Hydration Pack with 2L Hydration Bladder Water Rucksack Backpack Bladder Bag Cycling Bicycle Bike/Hiking Climbing Pouch (Black)

  • COMPACT& LIGHTWEIGHT : This Hydration packs are designed specifically for road cycling /running/ Hiking ,So that's Compact and low-profile so they feel light and stable on your back and won’t create a ton of wind resistance ,keep your body functioning at peak performance whether you're training for a marathon or cycling.
  • INSULATED WATER BACKPACK: KUYOU Hydration pack have thick insulated layer ,the insulated bladder compartment to keep water cold for hours.
  • PROFESSIONAL 2L HYDRATION BLADDER: The mouthpiece has been upgraded to an easy ON/OFF push valve and designed to help stop leakage. Simply bite the mouthpiece to suck water, Conveniently control the water flow by biting.Our water bladder have passed pressure tolerated tests ,SGS certified and 100% food grade. This tested to comply with international safety standards. It won’t leave a bad taste in your drink.
  • COMFORTABLE & RELIABLE:Adjustable straps help tailor the hydration pack to your needs. For bikers, the hydration fits perfectly between most shoulder blades, as to not catch on anything while biking or even hiking. The design is not a traditional hydration pack because it centers the weight on to your back rather than your shoulders, as more traditional hydration packs do.
  • VERSATILITY :Internally the hydration pack contains a separate pocket for other items, such as a phone, first aid kit, and snacks.The hydration pack is your perfect choice for cycling, camping, running,music festival, rave , kayaking. A decent Holiday Gift for families and friends who love outdoor sports.

How To Choose The Best Water Pack For Hiking

What Is The Purpose Of A Water Pack For Hiking?

Hydration Packs are designed to carry enough drinking water to sustain hikers during long hikes. Hydration packs are available in many different styles and materials including nylon, leather, mesh, plastic, etc. Some models include pockets for storing food while others have compartments for carrying other gear. Most hydration packs have a belt attachment so that users can strap them onto their waist.

How Does A Hydration Pack Help Out?

Hikers who choose to hike with a hydration pack must be prepared to drink more frequently than those who go on day trips. If you're going on a 3-4 hour walk, you might only need to take sips of water throughout the entire trip. However, if you plan on doing a 10 mile hike, you'll probably need to consume several liters of water before you start walking. In addition to providing liquid refreshment, hydration packs provide storage for food and other supplies.

Benefits of Using A Hydration Pack

There are numerous benefits to using a hydration pack. First, it makes it easier to stay hydrated because there's no need to stop and rest every few minutes. Second, it gives you access to water whenever you need it. Third, it prevents blisters by distributing weight evenly across your body. Fourth, it protects your back by preventing strain caused by heavy loads. Finally, it reduces fatigue and improves performance by allowing you to continue working longer.

Types of Hydration Packs Available

The most common type of hydration pack is called a bladder style. Bladder style packs consist of two main parts; a reservoir which holds the fluid and a tube attached to the reservoir that carries the fluid to your mouth.

There are three types of tubes: straw, bite valve, and squeeze bottle. Straw tubes allow you to sip directly from the reservoir. Bite valves require you to open a flap inside the reservoir to release the fluid into your mouth. Squeeze bottles have a spout that lets you pour the contents straight down your throat.

Where To Find Them

Most stores sell hydration packs. You can also purchase them online. Many companies specialize in selling hydration packs. One example is CamelBak. Their website offers a variety of options ranging from small to large packs.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Water Pack For Hiking

Water is essential for survival during outdoor activities. If you're planning on going camping, backpacking, hiking, or other types of outdoor adventures, you must be prepared with enough water to sustain you throughout the day. In order to stay safe while traveling, you need to carry sufficient amounts of drinking water along with you. There are many different kinds of water packs available today. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are several factors to consider before choosing which kind of water pack is best suited for you.


There are two main categories of water packs: small and large. Both types of packs are designed to fit comfortably into most backpacks. However, there are pros and cons associated with each size category. Larger packs allow more room inside for storing food, clothing, and gear. But, they take up too much space in your bag. Smaller packs are easier to store and transport because they require less storage space. But, they aren't able to accommodate as much weight. So, you'll need to decide whether you prefer carrying a heavy load or being light on your feet.


