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The Best Core Tent

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How To Choose The Best Core Tents By Knowing What Core Tent Features You Want

If you want to get the most out of your backpacking experience then a Core Tent is probably going to be your best bet. They have been manufactured for some time now and have a reputation that speaks for itself. What do they offer and how do they stand up to the test?

The CORE has lots of mesh on the inside and is quick to set up. But do all this great mesh make a disadvantage in the pouring rain? Is the CORE tent really a good purchase? Is the CORE tent really worth the money? This article will explore these questions and more and try to answer whether or not the Core Tent is a good value for money.

The most basic model of the CORE tents are the single wall, freestanding models. They have proven to be waterproof and to be weatherproof. Most people are looking for something a little bit more extensive but not necessarily much more expensive. So these are the perfect ones for most backpackers and for people who like a simple shelter to sleep in.

The CORE has taken all that can be said about the single wall organizer and improved it with two different models. These are called the Instant Tent and the Coretec. The Instant tent is a little bit more expensive than the other model but the main advantage it has is that it has a better range of movement in case someone falls through the ceiling of the shelter.

For tall people who like to backpack then the Six Person Instant Cabin Tent might just suit them best. It has all the features that the other models have but with more internal room for bulky items and is far more waterproof. It also has a lot of extra gear pockets and loops which makes it great for overnight trips. The Six person instant cabin tent is a lightweight and easy to set up shelter for up to six people. There are no walls or ceiling to break your sleeping area down and you don't even need a ground sheet as this product comes with a roof and a floor that rolls up.

The other models of the Core Tent family are the Campmobile which is made by the North Face and theensable which is made by Eureka. So now we know what each one has to offer you, now we know where to go and check out what they have to offer. If you want a tent for a family camping trip then the Campmobile is ideal as it is smaller and lighter than the other models but it is still durable and waterproof. If you are interested in checking out the other models then you can visit the link below for more information on the six person instant cabin tent on amazon click here.

Now, if you are looking for a full waterproof shelter then the vestibule is your answer and is the perfect choice for families going on a day hiking trip and even for people that like to go through nature and stay outside more often than not. The vestibule has been designed especially to keep your precious equipment and clothing safe from the rain and all the wet conditions. However the Six person tent that has the same price as the vestibule is much heavier and bulkier and is better suited for overnight trips and longer camping trips. For a perfect comparison between the six person and the two person campground tent check out the link below for a detailed overview on the differences.

For an extreme outdoor experience you can go for the Core Endurance Series which is engineered with revolutionary H20 technology. This new technology makes it possible for you to get an extremely warm shelter for all of your needs, including your comfortable bed. The H20 keeps the air inside the shelter and therefore makes it dry and comfortable even in hot weather conditions. The series has four different models including the solo, double, triple and quad core tent. There is also the Mycore Plus which has all the Core Team technology including the revolutionary H20 and with an additional accessory block technology.