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The Best Camp Stove

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Best Camp Stove

A stove is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any camper. It's your lifeline to cooking food, boiling water, and staying warm in the cold. Choosing a stove can be daunting with so many different types out there on the market today.

This article will walk you through some of our favorite stoves that are perfect for campers or RV travelers looking for an efficient piece of equipment to use at their campsite.

Our Top Picks For The Best Camp Stove

Reviews Of The Best Camp Stove From Our Research

Camp Chef Everest 2X Burner Stove

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The Camp Chef Everest 2X is a very affordable option for a touch more luxurious cooking. This propane-powered stove has two heavy-duty burners and is perfectly designed for cooking in the outdoor environment.

The most striking feature of the Camp Chef Everest 2X is its two heavy-duty burners that provide 20,000 BTUs per burner. This is impressive power, and you will have no problem cooking your food at a very rapid rate with the Camp Chef Everest 2x.

The Camp Chef Everest 2X also comes with a wind block panel, protecting the flame from the wind while you cook. We were very impressed with how quickly it heated up to temperature and didn't lose any strength as we continued cooking in high wind.

The Camp Chef Everest 2X features an enhanced flow system that helps provide even more heat than your average stove. Its wind-block panel helps to protect the flame, and you can even fit two 16-inch pans or griddles on top of it at once.

The Camp Chef Everest 2X has a convenient lid and handles for easy transport, and at 14 pounds, it isn't an overly heavy stove. It's also got a lovely chrome finish that will look great in any kitchen or camping situation. However, the flimsy plastic latches that hold the lid on the Camp Chef Everest 2X closed have questionable build quality.

While the Camp Chef Everest 2X isn't perfect, we found it a handy and effective stove for its affordable price. It burns clean and hot, and we especially loved how powerful it was in high winds.


  • Lightweight and powerful.
  • Fast to heat up and strong wind resistance.
  • Useful lid and handle for transport


  • The cheap plastic latches on the lid are quite flimsy.

Coleman Classic Gas Camping Stove

Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Classic Propane Stove, 2 Burner, 4.1 x 21.9 x 13.7 Inches
  • Cooking power: Up to 20,000 total BTUs. Fits a 12-inch and 10-inch pan at...
  • 2 adjustable burners: For precise temperature control
  • Wind-blocking panels: Shield burners from wind
  • Pressure regulator: Pressure-control technology for consistent performance,...
  • Runtime: Up to 1 hour on high on one 16.4 oz. Propane cylinder (sold...

Pocket-friendly, lightweight, and compact, the Coleman Classic is exactly the stove you want to take on your next camping trip. It's easy to use, clean, and set up.

The Coleman Classic Gas Stove runs off of standard propane canisters that screw right onto the stove. The stove provides 10,000 BTUs per burner, which is enough to heat a full camp kitchen.

The Coleman Classic Gas Stove is easy to use and clean. It has two burners with adjustable heat controls so you can precisely control the flame strength during cooking. Also, the stove comes with a sturdy folding handle for portability.

We particularly liked this stove because of its attractive price and low weight. It's only 4 pounds, and you can easily slip it into a backpack or carry it around without any trouble.

If there had to be one downside to the Classic Gas Camping Stove from Coleman is that the burner grates are quite small. This means that larger pots and pans will not sit securely on top of them. However, this only applies to a small number of situations, so it shouldn't be a problem for the most part.


  • Extremely light and easy to pack.
  • Affordable price for a two-burner stove


  • Small burner grates provide uneven heating

Camp Chef Explorer

Camp Chef Explorer, Two Burner Stove, Two 30,000 BTU's cast-aluminum burners, Cooking Dimensions: 14 in. x 32 in
  • Includes 3 ft. hose and regulator
  • Includes detachable steel legs and 3-sided wind screen
  • Compatible with most 14 in. Camp Chef accessories
  • Two 30,000 BTUs/Hr. cast-aluminum burners
  • Appliance-style temperature controls

The Camp Chef Explorer is a superior two-burner stove that offers excellent performance for its affordable price. When compared to other camping stoves, it's a real standout.