Another important factor to consider is the weight of the pack itself. Packs that are lighter tend to be cheaper, but heavier ones provide greater durability. Heavy packs are built stronger so they last longer. Also, they are typically more expensive. Lightweight packs are easy to carry and maneuver. But, they might break down quickly due to poor construction. Most lightweight packs weigh around 4 pounds or less. Some models weigh only 2 pounds.


Packs that are constructed using high-quality materials are durable. They are strong and resistant to tearing, punctures, and rips. Durable packs are ideal for long trips where you expect to encounter rough terrain. Cheap packs are prone to breaking down quickly. They might fall apart within days or weeks of use. High-end packs are made of tough fabrics and sturdy zippers. They are great for extended hikes and expeditions.


Finally, comfort is another key consideration. Packing for a hike isn't always comfortable. You'll likely experience sore muscles and blisters. To avoid these problems, choose a pack that fits well and offers good support. Comfort comes in many forms. First, you'll want to check the shoulder straps. All of these features contribute to overall comfort.


Some packs include additional features that improve performance. For example, some include pockets for stashing snacks, maps, and other useful items. Others have compartments for organizing tools. Still others have mesh pockets for holding rain jackets and other accessories.

Features To Look For When Buying A Water Pack For Hiking

Water packs are essential gear for hikers who plan to go into the wilderness. The best way to carry enough drinking water is by using a water pack. There are many different types of water packs available today. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some features to look for when choosing which water pack is right for you.


The size of the water pack determines how much weight it can hold. If you're planning to hike with your family, choose a smaller pack so everyone can fit comfortably inside. However, if you're going alone, a larger pack might be more comfortable for long hikes. So, if you're carrying around 2 gallons of water, you probably need a bigger pack.


Heavy water packs are good because they distribute the weight evenly across your body. But, lighter packs are easier to carry and maneuver. Some lightweight backpacks weigh only 10 pounds while others weigh 20 pounds or more. Lighter packs are great for short trips where you don't expect to carry too much weight. Also, lighter packs are easier to carry uphill.


All these questions must be answered before purchasing a water pack. Comfort is key!


Durable water packs are important because they will serve you well throughout your entire trip. Make sure the material is strong and sturdy. Don't settle for anything less than quality.


Accessible water packs are very useful because they allow you to quickly refill the pack whenever needed.


Storage compartments are critical because they allow you to separate your belongings according to importance. Smaller items can be stored in the main compartment while larger items can be placed in the storage compartments. This makes it easier to locate everything later.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is extremely important because it affects how convenient the pack is to use. If the pack takes too long to close or take apart, you'll never use it again.

Different Types of Water Pack For Hiking

Water is essential for survival during outdoor activities. Whether you're going camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, or simply enjoying nature, there are many different ways to carry water with you. There are several options available depending on where you plan to go and what type of activity you intend to engage in. Here we discuss three common methods of carrying water along with pros and cons associated with each method.

Hydration Packs

The most popular way to carry water is via a hydration pack. Hydration packs are designed specifically to hold enough liquid to sustain you while engaged in physical activity. The main advantage of using a hydration pack is that it makes it easy to access water whenever needed. However, these packs are bulky and heavy so they aren't suitable for everyone. Some hikers prefer to bring their own bottles rather than relying on a hydration pack. If you choose to take this route, be sure to check the weight limits before heading into the wilderness.

Backpack Hydration Systems

Another option is to use a backpack hydration system. Backpacks are lightweight and compact making them ideal for day hikes. Most systems consist of two parts; a reservoir which holds the fluid and a tube that connects the reservoir to the mouthpiece. While convenient, backpack hydration systems require more maintenance than other methods because they must be cleaned regularly. Also, since the tubes are exposed to air, bacteria can build up inside causing bad odors and possible infections.

Packs With Integrated Reservoirs

Finally, there are packs that contain integrated reservoirs. These packs eliminate the need to carry separate containers and tubing. Although these packs are smaller and lighter than traditional hydration packs, they still require regular cleaning and maintenance. In addition, they cannot be used for extended periods of time due to the limited amount of storage capacity.

