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The Best Core 6 Person Tent

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The Best Six-Sided Camping Tent Models

If you have a family of five, six, or more, then a Core 6 Person Tent is an excellent choice for camping or backpacking. These tents are made by the leading manufacturers in the industry and the quality that you get is second to none. They are designed to be as durable as possible. The following are reasons why it is the best choice for your next camping trip.

Ventilation - The patented Core 6 Person Tent has been designed with an innovative new instant cabin tent technology. The patented Continuous Wall System Ventilation System (C watts) ensures that the interior is completely airtight with an easy seal. The unique Continuous Wall Ventilation System (C watts) simply vents the front and rear walls of the cabin to allow in cooling breezes, but prevent condensation forming by collecting on the ceiling. The revolutionary Instant Venting (IV) system hooks the walls of the campers instantaneously to allow for a full ventilation system that removes all moisture. The sides of the camper are also connected to the front and rear walls of the camper with two side lantern hook systems. This allows a breeze to blow through the campers without worrying about mold buildup.

Space - With an average of six people per group, there isn't much room to carry gear or store any extra items. The six person design makes it extremely easy to bring everything needed for the trip together in one package. The largest benefit of a Core 6 Person Tent is its ability to provide maximum coverage in a compact package. The result is that it gives the best value for your money when it comes to camping trips with larger groups.

Setup - Once everything has been acquired, the setup of the six person tent is relatively simple. The two poles on either side of the fly are secured in place using a couple of clips. The fly is connected to the two poles with two more clips. These clips allow for the walls of the camper to be connected to the ceiling of the camping tent. A few feet away from the fly is the front wall of the camper with three poles. The two poles connecting the walls to the ceiling are connected with stakes and then finally, secured with a couple of clips.

Camper - The characteristic of a comfortable and durable camper will come at a price. Fortunately, due to the durability of the Core 6 Person Tent, these tents are able to withstand many trips to the mountains. These tents feature an array of great features such as waterproofing to keep the inside dry during a wet night, a patented Oblique seam construction, double stitching around the door and a block technology for an optimized weight distribution. A storm shell option is also available.

The six person tent has proven to be the best tent if one needs a backpackable shelter that will provide ample room for storage of gear and equipment. Most backpackers find it difficult to pack all of their gear in a single bag. Even when packed lightly, the inside of most six person tents can still hold a lot of items. This makes them excellent choices when backpacking. Many models feature the best puncture and tear resistance, durability, comfort, and rain fly features.

Floor Area Per Person - The floor area per person will vary depending upon the model. Most models will have a mid-range floor space per person that is sufficient for most backpackers but it may not be enough for very tall or heavy backpackers. The six-person models feature floor spaces that are much larger allowing for the packing of large or long items. Some models also feature a large exit door. The extra floor space provided by the six-person models is also excellent for adding a sleeping pad or couch.

The biggest weakness of the six-person models of the Core 6 Person Tent is their price. They can range from two to three hundred dollars depending upon the brand and model. They also tend to be smaller than other popular camping tents such as the Eureka Seven, Tunnel Backpack, Double Umbrella, Marmotool, Far East Company Tarptent, and Black Diamond Six Pack. The average size of these six-person tents is just over nine feet by ten feet and have a floor area per person of just under five square feet.