We really liked the cooking power and efficiency of the Camp Chef Explorer. It comes with a massive 30,000 BTUs per burner, higher than all other entries on our list. It's also sturdy and well-built, making it tough enough to last many camping seasons or cookouts.

The Camp Chef Explorer weighs a hefty 30 pounds and has removable legs for easy transport. However, the weight and shape of this camping stove make it a tad difficult to store and carry.

While we loved this stove, there were a few downsides associated with it. First, despite the raw power of the burners, it doesn't heat as fast as we expected. Second, there are no wind block panels, which affects the heating capabilities of this camping stove.

Overall, the Camp Chef Explorer Gas Stove may be a little bit too much stove, and we wouldn't recommend it for solo campers or hikers. However, if you're planning on cooking big meals for the whole family and crew, this is definitely the stove to go with!


  • Massive cooking power with huge BTUs per burner
  • Sturdy, built to last construction


  • Heats up slower than expected.
  • Heavy and awkward to transport.
  • No wind resistance.

Eureka! Ignite Plus Portable Two-Burner Camping Stove

Eureka! Ignite Plus Portable Two-Burner Camping Stove
  • Cook for the whole crew with precision, flavor, and max pan capacity with...
  • Great for big groups, the Ignite Plus offers an innovative simmer control...
  • A push-button ignitor allows for fast, easy starts while the stove fits two...
  • With rugged, thick-gauge steel construction, this portable stove is...
  • Jet Link compatibility allows you to connect from the output on other...

The Eureka Ignite Plus Portable Two-Burner Camping Stove is an excellent choice for small families or large groups that want a straightforward camping stove.

The Ignite Plus is a solid performer that provides excellent cooking power and control at a very reasonable price. In addition, the cooktop of the Eureka Ignite Plus comes with 10,000 BTUs per burner, which is quite powerful for its class of two-burner stoves.

In addition to the excellent heating, we also liked how fast the Eureka Ignite Plus heated up. The large cooking surface allows you to quickly put pots and pans on top of the stove and get cooking in a few minutes.

The lid on the Eureka Ignite Plus is held firmly in place by sturdy metal latches, making it easier to carry around. However, while it's slightly lighter than some other camping stoves at 12 pounds total, it's still too heavy to carry comfortably on long trips.

The wind resistance features on the Ignite Plus are dismal, and the flame struggles in windy conditions. But for the price, the Eureka Ignite Plus is a great value.


  • Powerful and quick to get hot for a two-burner stove.
  • Low price for such a powerful cooking unit
  • Large cooking surface.


  • It's heavier than we would've liked.
  • Wind resistance features are inferior.

Stansport Outfitter Series Camp Stove

STANSPORT - Outfitter Series Portable 3-Burner Propane Camping Stove (Blue and Black)
  • FEED THE MASSES: Cooking for large groups just got easier with this outdoor...
  • PORTABLE AND POWERFUL: This portable gas stove features dual oversize...
  • DESIGNED TO BEAT THE ELEMENTS: The oversize frame is constructed of durable...
  • HIGH-PRESSURE REGULATOR: The included pressure regulator makes this propane...
  • NO MATCHES REQUIRED: The electronic igniter ensures you won't be eating a...

The Stansport Outfitter Series Camping Stove is another fantastic camping stove with an excellent heating unit that provides a whopping 60,000 BTUs total from its three burners.

This high-powered stove is best for larger groups and expeditions, as it can easily cook up enough food for a camping party.

The large cooking surface on this stove allows you to use multiple pots and pans simultaneously. With 3 burners, you get more than enough power and control over our cooking setup.

Setting up the stove is simple, and the 7 pounds total weight makes it lighter than other two-burner camping stoves. Despite its portability, we felt the handle design could've been better.

The burner heats up fast, despite the sub-par wind resistance features. Windy weather will make it challenging to keep the flame strong and cooking times down.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around at only 7 pounds.
  • Provides excellent cooking power with 60,000 BTUs total


  • Handle design could be better for easier transport.
  • Burner fins close together might make some pots and pans unusable.

