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Backpacking Frame Systems

The Backpacking Frame Strap has become an apparent object of desire for most backpacking specialists. It is a very simple idea that makes perfect sense. I contend that it is the only practical way of procuring items that need to be transported long distances by backpackers in a fashion that does not demand the use of special carrying equipment. It is the only logical choice for anyone who desires a full-body harness for long trips, whether they are in their teens or sixties, seventies or eighties.

The importance of understanding the Backpacking Frame cannot be underestimated. It is the key element to a successful backpacking journey. It is the major frame portion and the most obvious item that the novice backpacker or the seasoned backpacker will need to carry. The fact that it is an item that is relatively common does not mean that its presence is unimportant. It is important because it is the critical piece of a backpacking system and its importance cannot be discounted in the overall scheme of things.

The Backpacking Frame Strap was designed with the intent of allowing backpackers to have a much easier time finding the right pack to carry when on longer trips. This is primarily an issue for adults and children alike who are looking to find packs that maximize their ability to carry weight and to distribute it equally along their hips, shoulders, and torso. It was engineered with this particular design in mind because the goal of all backpacking systems is for the wearer to move freely and comfortably throughout the pack in a natural fashion without any limitations or aches in his body. It is meant to redistribute the weight of the back, chest, and hips evenly over these three components without the additional strain being put on any single area.

The most critical and important feature of the Backpacking Frame is that it was invented by someone who has experience with wearing this type of apparel and who understands the problems it causes while wearing it. The man or woman who designed the Backpacking Frame had actually suffered from the same type of discomfort while wearing the heavier backpacks he was already using. In his attempts to correct this problem, he needed an item that would alleviate the discomfort he was experiencing but also provide an increased level of comfort so that he could have a more enjoyable trip in his new lighter pack. The invention of the backpacking frame is the result of this individual's experience and the lessons he learned during his research.

The present invention is a novel minor frame component. A number of people who wore backpacking frames experienced back pain and discomfort while wearing them but they did not know the why or how this was happening. Through the information, the inventor was able to discern that it was not the fabric or material of the backpacker's frame that was causing their discomfort but rather the way the pack was held onto their bodies.

While he was performing his studies, he discovered that there are two different ways to hold a backpack and these two methods include two different types of buckles. One type of buckle is a tensioned one and the other is a compression buckle. Because he found that the type of buckles he was looking at causing less discomfort while wearing them was the compression ones, he concentrated his efforts on improving this particular area of design. His present invention solves both of these problems by creating a third type of buckle that uses a double ball and looped cord to secure the pack frames to the shoulders rather than the traditional webbing used on backpackers. This allows for better comfort and less chance of experiencing unnecessary back pain while in the process of completing a long and arduous trek.

In the past, many backpackers complained about the discomfort caused by their backpacks not having the right weight distribution. They also complained about the tendency of the heavier backpacks to put too much weight on certain areas of the body such as the shoulders and in the lower back. By solving both of these issues, Buckler created a new way to solve the problem of a backpack that gives the user the proper weight distribution so that both the back and shoulders are properly supported during any activity. He introduced his new way of designing the pack frames in his present invention which he called the Backpacking Frame System.

Buckler's improved pack assembly does not rely on the double ball and loop cord like most of the conventional backpacking frames do; instead, it uses a double foam core which provides an improved weight distribution that reduces the chance of the backpack bending in the process of packing. The improved backpack frame can hold up to 40 pounds of weight and is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to tear and abrasion. This product is available for sale on the internet at a reasonable price and it is expected that it will soon find its way into many homes all over the country. If you have yet to discover the advantages of owning a Backpack, this is one of the ways that you can solve your backpacking woes.