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The Best Backpack Hunting Tents

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Buyer's Guide

A Backpack Hunting Tent Can Make Your Trekking Experience More Enjoyable

Today will be looking closely at the two top backpacks used by most ultralight backpack hunters. Just like all backpacking gear, except for food and clothing. For most people, the things that tend to add the most weight to backpacks are clothing/food and sleeping systems. For light backpacking gear, one of the best things you can buy is quality backpacking tents.

There is no single best backpack hunting tent, but there are several very good ones that can give you an extremely stable "bug-free" environment for a great night's sleep. You can get really high-tech gear or relatively cheap simple gear. In either case, you want to pay close attention to how it works and its features, before buying the gear.

One good tip for purchasing the best material for your backpack hunting tent is to look into what makes the best materials for the backpacking experience. The two most popular options are polyester and nylon. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that exists to improve the all-season backcountry experience. Nylon is a natural fiber that exists in nature to improve the all-season backcountry experience.

As far as materials go, you also need to think about your climate when purchasing the tent. Will your climate be mostly hot in the summer and mild in the winter? Are there high winds in the summer and extremely cold in the winter? These are important things to consider when looking for the right backpacker's gear.

When considering the design of the lightweight tent, one of the best tips is to purchase one with a stove rack. Having a stove rack on the top of the tent helps avoid having to lug a heavy grill on a chilly night. It also improves cooking times and keeps the food warm while keeping it out of the way of snow and icy streams. Other tips include keeping the weight of the equipment to a minimum, by purchasing a tent that is lightweight and easily packed into a backpack.

The best lightweight tents often combine some features from both polyester and nylon. Many of the modern-day poles utilize high-tech materials to improve performance. Some of the newer pole designs will burn plastic fuel while retaining the traditional fire-burning aluminum fuel. This is great for winter camping, as it helps reduce the number of calories used for cooking, but not the number of logs used to burn.

On the topic of price tag, many of the better polyester tents have a hefty price tag. But if you plan on purchasing one for extended use, then the price tag may be worth it. Since it is lightweight, finding a good quality backpack trekking pole that has a no-zipper or a Massive Interior will probably be worthwhile. Large interior models offer more storage room, which may be important depending on the type of supplies you intend to carry.

Once you spend the necessary amount of time investing in the best polyester/nylon tents, it is time to consider the different options available in the market. You can purchase a polyester/ nylon combo that offers the same protection for a little more money. Or, you can buy the complete pole and vest set, which will have complete functionality, yet come with a lower price tag. Another option is to buy the less expensive pole only and then buy the matching vest and liner separately. It is important to know that in order to maximize the space inside the Backpack Hunting Tents, it is usually best to buy the complete set.