Benefits & Drawbacks

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs, you might decide to use only one method or combine multiple methods to create a custom solution that works best for you. Regardless of which method you select, remember that safety comes first. Make sure you know how to properly care for your gear and always follow instructions provided by manufacturers.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Water Pack

There are many factors to consider when choosing between hydration packs, including size, weight, durability, portability, ease of use, and price. We've listed below some general guidelines to help you narrow down your choices. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of pack you end up selecting, proper training and preparation will ensure that you stay safe and comfortable throughout your adventure.


One of the biggest considerations when purchasing a hydration pack is the overall size. Generally speaking, larger packs provide greater volume and therefore allow you to drink more fluids per trip. Smaller packs are easier to transport and store. But, if you're planning on doing lots of walking, you'll probably want something bigger. Remember to factor in the weight limit of whatever vehicle you plan to travel in as well.


LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle with 2-Stage Integrated Filter Straw for Hiking, Backpacking, and Travel, Blue

  • ADVANCED WATER FILTRATION. Protects against, microplastics, chlorine, organic chemical matter and sand, dirt, cloudiness and more; improves taste
  • MADE TO LAST. Long-lasting membrane microfilter lasts up to 4,000 liters and the activated carbon filter lasts up to 100 liters of water with proper use and maintenance
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED. Reusable, durable and BPA-free, independently lab tested to meet protocols established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and NSF International/ANSI
  • THOUGHTFUL AND SUSTAINABLE DESIGN. 22 oz capacity. Every fill avoids single use plastic bottled water! Easy to use, easy to clean bottle and cap are dishwasher safe once the filter is removed.
  • YOUR PURCHASE HAS IMPACT. One purchase, one child, one year of safe water

KBNI Hydration Backpack with 2L Water Bladder for Women Men Kids Doing Outdoor Running, Hiking, Camping, Skiing, Cycling

  • DURABLE, CONVENIENT, AND HYGENIC: Made with EVA, the 2L water bladder has a 2.8-inch-wide screwcap allowing for easy refilling of water and small ice cubes. The detachable 35-inch drinking tube is fitted with a soft, quick-release mouthpiece protected in a dust cap.
  • LIGHT AND STURDY: the KBNI hydration backpack is made of quality nylon which is both waterproof and scratch resistant. Its 400g (0.88lb) weight is perfect for outdoor activities.
  • STORAGE: the zippered front pouch provides ample room for essentials such as small sports towels, snacks, mobile phones, torches, and keys. On the other hand, the main pouch is compartmentalised to hold both the 2L water bladder and any tablet-sized item.
  • COMFORT: The KBNI hydration backpack cushions your back with soft, yet breathable Airflow Mesh. The waist strap can be adjusted to fit 26.77” to 45.28” (68 – 115cm) waist sizes whilst the chest strap has a 11.81” (30cm) adjustable length to suit fairly large chest sizes. Furthermore, the chest strap has a vertically adjustable range of 5.9” (15cm).
  • SAFETY: The KBNI hydration backpack is built with reflective tabs and a reflective logo for better visibility in darker environments.

RUPUMPACK Tactical Molle Hydration Backpack with 2L BPA Free Water Bladder Keeps Water Cool up to 4 Hours, Lightweight Military Daypack for Cycling, Hiking, Running, Climbing, Hunting, Biking

  • Multi-compartment with Molle System: With 3 versatile compartments, your items can be placed in an organized manner. The front opening pocket and the Molle System are matched to maximize the loading function.
  • Water Resistant Material: The backpack is made of Water-resistant 900x600D Polyester, which has Tear-proof, wear-resistant and good UV protection. It can protect your items in the backpack very well, even in harsh environments, you don't have to worry about scratching the backpack.
  • High-quality Insulation Layer: Insulated hydration layer can hold for 4 hours, with BPA-Free Leak-Proof 2L hydration bladder, free your hands and can meet the need of drinking water for 4 hours hiking. Black insulated sleeve ensures that water is cold in summer and ice-free in winter.
  • Adjustable & Comfortable: Adjustable shoulder straps, chest straps and waistbands can make the backpack more suitable for your body shape and reduce the swaying of the backpack during hiking. The Y-padding design on the back is helpful for ventilation and heat exhaust.
  • Guidance of RUPUMPACK: If you have any quality problems within ONE YEAR, you can feedback to us at any time for after-sales service.

