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10 Best Outdoor Brands For Hiking and Backpacking Clothing

Hiking brands are all the rage these days, and with good reason. The vast array of hiking equipment available can be overwhelming. Choosing the right gear can be difficult. So here's a short guide to help you choose your next outdoor activity clothing, boots, sleeping bag, tent, and other gear.

The most popular hiking brands these days are Patagonia, Black Diamond, Mountain Hardware, Gregory, REI, and Insignia. Out of these, most of us know the names and have at least heard of the companies. But what's the big deal? Why should we care which hiking brand we choose? And why should we use hiking brands for mountaineering as opposed to just backpacking?

Backpacking gear has evolved a lot in the past decade. While it still includes similar items, like tents, sleeping bags, and poles, the advances in modern camping technology have given these items a new look. One such example is the machete or Moosehead as it's called locally. While it used to be an iron tool, the recent designs have made it more fashionable with a sharp, thin blade. Many hiking brands now produce a machete with a wooden handle that looks and feels like a real machete.

Another hiking brand that's making a splash in the outdoor clothing market is Black Diamond. They are known for their high-quality clothing and have been the driving force behind the ultra-fashion forward-thinking of many outdoor sports apparel makers. This brand is for anyone who wants to make a statement with their apparel. Their clothing lines feature bold color combinations and a heavy focus on quality fabrics. They're also famous for their technical fabric and construction. Like most outdoor clothing companies, Black Diamond products are also sold in a range of accessories, like hoodies, tote bags, and shoes.

Mountainsmith is another one of many leading hiking brands that produce great clothing and accessories. The brand makes both men's and women's clothing and they also offer hiking and camping equipment. Much of their product line is aimed at adventure-seekers and mountaineers and they don't kid themselves about being tough. Their clothing includes functional street style clothing and their men's collection includes apparel for cold conditions and a range of jackets, shoes, and pants for winter use.

A newer Hiking brand that's making a splash in the mountain-climbing world is the North Face. The company is relatively new and was founded by a pair of mountaineering enthusiasts who wanted to make products that were better for mountaineers. Their climbing shoes, boots, and other products have been well received and have helped to make the North Face a household name. Their popular daypack is still among the best around and is designed to be highly functional and durable. One of their most popular products is the Daypacks, which have an easy-pull zipper to make putting them on and off a simple chore. The North Face Daypacks also have a variety of options for storage and compartments and come in a wide variety of colors.

Hiking and backpacking are becoming more popular throughout the United States and Europe and these outdoor brands focused on the needs of travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. They have a wide selection of items including tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, cookware, and other equipment designed to make enjoying the great outdoors even easier. Some of their best products include the Feathered Friends Hiking Boots and the Feathered Friends Mountain Bike Boots. Other popular hiking brands are Patagonia, Black Diamond, Mountain Hardware, Sierra Designs, and Gregory.

When you're ready to take your next trip and are looking for great outdoor clothing and equipment, it can be overwhelming when you look for the best choices. Take a look at your size, what type of terrain you'll be trekking on, and the weather conditions that you expect. You'll then be able to find the outdoor brands that will best suit your needs. Be sure to check out the 10 best outdoor brands focused on hiking and backpacking clothing to find the best selection, styles, and prices. You'll be surprised by the variety of great products on the market that has been specially designed for outdoor use.