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The Best Camping Cots

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Best Camping Cots

A camping trip is fun for a day or two until you have stiff shoulders and a backache from sleeping on uneven, hard ground.

You're camping, after all, and you've brought your sleeping mat and a sleeping bag that's suited for the weather. So you're in good shape.

Certainly not. Instead of sleeping on the ground, why not sleep on a cot?

A cot can be the difference between a restful good night's sleep and several fitful hours enjoying nothing but the great outdoors.

If you're looking for the best camp cot, we've got you covered. We have taken our time to review the best camping cots in this article. Sit back and enjoy!

Our Top Picks For The Best Camping Cot

Reviews Of The Best Camping Cot From Our Research

Coleman ComfortSmart Delux Cot

Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad | Folding ComfortSmart Camp Cot with Mattress Pad
  • 3-PIECE COMBO: Includes cot with side tables, air mattress, and...
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT: Air bed's coil construction contours to body for better...
  • LEAK-PROOF: Factory-tested to ensure air mattress stays firm all night
  • SEWN-IN COVER: Keeps air mattress in place on cot
  • 11 SIDE TABLES: Pull-out design for easy storage includes cup holders

The Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Cot is our favorite camping cot. It's a sturdy, supportive option on which you'll spend several hours of sleep. But the quality cushioning makes it worth it.

This cot weighs 25 pounds, so you cannot fold it up and travel with it.  The sleeping surface is 35 inches wide, which means it'll fit most guys. But there is a carrying bag included—a nice feature, considering some brands do not offer one—which makes moving this cot to a new location a breeze. Just roll the bag off the top of the cot, then use the side handles to pick it up.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Carrying bag included
  • Convenient storage pockets
  • It has a cup holder for nighttime snacks or drinks
  • Reliable, durable product from a well-reviewed company


  • Included carrying bag makes it easy to move around
  • A sturdy steel frame means the cot is unlikely to collapse during use
  • It has a cup holder to ensure you don't have to leave your drink at home when you go camping;


  • It only holds up to 300 pounds of weight, so larger individuals may want to invest in something sturdier.

Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Limited Edition with Patented Pivot Arm Camping Cots for Adults, LE-85" x 40" x 19",...
  • PIVOT ARM REVOLUTION: Cot setup just became child’s play; The pivot arm...
  • STRONG AND STURDY: Reinforced steel S-leg assembly strengthens the cot and...
  • GET OFF THE GROUND: Take the comfort of a bed to the outdoors; Sleep free...
  • SIZE DOES MATTER: Larger than a twin bed and supports up to 600 pounds (272...

If It's possible to build a cot with Coleman's features, then put it on wheels and include luxurious bedding; said cot would look just like this one.

This camping bed is more than three feet wide, giving you ample space for movement. In addition, the steel frame is strong enough to support up to 600 pounds, so just about anyone can have a comfortable night's sleep.


  • Three feet wide—plenty of room to move around
  • Steel frame supports up to 600 pounds


  • Two cup holders, including pillows and bedding, make this cot the most comfortable option.
  • Carrying bag included for easy transport


  • It only holds up to 600 pounds of weight, so larger campers may want to invest in something sturdier.

FE Active Folding Camping Cot

FE Active Folding Camping Cot - Lightweight, Compact, Portable Outdoor Bed Comfortable Sleeping Cots for Adults &...
  • DESIGN: The Jasper portable camping cot will be your best sleeping...
  • CONSTRUCTION: A perfect foldable bed made of high-grade 7075 aluminum with...
  • DIMENSIONS: Dimensions of this camping bed are 74.8 inches long by 27.5...
  • FEATURES: Comes with a number of great camping accessories. It has an...
  • USES: Great Christmas and birthday gift for those that love hiking,...

The FE Active Camping Cot is a lightweight, easy-to-transport option and a folding cot.

This cot weighs only 18 pounds and has an aluminum frame—making it perfect for camping trips where you have to walk far from your car. It's also straightforward to set up: Extend the legs until they click into place, then unfold the bed and zip the top and bottom together.


  • Lightweight, a folding cot, and easy to transport, so it's perfect for hiking and backpacking trips.
  • The aluminum frame is lightweight enough to carry in your backpack when you go on overnight hikes yet sturdy enough to hold up to 300 pounds.


