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The Best Desert Hiking Boots

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Buyer's Guide

The Key to Hiking in the Desert

Desert Hiking Boots are very important to any type of hiker. These tips will help you buy the right pair of Desert Hiking Boots for your trip. This article will go over several tips and tricks to help you pick out the right pair of Desert Hiking Boots when you head out on your next hike in the great outdoors.

Material. Desert hiking boot material is critical to long-lasting hiking in the dry desert. In general, such hiking boots are typically made of synthetic or polyurethane. While that might be a fine choice for some dry hiking conditions, it certainly isn't ideal for all desert hiking, most notably because it does not provide you with much moisture control.

Materials that do well for long-term use in the desert, such as cotton, are much more moisture resistant than those materials that are best used for regular outdoor use. Cotton clothing also breathes well and can withstand heat. The most moisture resistant materials, such as Gore-Tex, are typically used in conventional military and off-road shoes as well as in high-performance sports like running and climbing. However, a good rule of thumb is to avoid most synthetic materials in your shoes unless you plan on being extremely adventurous in wet or cold conditions.

Seam Construction. A higher grade of fabric determines a more waterproof shoe with better breathability as well. The more threading per inch of a shoe, the more breathable it will be. Additionally, the more threads per square inch of a shoe, the more light it will retain.

DuraFlip technology. High-performance sandals with DuraFlip soles will keep feet dry and will help keep feet from sticking to the ground as they walk. DuraFlip technology was developed to help military and police personnel walk in extreme climates by helping them increase their walking performance by providing them with more traction on their feet. Most cotton clothing is not equipped with this technology, but many people prefer its durability and lightweight over traditional cotton since it allows for better breathability as well.

Hydration. When you participate in a lengthy desert hike during hot summer days, you will quickly become dehydrated due to the heat-related illnesses that can occur. A good pair of Desert Hiking Boots will allow you to stay hydrated without any issues. If you suffer from heat-related illnesses, make sure that you are drinking plenty of water during your desert adventures.

Weight. If you are heavier than you'd like on your feet, you might have breathing problems and a restricted range of motion. If you participate in desert hikes, you may find yourself carrying a lot of extra weight. It's best to bring along a backpack or carry one-pieces of heavy bags to be able to carry on your back if needed. A lightweight pair of Desert Hiking Boots will make your climb out of the sand or trail even easier and give you better balance and stability so you don't slip and slide on rocks or expose painful toes and other parts of your foot that aren't made for walking in the sand.

Main clothing. Some desert boots use only main fabric materials while others use several layers of material, called inner lining. The inner lining is made up of breathable materials so your foot will be kept cool and dry regardless of the heat of the desert. Inner lining in many popular brands of Desert Hiking Boots is made of nylon or wool. It is important that your Desert Hiking Boots have the right main clothing to be effective, otherwise, your feet could end up feeling damp and clammy.