-go】Comes with handle strap and adjustable shoulder strap, prepared for all situations and go anywhere without worry. The side strap on the holder is great to put your hand through to hold up the bottle while drinking, perfectly portable and convenient.
  • 【Premium Material】Made of water resistant, soft and durable fabric, make this bottle carrier bag sturdy and not easy to deform for a long time, can effectively protect your water bottle from scratches and wear.
  • 【Multiple Usage】Perfect for school, commute, jogging, hiking, cycling, camping, travel, or even if you're at the beach, at the gym, or at sports events. Great ideal to be a gift for your mom/dad/husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend on anniversary, birthday, thanksgiving day, Christmas and Valentine’s day.

Yerchic Small Sling Bag Men Women Shoulder Backpack Mini Cross Body Chest Sling Backpack with Water Bottle Holder Travel Hiking Casual Daypack, Black

  • 【Small Sling Backpack 】 Small sized sling bag (6.5*2.4*12.2 inches), idea for casual daily use, light traveling and carrying small items. Keep your pockets and hands free when outing and no need to carry a bulky backpack
  • 【Multi-compartment with Water Bottle Holder】Shoulder backpack with 3 compartment and one side mesh water bottle holder pocket which fit standard plastic water bottle, keep everything in order
  • 【Superior Material】 Crossbody sling bag made with high density oxford material, durable,water ressitant and anti-scratch; Smooth quality zipper for long lasting and easy to use
  • 【Earphone Hole Design】 There is an earphone hole on the top of the sling bag, providing easy access to your earphones, keep you hand and pocket free when listening music
  • 【Adjustable Shoulder Strap】 Daypack with adjustale shoulder strap to meet different requirements for both men and women.Multipurpose perfectly works as men womens wallet purse, shoulder bag, chest pack, travel bag, outdoor sports bag (hiking, camping, climbing, cycling, walking, etc) in casual daily life. Also it’s a great gift for everyone.

Nuovoware Water Bottle Carrier, 40oz Bottle Carrier Sports Insulated Water Bottle Holder with Adjustable Shoulder Strap, 2 Pockets Flask Sling Bag Drawstring Pouch for Climbing Hiking Walking, Black

  • 【Premium Insulation Material】: As a professional sports accessory, this water bottle carrier is specially designed for severe cold and extreme environments. Made of 900D dacron outer layer + 300D interior and open neoprene, this excellent sports carrying bag is durable.
  • 【Large Capacity】: The size of our bottle carrier is: 4.92inch(Length) * 5.12inch(width) * 9.65inch(height) / 12.5cm * 13cm * 24.5cm (including pockets). It is compatible with 40oz bottles, ensuring that your water bottle is always by your side. With it, you can carry large bottles to go out.
  • 【Drawstring and 2 Pockets】: The two front pockets can hold 6/7 inch phones, and the zippers can keep your belongings in the holder safely. You can also put small items such as cash, bracelets, hairpins into this holder. The drawstring makes it easy for you to take out/put in the water bottle, and also ensures that the water bottle will not fall out of the holder.
  • 【2 Ways Carry】: You can carry it by hand or slung by shoulder. When you are exercising outdoors, it is sometimes difficult to free up extra hands to hold the water bottle, then you can use the padded shoulder strap to slung it over your shoulder.
  • 【Widely Used】: You can use it as a small backpack. Whether you are hiking, climbing, walking, or participating in sports events, it can help you store important items. For those cold outdoor activities, it is best to bring this multipurpose water bottle holder.

CASEBOT Water Bottle Carrier Bag Sling Case, Sports Water Bottle Pouch Holder Sleeve with Adjustable Shoulder Hand Strap and 2 Pockets for Men Women Kids Hiking Camping Travelling, Galaxy

  • 【Excellent Material】Made of premium neoprene with flexible and washable features, protect your water bottle from shocking and scratching, provides excellent protection from scratches, dirt, shocks and other daily damages.
  • 【Large Capacity Design】Featured with drawstring design, holds bottles snugly and securely. Length-9.5 inches, Diameter-3.5 inches, fit for various bottles under 32oz.
  • 【Two Ways to Carry】Equipped with padded handle strap and adjustable shoulder strap, it's comfortable for carry. The longest length of the shoulder strap is 61.42 inches, suitable for all body types.
  • 【2 Pockets Design】The small zipper pocket is designed for cash and card, the large zipper pocket is for smartphone, keys, and other essentials. when you go out, no need to carry other bag to hold these small items, keep your essentials well organized with this water bottle bag.
  • 【Multiple Usage】Perfect for adults and Kids. The adjustable shoulder hand strap fits all body types, you can wear over the shoulder, cross chest or just hand carry. It can be used for walking, running, cycling, gym, school and so on.