GRAYL GeoPress 24 oz Water Purifier Bottle - Filter for Hiking, Camping, Survival, Travel (Camo Black)

  • PURIFY WATER ANYWHERE: Make sketchy water clean to drink. Ideal for outdoor adventures (hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, bushcraft), global travel, and survival situations. Simply – Fill. Press. Drink!
  • REMOVES ALL PATHOGENS: Viruses (e.g. rotavirus, norovirus, hepatitis A), bacteria (e.g. E. Coli, salmonella, dysentery), and protozoa (e.g. giardia, cryptosporidium, amoebae).
  • FILTERS particulates (e.g. sediment, microplastics) and adsorbs volatile organic compounds (VOCs), PFAS, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, flavors and odors
  • UNRIVALED SPEED & EASE: Purifies 24 oz (710ml) of water. Requires no setup time, pumps, hoses, sucking straws, batteries, chemicals, or prolonged waiting. Effortlessly purify from any spigot, hotel sink, murky river, lake, or well.
  • EMERGENCY PREPARATION: Equipped with replaceable purifier cartridge good for 65 gallons (250L). Perfect for home or car prep kit so you are ready for any natural disaster, water emergency, or survival situation.

2Pack Hydration Backpack with 2L Water Bladder - Camelback for Kids Men & Women - Running Hiking Cycling (Black 2Pack)

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & WATERPROOF - 2Pack water backpack is designed for all outdoor sports activities, when run, ski or travel or use it as a rave gear
  • DURABLE & COMPACT - Camelback fits man woman as well as kids. Comes with adjustable straps to fit all frame sizes, rubberized padded backside prevents it from slippage
  • QUALITY BARGAIN - Pack of 2 for the price of one. U’Be camel pack comes with ultra-thin design with 2 side and 1 front zipper pockets and the back pocket for the bladder
  • 2L WATER BLADDER - (70oz) BPA-free bladder with bite valve mouthpiece and large 3.5-inch opening cap for easier cleaning
  • ADVANTAGES: 1. Quick-release hose connector: Water bladder doesn’t leak when the hose is unplugged. 2. J-shaped mouthpiece: for convenient drinking. 3. Hose clamp on shoulder strap: Easy to fix the hose while running. 4. Water bladder free replacement up to 3 months: 3 days delivery. 5. Safety Reflective logo: for night sport activity

Nathan Womens Hydration Pack/Running Vest - VaporAiress 7L Capacity with 2.0 L Water Bladder Included, Hydration Backpack - Running, Marathon, Hiking, Outdoors, Cycling and More (Black, L-XXL)

  • FUNCTIONAL – Vapor Airess is equipped with a 2L bladder - quick release valve system, Water-resistant pill pocket, and Two easy-access front bottle pockets (bottles not included)
  • DESIGN - Lightweight and comfortable – no bounce, breathable materials, and form fitting – equipped with Soft-touch, no chafe elastic perimeter binding
  • FIT - Vest fit is snug and overall sizing tends to run slightly on the smaller side, so it is recommended that anyone on the higher end of a given size may want to size up!
  • UNIQUE FEATURES - Reflective hits for runs in dusk/dawn, Side Stretch mesh pockets fit most smartphones, Rear external shock cord for increased capacity and trekking pole compatibility
  • SPACIOUS - Perfect for Marathons, Trail Running, Hiking, Cycling, Climbing, Outdoor enthusiasts, and Hydration-on-the-go! Storage Capacity: 427 cu in/7 Liters without bladder; 305 cu in/5 Liters with bladder

Unigear Hydration Water Bladder Reservoir BPA Free and Taste Free for Backpacking, Biking, Hiking and Camping (Blue with Cleaning kit, 2L)

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Manufactured from high quality TPU flexible food grade material. BPA FREE. Your taste free and odor free hydration bladder has passed a bearing pressure test to ensure it is leak proof and ready use.
  • 4 in 1 CLEANING KITS: Super easily access to bladder interior for cleaning and drying by using our professional cleaning kit to expand the lifespan.
  • LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: fit for unmatched stability which reduces liquid movement for increased pack stability at high speed.
  • LARGE OPENING FOR EASY CLEANING: Inner surfaces easily accessible for easy cleaning and drying. For cold water, ADDING ICE CUBES directly from a scoop or refrigerator ice dispenser.
  • 100% SATISFACTION: Your purchase is backed by our 100% REFUND PROMISE that if this purchase did not EXCEED your expectations, we will make it right with you starting with a 60-Day 100% Money Back Refund.

