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The Best Kelty 3 Person Tent

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Buyer's Guide

Kelty 3 Person Tent Buying Guide

What are the factors to consider before purchasing a Kelty 3 Person Tent? What advantages do these kinds of tents provide? What are the possible disadvantages of such a purchase? Why is it important to spend money on any kind of tent, much less a Kelty 3 Person Tent? Here are some interesting and important facts about this particular type of camping trip shelter.

First, what are its main features? It is made from materials such as vinyl and has an open peak design which makes it more adjustable and functional. Its base is also stitched with loops so that it can be hung, folded up, or put into storage when not in use. Other notable features of this Kelty 3 person tent include an attached rainfly and an attic.

Next, what are the different parts of this kind of tent? The main parts of the Kelty 3 Person Tent are the tent itself, the fly, and the rainfly. The fly is a thin piece of cloth attached to the top of the tent, while the rainfly is a dome-shaped protective structure that affords protection from both the sun's rays and blowing rain. The entire structure is attached to poles which are placed into pegs that are embedded into the ground.

Third, what are the various sizes of poles which are used in this particular tent? It is actually a matter of personal choice as to what size of pole you would prefer. Some people prefer the freestanding design which is able to accommodate two adults comfortably, while others prefer the tilting design which allows them to raise the tent to a specific height. As for the actual peak height, it is dependent upon the size of the individual who will be sleeping in the tent.

Fourth, what are the various colors of the poles which are used in this particular tent? Black is commonly used for the freestanding design, but it is possible to find other colors if you look carefully at the advertisement images. Once again, it is a matter of personal preference as to what color you would prefer. In terms of design, a Kelty rainfly comes with an A-frame design which is very popular.

Fifth, what are the different sizes of poles which are included in this particular tent? The tent is available in various sizes, ranging from ten to twenty feet in length. The average size of the poles is eight feet in length. In addition to the large number of poles that are used in the Kelty Rainbird 2 person tent, there is also a no-see-um mesh part which allows some amount of "spidering" through the tent.

Sixth, is there a way to add pole loops to the sides of the tent? Yes, you can purchase additional poles which attach to the poles already there. This makes it possible for you to erect the tent with extra poles if need be. It is also possible to get a special "sentry door" which attaches to the no-see-um mesh portion of the inner doors for added security.

Seventh, how many inches to the inner doors? The inner doors of the Kelty Rainbird 2 person tent are a mere 20 inches wide, and therefore it is not difficult to add additional poles to increase the width. In addition, if you want to, you can add poles to the sides of the tent, and this too will increase the total width of the rainfly. The following paragraphs briefly discuss the various options available with respect to the inner doors of the rainfly.