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The Best Jeep Camping Tent

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Buyer's Guide

Jeep Camping Tent Buying Guide

If you are thinking of taking a Jeep on a long trip, make sure that you have the best quality tent and equipment for comfort and protection. Your Jeep will be your number one protection as well as your shelter from the elements. With proper care, your Jeep can last for many years, but the first step in good maintenance is to understand the parts and how they work. Here is a Jeep Camping Tent Buying Guide that will help you understand the parts inside your Jeep and how to maintain them. So read on and find out how to buy a great tent and what tips to keep your Jeep safe and sound.

The first step in making your tent last is to fit it correctly. To measure for your tent, you need to use a tape measure to get the exact size of your Jeep's door. You should do this even if the manual suggests not to, as even a slight error can mean a big problem. Measure twice, measure once, then measure again. Make sure the measurements are in fact accurate and you will have a perfect fit.

The next step is to take the measurements outside. It helps to have a friend or relative with you, just to make sure everything is done exactly as written. This will save you a lot of time and frustration. You will find that most tents will come with instructions and with some you just have to read them. If not, simply follow the directions anyway, since it is the first step in fitting your tent perfectly.

Check the ropes for fraying. When you are installing your tent, it is easy to do a little repair here and there. But to make sure everything works right you should always double-check the ropes before putting anything together. Make sure they are straight, not cracked, not worn, and never bent. And make sure you don't see any holes. If you see a hole in your tent, even if you didn't do it yourself, you should call a professional to fix it.

Some of the smallest punctures can lead to leaks. So, to avoid these, make sure the inside of the tent is well sealed. This also helps to prevent rain from coming through. You can buy rain covers separately or you can buy one that fits all of your camping gear and the tent.

If you can, try and find a tent that fits snugly rather than one that is too loosely fitted. When you're measuring for your new tent, take into consideration what will be inside of it. You'll need plenty of room for camping equipment and sleeping bags. You may want to buy a few extra zippers for those unexpected moments when you need to get something out of the tent. If you have a lot of things that go in and out, then you will probably want an extra zippered door.

It's also important to make sure that you get a tent that is large enough. If you go to a local big box store, you can find tents on foot. The problem with these is that they are usually not very big and since you won't be able to sit very close to them, you will have to adjust your seating greatly to compensate for not being able to see very well. If you go to a store that has smaller tents, you can sit a little further back from them and that will allow you to make sure you can see better.

You can save a lot of time and frustration by using a good quality Jeep camping tent guide when you're buying a tent. There are dozens available on the internet. Find a guide that is written by someone who knows all about what you need. The author will know exactly where to shop so you can get the best price possible. You can use this same strategy when you shop for anything else on your trip, including air mattresses and camp grills.