CKE Hydration Backpack with 2L Hydration Bladder Camelback Water Backpack for Men Women for Hiking Running Cycling Biking Ski Camping

  • 【PERFECT SET】 Included 70-Ounce (2 Liter) food grade hydration bladder, padded shoulder straps, breathable system and lightweight design are the perfect tool for outdoor sports. Perfect small hiking backpack for men, women.
  • 【WATER BACKPACK with 2L HYDRATION BLADDER】 The high quality hydration bladder is made of PEVA material, easy and simple to drink. Just pull the rubber mouth piece out and the water comes right out. Push rubber mouth piece back to close, you don't have to bite anything.
  • 【PERFECT FORM FITTING WATER BACKPACK】 The lightweight cycling backpack has adjustable hipbelt and shoulder straps that can be modified to fit your torso. 2 liters Hydration Bladder. The perfect size offer a nice balance of reasonable weight and bulk while providing a sufficient quantity of water, fit for men, women, and youth.
  • 【FRIENDLY DESIGN】 Reflective trim for night safety, and strap clips to keep extra straps secure. In addition, there's a mesh bag in the front of the bag that allows you to store your mobile phone, towel or any other object for quick access.
  • 【VERSATILITY】 This hydration pack is specially designed for road cycling , running , hiking, compact structure, small size, make your back light and stable, will not produce a lot of wind resistance. It's the ideal choice for men, women for running, ski, cycling biking, hiking climbing, skiing, hunting pouch, music festivals, carnivals, kayaking.

KUREIDA Hydration Bladder 2 Liter Leak Proof Water Reservoir,BPA Free,Wide Opening,Military Water Bladder Combined with Hydration Backpacks for Biking Hiking Running Camping Climbing,White

  • ⭐【PREMIUM QUALITY】All parts of the KUREIDA hydration bladder are made of premium material . KUREIDA water reservoir is taste free, BPA free. It won’t leave a bad taste in your drink. The water bladder passed pneumatic pressure test, it is pressure-tolerant. Double sealing side technique has greatly improved durability. Might be the most rigid hydration bladder on the market
  • ⭐【LARGE OPENING FOR EASY CLEANING AND FILLIN】KUREIDA hydration bladder has one of the largest opening on the market. The big opening makes for easy pouring of water. It is also fairly wide for a hand or bottle brush easily access to the interior hydration bladder. The3.5” screw on cap goes on and off easily. For cold water, simply add ice cubes directly from a scoop or refrigerator ice dispenser. The smooth inner of water reservoir promotes health and is easy to clean
  • ⭐【100% LEAK PROOF】Soft mouthpiece with easily accessible ON/OFF valve prevents leakage. Conveniently control the water flow by biting, when not bite, the water will not leak out. Quick-release tube is detachable. Auto shut off while the tube is removed, the hydration bladder will stay filled non-leaking, store neatly in fridge/icebox without tangling hose
  • ⭐【THEME-DESIGN WATER BLADDERS FOR BACKPACKS】KUREIDA “ youth has no age” theme-design 2L water reservoir is the most unique design among the products in water bladder market. It is the best gift for yourself and friends who love outdoor sports. This 2L water reservoir can withstand temperatures from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius. L 14.2'' x W 6.8'' hydration bladder is compatible with most hydration backpacks. The tube (0.4”diameter, 40” long) provides a wholesome flow for easy drinking
  • ⭐【GET A FREE GIFT AND FIRST-CLASS AFTER-SALES SERVICE】Upon placing your order, you will get a sport cool towel at no additional charge. If you are not absolutely happy with your purchase of the hydration bladder for any reason, simply send it back to get a new replacement. We believe that our after-sales service will properly handle for you until you are satisfied. Choose KUREIDA, choose profession and trust

CANWAY Hydration Backpack, 2L BPA Free & Leak-Proof Hydration Water Bladder, Lightweight Day Hike Backpack for Hiking, Running, Cycling, Climbing, Rain Cover Included, 15L-Blue