CASEBOT Water Bottle Carrier Bag Sling Case, Sports Water Bottle Pouch Holder Sleeve with Adjustable Shoulder Hand Strap and 2 Pockets for Men Women Kids Hiking Camping Travelling, Emerald Illusions

  • 【Excellent Material】Made of premium neoprene with flexible and washable features, protect your water bottle from shocking and scratching, provides excellent protection from scratches, dirt, shocks and other daily damages.
  • 【Large Capacity Design】Featured with drawstring design, holds bottles snugly and securely. Length-9.5 inches, Diameter-3.5 inches, fit for various bottles under 32oz.
  • 【Two Ways to Carry】Equipped with padded handle strap and adjustable shoulder strap, it's comfortable for carry. The longest length of the shoulder strap is 61.42 inches, suitable for all body types.
  • 【2 Pockets Design】The small zipper pocket is designed for cash and card, the large zipper pocket is for smartphone, keys, and other essentials. when you go out, no need to carry other bag to hold these small items, keep your essentials well organized with this water bottle bag.
  • 【Multiple Usage】Perfect for adults and Kids. The adjustable shoulder hand strap fits all body types, you can wear over the shoulder, cross chest or just hand carry. It can be used for walking, running, cycling, gym, school and so on. (Official Micklyn Le Feuvre product.)

Half Gallon Water Bottle Carrier Bag, Bottle Pouch Phone Holder, Adjustable Shoulder Hand Strap 2 Pocket Sling Neoprene Sleeve Sports Water Bottle Accessories for Hiking Travelling &Camping

  • Multiple Functions:Hiking, walking or jogging with both hands free while still having easy access to bottled water using the detachable, adjustable and comfortable padded shoulder strap, or using the holders special buckle for attachment of the bottle cover onto your backpack. You can even bring along an iPhone sized phone in 1 of the 2 front pockets and have your credit card or key in the other pocket.
  • Premium Material: Our water bottle Carrier Bag is made of Soft neoprene material,which makes it more sturdy & lightweight and comfortable, it's Great for Stainless Steel and plastic water bottles, sport and energy drinks,it will fully protect your bottle surface from being scratched, scraping, extrusion and so on.
  • Wildly Application:Our water bottle sleeves are compatible with most half-gallon /64OZ sports water bottles and can be used in multiple scenarios such as cycling, mountaineering, camping and fitness. Both adults and Kids can find great use in this Newfad water bottle carrier.
  • Easy to Clean: Premium Neoprene material makes this bottle carrier is not only very durable but also easy to clean. Not easy to deform in long-term use.
  • Fashionable Appearance: In order to break the original stereotype of sports water bottles, our water bottles carrier boldly adopt some elements that may only be used in clothing to make our water bottles look more different. We will also launch more appearance options in the future.

2 Piece Macrame Water Bottle Carrier with Strap Cotton Water Bottle Bag Cross Body Water Bottle Sling Wine Water Bottle Carrier Holder Macrame Bottle Holder for Hiking Cycling Fitness (29 Inch)

  • Proper Size for Kids and Adults: each water bottle carrier for hiking comes with a length of approx. 29 inches, can be worn as a shoulder bag or a cross body bag for kids, suitable for both adults and kids to use
  • Soft and Comfortable: these sling water bottle carriers are made of cotton rope, well crocheted, soft and comfortable in texture, not easy to break or tear, easy to carry and store, with simple and classic design, bringing you a pleasant using experience
  • Compatible with Most Bottles: due to the designed net design, the beige water bottle sling can adapt to the size of the bottle in the sleeve, applicable to water bottles, vacuum bottles, tumbler bottles, metal bottles, shaking bottles, glass bottles, sports bottles and wine bottles
  • Nice Helper in Your Life: the net bottle holder can be applied for hiking, biking, walking, fitness, shopping trips, festivals, beach walks and some other outdoor activities, they can also serve as a fine accessory for wines, as wine gift bags, party bags or as Christmas gifts to wine lovers
  • 2 Bags to Meet Your Needs: the package contains 2 pieces of water bottle shoulder slings in beige, delicate in appearance and fine in craftsmanship, enough to meet your using, sharing and replacing needs on different occasions
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