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The Best Hiking Shirts For Hot Weather

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What Are the Best Hiking Shirts For Hot Weather?

A woman's wardrobe must include a variety of clothing for all sorts of different conditions, and a popular choice among women is hiking shirts for summer trips. Not only will these shirts be extremely comfortable in all kinds of weather, but they can be a great way to stay cool while you are out on the trail. Although a good cotton t-shirt or even a light cotton comfy sweatshirt may be just as warm, they are not made for the varying temperatures and conditions that hike attire is made for. Here are some more tips for choosing the right kind of hiking outfit.

If you are wearing a shirt with an attached vest, you will want to purchase one that is designed for the high heat and sun that is often experienced in the woods. Well-designed thermal long sleeve hiking shirts for hot weather will keep you comfortable no matter how hot it gets. The mesh side pocket on the inside allows the airflow to keep the body cool. It's also lightweight and extremely comfortable.

Another important feature to consider when purchasing these shirts is the construction of the garment. Many shirts are constructed using a single piece of material, which is prone to wrinkles and can easily be wrinkled during use. A better alternative is to find a shirt that uses two or more pieces of material sewn together, like the CrossFit designs. These shirts are made with a much higher level of compression and the right kind of drape to wick away moisture from the skin. For even more comfort, look for hiking shirts with a natural waistline.

Another common option for women who love to hike is a sun hat. Since a sun hat can protect your head and ears, it is a great addition to any wardrobe. Many sun hats have an added clip-on ear hook or snap closure, which allows you to wear them as earrings if desired. You can also choose from a variety of popular graphic prints to complement your sundress or hiking shirts.

One of the best ways to stay protected from the sun and wind is to wear shirts that are resistant to ultraviolet rays. Sunlight fades clothing over time, so the UV rays can slowly cause fading in your favorite t-shirt. A durable t-shirt made with polyester material is highly resistant to fading, especially if you wash it regularly. Some shirts are made with special UV ray-resistant materials. Choose a sun hat with this type of material to make sure you get the best protection from UV rays.

Women's long-sleeved shirts are another versatile item to have on hand when you head out on a hike. One of the best features of long-sleeved shirts is the ability to have multiple pockets on the front of the shirt. Having a pocket on the front of your shirt means you'll be able to easily carry items such as your cell phone, flashlight, sunscreen, first aid kit, and other items necessary for your trip. These types of pockets are a must-have for anyone venturing into the great outdoors. You can even find many women's long-sleeved shirts with internal zipper pockets, which offer superior protection against moisture. Look for these types of pockets on some of the more popular hiking shirts available today.

Another great way to make your hiking clothes work for you even during the hottest summer months is to have quick-drying features. Many shirts can become very warm, especially if you are using your hiking clothes to walk long distances or wear other weight-bearing apparel underneath. To keep your outfit looking fresh even after several washes, purchase quick-dry materials such as cotton, nylon, or polyester. Drying quickly will help prevent fading of your hiking clothes. This will also save you money on expensive outfits every year.

The above tips will help you determine which shirts are best for your hiking trips. By being aware of your skin type, you'll be able to choose a stylish shirt that works for you every time. If you aren't sure what type of shirt would work best for you, don't hesitate to ask a store clerk or someone who hiked during your trip what they would recommend. A knowledgeable hiker will have invaluable advice about what the best hiking shirts are and will likely have pictures of his or her outfit to help you make your decision.