  • STAY WELL HYDRATED: CANWAY Cycling Hydration Pack Backpack with a 15L capacity large compartment, and comes with a 2L/70oz hydration reservoir, which will ensure you'll stay well hydrated throughout your activities and different duration of outings.
  • COMPACT BUT CAPACITY: The 15-liter backpack has just the right amount of storage space for essential tools, snacks, phone etc. There are divider pockets to keep your items in place, and the extendable front bungee cord on the front of the backpack can hold your helmet or others.
  • COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN: CANWAY Hydration Backpack features comfortable, ergonomic design, padded back panel and shoulder straps with air mesh material help keep shoulders comfortable and your back cool and dry. This backpack perfect for men, women, and youth.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The whole hydration bladder is made of premium material. CANWAY water reservoir features taste free, BPA free and 100% food grade. Soft mouthpiece with easily accessible ON/OFF valve prevents leakage. It also has a dust cover to keep dirt out.
  • PACKAGING CONTENTS & 100% GUARANTEE: 1x Backpack; 1x 2L Hydration Reservoir; 1x Rain Cover; 1x User Manual. All CANWAY products is 3 months money back/replacement guarantee, 12 months product defect free replacement warranty.

Mountain Designs Hydration Backpack - 10L Leakproof Hiking Backpack has Large Compartments and 3L Tactical Backpack Water Bladder - Water Backpack or Hydration Backpack is a Hiking Gear Must.

  • Comfortable hydration backpack: We've added secure chest/waist straps and a breathable padded mesh back panel on our tactical backpack, so you can have all-day comfort and push to further limits outdoors. The hydration backpack has a reflective webbing strap for enhanced visibility and comfort during night-time activities.
  • Leakproof camping gear: Nothing is worse than taking a hydration backpack off and finding out it has leaked all over your camping accessories. So that's why we've added a leakproof water bladder - never have your belongings ruined again! What's more, you can adjust the water bladder tube to run from the left or right side for easier access.
  • Lightweight hydration backpack with 3L water bladder: Our hiking backpack weighs 1.45 pounds, has a vast 10L capacity, and an enormous 3L hydration bladder. This all fits in the backpack's generous dimensions of 18.5 x 9 inches. Never dread exercising or exploring over long distances again - this tactical backpack will let you carry lots of water whilst not weighing you down whatsoever!
  • Great quality hydration pack: Not all hiking accessories are made the same! Boasting 200D ripstop nylon, a water repellent finish, and a polyester lining and mesh, you can rest assured that this tactical backpack won't be ripped or breached. Whether you are using it as a hiking backpack, hunting backpack, bike bag, ski backpack, or day pack, your valuables will stay safe and secure. This small backpack will give you many years of great use!
  • Mountain Designs camping gear: Founded in 1975 by Australian mountaineer Rick White, Mountain Designs has long provided superior and innovative goods to adventurers worldwide. Our hydration backpack was created for the harsh conditions of Australia, so we stand behind it. If this hiking backpack fails to meet your expectations, we'll spare no effort to ensure your happiness.

N NEVO RHINO Hydration Backpack, Hydration Pack, Insulated Hiking Backpack with Water Bladder 3L for Hiking Cycling Running Biking Camping Commuting Blue

  • Professional Design - Ergonomic: The hydration backpack is lightweight and breathable, ventilated mesh padding is added to the shoulder straps, waist straps, and back area to ensure the comfort of the pack. hydration backpack rave can meet your all-day-long hydration needs. hydration packs have 2 reflective strips and 1 reflective strap that can safeguard your riding.
  • Large Water Bladder & Waterproof Rain Cover: Hydration backpack 3-Liter; Durable, kink-free sip tube and push-lock cushioned bite valve; Large 2-inch (5 cm) opening for ice and easy cleaning. An extra backpack waterproof cover keeps the backpack dry.
  • Insulated Bladder Compartment: Our hydration pack with the special thermal insulated bladder compartment, and hiking backpack with water bladder keeps your liquids cool for up to 4 hours to guarantee that you can freely drink ice water.
  • Thoughtful Storage Details: This water backpack has compartments of different sizes and functions that assure you can bring everything you need for a trip! 3 zipper compartments can store your clothes, iPad, purses, snack, etc. Pockets on both sides are perfect for a kettle and an umbrella. 2 waist pouches on the belt can hold your valuables such as phones, credit cards, keys, etc.
  • Multiple Uses: Our insulated hydration pack backpack is suitable for running, cycling, climbing, hiking, music carnival, and other occasions. This water backpack for hiking can be an excellent present for weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and birthdays. N NEVO RHINO focuses on outdoor sports backpacks, and vitality blooms from here.