  • Easy to assemble—extend the legs until they click into place, then unfold it and zip the top and bottom.


  • Less comfortable than other options, this folding cot does not include any bedding or pillow.

Desert Walker Camping Cot Helinox

DESERT WALKER Camping cot, Outdoor Bed Ultra Lightweight Bed Folding Camping cot,Suitable for outdoes,Family...
  • Ultra light and lightweight: weighs only 2.86 pounds. The packing size is...
  • Rugged and durable: 7001 aviation aluminum rod is adopted, which is ultra...
  • Strong-7001 aviation aluminum rod material, supporting up to 440 pounds
  • Convenient and fast assembly: 7001 aviation aluminum rod connection...
  • Stay away from the ground: when using this camping bed, you can stay away...

DESERT WALKER is an outdoor brand for ultralight & portable equipment. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of outdoor equipment. The company had imported the foreign advanced machines, with advanced production technology and quality control standards, with research and development team, through constant innovation and efforts; the company keeps the capacity for ultralight & professional outdoor equipment's research and development.

The Desert Walker Camping Cot helinox is a lightweight alternative to traditional cots produced by desert walker. The camp folding cot is superlight and stents made of aviation aluminum alloy Heavy-duty 200-kilogram capacity, simple and rapid setup, no other equipment required;


  • It weighs only 10 pounds—perfect for those who struggle with heavy objects or want an easy way to transport their camping gear.
  • Frame made from a high-strength aluminum alloy so that it can support up to 300 pounds


  • Includes a carrying bag with shoulder straps—pick it up and go!


  • More expensive than other options
  • Does not include any bedding or pillow.

MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Tent Camping Cot Bed

MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Tent Camping Cot Bed, Portable Compact for Outdoor Travel, Base Camp, Hiking,...
  • Ultralight and Compact: Weighs only 4.8 pound, and folds down to 16.9 x 5.5...
  • Simple Setup: Foldable aluminum shock-cord pole structure makes for easy...
  • Durable: With tent pole style aircraft-grade high strength aluminum legs...
  • Comfort: Cot size is optimal for most people, your arms can stay in the bed...
  • Versatility: Convenient for overnight hiking, trekking, hunting, road trip,...

The MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Tent Camping Cot is a great option for hikers who want an extra bed in their tent. It's a comfortable camping cot for overnight hiking, trekking, hunting, road trip, also ideal for indoor and office lunch break use.

The cot size is ideal for most individuals; your arms may remain in the bed without feeling crowded. Five heavy-duty rods firmly support the cot and keep the sleeping surface smooth and sag-free. The bed is solid without swaying, thanks to ten anti-skid feet. Off-ground construction gets you off of rocky and muddy terrain.


  • This lightweight cot is easy to fold up, transport, and set up, supporting 450 pounds.
  • Multiple storage pockets are included that are perfect for storing bedding or other equipment.


  • Includes a carrying bag—pick it up and go!


  • It tends to be more expensive than other options; it does not include any bedding or pillow.

Disc-O-Bed with Organizers

Disc-O-Bed with Organizers, Black, Large
  • Bunk it, bench it, turn it into two cots
  • Rounded frame won’t sink into the ground
  • Organizers for easy access to your gear

Disc-O-Bed with Organizers is a great option for those who plan to add their own cot bedding. You can relax knowing that everyone will be comfortable whether you're camping in the woods or hosting family and friends for the night.

When the room is limited, the Disc-O-Bed L will provide you with a supportive and pleasant night's sleep - no matter where your activities take you.

With its innovative lock-in disc system, this adaptable, ready-to-go bunkable cot is simple to assemble, tool-free, and only takes a few minutes to set up following the step-by-step instructions. It's also worth noting that the Disc-O-Bed L is compatible with a wide selection of tents and dome structures often used for recreational camping.

With the stack adapters supplied, you may stack one cot on top of the other to optimize the number of sleepers per square foot. The system may be quickly transformed into a sitting bench during the day, a bunk, or two single cots at night.

Simply put, the Disc-O-Bed L provides you with a single system with numerous alternatives from which to choose.


