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The Best Hiking Fanny Packs

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Hiking fanny packs and waist packs both are great choices for backpackers or hikers. Hiking waist packs are good for people who hiked/traveled for long periods of time and do not wish to carry around a large bulky backpack all throughout the day. The hiking fanny pack is more comfortable if you carry it overnight or during the day because they are designed to fit in your waist or hips rather than your shoulders.

Hiking waist pack have many advantages and features but it is not as spacious as hiking fanny packs. A single person can carry one but an adult and two people may need two depending on their preferences. There are small pouches and mesh pockets, and a couple of bottle holders. These pockets are located on the outside of the bag. Some have small zippered mesh pockets that are perfect for holding your cell phone, keys, and other personal items.

Hiking Fanny Packs are usually made of durable nylon materials and have numerous pockets and compartments for various accessories and gadgets. This bag also has an internal mesh pocket and external zipper pockets that are ideal for storing your outdoor gear such as shoes, rain gear, tent, and other accessories. It can be worn over the shoulder and has several attachment points including adjustable straps, mesh side pockets, and an adjustable drop-down rack. Hiking Fanny Pack is made of hydrophobic foam and has an adjustable cross strap for a comfortable fit.

Hiking Waist Packs from Osprey are another great option for hikers and backpackers. Unlike Hiking Fanny Packs, Osprey's longer hiking waist packs have more pockets and compartments and can even be worn over the shoulders. Osprey's long hiking waist pack also has a large internal mesh pocket and removable padded carrying handle and is a bit larger than their smaller counterpart. The Osprey Meridian Long Hiking Bag features a nice water-resistant nylon shell with lots of storage for trekking accessories, a first aid kit, and your cell phone. The Meridian offers an array of different color and pattern options and is very stylish.

For those long, solo hiking trips or expeditions, another great option is the Columbia Bugabag Trail 2 waist pack. It is lightweight and spacious and can easily accommodate the essentials for a two-day hike including your cookware, water, cell phone, and other personal items. It also has an adjustable backpack and has a large front storage pocket with lots of space for organizing your other necessities. Columbia Bugabag Trail 2 waist pack is made of durable nylon and features an easy access interior zippered pocket for quick storage and an outside mesh pocket for your outdoor gear.

For long overnight hikes that require overnight accommodation, contenders have several options including the Black Hole 5l waist pack, Black Hole 7l, Black Hole Mega Pack, and the Patagonia Black Hole Vest. All feature durable nylon fabrics for comfort and ease of use and are designed to be worn in all kinds of conditions. Some feature interior pocket doors to help organize and keep personal items organized, as well as outside mesh pockets for convenient carrying. The zippers all along the front of these three hiking fanny packs feature strong, puncture-resistant nylon and are made to be highly functional in extreme conditions. With modern designs and styles, the quality and performance of all three are excellent.

Before you purchase any hiking fanny packs, it is important to check the price and availability at your local store or online retailer. If you shop around, you will discover many options from many different manufacturers. A little bit of comparison shopping will ensure that you end up with the best value for your money. Stores that sell hiking fanny packs sometimes offer deep discounts when customers purchase multiple items, such as a pair of Moosejaw pants, a tube tent, a sleeping bag, and a protective pack, from the same brand.

Hiking fanny bags are designed to provide an extremely lightweight and durable backpack with plenty of room for all your necessary hiking gear. Packed with features and designs that make them a top choice for serious hikers, all Moosejaw bags feature their famous tough and tough durability that lets you tackle the most difficult terrain with confidence. So, don't slack on your hiking gear - check price and size online or at your local store today.