Tactical MOLLE Hydration Packs Water Backpack Lightweight Food Grading 2.5L Water Bladder Reservoir 100%Leakproof Safe BPA Free SGSCertified Fits for Camping Hiking Running Cycling New Version (Black)

  • Perfect Fit : Ergonomic Design Tactical MOLLE Hydration Packs Water Backpack, Super Fit, Comfortable, Lightweight, Cool, Durable 900D Nylon fabric materials and Compatible with current water bladders, Sufficient Storing Spaces for Food, Wallet, Car Keys, Sunglasses Towels Earbuds, Towels etc.
  • Safer Water Bladder : Food Grading Materials, Safe, BPA Free, 2.5L, Multiple Anti-leaking Design, 100% Leak Proof, 3.5' Wide Opening, Easier to Clean and refill, No Phthalates, No Bisphenol-a, No-Toxic Plastic, No Strong Chemical,International Authoritative Certification Lab SGS Certified,.
  • Anti-Leaking Straw : Push-Pull Switch, Faster Water Releasing, Anti-Leaking Drinking Valve and Snap Joint Auto Lock Straw, Easy install and Clean, Food Grading Water Drink Straw, 100% No Leaking.
  • Target Sports : Skiing, Camping, Hiking, Trekking, Running, Bike Cycling, Motorcycling, E-bike Riding, Hunting, Climbing,Walking, and other Outdoor Recreation Activities.
  • What You Get : 1 * Hydration Backpack, 1 * Hydration Reservoir, 1 * US Flag Patch, 1 * Cell-Phone Dry Bags for Better Phone Protection in case of heavy raining situation.

TETON Sports Oasis 22L Hydration Pack with Free 3-Liter Water Bladder; The Perfect Backpack for Hiking, Running, Cycling, or Commuting

  • RUGGED AND READY: Built with TETON innovation, this outdoor favorite is made with durable ripstop construction for lasting function
  • IT’S ACTUALLY AMBIDEXTROUS: No more being forced to reach across to your other shoulder because the Oasis features hydration ports on both the left and right sides.
  • SIMPLICITY AND EASE: The front-zip pockets offer easy access for grab-and-go while you’re out-and-about
  • AMPLE CAPACITY: We weren’t kidding. You can go all day with this TETON hydration pack thanks to its 3L bladder.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Take comfort in TETON’s lifetime warranty. Our amazing customer service team is also here if you have questions or concerns

Stlight Mens Snow Ski Water Repellent Softshell Pants for Winter Hiking Fleece Lined Bottom Leg Zipper With 6 Zip Pockets (Black 36W/30L)

  • LOCK TEMPERATURE & WATER REPELLENT: This snow pants is made with 94% polyester, 6% spandex stretch textile that has a water repellent finish and breathable technology for comfort and moisture management. Three-layer softshell material with membrane offers durable windproof and waterproof function, improves the comfort of your body by keeping dry. Meanwhile inner comfy and stretchy polar fleece fabric for locking warmth and wicking treatment in cold outdoor activities.
  • BOTTOM LEG ZIPS: The self-locking zipper of leg opening make it easier to put on and take off your fleece lined pants or close-fitting tight thermal underwear. Especially over ski boots. Protective designed to stave of winter winds and chilly snow.
  • 6 SECURED ZIPPERED POCKETS: 6 high-capacity large cargo safety zipper pockets are designed for your free movement in a series of winter sports. Liner superfine micro plush keep your hands warm.
  • ARTICULATED KNEES: The coordination of articulated classic fit and elasticity can extend the degree of freedom of movement. The adjustable partial elastic waist match with removable belt provides the perfect secure fit. YKK closure zip fly avoid embarrassment, and the metal brand buttons are firm and durable. The D-Ring can be used to hang key, EDC and other tactical equipment.
  • PROFESSIONAL USE: The versatile mens ski pants built for cold weather. For technical hiking, skiing, snowboarding. Durable and protective designs for climbing, mountaineering, trekking, traveling, cycling, fishing, golf, hunting, tactical activities, daily wear. Please refer to the size chart below for measurement and choose your usual US size. It is regular and fits well. If you want to fit for a full spectrum of movement or wear looser, please select the one with one yard bigger.
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