  • The mesh bottom provides breathability and allows you to air out damp bedding while also keeping critters out.
  • Includes storage pockets that are perfect for storing bedding or other equipment
  • It provides you with two separate cots


  • The lightweight cot is easy to set—no tools required


  • Requires the user to purchase their own cot bedding; this one does not include any bedding or pillow.

Buyer's Guide For Best Camping Cot


The camping cots we feature here are a realistic representation of the pricing you'll see while shopping for one. They range in price from $20 to $30 for plain and no-frills cots to $300 and up for luxury cots. When shopping for a camping cot, consider the features you require versus the budget you have available.


There is, once again, a sacrifice to be made. Camp cots that are larger and have more space and padding are often more comfortable. They are, however, nearly impractical to carry on a lengthy hike or backpacking trip. Smaller camp cots are more movable than bigger cots, but they lack larger cots' frills and creature comforts.

When backpacking, comfort takes a back seat to the convenience of transportation. As a result, you'll want to choose a cot that is both lightweight and compact. If you're camping near your automobile, you'll want to pay attention to the following details.


It's important to note that sleeping on a camping cot is similar to sleeping in a camping hammock. You're more prone to grow cold if you don't have the insulation of the ground underneath you. Therefore, it's critical to pack an under quilt or use an insulated sleeping pad with your cot.

Sleeping Area

The first thing to look for is a large cot for you to sleep in without laying your head on the frame. Most cots are 6 feet long and a little over 2 feet wide, making them suitable for adults up to 6 feet tall.

Many cots come in XL or XXL sizes if you're taller or larger than average. To accommodate larger people, these cots are usually longer and wider.

If you're not sure if a cot will fit you, look up the measurements online. The dimensions of the cot will be displayed on the specifications page, allowing you to determine whether it is a good match for you.


The sleeping area of most cots is a piece of cloth, such as polyester fabric, stretched taut to give support. Many campers find these cots excessively stiff and may add a sleeping pad of some sort to provide softness.

Look for a cot that comes with cushioning or has a custom sleeping pad add-on if you prefer to sleep on something that feels like your bed at home. In the list above, we highlight a few.


Camping cots have a wide range of durability. With this type of gear, we've discovered a proportionate relationship between weight and durability. The heavier a cot is, the more durable it is.

The strong frames of heavy automobile camping cots are built of steel or steel alloys. The use of heavier metals enhances the cot's construction. This makes them more resistant to drops, tired campers dropping down on them, roughhousing kids, and any other strenuous activity that a bed would encounter.

The frames of lighter cots are made of aluminum or another lightweight material. The lighter weight is ideal for hiking in the woods, but it is also considerably more brittle.

Backpacking cot frames are strong enough to hold the weight of campers while they sleep, but they must be treated with caution. These lighter-weight cots are best eased into when it's time for bed, according to our tests.

If weight isn't a concern and you're camping next to your car, go for a heavier cot and tough it a little. If you choose a lighter, more portable cot, be sure to handle it with greater care than you would with a 30-pound behemoth.


If you can't set up your equipment, it's useless. A cot's bed is usually made of a tightly stretched material over a frame that supports your body.

It takes a lot of tension to pull the material taut enough to support your weight. Many people find it difficult to pull the final stretch of material over the frame, and they frequently need assistance from another person to do it.

It has been discovered that the smaller a cot packs, the more difficult it is to set up. There are more elements to assemble and more sections to secure to create and maintain tension. Also, if you're not careful, there are often snap-together or folding elements that can pinch your fingers.

There is a tradeoff for how easy it is to put up a camping cot for camping gear. The consensus is that the larger and bulkier the cot, the easier it is to set up.

Smaller cots need more dismantling, but they weigh less and pack more compactly. Larger cots are more difficult to transport, but they usually only require one or two steps to assemble. Choose the ideal cot for your needs based on whether you like convenience or movement.

Final Thoughts

Cots provide a comfortable and pleasant alternative to sleeping on the ground. While they cost more than sleeping pads, cots keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, with no decrease in airflow due to their elevated design.

The best cot that we recommend is the Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Cot. This is because it has all the features that will make you enjoy your camping. Besides Its 35 inches wide so it will fit most guys plus it comes with a carrying bag which isn't a common feature in other types of camping cots.

We hope we've helped you decide on the perfect camping cot that will suit your needs and fit your budget. Have fun while camping!