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Fjallraven Hiking Backpack

Fjallraven - Men's Kajka 65 Backpack, Graphite
  • Perfect Fit Adjustment System allows you to adjust the backpack to the length of your back and the width of your shoulders. The hip...
  • Top lid with two pockets, one with key holder inside, that can be raised to fit extra gear or detached and used as a separate bag. The...
  • Large side pockets with zippers, slanted side pockets for water bottles and larger items, and hip belt pockets for smaller items. Wet &...
  • A wooden frame reduces the pack's carbon footprint, compression straps tighten down the load, and an elastic strap on the top lid for...

Buyer's Guide: Fjallraven Hiking Backpack

Fjallraven Hiking Backpack Review

Bright blue Fjallraven lightweight daypacks hiking pack. The day pack is compact and durable, but otherwise perfectly functional for day-long, rough-hewn hikes in any condition. There are a few tips that I hope will help you when buying a Fjallraven Hiking Backpack.

Fjallraven's claim to fame is their "ultra-absorbent" polyester fabric. I'm not sure what this means. Perhaps it makes them impervious to liquid damage or a leak-proof boot. Or perhaps it means the surface of the bag is totally waterproof so that rain and sleet don't wet the frame area. It really doesn't matter since all I'm worried about is getting my gear from the bottom up.

First, the straps. They're strong and comfortable. At first, I had a little discomfort trying to tighten a moderately sized strap, but after some practice I was fine. After a short hike, I noticed the Fjallravens made a noise when they were being used. It wasn't loud, just audible. A quick test proved the noise was purely cosmetic and an easy fix.

* Make sure the Fjallraven carries the right size load. It is preferred a larger pack for longer hikes. My pack is now too big for a river I'm planning to hike and I'll probably be carrying more than one piece of gear. It will probably have to be replaced sooner rather than later. I'd suggest buying a larger size Fjallraven Hiking Backpack.

* Make sure the Fjallravens have internal hydration systems. There's nothing worse than a hydrated Fjallraven getting wet. Even on days with mild temperatures, my hydrated Fjallraven kept its cool.

* Check the zippers. Have they been cleaned? This is an important consideration, since any dirt, dust, or other contaminants could get inside the pack and compromise your gear. My zipper did suffer from wear and tear, but after reading through the instructions on the packaging I was able to easily repair it. My other zippers showed no signs of wear or damage.

* The interior. Does it feel solid and well constructed? The Fjallraven uses a traditional nylon material for their packing as well as a breathable mesh to help with wicking moisture from the inside. So if you've spent any time around backpacking you'll know that comfort is a key factor.

I haven't put the Hiking Backpack through much rough use yet, so I'll be honest and say that there are some kinks to work out. Things such as how easily the straps can be adjusted are a little cumbersome. Other than that though the Fjallraven Hiking Backpack seems very well designed. I'm sure I'll get more use out of it than I have before too. So far I've found it comfortable, lightweight, and easy to set up and takedown.

As far as durability is concerned I've been satisfied. The Fjallraven uses an aluminum frame that seems to be of good quality. The backpack also has two adjustable shoulder straps which means it can be used by people of differing heights. Although, I suppose you could always opt to spend more and get a padded waist belt. Overall I'm pleased with the durability of the Fjallraven Hiking Backpack.

The fit and finish of the Fjallraven Hiking Backpack are excellent. It has been created in a way that maximizes storage space and comfort, while at the same time minimizing movement. It has a very modular design which allows for the adjustment of the waist, torso, and head straps. This means that even if you've got a different body shape you can adjust the backpack to fit your specific needs.

I've carried this pack on several occasions and I've found it to be extremely comfortable. In fact, it's even better than many backpacks I've previously owned because the Fjallraven keeps your shoulders relaxed which helps prevent any unnecessary muscle strain. And because it has a huge amount of compartments, you won't be trying to remember where you stored something. All the other packs I've owned have been a problem because of missing compartments and I've even had the problem of losing stuff due to hard-to-reach areas. With the Fjallraven, all the stuff goes in its own compartment which means you don't have to search too hard for your hiking gear.

One thing I would like to highlight is the fact that Fjallraven creates a number of replacement parts if something goes wrong. This may not be something you're going to require on a regular basis but it does give you peace of mind. Another feature that I think is great is the Fjallraven adjustable sleeping bag. The bags are extremely comfortable and ensure that you get a great night's sleep whatever the weather conditions. You won't want to get out of bed in the middle of the afternoon because your sleeping bag is too warm or too cold!