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The Best 9 Person Tent

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Buyer's Guide

9 Person Tent Buying Guide

There is no doubt that for the cost-conscious camper or backpacker, quality is paramount. That means that you must think about purchasing a high quality, durable and reliable shelter to keep you and your companions dry, protected, and comfortable. If you are among these campers and backpackers then it is obvious you have already thought about buying at least one person tent. So, what factors must you consider when choosing the right tent?

- Length of the Tent. Remember that you want enough room to maneuver around and sleep comfortably. The average man should be able to stretch his legs comfortably between nine and ten feet, but most men tend to sleep closer to the ground. A taller person would be better suited for an upright tent as opposed to a slanting tent. However, if you don't mind sleeping on the ground, a high-quality tent should do just fine.

- Color of the Tent. Some folks prefer to go with white, while others prefer to go with a darker color such as black. This all depends on personal preference and where you will be camping. Another factor to consider is the type of use you will get out of the tent. A heavily used or commercial tent will obviously need more gear than a family tent or a single-person tent.

- Quality. There are many manufacturers of tents, and some are better than others. Check the quality of the material and craftsmanship. Most importantly, the durability of the tent. If you want to make sure you won't have to buy another tent in five years or so, purchase a high-quality tent.

- Camping Area. Consider the kind of camping area you plan to use the tent in. Large camping areas need larger tents and staterooms. Smaller tents can be used for backpacking and lightweight trips.

- Durability. The tent should last for many camping trips. Make sure it has been made of heavy-duty materials. Also, check the pole spacing and seams for seam and puncture protection. Be extra careful when using trekking poles.

- Cost. It is important to price the tent so that you won't be surprised by the bill of costs after delivery. Try to find the cheapest price. Or get a used or re-sell tent if possible. There are many websites on the internet that offer discounted tents.

These 9 tips will help you narrow down your choices. When it comes to buying a tent, it is important to get the right information before making the purchase. Consult reliable and well-written camping and hiking guide. Also, consult family, friends, and co-workers before making your decision. Following these simple tips will make your tent buying experience less stressful.

- Think safety. A properly constructed tent should provide protection against all kinds of weather. You should ensure that it is waterproof and well-ventilated. The floor should be a hard plastic that will not give way while people are walking around inside. Consider investing in a locking door and reinforcing the walls so they will be strong.

- Check out the floor. On a rainy day, mud and debris can accumulate on the floor of the tent. This can be quite slippery. Consider investing in an anti-slip mat. Floor coverings can vary from light to heavy-duty.

- Lighter weight tent. You will probably be on rough terrain a lot. If you put a heavy tent on a little bit of gravel, it would be tricky to get it into a tree. So you might consider a lighter weight tent.

- Look for storage compartments. Lots of people like the idea of putting gear in their tents. But if the tent does not have enough storage room, it might be heavy and difficult to move around. Look for compartments that are both light and easily accessible. Some even have pegboard compartments where you can hang your wet stuff.