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The Best Coleman 4 Person Tent

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Buyer's Guide

Choosing Between the Coleman 4 Person Tent and Other Models

For anyone with a camping tent, it's important to have a Coleman 4 person tent. Coleman tents are durable and easy to set up. In particular, their smaller size and easy setup make them ideal for families who like to go hiking often. Coleman manufactures high-quality tents and sleeping bags, making them an excellent choice when looking for a new tent.

The Coleman 4 person tent has several great features that make them easy to set up and maintain. Their patent-pending strapping system means that you don't have to tuck or fold your tent until you're ready to take it on a hike. The Flatwoods double stitch seam design means that the seams are secure and washable, preventing them from unraveling. The long, consistent pole sleeves ensure that you adjust your poles once in normal setup mode to only 10 minutes to an hour. You'll also find practical storage pockets and an interior offset door, allowing you to put your camping bedding out of harm's way quickly.

Because Coleman camping tents come in a variety of sizes, there's a Coleman for every family. Smaller families can benefit from the Coleman Single Man Tent, a miniature version that is suitable for two people. The Coleman Dual Man Tent is a little larger and best used for up to five people, but it has the same spaciousness and durability as the larger models.

The Coleman Queen Size Camping Tent is the right choice if you want even more space than the Coleman Single and Dual Man tents to offer. It offers plenty of room for four people and features a higher ceiling than its smaller counterparts. The Coleman Queen Size Camping Tent is constructed with continuous pole sleeves, large wall pockets, and an interior zip-up roof.

The Coleman 4 person tent comes with several accessory options, including mesh side panels that allow some ventilation, built-in air vents, and a high-visor canopy. High-grade storm tents can control extreme weather using a remote control, so you don't need to deal with getting a heavy-duty groundsheet to stake your tent down. With the Coleman 4 person dome tent comes standard mesh side panels that allow some ventilation. There are also mesh pockets on the inside of the canopy. The Coleman Queen Size Camping Tent includes an interior zippered roof pocket and plenty of room for your stuff, including your barbecue tools, plates and bowls, a portable stove, a few essentials, and a propane heater.

The Coleman Super Cub is another great option. Like the Coleman Single and Double, it has a double door that has weatherproof windows. However, this tent has weatherproof windows that are slightly differently designed than those found on the Coleman Single and Double. The design of these windows allows some ventilation, but not as much as the Coleman tents mentioned above. The Coleman Super Cub offers Coleman's storm ventilation which is incorporated into the same double door design.

The Coleman Ultralight Tent is another great alternative to Coleman's single and double model tents. It has similar interior amenities to the Coleman Single and Double, such as mesh side panels and an internal zip-up roof. However, this ultralight tent is only rated at a maximum weight capacity of two-hundred and forty pounds, which is one-third the weight rating of most other Coleman models. This makes it a great camping gear item for backpackers who need an extremely lightweight yet durable and long-lasting product.

Finally, we have the Coleman Camping Tent, which is a favorite among many campers. It is straightforward to set up with its patented N-cell spring base. This tent is one of Coleman's most popular products because it can be stored easily in its small stuff bag. Thanks to the cleverly designed pegs that keep the tent poles stowed away, it is also very comfortable and easy to set up. This means you won't have to deal with trying to figure out how to stow a heavy camping tent when you are done hiking!