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The Best 2 Room Shower Tent

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Buyer's Guide

A 2 Room Shower Tent Buying Guide

You've come up with an excellent list of questions that you likely have on your mind already. Well done, you can at least with good recommendations and tips, but most importantly you need to do detailed research on your own. The next thing you should do is to figure out what is the best brand for you and what would be suitable for you. The next thing is to figure out how much you are willing to spend.

There are many different models and brands of shower enclosures on the market today. Most are available in various sizes and shapes. In choosing the best ones, you should take these things into consideration: Color - Make sure that the color you pick goes well with your bathroom walls and fittings. Also, there are light-colored shower curtains which are very cheap and are made of flimsy material that can easily get caught up in the tub. The light-colored can be folded into a nice portable round shape when not in use, thus saving you space.

Space - How much space do you need for your family? If more than one person use your showering area, you should go for a bigger size, and the 2 privacy tent can fit as big as possible. On the other hand, if only one person uses the private space, then a smaller shower enclosure would do just fine.

Easy Storage - It is important that the enclosure you buy offers easy and efficient storage. This way, you won't have to drag your shower curtains and other toilet accessories back to the restroom every time you need to change clothes. The foldable shower enclosures are just the right size for such purposes. Also, it is important that the items you pack for change clothes into the enclosures stay dry.

Space - Most families have at least one bathroom, or at least two if not more. Therefore, it's important that the 2 room shower tent you choose is compatible with your existing restroom. If they are not, you should buy a shower enclosure that is different. For instance, a corner enclosure might go well with an old-fashioned toilet while a quadrant shower tent offers better privacy and comfort. The foldable type also comes in different colors so you can match your toilet and private space easily.

UV Protection - Most new tents today offer UV protection but you should make sure that the fabric used is completely UV protected. You don't want to be putting your family at risk by staying out in the sun for too long without any protection. Check the instructions that come with your purchase to know exactly which fabrics should be used. Even purchasing from a local retailer will ensure that the tent is properly protected. If possible, you can try folding the tent and lining it up against your bathroom wall to see how well it protects you from the sun.

Privacy - It is very important that the area in which you sit and change clothes is private and protected. If you sit on an open shower area without any sort of enclosure, you will be exposed to the rest of the home as well as the people in the restroom. This could create awkward situations when entering and exiting the restroom. Make sure your shower enclosure has an unobstructed side and top for you to sit down and change clothes.

Price - While most stores are competitive when it comes to price, you will get a substantial discount from online retailers. Most of them are offering lower prices because they don't have a huge overhead to pay. Keep in mind that the cheapest models typically do not offer the best quality. If you want a good-quality shower tent, you may want to spend a little more money. If you need UV protection, you will definitely want to invest in the highest quality models available.