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The Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes Women's

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Lightweight Hiking Shoes Women Love

Lightweight hiking shoes for women can be purchased in a variety of styles and prices to meet any budget. There is the $40 boot that is all right for those who enjoy a casual stroll in the park but do not need super durability. Or there is the $100+ hiking boot that is perfect for longer, more challenging hikes. Whichever you are looking for, it should offer all the comfort of a standard shoe, without compromising the support and stability needed to avoid injuries.

One brand that has both the qualities mentioned above is M-Select. Their sandal design is a favorite among women who like their hiking shoes to be lightweight but have great traction. They are made from the same materials used by M Select Outdoors, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality hiking and camping equipment. The M-Select sandals have a soft mid-sole and are cushioned in the heel and forefoot for extra comfort.

Another excellent lightweight hiking shoe for women is the Merrell Ventia. This shoe has a lightweight construction that is perfect for moderate to heavy hikers. Its midsole is made with wet weather wear technology and a water-resistant upper. The ventilated inner and outer shell is both waterproof and breathable for comfortable wear in even the most humid conditions.

Another popular brand of women's waterproof hiking shoes is the Nike Women's Flyer C. This model is similar to the M-Select dry technology sandal, offering a lightweight design that is moderately durable. It also has a ventilated inner sole and is cushioned on the heel and forefoot. The Flyer C is made with mesh accents to make for a stylish look. Like the other models in the women's line of the Nike Women's Flyer C, this is available in the classic black color.

REI Outdoor Shoes has been known for high quality, long-lasting and all-around value. And, for this reason, we have continued to offer the best selection and value for our customers. With an incredible selection and large selection of women's hiking shoes, including the ever-popular Mule Team Oxfords, REI offers an unbeatable selection and price. If you're looking for a casual or recreational shoe, we have the best selection for you. Whether it is a trail running or backpacking boot, we have just what you need to keep you motivated on those long-distance hikes.

Women who love hiking, trail running, and backpacking know that their footwear plays a significant role in their enjoyment. And one brand that consistently impresses women is the REI Women's Half Spine. If you're looking for a lightweight hiking shoe that can withstand the wear and tear on long hikes, then this is the shoe for you. Made from a mix of leather and mesh, the Half Spine gives you the stability and support you need to keep you comfortable. The 1 lb synthetic leather heel and toes provide just the right amount of grip so that you won't slip and slide on those slippery surfaces of nature.

And, for those of you who are looking for lightweight hiking shoe women love the idea that these shoes will not only fit you well, but they will also be comfortable to wear for hours on end. The patented EVA midsole keeps your feet and legs supported as you move, yet lightweight and comfortable. And, the laces have been designed so that they won't dig into your foot and cause irritation. You'll also find the patented Quick-Step rubber outsoles to be flexible enough to work with even the toughest of feet.

The all-around benefits of the REI Half Spine include; being a closed-toe hiking shoe, which means no more rubbing your foot against the outside of the shoe, and the added bonus of having an adjustable forefoot strap that lets you change from trail to trail easily. One of the best features of all is the wide width of the midsole. This allows you to have great control over your footing and reduces fatigue, allowing you to hike longer and more comfortably. If you need a lightweight hiking shoe with all the benefits of a trail running or trail walking shoe, the REI Half Spine is it!