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The Best Double Tent Cot

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Buyer's Guide

How to Choose a Double Tent Cot - A Look at Some of Your Options

The double fold compact collapsible tent canopy from Kamp-Rite also folds down into a neat, simple-to-tear package. The compact collapsible tent Cot provides a comfortable, dry sleeping surface and also sets up in minutes. A nylon and mesh front opening offers easy access to the enclosed, fully enclosed canopy.

A zipped mesh and polyester fiber entryway provides easy access into the fully enclosing tent. Two double zippered window sections provide airflow on cool nights and double doors with mesh accents provide extra ventilation on warmer nights. A specially designed vinyl tarp secures the tent to the ground. A ground stakes kit is sold separately that will allow the owner to stake the tent to the ground.

The frame of the Double Tent Cot is made from PVC vinyl, and is fully adjustable to accommodate most standard frames. The frame is lightweight so it will not feel like it is on your back when folded up. The frame is designed to accept a fully assembled tent and includes all the hardware necessary for assembly. The weight capacity is two-hundred and forty pounds. Most owners prefer a weight capacity that is one-hundred and thirty pounds.

The Double Tent Cot is made of a heavy-duty polyethylene fabric that is completely waterproof. However, certain conditions may cause the fabric to become water logged. If this occurs, the tent fabric may not protect you from the rain and mud. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.

Some people are concerned about the durability of these types of tents because many manufacturers use low quality materials in the construction of the Double Tent Cot. Although these tents are extremely portable, they have been known to fade after being outside for many years. Most manufacturers advise against exposing the Double Tent Cot to sharp objects or leaving them in direct sun. They recommend using a high quality protective spray Polyurethane exterior fabric to keep the tent cot in excellent condition. This fabric also has UV protection which means it will not harm your computers, camcorders, DVD players, or photographs when placed outdoors.

These Double Tent Cot models are great for families, but there are other models intended for groups that will better withstand strong winds. Most of these models have an additional door in the rear that has an attachment for a camper's backpack. These tent cots are also great for traveling on boats and other recreational vehicles. Some models have a door on the front so they can be taken along in a travel trailer.

A Double Tent Cot is made with a sturdy frame and is designed to hold up during heavy rain or strong winds. Most are available in two different sizes so they are suitable for most campers. Because they are made with a sturdy frame, many have the ability to be used as stand-alone tents during bad weather. You can also purchase the option of purchasing a fly-sheet which is often included for an additional fee. If you prefer to have the lightweight (and lighter than many traditional camping tents) tent cot with a fly-sheet, many stores offer this option along with the main Double Tent Cot.

An important feature to look for in a Double Tent Cot is whether it includes an included air mattress. Air mattress technology is a new and very popular camping accessory that allows the sleepers to feel much more comfortable while camping and even while sleeping in a tent. Some Double Cot tents do come with an air mattress, however, and additional models may include them as an option. The advantage of having an air mattress as opposed to a ground based one is that you can remove it during bad weather and still keep warm if it rains. Additionally, an air mattress allows you to increase the sleeping space which in turn can increase your comfort level.