GSI Outdoors Selkirk Camp Stove

GSI Outdoors, Selkirk Camp Stove
  • Powerful, twin 10,000 BTU/h (CSA) / 11,790 BTU/h (CE) burners designed to...
  • Individual, micro-control valves provide precise tunability and output for...
  • Wraparound windscreens prevent gusts and inclement weather from slowing...
  • Welded, nickel-chrome-plated, 4 mm/0.15"" diameter steel pot supports...
  • Sturdy, steel construction and powder coated exterior designed for lasting...

The Selkirk Camp Stove from GSI Outdoors is a camping stove that's perfectly suited for a backpacker or hiker on a budget.

This stove provides an excellent cooking setup without breaking the bank, and it works well as both a camp kitchen and emergency backup stove for cooking in case of power outages at home.

Despite its low price tag, this particular stove still offers premium features such as foldable windscreens and auto-ignition. Plus, the two 20,000 BTU burners make this stove very efficient to cook with.

The stove is lightweight at just 9.8 pounds, but it can be challenging to cook on this unit with small pots and pans due to the close-together burner fins. The heating distribution could've been better as well. But with a price tag that convenient, this stove is a great value.


  • Autoignition and wind resistance features make it easy to start cooking.
  • Low price makes this stove a great value.


  • Heat distribution could be better.

Buyer's Guide For The Best Camp Stove


When you're preparing for a camping trip, weight is always important to consider. As two-burner camping stoves are usually the largest cooking units you can take on an outdoor trip, they're often cumbersome to carry around.

However, some camp stoves are cleverly designed to be lightweight and easy to carry around while still offering a powerful heating unit.


Camp stoves can be large, so you must pick the most compact design that fits your camping needs. If you're taking a camping stove on long backpacking trips, it's important to consider the size of the unit.

You should also take into account how much space you have available for cooking. A stove too small won't have enough room for cooking large pots and pans.


Most camping stoves come with standard features like adjustable heat settings and auto ignition, but some of the best camp stoves offer special features that are worth considering for your specific needs. Some cooks prefer built-in grates for their stoves, while others want foldable wind protection screens.

It would be best to look for a camping stove with the features you need and want, so your time outdoors is as easy and stress-free as possible.

Number of Burners

When choosing the best two-burner stove, you'll need to consider how many burners your cooking demands. If you're camping in a large group and want to cook multiple pots simultaneously, look for a camp stove with more than one burner.

However, having multiple burners might also prove challenging. If your camp stove has two or three burners, you'll need to consider how close the units are together. Small pots and pans might not fit in between the burners, which only have a specific range of cooking space.

Heat Output

The heat output of your camping stove is one of the most important features to consider. Most two-burner stoves have a heat output of at least 20,000 BTUs per burner, but some units can output up to 40,000 or 60,000 BTUs per burner.

The higher the heat output, the faster your stove will cook food and boil water. However, you should consider how much power your camping stove needs to boil water or cook at a certain speed before considering a unit with an ultra-high BTU output.

Heat Control

Cooking requires precision, and if your camp stove doesn't have adjustable heating control, you might not be able to adequately cook different types of food, ruining your outdoor eating experience.

Camp stoves with adjustable heating controls allow you to simmer food or adjust the heat, so it's just suitable for cooking certain types of dishes. When shopping for a camping stove, look for models that allow precise heating settings and cooking temperatures.

Heat Distribution

Your burner must spread heat evenly across the cooking surface so that you can cook food evenly and efficiently.

If a camping stove doesn't have a properly designed burner, your food may burn in some spots while staying raw in others. Look for camp stoves with large burners that distribute heat across the cooking space.

Wind Protection

Cooking outdoors means dealing with all kinds of weather, particularly wind. Wind can lower the temperature on a camp stove and slow cooking times.

A camping stove with wind protection features will allow you to cook your food despite gusts of wind or harsh weather patterns. Look for models that come with built-in wind protection to shield the cooking area in windy conditions.

Final Thoughts

Just as you have to consider the size of your backpack or what type of sleeping bag will keep you warm, so too do you need to think about which camp stove is best for your needs. The options we’ve outlined above are all reliable choices with their own strengths and weaknesses. But whichever one suits your needs the most, go ahead and buy it without worry.